tagIncest/TabooFor Nina's Sake

For Nina's Sake


"What a day," sighed Jay as he switched off the bathroom light after brushing his teeth.

He had walked twenty miles of the California Canal System today and he was tired. A twenty-year veteran of the California Water Bureau, he took the responsibility of his job seriously. He knew the best way to inspect the many aqueducts, canals and pumping stations of the water system was to get out and walk them. Walking canals kept the 48-year old man in shape but days like today reinforced his need for a vacation, ten days at Pismo Beach, he couldn't wait.

"Day's not over, Lover," said his wife, Kay in a low sultry voice of seduction. She was on her knees at the edge of the bed wearing a pink see-thru baby-doll nightie. Her 36C-26-38 figure was clearly visible through the translucent material.

The sight of his wife in the sexy negligee stopped Jay in mid-stride. After 21years of marriage Jay still found his wife's body a thing of beauty. His cock began to stir when he noticed the landing strip of light brown pubic hair that pointed to her pouting bald labia below it. As he watched his wife, she tweaked her nipples through the transparent material. His cock became fully aroused and tented his pajama bottoms. With excitement his voice quivered, "What's gotten into you?"

"Nothing yet, but I'm hoping your hard cock does, real soon," she replied with a husky tone. She trailed a hand down her tummy on a slow sexy journey until it was underneath the short hem of her naughty nightie. Plunging her middle finger into her twat she gasped, "Oh Baby, I'm so wet. I need your cock. Bring me your cock."

Jay wasn't sure the reason for his wife's willing mood but he wasn't going to complain. He stripped and followed his hard cock like it was a divining rod looking for water. His wife continued her finger play until he stopped in front of her. He scooped her into his arms and kissed her with passion.

With a slight whimper Kay received his tongue in her mouth just like she would receive his hard cock in her pussy. Wrapping her arms around her husband's neck she felt his strength as he brought her body to him. She felt desired as her full round boobs smashed against his chest. Looking into her husband's eyes she recognized his yearning and asked, "Do you want to fuck me, Lover?"

"Yeah," huffed Jay.

"Say it," she commanded.

Jay blinked then asked, "What?"

Kay jerked his cock a couple of times to get his attention. "Say it. Tell me you want to fuck me."

"I want to fuck you," he said as his knees grew weak.

Negatively she shook her head and insisted, "Say it louder."

"But, Nina's in the next room," protested Jay reminding his wife that their daughter was home from college for the summer.

Kay let go of Jay's cock and squeezed his balls, applying firm but playful pressure, "So what? If you want to empty these into my pussy then you'd better say it louder. Are you ashamed to admit that you want to fuck me?"

In a booming voice that was sure to permeate their daughter's bedroom wall Jay said, "Kay I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you right now."

"Oh goodie," she giggled with glee. Releasing his testicles she scampered to the wooden headboard on her hands and knees. She clasped the slats with both hands presenting her up turned ass and pussy to her husband. Glancing over her shoulder with a seductive come-hither look she beckoned him in a loud excited voice, "Fuck me, Jay. Fuck me now."

Enthused he climbed on the bed and shuffled behind his wife on his knees. Over the years the missionary position had become their habit, a different position was a welcomed respite. Jay bit his lip as the blunt head of his cock slipped past his wife's puffy wet slit into the depths of her pussy. After he was seated balls deep inside her, he paused and patted her ass. He appreciated the added depth doggy style allowed his cock.

Reaching between her legs with one hand Kay gently squeezed his bloated balls. She cooed, "My pussy feels so full. Fuck me, Baby, fuck me."

Jay grinned and slowly withdrew his cock until just the tip remained in her. Then he slid back inside her at a snail's pace. He loved the way she vocalized her pleasure, groaning when he withdrew and moaning with re-entry. With disciplined patience he deliberately dawdled the length of his cock in and out of Kay's pussy.

"Damn it, Jay," she scolded, "Quit messing around, fuck me."

Jay grasped Kay's hips and machine-gunned his cock in and out of her pussy. His passion rose as the sweet friction of his cock plunging into her wet crevice increased with each frantic thrust. He pounded her pussy with fierce abandon.

"Oh, oh, oh," Kay blubbered. Her inarticulate cries of ardor joined the headboard thumping against the wall and creaking bedsprings in a crescendo of sexual pleasure.

With a final fierce thrust Jay buried his cock inside her with a grunt. As his cum spurt into the depths of his wife's pussy he mumbled, "Cumming."

She rolled her hips as she received his seed. Wickedly she shouted, "That's it, Lover, fill my pussy."

Once Jay's climax had peaked, he remained inside his wife. Her pussy gripped and released his cock trying to milk the remnants of cum from his cock. She reached between her thighs and squeezed Jay's balls as if to make sure they were indeed empty. Satisfied they were, she trailed her hand back up between her thighs. Her thumb found her agitated clit within the slick silken folds of her cunt. She diddled her clit and squirmed on his cock until the pleasure swept her to the pinnacle of release. She cried out, "Cum, pussy, cum."

As soon as Kay's round ass quit quaking Jay pulled his deflating cock from her pussy and collapsed spent on the bed. Kay released the slats of the headboard and rolled over to her husband. She rubbed her hands vigorously until her knuckles were no longer white.

After he caught his breath Jay asked, "What got into you?"

"You did, Lover," she teased. "And, thank you very much. I haven't had an orgasm that intense in years."

Jay chuckled, "It was my pleasure, Babe."

Kay playfully ran her fingers through his chest hair. "I love you, Jay."

"I love you, too." Jay kissed her before drifting off into a satiated slumber.

The next day Kay arranged to meet Jay for lunch. They rendezvoused on a road near the canal he was inspecting. He held the gate open as Kay pulled her SUV through it. After he closed the gate Jay hopped in and directed his wife to an oak tree that overlooked the canal. It was a pretty setting for a summer's picnic.

They ate cold fried chicken on a blanket spread under the tree. A hawk swooped down and snagged a fish from the water of the canal. Kay smiled at Jay and observed, "That's not something you see every day not in a doctor's office, anyway."

Jay enjoyed the presence of his wife. It had been years since she had snuck away from work to eat lunch with him. After they were done eating Jay asked, "So what's going on Kay?"

"I can't play hooky from work to eat a romantic lunch in the great outdoors without something going on?"

He nodded, "The last time you packed a picnic lunch out to the aqueduct was when we were newlyweds." His forehead furrowed with realization, "In fact we haven't fucked like we did last night since our honeymoon. What's going on? You want to confess infidelity with your boss?"

Kay stroked his face with the palm of her hand. Her eyes glimmered, "I give you great sex and a nice lunch and you accuse me of infidelity. My feelings are almost hurt." She chuckled, "Do you really think Doctor Childers would take an interest in me?"

"Sure," Jay teased smiling at her. He squeezed her breast through her paisley pattern scrub top. "You got big boobs."

"Well, I'm not fucking my boss. But I'll fuck you, if you can catch me." Kay laughingly smacked his hand and ran towards the canal stripping as she went. Naked she dove into the cool water of the canal.

Jay chased her shedding his own clothes along the way. He dove into the canal just moments after his wife. He swam to her and pulled her into his arms. Smiling at his wife, her breasts bobbed in the water like apples in a washtub at Halloween. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it hard.

Kay hissed with delight. Running her hands through Jay's wet hair she pushed his face into her bosom. She reached for his cock and found that it was already rock hard beneath the water. Vigorously she jerked her hand up and down on it until her husband moaned with delight.

"You excite me so, Baby," he said. Then he lifted Kay by her waist and impaled her on his cock. The buoyancy of the water allowed his cock to fully penetrate her pussy. His pubic bone tapped against her engorged clit as he pounded away at her pussy.

Kay clutched her husband as they bobbed in the water. The pleasure she was receiving was immense due to the levity of the water. She whispered naughty words into his ear, "Fuck me, Jay. Fuck me good."

Soon Jay's thrusts were so rapid Kay thought he might start his own rip-tide. He jammed a finger up her ass. The sudden violation caused her cunt to contract and she yelped. Jay wiggled his finger causing Kay to dance convulsively on his cock. Suddenly he stiffened and there was a sudden explosion of his cum in her pussy. He exclaimed, "Cum...cumming."

Kay wrapped her legs around Jay's ass pulling more of him into her as his cock spasm and cum careened inside her pussy. She felt his pelvic bone pushing solidly against her clit. It was what she needed to plunge her over the precipice of pleasure. She closed my eyes as her cunt contracted around Jay's cock and she screamed, "Ahhhhhhhh!"

They drifted toward shore wrapped in each other's arms. Jay withdrew his cock from Kay and they scrambled up the shore then flopped down on their picnic blanket. They lay nude letting the sun dry their bodies. They smiled at each other like teenagers. They were deeply in love.

