tagRomanceFor Old Time's Sake

For Old Time's Sake


The moon is shimmering over the lake as we all sitting back, reminiscing. Everyone is laughing and joking about who was the worst kisser and the easiest lay. Our class reunion banquet was yesterday, and we have all decided to come and hang out at the lake before everyone heads back to their perspective lives. It feels like high school all over again.

All of the white kids decided at the last minute not to come and we have all broken off into our cliques to sit around and drink and joke. Our clique, famous for wild parties and late night, is the only one left. Everyone else has headed out for the night.

Donna stands up and clears her throat to get everyone's attention. "Hey, y'all remember how we all used to play Truth or Dare?"

We all start to laugh hard, tears rolling down our faces. The last time we played Truth or Dare Donna had to lick a part in Shaun's head, just like out of "School Daze." Rae stops giggling long enough to comment, "Girl, I am surprised you had a tongue left or enough guts to remind us. That boy had so much dandruff, I thought he had gray hair."

That was enough to send us all into fresh peals of laughter. Donna laughs along with us. "OK, yeah, but Jai had to lick William's lips."

At the time he was going with Shay and I thought there was going to be a fight. Fresh laughter emerges. I pipe up for myself. "Yeah, OK, I licked him. But if you remember, I ended up dating him for quite a while."

Shay isn't there to hear that, thank goodness, but you are, watching to see if I am going to add anything else. I remember looking into your eyes before I slowly traced your lips with my tongue. I couldn't hear anything that anyone said, because my heart was beating so fast. We were only 15 and I had never kissed a boy, let alone, traced his lips with my tongue. I remember hearing your breath quicken and there was a flash of emotion, I wasn't sure what, in your eyes. I was sure it was repulsion because my wet, soft tongue was tickling your lips while you just stood there.

I blink my eyes to come back from my memory and you come to sit down beside me. You are the only one at this shindig that I haven't spoken to yet.

You clink your half full bottle of Smirnoff Ice against my almost full one. "Earth to Jai. Earth to Jai," you say.

I smile. "Hey William, how you been?"

It has been almost 8 years since we spoke. We broke off our friendship on really bad terms and I didn't think you would feel it would be cool for us to speak.

We are sitting on top of a picnic table, and you lean back, resting with your arms out behind you. You smile back.

"I have been fine, girl. How you been?"

When you ask that, there is so much I want to tell you about but I censor myself as soon as the thoughts start to flood me.

"I been fine," I respond.

I can tell that the people around us have kinda quieted down, waiting to see if we are going to put on a show, because of the bad blood between us.

You hop up off the table and motion for me to get up. "Let's go for a walk."

I can hear our friends whispering behind us as we head away from the group and closer to the lake. I hear Curtis yell out, "Hey man, we all see her leave with you. Don't throw her into the lake. We don't want to be witnesses to a crime."

Everyone laughs at that as well as they start to gather up their things to get ready to head out. We come up on a log sitting off to the side of the shore and you have a seat. You offer me a portion of it, but I figure as bad as our last blow up was, I want to be standing for our talk. You chuckle and assure me that you aren't going to hurt me, as long as I don't start throwing rocks or sticks at you.

That brings a smile to my face. The last time we spoke, I threw everything I could put my hands on, even a bible, at you. As I remember the stunned look on your face as the bible clipped the side of your head, I smile a bigger smile.

You rear back in mock fear. "Hey, girl, don't be gettin no ideas."

I finally smile my full smile at you. "No worries, man, I tell you. My aim has gotten better over the years, but now I only use it for good."

Curtis yells down to us that they are all about to leave. I start towards the rest of the group and you lay a hand on my arm to stop me. I look back at you in askance and you ask me to take a ride around the lake with you.

This is the same lake that we used to ride around as teenagers and find out of the way spots to make out.

You see me thinking and assure me that you just want to talk. I say okay and we head to your car. You open the door of your Cougar and I slide down inside.

When you get in the other side, I comment that I am not used to riding so close to the ground, because I have a truck.

