tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFor Passion Conquers All Ch. 02

For Passion Conquers All Ch. 02


Outside the gymnasium the sun had nearly fallen completely away past the horizon, handing over the sky to Luna for the night. The wind had let up some although the breeze continued to toss brown and gray leaves randomly about.

Mike and Eli where slowly walking toward the bus stop in the mystical evening twilight. The temperature had fallen a few degrees and anyone with a jacket or coat was wearing it.

Mike noticed Eli only had on a thin long sleeve shirt and was holding his arms across his chest trying to stay warm. They had been talking so intently, well mostly Eli, about how and why he and his family had come here, that Mike hadn't realized how miserably cold Eli seemed.

That's when he did something strange. It wasn't strange to Mike immediately, the idea had come as if by instinct. He offered Eli his coat. The way a gentlemen would a lady.

Eli had accepted, seemingly surprised yet happy at the gesture. Mike kept seeing Eli as he would any other attractive woman and it only bothered him briefly for it felt natural to do such. He wondered if Eli was insulted by his offer. Did he want to be treated like a women?

Mike had took note that Eli was dressed in clothing that really looked like it was made for women, his round ass was accentuated by skin tight blue jean pants and the long sleeved gray shirt, which was emblazoned with a dark blue tribal design across the chest, fit close to Eli's thin physique. Also he carried himself as a women would, his every move one of finesse.

Mike had to probe this quandary, "Hey Eli? I want to ask you something, but please don't be offended. I really just want to get this right. Did it bother you that I offered you my coat? You know what I mean? I just hope I didn't offend you. I don't want to treat you in a manner that is disrespectful. I'm getting the vibe, or I guess you could say I can't help but notice how feminine you seem." Mike stumbled over his words, "Dammit, I'm not sure how to say it. I'm sorry."

Eli stopped walking and turned to face Mike. A large beautiful smile grew across his face as he responded, "Mike, I have only known you for less than an hour and you already get me more than those who have known me for my life time." Eli didn't say anymore and his eyes glistened in the low ambient light as if tears hung at their corners, almost ready to fall.

Mike finally asked, "What do you mean?"

"No ones ever offered me their coat before. I know people say things about how I act. I know they think I am just another confused gay boy. Mike, I am a women. I've known since I was old enough to think. The world keeps trying to tell me that I'm a man, but they don't know whats in my head. I may have a cock, but up here," he tapped his temple, "this is the brain of a women." Eli sighed, "It's not whats between the legs, but whats between the ears that tell us our gender. Why is that so damn hard for people to understand? Hell, maybe I am a third gender entirely. That wouldn't bother me. I just know I don't fit the definition a man. What good are such labels anyway? Sure I have boyish qualities too, but I'd like the world to see me as a woman because that is how I feel inside."

Mike could tell his new friend was not some shallow freak show. Eli had a spark of intellect that Mike could respect. He reached out and hugged Eli, who welcomed the embrace.

The two held tight to each other for several moments. Mike felt his pants getting tighter and it freaked him out again, he pulled out of the embrace, feeling that uncertain nervousness again.

Eli spoke after looking at his mobile to check the time, "Shit! My bus will be here any minute and the bus stop is on the far side of the school. We better hurry."

Eli turned to quickly walk on but Mike gently grabbed his arm, "Wait. I have a car. If you want I can take you home. Is it far? It doesn't matter, I'll take you if want."

"You are such a gentleman Mike! I don't want to put you out, but I'd like it if you took me home. Its not far. Maybe twenty minutes. You don't have any plans on a Friday night?"

Plans, Mike did have plans. He had completely forgot about meeting John at the cafe. He was already late now, not by much, but late for sure.

"Damn. I'm supposed to meet John at this cafe. I'll text him that I'll be late." he pulled out his phone then paused, "Would you want to go to the cafe? It's only about five minutes from here, they have hot drinks. I could take you home afterward."

Eli's infectious smile appeared again, "Are you sure? I guess I can go, if you really don't mind."

Smiling himself, Mike said, "I sure don't mind. We're friends now, you don't have to worry about that. This is senior year, we are eighteen, we should all be having as much fun as we can. Right?"

"Absolutely!" Eli betrayed some emotion again, "Thank you Mike. I appreciate you being so nice to me. I was terrified to start a new school for senior year. Now I am not so terrified."


A short time later they arrived at the cafe, Mike pulled into a parking spot right near the door. He had driven around the lot twice waiting for a closer spot to open up. Eli had protested but Mike insisted he didn't want him walking in the cold again without a coat. Mike could see out of the corner of his eye that Eli had been staring at him the whole time with a wide grin on his face.

Mike killed the engine and reached for the door handle when Eli spoke, "How many of your friends are here?"

Sensing the nervousness in Eli's voice, Mike answered, "Don't worry, just John is here tonight. Sometimes a bunch of us meet here, but this was a spur of the moment thing with me and John. He's a good guy, he seemed excited you were coming."

