For Nina's Sake


"Sure thing, Kido," Jay replied simply.

Nina came out of the bathroom wearing a little blue mini-dress. It had a scoop neckline which highlighted her cleavage. She did a little spin that billow the pleated skirt of her dress and revealed her sexy black thong. Her maneuver also divulged that the dress had a plunging V-shaped back that made wearing a bra impossible. Her legs were encased in sexy black thigh-high stockings and her shoes were black four-inch heels. She had left her shoulder length hair down. Big hooped earrings dangled from her ears. Her make-up was perfect.

"You look beautiful," Jay choked with adoration.

"Thank you Daddy," beamed Nina, "Shall we go?"

The Beach Club was crowded but they managed to slip in and found a table. A waitress took their drink orders. Just as their drinks arrived the band played a slow song. Nina squealed with delight and pulled Jay by the hand out to the dance floor. She shimmied her hips to the beat of the music. Looking over her shoulder she smiled at Jay, who seemed to find the oscillation of her derriere mesmerizing. Nina spun on her heel and opened her arms to him.

Jay wrapped his arms around her waist just above her butt as she rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled joyfully as they swayed to the rhythm of the music. Inhaling the fragrance of her perfume he pulled her tight against him crushing her firm breasts into his chest. His cock stood at rigid attention and rubbed against his daughter's mons. He was pleasantly surprised when she ground her mound back into his hardness. He looked into her eyes and she into his. It was so natural for him to gently caress her lips with a kiss. The song finished and they looked longingly into each other's eyes as they applauded.

Just as they were about to move into each other's arms again and dance to the next number a young woman's voice cut in, "Since I didn't get a snow cone how about a dance?"

Before Nina could object Jay interjected, "Sure."

He embraced the redhead dressed in a black mini-dress and they swayed to the music. He rested his hand on the coed's waist much to Nina's displeasure. Slowly he maneuvered the redhead who flirted more than danced while Nina stomped back to their table and pouted.

Another slow song began to play and the young woman's blonde partner took her turn dancing with Jay. She wore a red mini-dress and wrapped her arms around his neck as his arms encircled her waist. The dance floor was so crowded they could do little more than sway in place to the music. She boldly ground herself on his package. The song ended and they broke apart to applaud.

The band started to play another number and just as the blonde was about to corner Jay into another dance Nina tapped her on the shoulder and said, "I believe this is my dance, Bitch."

The blonde glowered her disdain but relented. "Sure Slut, he's your daddy after all."

"That's right, he is my daddy and don't you forget it," Nina puffed, posturing for dominance.

The band played a faster number. With a wicked grin Nina spun her back to Jay and began to palpitate her ass into her father's loins, his cock actually got harder. Looking over her shoulder Nina giggled as Jay's face flushed crimson with excitement. Soon she got lost in the music and her lust. Her appealing ass wiggled and her tantalizing tits jiggled to the wild beat as she performed a primitive mating dance before her father. She spun around and continued to dance in front of him, gyrating her hips bewitchingly. Her voice was husky with lust as she suggested, "I'm ready to go home now, Daddy."

"Then let's go home," said Jay taking her by the hand and leading her off the dance floor.

Arriving at the cottage Jay opened the door and Nina silently entered the living room. She spun to speak but Jay took her in his arms and hungrily kissed her. Kissing him back she twirled her tongue with his in a delightful dance of lust. All of sudden she pushed him away panting and looking at her father with big doe eyes.

Jay grabbed her and pulled her once again into an embrace. He kissed her deeply until she sighed into his mouth and went limp in his arms. With her resistance collapsing she surrendered to his desire. Picking her up he carried his daughter to his bed. The full moon, a lover's moon, shone through the bedroom window casting the room in a romantic pale.

As Jay laid her on the covers Nina whimpered. He quickly stripped as his daughter took on an angelic repose. Climbing on the bed his cock swayed between his legs like a hungry beast on the hunt. He murmured, "Oh Nina you are so beautiful."

Jay kissed Nina's lips and she returned his kiss by darting her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her neck mesmerized by her perfume. Sliding her dress top down to her waist he exposed her breasts. They were swollen with lust and her nipples were hard and jutted invitingly from the middle of her areolas. He kissed each breast and then took a stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked on it hard.

Nina arched her back and groaned. Her fingers encouragingly caressed the back of Jay's head as he teased the nipple with his tongue then blew his hot breath on it. She moaned, "Daddy, you're torturing me."

Jay moved down the bed and lightly kissed Nina's stocking clad knee then he moved up her thigh. Pushing the hem of her dress to her waist he could tell that her black thong was wantonly wet in the moonlight. He knew she was having second thoughts as she became rigid and turned her head toward the window. But, he wasn't. He pulled her panties down, Nina sighed deeply and lifted her ass off the bed to allow him to peel her panties completely off. He looked down at his daughter and murmured lovingly, "You're so beautiful Nina, I want you so bad."

