tagMind ControlFor Personal Gain

For Personal Gain


I normally never do this. I swear. My grandmother taught me never to use the power for personal gain. It's for helping others, they taught me. For facilitating their lives. Our own... well, we just work hard and play even harder.

But tonight, I'm making an exception. She's long gone. She won't know. Besides, how can it possibly harm anyone? It's not like I'm gonna use the power to hurt anyone. On the contrary, I'm gonna make someone very happy. Yeah, that's it. I'm gonna do something good for someone else. The fact that I get to enjoy it at the same time is just a harmless little bonus. I deserve this. I haven't had a man in almost two years. I deserve to get laid! Don't they teach us that sex is a holy act, that you should enjoy your sexuality, and take advantage of your chances to experience sexual bliss? Sex makes you stronger, it makes you happier, it's a positive force!

OK, OK, so I SHOULD merely use my looks and my charm to pick up a guy, not my powers. And I will! The power is just a back-up. OK, so whom will it be? Why do nightclubs have to dim the lights so much? Are they purposely trying to make people hook up with coyotes? Do they get commission on all the couples they pair off for the night? I may be horny, but I'm not desperate...

Hey... how about that guy over there? Broad shoulders, tall, blond hair... yeah, he's sexy. Is he with anyone? A jealous girlfriend? A bitchy boyfriend? No? What the eff is he doing out on his own, a gorgeous guy like that? Oh, well, if no-one else is going to snatch him up, I sure am!


Oh, whow, sexy eyes, too! But... he's not impressed by what he sees. Spoiled with big boobs and hourglass waists, huh? Buddy, you're gonna beg me to let you lick my pussy before this night is over! I look him into the eyes... like this... Oh, yes, I've got contact now.

You want me... you want to fuck me... your cock is growing right now... you can't wait to thrust it into me... you want to lick my pussy...

"Hi... what's your name?"

"Daphne. You?"

"Joe. So, Daphne... are you here with someone?"


"Would you like to come to a party?"

* * * * * * * * *

We're at his place, all alone. My spell is working. He's so horny, he can't keep still. We had barely got inside the apartment before he lifted me up and carred me into the bedroom. Pretty impressive, considering my weight! A man this strong should be able to give me a long, hot night! Hey, easy there, buddy, those buttons can be opened, you know! Oh, great, he just ripped it apart! Did I go a little overboard with the spell?

"Yes, baby, lick my nipples! Oooh!"

I don't believe it! He pushed me onto the bed! A rough and tough type,eh? Hmmmm... He tears off my clothes, and lifts my legs up on his shoulders. He dives head first between my legs-

"Oh! Yes! Yes, Joe!"

OK, so he didn't beg to lick my pussy, who cares, he's licking it, that's the important thing. And oooh, he's good! His tongue moves in tiny circles around my clit, it goes down into my pussy, he sucks on my inner lips, oh, Goddess, I want him!

"I want you!"

"Soon...I wanna eat your pussy! It's so sweet..!"

"Please, Joe, please... Fuck me!"

He strips. He's got a nice, toned body, slim and shapely. And my, what a cock! Dickalicious! I want it insde me, right away!

"Come on, Joe! Fuck me!"

He gets on top of me, he comes inside of me, oh, yes! I've missed this so much! He puts my legs over his shoulders, he's pounding me, oh, yes! That's it, baby! Just like that!

"Fuck, I'm coming!"

No! No, no, no! He mustn't come yet! I'm not done yet! Fuck, I must have messed up the spell, he's not supposed to be THIS horny! He mustn't go soft on me NOW! I'm so close! I put my hands around his cheeks, force him to look me in the eyes.

You will not come until I tell you to!

"Shit, it went away!"

"What, Joe?"

"I was just about to come, and then suddenly, I didnt feel like that any more!"

"Good. Then I'll have time to come, too."

"Yeah... hey, get on top of me!"

We switch position. I straddle him, and ride him up and down. I'm using his cock like a dildo. But never have I played with a dildo this muscular and sexy before! His fingers play with my clit. Yes! This is more like it! Oh, yes, this feels GOOD! Oh, I'm gonna come!

"Yes... yes!"

"You're coming?"


"I can't seem to come. Can I fuck you doggy-style?"

Can I..? Please! I'm on my hands and knees before he has finished the word! Come on, come on... Ah, yes, there it is, that lovely cock, sliding back into my pussy, where it belongs!

"Oh, I like this! You get in really deep!"

"Yeah... and I get to see your hot ass while I'm pumping you!"

"You like my ass?"

"Yeah. It makes me hot. Fuck, I don't know what's the matter with me! I just can't get enough of your pussy!"

"Fuck me, Joe! Make me come!"

Doggy-style has always been my favourite. I love feeling a guy's cock go all the way down, until it can't go any further. I come again. And again. He's strong, Joe. And persistent. He's not giving up the hunt for his illusive orgasm.

"One more, Joe! Please, one more!"

"Get over here!"

He's showing me positions I've never thought of before. I'm not too found of this one, my neck is getting stiff. If I can just hold out a little longer... oh, yes!

"You're coming again? How many orgasms have you had by now?"

"I stopped counting at 8."

"Fuck! What's the matter with me? I'm horny as hell, but I can't come!"

Poor thing. His dick's begining to look a bit worn out. The skin's wearing off. I pat him on the head, and he looks at me. Our eyes meet.

The next time I come, you'll come too.

"OK, I know," he says. "Come here. Put your foot against the headboard. Ouch! OK, nice and easy, now..."

Oooh, I've seen this one! It was on Sex And The City last night! Oh! So THAT'S WHERE my G-spot is?

"Yes! Come on, Joe! Come on! Fuck me, Joe! Yes!"

"Oh, fuck!"

He's teary-eyed with relief when he finally comes inside of me. Or is the pain of the sensitive skin? He collapses on the bed. I stretch my body, like a cat. Mmmmm, that felt good! That oughtta hold me for another two years.

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