Eli sighed in relief, "Okay. I never know how people are going to treat me. Now I could use a nice hot latte!"

They entered the cafe which was bustling with patrons. Mike had opened the door for Eli, and again Eli seemed surprised at his overly kind behavior.

Mike thought nothing of it, he did it out of habit, he always held the door for a lady. Then Mike remembered that the last time he had held the door open for a lady friend at this cafe was when he was about to break up with Janis.

That was about six months ago. He had dated Janis for about as long, but found that he didn't care much for her. Sure they had amazing sex, but didn't all young couples? It wasn't that, Mike just felt they were too different. She was pretty high maintenance and at first that hadn't bothered Mike, but it quickly wore on him.

Janis wasn't a terribly mean person but Mike thought she had an ego that was a little too big. He grew tired of that too. So he had come here to end it. She had cried and that broke Mike's heart, but he just wasn't happy in the relationship anymore.

Sometimes you have to hurt others in order to heal yourself. He tried to justify it that way anyhow.

But that was the past. This was the present. He shoved the memories aside as they looked for John.

Some light ambient music was playing softly over the sound system and the air was filled with the wonderful sent of winter spices and fresh pastries. The low lighting set a nice casual atmosphere and red hearts and pink cupids hung from the ceiling everywhere.

They found John sitting at a booth near the back wall. He was doing something on his laptop and didn't notice them walking up.

"Mr. John Smith? You need to come with us sir." John looked up and laughed. His last name wasn't Smith but it was a joke between them, referring to the fact that John Smith was considered the most common name.

"What's up bro? Hey Eli."

Mike started to sit but hesitated turning to Eli, "You want the inside or outside seat?" He did it again, without much thought he had wanted to make sure Eli was happy.

Eli answered, "Oh, you go ahead. I really have to go to the restroom since we didn't go back, um, never mind. I'll be back."

Mike sat down across from John, who was eying him curiously. Mike noticed and tilted his head slightly asking, "What?"

"What was that about? Why did he say 'we didn't' go?"

Feeling a flush of heat, for a moment Mike was at a loss for words before finally managing to respond, "Probably a language thing. English is his second language remember?"

"Actually I don't know anything about Eli. But that makes sense. So how did you come to invite him along?"

Mike was feeling very uncomfortable, but there was no way John knew what had happened. Still Mike felt guilty for some reason as if he had done something wrong. Even though John was his best friend, he still wasn't comfortable sharing the details.

So he tried his best to stretch the truth because he hated to lie to a friend, "Eli was still in the locker room and after I changed we were both headed out at the same time. We started talking and I realized I was running late and figured it would be rude to rush off without inviting him along. He seems like a nice guy and I have noticed he doesn't really have friends here."

"Yeah, some of the guys are talking some trash about him already. Assholes. Do you notice anything unusual about him? You know what I mean?"

Mike chuckled, "Sure. He is kind of, well, he is gay. He told me that he is open and out of the closet. Doesn't bother me. How about you?"

"Nah, I don't care about that. Homophobia is so nineties. None of my business where he likes to stick his cock or get one stuck. Not my thing, but fuck it. Most gay people I've met seems nice enough."

Relieved to hear that, Mike said, "Right on man."

A few moments later, Eli walked up and slid into the booth next to Mike. Mike officially introduced the two and Eli told some of his story to John who had polity listened and asked questions. Mike found himself enjoying the conversation even though he had heard the story before.

He noticed he just really liked watching Eli. His hand had even wandered down under the table to lightly brush his cock, which of course was swollen again with desire.

When a lull in the conversation arose, John asked, "Do you guys want something? I'm out of coffee, time for a refill."

Both Mike and Eli gave John their order and he refused to take the money they offered, then he left the table to stand in line at the counter.

At first Mike felt uneasy in the silence, Eli had turned to face him placing his left leg up onto the booth's seat, his knee lightly touching Mike's right thigh. Mike's cock was fully hard and he tried to be discreet while he attempted to rearrange his position because his cock was facing down and it really fought to shoot straight up.

Eli all the while was just looking at him with those deep brown eyes. Mike continued to be amazed at how beautiful Eli really was, even his eye lashes were full and long like that of some gorgeous woman. Around each eye he had fine dark lines that acted like natural eye liner, really giving the illusion of his gender a final push to that of a woman.

They finally began chatting about the weather and soccer related things. John came back and sat down. He joined in the soccer talk which had them wondering if they could win the next game, which was against a great team from the nearest town and also their biggest rival. The conversation carried itself onto other things and finally the associate behind the counter called out Johns name.

John started to get up but Eli quickly spoke, "No, let me get it. You were kind to pay for us, I can get it."