Her bare breasts were heaving with exhilaration. Her dress was bunched around her waist. A tiny thatch of hair headlined her vulva. Her bald labia were engorged with excitement and glistened with anticipation. Catching a whiff of her sex scent he followed it to its source. She spread her legs invitingly granting her father access to her excited pussy.

He brushed his lips over her slit with light caresses as she strained and bucked her hips upward. Finally, he put his lips right on top of her slit and kissed it gently then harder, she moaned in pleasure. His tongue broached her pussy. He ran his tongue up and down the layers of her pussy flesh. Tentatively, his tongue entered her and fucked her with gentle stabs of its tip. He brought his tongue to the top of her slit and used it like a probe. Locating her pearl he licked it hard and pressed his tongue into the hood. It felt heavenly to Nina and teased the hell out of her at the same time. She muttered encouragement to her father, "That...that''s it."

Jay slid two wet fingers slowly but firmly as far as they will go into his daughter's drooling cunt. It was like dipping his fingers into melted butter, her juices streamed down the crack of her ass. He teased her meticulously until his fingers made contact with her G-spot.

"That's the place," Nina rasped and squirmed on his hand. Her father tapped his fingers against her G-spot with a come hither action that made her clutch the bed sheets. Soon his fingers were rocketing in and out of her cunt with forceful exuberance. She whimpered, "Don't stop... please don't stop... don't ever... ever stop."

Gently Jay pulled Nina's pussy lips apart with his teeth. Once her clit was exposed he flicked his tongue quickly against it. Her legs thrash against his head as she writhed about the bed. Sensing that she was approaching orgasm Jay pursed his lips into an O and sucked forcefully on her clit. She lifted her butt off the mattress and wildly bucked her pelvis with the rising wave of climax but somehow he managed to keep his mouth on her clit and sucked even harder on it.

"Don't stop, Daddy! Daddy, don't stop!"

Satisfied that Nina was on the verge of climax he lightly bit her clit and savagely shoved his two soaked fingers up her ass. White light exploded before Nina's eyes as orgasm rippled through her body. The bed quivered beneath her as my body quaked on top of it. She cried out with dizzy delight, "Oh, Daddy...My pussy cum...Oh, Daddy."

Nina collapsed on the bed and lay still, gasping for breath. When she came down from her cosmic climatic heights, she opened her eyes. After a moment her eyes focused and she saw her father's face full of adoration.

Jay was delighted that he had given his daughter so much pleasure. He asked, "Are you okay?"

"Never better, Daddy." She seemed to glow from the passion.

Jay moved between Nina's trembling legs. He watched as her eyes rested on his engorged cock. It had never been so hard or throbbed with so much desire. Looking at him through half-open eyelids she feebly smiled as he put his hands behind her knees and pushed them to her breasts. He grabbed his rock solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. He slowly sank his cock into her until his bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker. Groaning he paused and curled his toes to keep from blowing his load as her pussy was unbelievably tight.

Nina gasped and held her breath as Jay's bulbous head penetrated her pussy. The length of his massive shaft soon followed. In a natural response to her lover she squeezed her cunt muscles tightening her grip on his monster cock. She patted Jay's ass to let him know she had adjusted to his girth. She muttered her pleasure. "'re"

As Jay began to slowly withdraw his cock, he felt the wet walls of her pussy clutch at his cock. When the head of his cock was practically falling out of her cunt, he slid it back into her clear to the hilt. Soon he had a slow tempo going and his daughter moaned as he sunk his cock into her and groaned when he began to withdraw it. After just a few minutes he knew he couldn't last much longer so he pushed himself up on his hands and pummeled her pussy with abandon.

The new position changed the angle of Jay's pelvic bone pressed against Nina's clit. She muttered with urgency, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me like that, fuck me, Daddy."

With animal-like lust he looked deep into her eyes and curled his lip as he throttled her pussy. He set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As he hammered his cock into his daughter again and again, her big breasts bounced to and fro like they were directly propelled by his cock.

She twisted her nipples squealing with depraved delight. Reaching between her legs she diddled her clit with urgency. Her hips bucked furiously on her father's cock as her passion peaked. Wild-eyed she howled, "Yeeeeeeeeee!"

Jay felt Nina's cunt contracting as she wailed in climatic ecstasy. After she relaxed Jay frantically plunged his cock into her hot box like a lunatic while she bounded her heels across his ass like bronco rider. With a final stab of his cock his bloated balls blasted their load deep inside his daughter's pussy. He groaned, " yeah...cum!"

"Fill my pussy Daddy! Fill me with your cum."

Jay collapsed back down on his daughter and gasped for air. He rested his head on her beautiful breasts. He caught a glimpse of a tear running down her cheek. Perplexed he softened and pulled out of his daughter's pussy. He rested on his back and she rolled over and cuddled against him. Choked with overwhelming emotion he whispered, "I love you, Nina."