You shake your head, "Girl, you always did like big things."

We look at each other and burst out laughing because that could apply to so many different things.

Your car takes all the twists and hairpin turns of the narrow road around the lake with ease.

You have an SWV CD playing. That was the CD we used to make love to all the time. You start to sing and it brings back memories of late nights, sweating bodies, and ecstasy.

I am trying to play like it isn't affecting me, but I can feel wetness seeping from between my nether lips.

The little cove where we used to make love for hours on the beach is where you decide to turn off and park. You get out and open my door for me.

As you hold out your hand to help me out, you say, "Dance with me."

I don't know if this is a good idea, but I can't help but to melt into your arms. We always did fit perfectly together and tonight is no different. As my arms slide around your neck and your arms gather me in at the waist, I feel like I have come home.

We slowly sway to the music as it is drifting out of your car. I can feel your breath on the side of my neck, tickling me and giving me goosebumps on the backs of my thighs. I lean my head back to ask you what is on your mind, and you lean in to kiss me.

Your lips are so soft, and I moan as I open my mouth to you. Your breathe and my breathe mingle and it feels like an eternity as just dropped away and we are back in the past. As your velvet tongue caresses mine, I feel your hips start to grind into me. I open my thighs, just a bit, to give you more access and help me keep my balance.

As we are kissing, the world feels like it is spinning and I am starting to hear bells. I have on a short skirt and I feel your hand working its way under my skirt and up to my buttocks. You know me so well, that you already know that you will not encounter any panties underneath. I feel your fingers tickling my lips which are now swollen and leaking love juice.

You start to kiss on my neck. "Girl, you always were so damn wet. That shit turns me on."

I start to comment back, but then I feel your hand slide up into me. The comment turns into a moan and you maneuver me so that my back is flush up against the side of your car. Leaning on the car gives me the leverage I need to be able to wrap one of my legs around your waist. You slide your hand deeper inside me, your thumb gently rubbing my pearl.

You feel a bit of something hard and look down. You look back up at me and ask incredulously, "You got your clit pierced?!"

I smile and say, "But of course."

You move my leg from around your waist and kneel before me to get a closer look. You open my sex up with one hand and the moonlight shimmers off the silver of the ring, covered with my excitement. The next thing I know, it is also covered with your tongue. You have put my thigh on your shoulder and you have placed your face right on my sex and you are flicking the ring with your amazing tongue relentlessly. I have to grab hold of your head to keep from falling. My knees are starting to buckle with the intensity of the orgasms you are giving me. Over and over, the wave of completion rides over me to the point where I think I am going to pass out. My moans reverberate into the night and the more I writhe against your face and tongue, the more you try to push me over the edge yet again.

Just when I am positive I am about to throw in the towel, you slide my thigh off of your shoulder and stand up.

I start to head to my knees to return the favor but you stop me. "No, I have to be inside you right now."

My nipples are hard as diamonds from being so excited by hearing you growl that, and experiencing you manhandling me.

My thigh is once again wrapped around your waist and you force yourself into me. As you feel my tightness grasping at you, you smile. You know that when I haven't been having sex for a while, my hole seems to shrink and tighten up. You feel so big inside of me, it feels like you are tearing me apart and I can't get enough. You are bucking into me hard and I am grinding my hips back the best I can from the weird angle.

We end up on the ground, you still inside of me, on top of me. You grab both of my ankles and hold them out as far as you possibly can and start to fuck me for all you are worth.

I am pinching my nipples through my shirt and screaming through an orgasm when I feel your shaft start to erupt inside of me. When the last of the spasms subside, we straighten up and look at each other and start to giggle.

You take my hand and tell me, "We can talk later. Let's head back to my hotel and finish this."

We hop in the car, headed towards the park entrance.

I lean over and whisper, "Remember how we used to travel when we were together?"

Your eyes light up and you unzip your shorts and pull yourself out so that I can pleasure you with my mouth all the way to our destination.

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