Before John could protest, Eli shot out of the booth and walked his sexy walk toward the counter. Mike had to fight the strong urge he had to watch that nice bubble butt saunter off. Those skin tight jeans were riding right up into Eli's ass, showing off the perfect round shape of his cheeks.

John commented to Mike that he was right, Eli was a nice guy. Moments later something happened.

The door to the cafe opened and with the chill air came a colder group of guys. David and his crew of minions looked nice enough at first glance, but anyone who knew them was wiser to the facts. David was a spoiled, arrogant and mean spirited prick. His cronies were not much better.

Mike had a few classes with David last year and had witnessed his relentless bouts of bullying far too many times. Mike was a different person this year. He had wanted so bad to step up to David on more than one occasion when his bullying went too far, but Mike just never could make that move.

This year, Mike was more a man now than ever he had been. It was just at the end of the last school year that he had lost his virginity. Over last summer he got into a fist fight for the first time since grade school.

Mike had a love for not only soccer but also enjoyed martial arts. He had trained in Karate for nearly five years and was now also learning some Jeet Kune Do, the art founded by the legendary Bruce Lee.

John had seen them too, "Look what the cold wind blew in from the gutters. Man I hate that ass face."

Mike agreed, "Damn straight. Someone needs to kick that prick's ass. Hard. What the hell are they doing in here?"

"Looking for trouble as usual I'm sure."

Just as John went to change the subject, Mike saw Eli turning to come back their way, holding the tray that held three hot drinks. He saw that David and his crew, who were now standing near Eli, were looking at him with disgust on their faces.

David's foot crept out and hooked around Eli's ankle. Eli fell forward and landed on the hot drinks which sprayed out onto him and the floor. Eli's screech sent Mike into immediate action. John was right behind him.

As they approached, David gibed, "Damn freak! You almost got my shoes wet. Watch where you're going you clumsy dumb ass." His cronies laughed, then David added in a mocking tone, "Do you understand English? El comprende?"

David and John came to the scene. Mike helped Eli up and made sure he was okay. Eli turned to David and accused, "You tripped me! You ass hole!"

David took a step closer toward Eli but Mike slid in between them. David looked him up and down saying, "Oh, are you the boyfriend? Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your little fagot bitch."

Without thought, Mike pulled his arm back, loading a punch, he spoke through gritted teeth, "You turn and leave now. Anything other than an apology comes out of your mouth and I'll knock your goddamned teeth out."

Mike almost couldn't believe he had said that but his blood was hammering in his ears and adrenaline flowed fast through his brain honing his martial prowess into a calm collected rage.

He was absolutely sincere that if David said anything other than an apology he was going to knock him out or die trying.

David's face turned red crimson and both hands turned into fists as he replied, "Why don't you goddamn fucking queers leave instead."

Just as the last word came out of his mouth Mike's fist connected with it. Spit and blood flew out and landed on one of the horrified cronies who then took a step back with wide eyes filled with fear. The other crony leaned down to check on David who was sitting on the floor dazed.

Mike still had tunnel vision and a ringing in his ears, but he heard John whisper in his ear, "Lets get the fuck out of here Mike."

Mike shook his head, "Fuck that. They leave first."

David finally stood back up, a little shaky but he stood, "Out side mother fucker! I'm gonna break you in goddamn two! Sucker punch me you piece of shit ass hole!"

Mike screamed back as John reached an arm around him to hold him back, "Sucker punch? I warned you what I'd do. Should have known your fucking dumb ape brain can't understand goddamn English!"

David rushed Mike and grabbed a hold of him, the two went flying into the counter and bounced off it and landed onto the floor. Mike was on bottom but quickly utilized his grappling skills and got on top of David who was now face down. Mike easily wrapped his arms around David's throat in a classic rear naked choke.

David kicked and scrambled and the two ended up under a table sending the patrons and their chairs flying back. Mike was hanging on debating if he should choke David into unconsciousness.

Even in his rage, Mike knew that could be a bad idea. There was a slight chance that it would kill David and he wasn't willing to take that chance no matter how small.

He let go of the choke figuring David should be exhausted and out of breath. Mike was right, David writhed under him and choked violently. Mike raised up to begin a ground and pound attack, not aware they where now under a table. And he raised up as fast as he could, which slammed his head hard on the under side of the table.

He saw a bright flash of light and he fell over and rolled out sprawling in the aisle of the cafe, darkness falling over his vision for a moment.

He felt someone grab him and lift him up. Mike could barely stand as his head spun around, but he recognized John's face. Eli came up to his other side and placed an arm around his waist.

John spoke, "Damn, you okay?"

"Yeah. Think I'm getting a headache. Nothing I can't handle huh bro?" he tried a smile.

"Man lets get out of here! They called the cops. Lets just split. These ass hats aren't worth a fine or worse."

"Sure. You lead the way. I'm not sure which way is up or down to tell ya the truth."

Pushing through the spectators, the trio rushed outside to make their escape.

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