Nina rested her head on his chest. A radiant smile graced her mouth, "Daddy, I never knew sex could be so gratifying between a man and woman. You made me realize that making love is so much more satisfying than simple sex. I love you, Daddy."

Soon they both fall into satiated sleep, a deep cloying slumber that only comes from complete and total sexual satisfaction.

A few hours later sunlight filtered through the window revealing a new day. Nina was still resting her on her father's chest when she blinked awake. Stirring she lifted herself up and whispered, low and hoarse, "Daddy are you awake?"

Jay chuckled, "Yeah, Kido. Do you know how beautiful you are when you sleep? You have the cutest snore."

"I don't snore." Playfully Nina smacked her father's chest. Then she ran her fingers through his chest hair while he stroked her hair. She sighed, "You taught me the difference between sex and making love last night. I'm sorry I gave my virginity to Chad."

"He wasn't worthy, that's for sure but there's no need to beat yourself up over it, either. You'll find a guy who loves you."

Nina giggled, her soft breath billowed through Jay's chest hair. She reached beneath the sheet and after finding his cock began stroking it. She said, "I already have, you. You love me, Daddy. You're worthy of my other cherry."

"Your other cherry?" asked Jay somewhat confused.

Nina pushed herself up arching her ass up in the air with knees drawn to the outside of her tits. Meekly she whispered, "I know you love my butt Daddy, take it, fuck my ass. "

He paused, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Daddy fuck my ass."

Jay positioned himself behind his daughter and sucked a hickey on her butt cheek until she hissed. Then he gave the other cheek a stinging smack with his hand causing her to yelp. He slid his hard as granite cock into the liberally lubricated pussy of his daughter.

It was an unexpected pleasure that brought an unadulterated moan from deep within Nina.

Jay's hands held my hips with a death-grip as he thrust his cock into her cunt with a ferocious velocity. He paused momentarily fully seated in her pussy. He heartily huffed air into his lungs then plunged his cock into her pussy again and again.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh" whimpered Nina, not expecting the sudden assault on her cunt. Suddenly, she threw her head back and shrieked as she climaxed. Her cunt contracted around Jay's cock like a vice. She glanced glassy-eyed over her shoulder at Jay as he reluctantly withdrew his throbbing cock from her cunt. She groaned, "Oh, Daddy."

Nina whined in protest when she felt the blunt helmet of his cock penetrate her anus. She puffed and panted as pain pulsated through her interior. She clutched the bedspread white-knuckled as Jay slowly inched his cock into her ass. Tearfully, she sobbed, "Daddy, please, Daddy."

Jay stopped pushing his cock and allowed Nina to catch her breath. He reached under her and squeezed her breast. Tugging on its nipple he changed her focus from her ass to her breasts. Soothingly, he said, "Nina, your ass is so tight. Relax, the pain will pass. Finger your pussy."

Reassured Nina sank two fingers into her twat and groaned, "Fuck my ass, Daddy. Fuck it good."

Encouraged by her words Jay jammed the rest of his cock into Nina's ass in single thrust. She barked as her ass fully engulfed his cock. It was such a tight fit she thought she could feel the blood pulsing thorough the big vein on top of her daddy's cock.

Slowly Jay withdrew his cock from his daughter's butt. When the head was ready to pop out of her anus he just as slowly propelled it back. Again and again he repeated this slow tease of her ass. The pain faded and gratification took its place. Soon she was whimpering "oh" with his withdrawal and whining "aw," upon renewed penetration.

Jay's cock stimulated Nina's G-spot through the walls of her gut. She didn't expect to enjoy anal sex and thought she was rewarding her father by allowing him to fuck her ass. However, Jay was such a considerate lover and skilled cocksman that her pleasure was earth shattering.

As his passion grew Jay picked up speed. His thrusting became urgent. He gripped Nina's hips pounding her ass without mercy. He growled and grunted lost in animal-like lust. He pulled his daughter up into the doggy position by her hair.

Screeching Nina arched her back and another inch of her father's cock disappeared into her ass. Tears ran down her face as he buried every inch of his massive member deep into her butt. Cum shot from his cock deep into her innards and her ears rang from his blissful bellows.

After he emptied himself, Jay reached between her legs, with his cock still deep in her ass, he pushed his palm against her agitated clit. Throatily he commanded, "Cum, Nina, cum now."

The pressure of his hand on her clit mixed with the stimulation of his cock against her G-spot. A low rumble began in her throat and grew into a full-blown scream of ecstasy. White light burst behind her eyelids and she rapidly blinked back the black struggling to stay conscious.

Jay pulled his cock out of Nina's ass and collapsed on the bed spent. "That was incredible, Kido."

Nina fell next to him sore and satiated. She snuggled up to him more sexually satisfied than ever. Kissing his cheek she said, "I love you Daddy, I never dreamed sex could be so good, this has been the best summer."

Jay blissfully concurred, "Summer lovin' is the best kind of lovin'"

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