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For Sacrecco


Heather was sat in her picture window looking out into a starlit sky; it was 9:00 at night, and it was dark in her sitting room. She had turned off the lights, it was a beautiful night watched by an equally beautiful woman. Her soft angelic hazel eyes were filled with tears of sadness, what was she going to do now?

This very day had been the day of her husband's funeral, and now she felt she had been left with nothing. Although her now late husband had left her with a rich monetary future due to insurance policies he had wisely provided them with. And also a healthy bank balance.

His death had been as sudden as it was unexpected; he had just collapsed in his office suffering a massive heart attack from which there was no recovery.

She was on her own this night, they never had had any children, and the reason for that was his impotency. Both of their families lived away, what there was of them. He had been a good loving husband; the only thing he had ever lacked in life was his performance in bed.

He hadn't been well endowed and under performed when making love to his wife; although he knew of it, he did always try his best to please her, but sadly had nearly always failed.

Heather had never blamed him or complained, they had been to specialists to find a treatment for him and his erectile and potency problems. But it had all ended in failure. Her only satisfaction had been with the use of a vibrator, and even that had its limits.

So now here she was sat alone in her window with seemingly no future, 35 years old and no one to love or comfort her. