For Nina's Sake


Slamming the door of the SUV Nina fumed, "Why are guys such pigs?"

"Not all of us are," offered Jay as he started the vehicle and put it into gear. "Nina you're a beautiful and desirable woman, they were just letting you know that they appreciated your beauty. I know I do."

Nina smiled at Jay and said, "Thanks Daddy, but I don't think they were admiring my beauty as much as they were lusting after my butt. They just want to fuck me and forget me."

"Wow!" Jay was a bit shocked. He had never heard Nina use the f-word before. He shook his head and added, "You're a bit young to be so cynical. You're probably right about those guys but not every guy is the fuck'em and forget'em kind."

Nina laughed she wasn't used to hearing her father use the f-word either. She had gotten plenty of dating advice from her mother over the years but this was the first time she had really talked to her father about male-female relations. By the time they arrived in Pismo Beach she realized her father was a true romantic and it stirred feelings she didn't think she should have about him.

Once they arrived in the coastal city they went immediately to the Chowder Café to get a bread bowl of their award winning clam chowder. After they had eaten their fill they headed to the real estate office to get the keys to their vacation rental.

It was an older two bedroom cottage that was just two blocks from the beach yet still near down town. They unpacked the SUV then headed to the grocery store to stock up. After the groceries were all put away Nina put on blue jeans and they headed downtown.

They had already decided to eat at the bowling alley. A flyer at the grocery store advertised an all-inclusive deal, a meal consisting of a cheeseburger and French fries, soft drink and bowling for just $15. Nina had done some bowling at college and thought it might be fun. Even though he hadn't hefted a bowling ball in years Jay too, thought it would be fun.

Both the cheeseburgers and French fries were homemade and delicious. The couple wolfed down their meal and headed to their assigned lane after finding appropriate bowling balls. Nina's ball was a little too heavy for her but she liked the neon green color. Watching her father's form as he threw a strike, she concluded that he was indeed a good-looking man very much in shape. She picked up the scent of his pheromones as he flopped in the seat next her to record the score. Slamming her knees together she blushed at her father as her pussy dampened of its own volition.

Jay's cock stirred as he gazed at the backside of his daughter in her tight jeans as she picked up her bowling ball and stood on the mark lining up her shot. He couldn't take his eyes off her buttocks as she wiggled up to the line to release her ball down the alley. He wasn't quick enough and Nina caught him gawking at her ass when she spun around. His face reddened as he quickly adverted his eyes back down to the score sheet.

Nina beat Jay all three games and he hadn't let her win either. She giggled as he pouted about his losses when they turned in their shoes. To soothe his bruised ego she offered to buy him an ice cream cone from the shop at the end of the pier.

A full moon had risen over the city and reflected off the ocean as they ate ice cream looking at the night sky from the end of the pier. As her father pointed out the constellations, Nina stood very near him looking along line of his arm as he aimed it at the sky. Inhaling deeply she picked up his pheromones again and felt an excited stirring deep in her belly.

As they walked back to the cottage side-by-side their hands naturally clasped. They walked in silence just enjoying the comforting closeness of the other. A cool breeze came off the ocean. Nina's nipples harden from the night air and the nearness of her father. Goose bumps rose on her arms and she vigorously rubbed them with her hands. She whined "I'm cold."

Jay put his arm around his daughter. He brushed her firm breast as he pulled her closer feeling the hardness of her nipple. His warmth was like an aphrodisiac to Nina fueling her sexual desire. He slid his hand down to her hip and she slipped her arm around his waist in turn. Just a block from the cottage he snuck his hand from her hip to the cheek of her ass. When she didn't protest the location of his hand, Jay palmed her tight ass like he would a basketball.

When they reached the lighted porch Jay took his hand off of Nina. As they went inside Nina caught sight of his huge bulge straining against his zipper. She giggled at her father's adolescent attempt to hide his hard-on. Before retiring to the bathroom to bathe, Nina stood on her tip-toes and gave Jay a quick peck on the lips. She smiled at the surprised look on his face and said, "Good night, Daddy. I love you."

Jay went to his room and stripped down to his boxers to get in bed when he remembered he should brush his teeth. Digging in his suitcase he found his shaving kit. He pulled it out to retrieve his toothbrush and found an unfamiliar plastic bag inside it. Opening it he discovered his wife had packed Nina's too small yellow bikini bottoms. Jay smiled and hefted the bikini to face and deeply inhaled his daughter's fragrance. Blood rushed so quickly to his cock that he grew dizzy. He heard the bathtub filling with water, Nina was taking a bath.

