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For Our Guests to Fuck


It was a fairly straightforward question.

"How many cocks do you think you can handle in a row?"

"Vaginally, you mean?" Evelyn asked in return.


Evelyn took a moment to think. She wanted her answer to be as precise and measured as possible. After all, she wanted to be here. More specifically, she had chosen the services of D & S Envy to find something suitable for her.

What she hadn't anticipated was the litany of sexually based questions. They were a complete surprise. Evelyn was a grad student for an elite Art institute. Like many young people in their mid-20's, Evelyn still hadn't found her footing in life. All she knew was that she loved fashion and art. If she could find a career combining both interests, which provided a livable wage, it would be a blessing.

This pursuit was something of a side gig. It might boost her resume, since this organization was well known in certain art circles. So she spent some time pondering the answer to the question: How many cocks could she handle in a row?

Evelyn tried to think of an honest answer while the lady in the thick framed glasses glared at her. It seemed odd that such a refined person had asked a lewd question. Her attention was drawn to a painting that hung above the woman. It was a well done copy of a Picasso which featured several naked women.

"Maybe three I'm guessing," Evelyn said, as she stared at the painting. "That's just a guess. And it depends on how long they last."

Evelyn only answered honestly because she figured it might have been some bizarre test of her ability to handle stress. After all, fashion work can be quite difficult, more so than people realize.

The woman took notes. "So, if they were quick, perhaps you could handle more?"


"Excellent," the woman said, while taking more notes.

Evelyn shifted in her seat. "Is there a reason you're asking me these questions? I mean, is it relevant to anything?"

"That depends."


The woman put the clipboard down and took off her glasses. "I know you're looking for a standard modeling gig. Perhaps something where you just stand around and look pretty. I can easily provide that for you. You're attractive and confident; those are important qualities."

"Thank you."

"But I have something else in mind for you."

Evelyn slowly nodded, and tried to figure out where the woman was headed. "Well, I'm open to any suggestions."

"Are you comfortable with sex?"

Was this really a question?

"I try to be. I mean, I'm open minded, if that's what you're asking."

The woman resumed taking notes. "Wildest thing you've done? Sexually speaking."

"Is this really necessary?"

"Absolutely, if you want this particular gig."

"Can you at least tell me about it first?" Evelyn asked.

"Not unless you're deemed qualified. It's a highly exclusive affair."

Evelyn composed herself. "I've had a sort-of threesome."

"Sort of?"

"It was during my sophomore year of college... with my ex-boyfriend and his roommate. It was crazy and none of us really knew what we were doing."

"Do you ever think about participating in something like that again?"

"I won't answer that unless you tell me more about this job," Evelyn huffed, trying to be more assertive. "These questions are intrusive, maybe even illegal."

The woman gave a long pause and then, a fake smile. "Thank you for coming. I'll forward my notes and your information to my boss. If she agrees with my assessment, maybe she'll contact you. However, I can't make any guarantees."

"Oh, well, okay, thanks for your time."

Evelyn stood awkwardly and debated whether or not to shake hands with this rude woman. Nonetheless, good manners are a virtue and so Evelyn extended her hand. The woman stood, grasped her hand and shook it firmly.


About two weeks had passed and Evelyn hadn't heard anything in regards to that interview. It was still very confusing though. Initially, she thought she had impressed the woman. Then she got the boot.

Life moved on and Evelyn went about her humdrum student life. She focused on her classes and obsessively looked for internships or opportunities on the side. There were a few things, but none that paid or were suitable for an academic schedule.

One night, after going out to the theater with friends, Evelyn crashed in bed with her laptop and checked her social media updates. It was all the usual stuff and she noted a few emails as well. One in particular, caught her eye. She was shocked to see that it was from the company, whose interview she thought she had blown.

She opened the message entitled: Job Offer

Ms. Evelyn Hayes,

You reached out to our company a while ago. I looked at your portfolio and I may have something for you. It pays extremely well. But money shouldn't be your primary motivator. This job is highly unusual. If you accept this offer, it should be for the unique life experience. And I can assure you, it will be life changing. I suspect you'll be interested in hearing the details of this offer.