Once he was sufficiently dry Jay slipped on his trousers. Propping himself on his elbow he watched Kay wiggle into her panties then asked, "Kay, why all the honeymoon sex?"

"Are you complaining?"

"Nope, just curious."

Kay pulled on her scrubs without putting her bra back on. She pushed wet strands of hair out of face then looked into Jay's eyes and said, "I just want you to know how much I love you."

"I know that you love me."

"Good because we need to talk about Nina."

"What's going on with Nina?"

Kay sighed, "She's in a state of depression and if she doesn't snap out of it soon I'm afraid she'll need to be institutionalized."

"What?" The gravity of her words caused the color to drain from Jay's face. "I know she's been moping around the house since she's came home from college but, depressed?"

"She told me she wasn't going back to school next fall. When I pressed her about it, she finally told me the whole story. It seems our daughter lost her virginity to her old boyfriend, Chad."

"I'm gonna kick his ass," seethed Jay.

Kay patted his arm. "That won't help, Jay. As you know, Nina was saving herself for her one true love. She thought that was Chad but as soon as she put out, he broke-up with her. Now she's deeply depressed."

"I'm gonna to drive to Redwood City and kick that punk's ass," Jay seethed again.

"School's out for summer I doubt he's there. I think there is something more productive you can do to help our daughter."

Mollified Jay asked, "What?"

Kay cupped Jay's jaw and brought his face around until he had to look her in the eyes. She softly said, "You need to make love to Nina."

"Are you crazy?" Jay pushed Kay's hand away, "I can't believe you'd even suggest it."


"Why? Because it's incest," Jay's voice was shrill.

"So? You love your daughter don't you?"

"Of course I do."

"Well your daughter needs a physical expression of that love."

Jay frowned, exasperated he said, "You have me totally confused."

Kay sighed then said, "Nina's first sexual experience was a disaster. Chad poked his pecker in her for a couple of minutes, popped her cherry, shot his wad and rolled off. So Nina's only sexual experience was sloppy and painful. She was emotionally devastated by the whole disappointing experience to the point of depression. She needs a skilled lover to give her pleasurable sex. She needs to have sex with a man she knows truly loves her and that man just happens to be you."

"It's still incest."

Kay sighed again before she continued, "Granted but, the main reason incest is taboo is to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Nina is no child. She's a twenty-year-old grown woman. Another reason incest is taboo, is to prevent babies with birth defects produced from such liaisons but you've had a vasectomy so that's not a concern."

"Nina's not going to be sexually interested in me."

Kay laugh-snorted then said, "Just last summer when Nina had some girlfriends over, I heard them talking about you and she said and I quote, 'My dad is so hot,' end quote. I think you'll find our daughter quite responsive to your seduction."

"I think you're crazy."

"Maybe, but please, don't be angry with me. I love our daughter and I just want what is best for her. I don't want to her to spiral deeper into depression. You have a chance to help her and I think you'd find the experience very pleasurable."

Later that evening, during supper Jay watched his daughter. Nina at twenty years of age was a real beauty. Her 108 pounds fit perfectly on her five-foot five-inch frame and accentuated her 32B-23-34 figure. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her big brown eyes widen as Kay told her about their romantic picnic lunch to include skinny-dipping in the canal.

"Your father has a great body, you should see it naked. He's hung too."

"Mom!" cried Nina blushing.

Red-faced Jay exclaimed, "Kay!"

She ignored their protests, "I'm just saying, your dad has a great body. Speaking of bodies, Nina go try on your bikini. We need to make sure it still fits before we leave for Pismo Beach."

"It doesn't matter, Mom. I wasn't planning on wearing it anyway. I'll just wear shorts."

"Baby-girl you have a beautiful body, you should show it off."

"I don't want to show it off. Guys just ogle you and think you're easy if you show off your body. I hate summer."

His wife gave him the 'help me out here' look, so Jay patted Nina's hand and said, "I don't think you're easy and I'd like to see you in a bikini."

"Really Daddy?"

"Yeah, Kido, I think you're beautiful so why not let the world see the beauty I see?"

Nina smiled then nodded. She got up from the table and went to her bedroom to change. A few minutes later she returned to the kitchen in a little yellow bikini. She twirled around and asked, "So what do you think?"

"The top looks fine," said Kay, who had been washing dishes while Jay dried them. She snatched the dish towel from his hands and dried hers. She stepped behind Nina and shook her head. Suddenly she jerked the waistband of Nina's bikini, pulling it up. She said, "That's better, it's a French-cut bikini Nina, so the waistband should be on your hip bone."