He crept towards it in the darken hall with the yellow bikini still in his hand. Glancing at the bathroom door he noticed it was slightly ajar. Looking through the gap in the door he could see his daughter's beautiful body lying in the tub.

Nina decided she needed to give her pussy a closer trim if she was going to try on bikinis in the morning. She lathered her cunt and deftly shaved the stubble until her pussy was bald save for a tiny patch of pubic hair trimmed neatly above the cleft of her cunt. Once the job was completed to her satisfaction she rested her head against the tub.

Nina recalled the sex sounds coming from her parent's bedroom just the other night, especially her mother's hoopla of pleasure. As she thought of her father, her breath came in excited pants. She traced a pink painted fingernail between her breasts down her belly. Delicately she immersed her finger between the folds of her labia liberally lubricated with her lust. She was careful to avoid her engorged clit. Slowly she worked her finger in and out of herself. Imaging that her finger was her father's hard cock she hissed, "Hubba-hubba."

Wide-eyed Jay had watched as Nina carefully and gently scrapped the stubble from her vulva with the razor. He giggled with giddiness as his daughter slyly inserted a finger into her pussy. His cock sprung out of his boxers like a horse bolting from a barn. He took his throbbing cock in hand and slowly stroked it.

Nina quickened the pace of her finger sliding in and out of her pussy while she urgently diddled her clit. Gradually the pressure built to a pleasurable crescendo. Steadily she shook her head from side-to-side in tempo with the in and out action of her finger. Suddenly she lifted her butt from the tub and buried her finger deep in her pussy while pushing her palm hard against her clit. Her eyes rolled over white as she climaxed. She splashed water from the bathtub onto the floor as she thrashed with exuberance. She shouted, "DADDY!"

It was the most erotic sight Jay had ever seen. He flogged himself without mercy with one hand while bringing the bikini bottoms to his face. Deeply he inhaled from the gusset and an unexpected moan escaped him as he got a whiff of her female fragrance. His testicles tightened and he brought his daughter's bikini down to his dick just as the first frothy outburst of cum spewed forth. He hissed with enchanted release. He fought to stay upright as spurts of pleasure shot from his cock and filled the bikini. Spent he collapsed against the door frame and murmured, "Nina, I love you."

The next morning after a hearty breakfast of oatmeal sprinkled with raisins and sugar they headed to the Surf Shop to purchase Nina a couple of swimsuits. Jay sat while Nina browsed through the available swimwear before retreating to the fitting room with several selections.

The zipping sound of the fitting room curtain being pulled back announced Nina was ready. She was wearing the yellow top of her original bikini. The bottoms were a sexy black surfer shorts that fit Nina's figure perfectly. The seam of the suit was fully invested in Nina's snatch creating a camel-toe. She spun so Jay could get a view of the rear. The bottoms were invading the crack of her ass revealing quite a bit of her buttocks.

Jay's mind raced recalling the imagines of Nina's labia and nipples now covered by the material of the swimsuit. He took a deep breath just to keep from blowing his load in his own shorts. He curled his toes and crossed his legs. It occurred to him that Nina had been talking to him. He shook his head to clear the taboo thoughts. Red-faced he asked, "I'm sorry what did you say?"

Nina sighed and placed a hand on her sexy hip. She caught her father's eyes and became aware that he was gazing into the succulent folds of her gash. She patiently waited while his eyes slowly traversed up her trim torso to momentarily rest on her breasts. The look in father's eyes puzzled her. It was one she didn't recognize. Men had looked at her before with lust but this was a deeper look that contained more yearning. Once his eyes engaged hers she spoke again, "What do you think, Daddy?"

He swallowed hard then rasped, "I like it but, what do you think?"

Nina turned and looked in the three-way mirror giving her father another gander at her beautiful butt. She watched Jay lick his lips in the mirror's reflection. It dawned on her that her father was looking at her with unfettered sexual desire. On a sudden impulse she subtly ran her forefinger through her slit tracing the seam of the surfer shorts. Pleased that her father had followed her teasing movement she looked him in the eyes and said, "I like it."

"Uh, yeah, me too," said Jay nodding his approval.

Nina shrugged and said, "Okay, but there's a couple more I want to try."

Back in the fitting room Nina glanced into the mirror. Catching Jay's reflection in it, she smiled realizing she hadn't completely closed the curtain. More puzzling to her than her father's desirous eye was her own reaction to it. She was thrilled and that confused her. Shaking her head she thought she shouldn't be so elated about her father's amorous attention. Intuitively she knew her father was the only man who loved her with all his heart. It seemed only natural to her that she wanted to be desired by him and that she should desire him in return.

She reached behind her back and undid the bikini top. She heard her father's intake of breath as he caught sight of her bare breasts. She couldn't resist the urge to feed his desire by pinching each nipple in turn. She giggled into the mirror as she saw him crossing his legs to hide his hard-on. Winking at her father's reflection she slowly slid the surfer shorts down her legs, revealing her pretty pink pucker and pouting pussy to him. Pausing briefly she stayed bent over letting her father enjoy the sight before she stepped out of them. She giggled again as her father squirmed in his chair.

Next Nina slipped into a crocheted pale pink one-piece suit that uplifted her firm breasts and pushed them together into vivid cleavage. The leg holes were cut high, French-style, creating a camel-toe that publicized her luscious cunt. She studied herself in the mirror then glanced at her father's reflection before shaking her head and mouthing, "Not this one."

Jay shrugged and smiled back at his daughter like a kid watching the clown parade at the circus.

Nina wiggled out of the swimsuit making sure that her father caught every jiggle of her body. The next swimsuit she tried on was a red bikini. She stepped out of the dressing room to better model it for her father. The top covered her firm breasts with triangles of red material and it tied behind the neck and back. Red material from the bottoms invaded her slit and created a camel-toe. She smiled and said, "I like this one."

"It looks real nice on you," Jay said nodding his approval.

He noticed that her butt cheeks peeked out from the bottoms. He smiled as his daughter manipulated her forefingers along the inside of the bikini to remove the material from the crack of her ass in the most lady-like fashion. The maneuver tightened the material across the front of her bikini causing her camel-toe to transform into a moose knuckle. His mouth watered imagining the delights hidden just beneath the red bikini material. It was too much. Blood pounded in his ears as cum surged from his cock and spewed into his shorts.

He shut eyes and with a quite growl he reaffirmed, "Ahh, yeah, uh, I really like this one, too."

While the salesclerk rang up Nina's purchases Jay fled red-faced. He found the nearest men's room and with a trembling hand he locked its door. Scrubbing rapidly with toilet paper he hurriedly cleaned the goo from his board shorts. Dismally he mumbled, "Quit acting like a kid."

As soon as he got his shorts cleaned Jay retreated from the men's room. He caught up to Nina just near the exit of the shop. He wasn't surprised to see that she was still wearing the red bikini.

Nina had put on a white blouse as a cover-up and had tied the tail into a bow around her waist that would allow Jay to watch her ass wiggle as she walked. The red fabric from her bikini bottoms had ever so slightly infested the crack of her ass. She put both hands on her butt cheeks in order to sneak out the material.

"Leave it..." Jay commanded, when she looked at him questioningly he added, "...please."

"Okay Daddy," Nina replied shrugging her shoulders. She led the way to the pier where they planned to eat lunch. Her father followed her hiding his hard cock with a rented boogie board.

He loved to watch the rise and fall of each of her buttocks and the sideways sway of her hips. More red material inched into her crack. He grew dizzy and couldn't believe how hard he got by simply watching his daughter walk.

They ate lunch at a taco stand on the end of the pier talking and watching wet-suited surfers battle the waves. After waiting the requisite thirty minutes they made their way to the beach. Once they staked their claim with their beach towels they hurried to the water's edge and frolicked in the surf with the boogie board. After a while they headed back to their towels to rest.

As they dripped dried on their towels a couple of guys strolled by and lustfully leered at Nina. She caught Jay glaring at the guys and heard him mutter his displeasure under his breath. She smiled at her father's reaction. Her pussy gushed with primeval recognition that her father was engaging in male posturing, asserting his right to her.

Later a pair of vacationing coeds, a blonde and a redhead challenged the duo to a game of beach volleyball at a nearby net. They took up the challenge and agreed that the losers of the best of three sets would buy the winners snow cones from a nearby vendor.

The coeds lost the first set by two and won the second set by five. The young women thought they would put the older man away without much trouble. They were surprised at the extremely good shape that Jay was in, they were unaware he made his living walking California's aqueduct system. That they had to work for every shot perplexed and irritated them. They spent much of the third set sniping at each other over flubbed plays.

Jay was in the backcourt when he caught the pale flash of Nina's butt cheek peeking from beneath her bikini bottoms. His concentration left the game as he studied his daughter's ass and the subtle way the material of the bikini hugged and accentuated every curve. He licked his lips as his mind recalled the image of his daughter bent over fully revealing her pretty pucker and pussy to him earlier in the day. He heard Nina's shouted warning just before the volleyball smashed into his face. Blood sprayed from his nose as he fell back on his butt.

Nina was at his side in a moment. She took the tail of his shirt and pinched his nose with it to stem the tide of blood gushing from it. Her eyes were filled with concern as she asked, "Daddy are you okay?"

The coeds quickly joined Nina at Jay's side and he blushed from all the female attention. Nina glared at the young woman who had spiked the volleyball and scolded the blonde, "You could've hurt him, Bitch."

"I'm not hurt," was Jay's nasally protest.

"Who you calling Bitch, Bitch," postured the offended blonde squaring up on Nina.

Jay was surprised by his daughter's aggressive behavior. Satisfied that his nose was done bleeding he got to his feet and stood between his daughter and the coed. He said, "I think it's time for us to leave."

"Are you forfeiting?" asked the redhead.

The blonde added, "If you forfeit you owe us a snow cone but I'll settle for a kiss from Daddy."

Nina started to go after the young woman but Jay blocked her route then took her by the hand and led her towards their beach towels. She had to settle for sticking her tongue out at the laughing blonde as her father led her down the beach.

Once they had retrieved their belongings they headed back to the rented cottage. They each showered the sand and sweat from their bodies. They decided to eat in and Jay grilled steaks and corn on the cob on the patio while Nina nuked potatoes in the microwave and tossed a salad.

While Nina busied herself in the kitchen her cellphone's ringtone went off. She answered, "This is Gnarly Nina, what's up?"

Kay laughed and said, "My, aren't you in a good mood. I'm so glad."

"Oh, hi Mom," Nina exclaimed then she explained why she was in a good mood. She told her mother everything her and Jay had done while in Pismo Beach, including the volleyball game with the coeds. Nina declared, "I was so ready fight both those bitches."

"You were?" Kay asked, "How come?"

Nina replied simply, "They hurt my Daddy."


"Yeah, that and I felt guilty about what I did to Daddy earlier."

"What did you do?"

"I got carried away and teased him when I was trying on swimsuits. Daddy was looking at me in a way I had never been looked at before. It was more desire than lust and I responded to his scrutiny very luridly. I think I made him cum in his pants. I'm so naughty."

Kay's voice was reassuring, "Don't feel guilty. It was a natural response. Your father loves you and he does desire you. Do you desire him?"

"That's a bit incestuous," protested Nina.

"Maybe, but you didn't answer my question."

"I don't know how to answer that question. I liked the way Daddy looked at me. It made me feel wanted and sexy in a way I've never felt before."

"Okay, Nina. After supper get dressed up and have your father take you dancing at the Beach Club. Just let nature take its course I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You father is quite the cocksman."

"Are you saying I should have sex with my own father?" Nina asked with shaky voice.

"Yes I am. Baby-girl, you've only had one sexual experience. It was a terrible one and left you emotionally scarred. Your father loves you like no other man does. Having sex with a man who truly loves you is truly a celestial experience."

Nina was a bit shocked by her mother's suggestion. She asked, "I can't believe you're encouraging me to have sex with my father and your husband. You won't be jealous?"

"I love you too Nina and I want you to be happy not depressed. I think a sexual experience with your father would do you alot of good. So no, I wouldn't be jealous. I have to go, I'll call you tomorrow. I love you Baby-girl, good-bye."

Nina was quiet while she and Jay ate supper on the patio. They watched wet-suited surfers catching the last waves as the sun sank into the Pacific. The natural beauty only highlighted the aura of emotion they were feeling for each other. Nina looked at her father and had to cross her legs as her pussy dampened with yearning. She stroked his chiseled cheek and he smiled at her. She said, "I want to go dancing. Will you take care of the dishes while I get changed?"

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