Contact me and we can arrange something.


Director of D & S Envy

Even though she had mentally cursed these people, and swore to never speak with them again, Evelyn nearly jumped out of her bed. She was beyond excited. She sat upright and immediately worked on her response. Hopefully, the Director was still online and would give an instant reply.

She fired off an email that expressed her interest, carefully crafted so that she didn't appear desperate, and hoped for the best.

It wasn't long before she received a reply, which was brief and curt.

I'm assuming you're at home. I'm at work and can have someone pick you up in 30 minutes. Interested? Answer immediately.

She checked the time. It was 9:54 pm, and it struck her as odd that the Director of the company wanted to meet with her late. What the hell was this about, anyway?

But the fact remained that people in the art world, whom Evelyn knew and respected, had frequent contact with this group. And if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for her. So she replied saying she was interested. Immediately, she received a response informing her that a driver would arrive in 30 minutes.

Now the main question was, what was should she wear? Setting the laptop aside she went straight to her closet and looked for the right ensemble. She wanted to showcase her fashion sense without overdoing it.

Finally, Evelyn settled on tight blue jean pants, a white button down shirt, and a thin sleek black jacket. For panache, she chose a pair of silver strappy heeled shoes. She put on a few touches of makeup; not enough to look glamorous, but not so little that she looked plain. After looking in the mirror, she knew the right balance had been struck for the impromptu night time meeting.

The whole process took longer than she thought, and 20 minutes later, she left her small apartment and waited in the downstairs lobby for her ride to arrive.

Sure enough, a black Mercedes soon pulled into the parking lot. She exchanged identification with the driver and after everything checked out, she entered the black car.

Looking out the window, she felt incredibly nervous as they passed through the city. Minute by minute, the buildings became smaller until eventually, the car left the city limits.

They drove through a neighborhood with which Evelyn was unfamiliar. It wasn't long until they turned into the driveway of their destination. It was a country club, which required the driver to enter passcode so that the car could proceed through the gates.

Evelyn wondered where this night would lead. As the car pulled up to the entrance of the lavish building, she knew this was a major opportunity for her.

"Hang on a second," the driver said as he parked in front. "Let me text the boss that you've arrived."

The driver texted the Director, and a few seconds later, he received a response.

"You can go inside now," he said, kindly. "I'll park around the corner. When you're done, I'll be here to take you home."

"How long do you think this will take?" Evelyn asked.

"I don't know. An hour maybe. It's just an interview."

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

She left the car and walked up the stairs to the country club. A staff member opened the door and provided a standard greeting, 'Good evening. Welcome.'

Inside, the building was grand as expected. A few tired looking staff members unpacked boxes and crates which were laying around the main room. There was an abundance of tables and chairs on one side of the room that hadn't yet been arranged.

Then Evelyn saw the woman whom she was certain was Laura. Even though it looked like the woman had been hard at work for many hours, she managed to appear sassy. Evelyn estimated that Laura must have been in her 40's. She was dressed in tight fitting pants, heels, and a silk blouse with her sleeves rolled up past her elbows. Her blonde hair was tied in a messy ponytail and she was carrying an iPad with her.

When their eyes met, no friendly greeting ensued; instead Laura made a gesture for Evelyn to come over to a table sitting in the middle of the large room. Laura walked over to the table and saw three pieces of paper placed neatly in a row, with a pen on top.

"Sign here, here, and here," Laura said. "They're standard non-disclosure forms. Take a moment to read them over, then we'll talk."

"What if I don't want to sign?"

"Then the driver will take you home. It's your choice, sweetheart."

Attitude. While Evelyn was shocked by Laura's rudeness, she also admired the woman's direct approach. Evelyn looked at the documents, which seemed to have been formally written by a lawyer. They all had the official markings of D & S Envy. The terms seemed simple and straightforward enough.

So she signed it.

Laura took the documents, folded them, and held them beneath her iPad.

"Allow me to give you a tour of the place," Laura said.

They moved quickly and Evelyn realized that Laura was a fast worker and a fast talker. The place looked gorgeous but was still a work-in-progress. There was an opulent ballroom with a lavish bar on one end. Whatever event was about to take place, it was clearly going to be a lavish affair.