The seam of the bikini had already been wedged into Nina's labia before Kay had forced more material to invade Nina's cunt. As Jay watched the material ascend into Nina's nethers, changing from a captivating camel-toe to a mesmerizing moose-knuckle, his mouth grew dry while his cock grew hard and he involuntarily licked his lips.

"Hey!" protested Nina pushing her forefingers into the leg holes of the bikini trying to force the wedgie out of her ass. She succeeded in getting the bikini out of her ass but it franticly clung to her cunt.

"I think the bottoms are too small. Don't you Jay?" asked his wife.

Jay was caught flat-footed. He wondered if his daughter noticed his tented trousers as she looked in his direction. His face flushed and he stammered, "Yeah, looks good but a little small I guess."

"You'll need a new bikini for Pismo Beach," declared Kay.

They all adjourned to the den to watch some television. Nina changed into pink booty shorts and a white T-shirt. The thin material of the T-shirt made it obvious that she hadn't replaced her bra. Her dusky areolas were obvious but not revealed.

Jay spent more time watching the rise and fall of Nina's firm breasts than he did the television. He tried to control himself but his eyes would drift from the television to his daughter's bountiful bosom. His cock strained against the zipper of his trousers torturing him. His daughter was fully involved with social media via her smartphone so he quickly adjusted his cock. He heard his wife clear her throat. He looked at her just as she winked at him.

Later after Jay finished getting ready for bed and just before he turned off the bathroom light Kay stopped him, "Don't turn off the lights just yet."

She padded across the carpeted floor to him nude with something balled in her hand. She gave it to Jay like she was giving him a precious gift.

"What's this?" Jay asked.

"You know what it is, Nina's bikini. Feel how damp they are and she hasn't been for a swim."

Kay dropped to her knees and fished Jay's cock from his boxers. She was pleased that he so readily hardened in her hand. She kissed his cockhead tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. She looked up into her husband's eyes and said with a sultry voice, "Now close your eyes."

After Jay complied and Kay rewarded him with another kiss on his cockhead. She said, "Now sniff those bikini bottoms and pretend that it's your daughter sucking your cock."

Shocked Jay opened his eyes and looked down at his wife.

She simply commanded, "Do it."

Jay reclosed his eyes. The image of his beautiful twenty-year-old daughter immediately came to his mind. He thought of her big breasts straining against the tight white material of her T-shirt. He groaned as Kay lavished more attention on his cockhead by wrapping her lips around it. Thinking of Nina and her bikini invading her snatch Jay brought the garment to his face and deeply inhaled the aroma of his daughter's sex. His cock joyously danced in his wife's mouth.

Kay ran her mouth up the side of Jay's shaft until she got to the tip which only served as a transit for her to engulf his entire cock in her mouth. She slowly worked her way back up his rod sucking along its entire length. Her hands got involved stroking his shaft while she nursed on just the helmet of his cock. She stroked him faster and faster until she sensed he was going to cum. Gently she rolled his balls in her other hand coaxing the cum from them. Spitting out his cock she pointed it at her heaving breasts and huskily ordered, "Give me your cum, Daddy."

Hearing the word Daddy caused a euphoric sensation to wash over Jay. His cum blasted from the tip of his cock and covered Kay's big beautiful breasts with white pearls of his love. He grew light-headed from the intensity of his orgasm and looked down at his wife panting.

She sat sweetly at his feet. Looking up at him she smiled up and said, "You should see the look of pleasure on your face. Are you ready to fuck Nina now?"

"Yes," Jay choked as his last bit of resistance crumbled.

The next day while Jay packed the SUV to head to Pismo Beach, Kay explained to Nina that she had been asked to attend a nursing conference in Fresno and would join them later. Father and daughter kissed Kay good-bye before embarking on their four-hour journey to Pismo Beach.

After about an hour Jay pulled into a rest stop to empty his bladder and Nina did the same. He was leaning against the SUV when she came out of the restroom. He was mesmerized by the beauty of his daughter as he watched her return.

She was wearing white cut-off short-shorts that clung to every curve and a pink blouse. She had left the bottom three buttons undone and tied the tail of the blouse together just above her navel. She was wearing wedge sandals that managed to highlight both her beautiful butt and her bodacious breasts. She smiled at Jay as he made eye-contact with her. Her smile faded into a scowl when one of the lawn-care guys wolf-whistled at her and another cat-called.

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