She continued, "I'm sure you're wondering about these preparations. We're putting on a private event for a local politician to celebrate his recent victory. We're expecting politicians, bankers, local philanthropists and other city leaders. Everyone of consequence will be here."

This was music to Evelyn's ears. But again, she reminded herself that she was, under no circumstance, to appear desperate for this booking.

"Oh, that all sounds so exciting. Will I be needed here?"

Laura looked the girl over. "Most likely. You're just the type of girl we need for an event like this."

"What type is that?"

"Wholesome, but with a definite touch of slut."

What a slap in the face! Evelyn was stunned and seethed internally. She came all the way out here for this?

"I'm not a slut," Evelyn replied, trying her best not to fume too obviously.

"I never said you were. But you have a prominent sexual side, don't you? In your interview, you stated that you could handle multiple men in a row. That belies a slutty side, wouldn't you agree?"

"Well...no...I mean, yeah...I don't know... You're twisting my words."

Laura touched the girl's shoulder and softened her tone. "Relax, honey. When I say slutty side, it's not meant to insult you in any way, shape, or form. It's just an expression. The truth is, I love sex. I'm not ashamed of that. Nor should anyone else be ashamed of their sexuality as long as it's consensual and pleasurable for all parties involved."

Now things were getting even more bizarre and Evelyn shook her head. She wasn't sure how she felt about this conversation.

"Excuse me; I'm a bit woozy," Evelyn sighed. "It's late and I'm exhausted. You called me out here to this elegant country club. Now you're talking about sex, sluts, and implying that I'm some kind of nymphomaniac."

"I understand it's late, and I appreciate the fact that you came here at the last minute. Here, let's sit."

They went to the side of the main ballroom and pulled up two seats. By then, most of the staff had left, and it was just the two of them alone.

"You'll have to accept my apologies," Laura said, sincerely. "I've been busy all week arranging this event and my manners seem to have already left for the evening. I'm Laura, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She extended a hand.

"I'm Evelyn," the girl replied, shaking hands. "I figured you were the Director based on your personality in the email and in real life. You really get right down to business."

Laura had a hearty laugh. "In other words... I'm a bitch. So, sue me."

"I'll take a raincheck on that. Why did you ask me to come?"

"This event takes place on Saturday. Our main girl pulled out when she injured her ankle on a bike ride. It's unfortunate, but accidents happen. So we'll need another girl to take her place. I went back through the interview files and thought you'd be a worthy replacement. Basically, you were a runner-up, now you have a chance to move into first place."

"A chance for what?"

"Look, I'll be honest," Laura said as she sat back in the chair. "This job involves sex. Lots of it."

Evelyn gasped and shook her head frantically. "I'm not a prostitute! Or an escort! Whatever you want to call it, that's not me."

"Hear me out, sweetheart. What we do at our function is provide a unique experience for exclusive individuals."

"So the guests just pick out whatever piece-of-ass they want and take them to a room to fuck?"

Laura smiled. "No, not to a room. The fucking happens right here in the ballroom, for everyone to watch."

Laura's tone was sultry and playful, which made Evelyn's eyes widen and her jaw drop.

"You can't be serious," Evelyn said softly, in disbelief.

"It's not for everyone. That's for sure."

"You obviously have tons of money and rich people will be attending. Why not hire porn stars or strippers? Wouldn't that make your job easier?"

"Our guests aren't looking for girls like that; they want purity. You are an example of what we seek to provide... wholesome, but willing to explore your sexuality. There's a curiosity and innocence inside you. Our guests are exploring, too. Some will be just as nervous as you. Think of it as a gift exchange. Everyone leaves happy, with memorable experiences."

Evelyn sighed. "I've never done anything even remotely close to this. I'm certain I'd ruin your event."


"I don't have any experience. I don't think I'm the right girl."

A pleased expression crept on Laura's face. "It's statements like that which shows you're the right girl for the job, in fact."


"Like I said, wholesome, innocent, curious, with a touch of slut. It adds an extra element of taboo that you won't get from experienced sex workers."

Evelyn sighed. "I've never considered becoming a sex worker."

"You won't be, not that there's anything wrong with being a willing sex worker. Think of yourself as a girl who's exploring sexuality and all its beauty. Don't forget, the people who will be attending this event have far more to lose than you. There's no way they want to see their reputations tarnished. It wouldn't be in their best interest. Hence the confidentiality form that you just signed."

Evelyn realized why Laura was in charge of this operation. Not only was she intelligent and strong, Laura seemed to understand Evelyn's swirling vortex of emotions. Laura had just put this opportunity in perspective and made it seem more enticing. Evelyn suddenly felt intrigued and drawn to the possibility of pushing her boundaries. Sexually, she was moderately experienced. She did long to explore her sexuality, but had never found the right partner, or 'instructor.'

What she craved was someone who could guide her developing sexuality, both physically and mentally. Someone who could help her discover what was possible beyond conventional sex. Someone with experience, who she could trust. Was Laura that 'someone,' the mentor she secretly desired?

She began to wonder.

"If I agree," Evelyn offered, "then it will be on my terms, right? I get to watch from the sidelines, and then I decide what I do and with whom?"

"I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, sweetie."

"Then how does it work?"

Laura explained, "I'd have to inspect you and see your attributes. There are differences between main girls and side girls. It's not only about beauty. Every woman participating is beautiful in their own way. I'm looking for star power. Does that make sense?"

"I think so," Evelyn nodded. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but how do you find those qualities?"

"I personally put each girl through a series of tests. Typically, we have the girls go through a medical and lab exam for safety. Then, I examine their bodies and try to determine if they're comfortable with sexual acts in public. The girls that aren't cut out for this usually quit at that point. I try really hard to avoid having girls freak out when they're in the spotlight at a party. It can happen. But I seem to have a knack for this and have always picked the right girls for each position."

The more Evelyn heard, the more conflicted she felt. Did she want to stay or run? Listen or leave? The wheels were rapidly spinning in her mind. She remained seated and was eager to hear more.

"What are my chances of being a main girl?" Evelyn asked suddenly. "I mean, hypothetically speaking. Just out of curiosity."

"It's still too early to say. You haven't done the test yet. Would you like to do it here, now?"

Evelyn gulped. "Is it difficult? Or intrusive?"

"It all depends. I brought you here because I think you have potential based on the information you've submitted and the interview you did weeks ago. Who knows? Maybe you'll be a side girl, a main girl, or maybe we won't use you at all. If this doesn't work, I can always find someone else at the last minute. You're not the only beautiful young woman in the city, obviously."

Was this reverse psychology? Evelyn wondered if Laura was purposely trying to push her buttons. In any case, it seemed to have worked and played directly to her competitive nature. More importantly, it appealed to her sexual curiosity, which she now discovered ran a bit to the kinky side.

But first, there were other practical issues that needed to be addressed.

"What else can you tell me about this event?" Evelyn asked. "I mean in terms of, you know, compensation and that sort of thing."

Laura smiled, knowing she was about to catch her prey. "Ten to twenty thousand, depending on your role. Flat fee. But if guests decide to tip you more, that's their business."

It was a real jolt to Evelyn's system.

"You're kidding?" she choked.

"Look around. Do I have to remind you what type of clients we're catering to for an event like this?"

Evelyn nodded. "Good point."

"As for the schedule, you're expected to be here this Saturday at 9 pm until midnight. Assuming you get the job, of course."

Now things were getting interesting. The offer was getting more serious and the reality was very attractive.

"How about my attire?" Evelyn asked. "I have a sexy little black dress and strappy heels that would match a place like this."

"Wear it on your way, but you won't need it once you're inside."

"So you'll be providing something for me to wear? Like a uniform that matches the other girls?"

"Oh, your outfits will definitely match, but you'll be providing it yourself," Laura replied with a sneaky tone.

"I'm confused."

There was a devilish smile on Laura's face. "You'll be naked, Darling."

Just when Evelyn thought the night couldn't get any more bizarre, she found herself shocked, again.

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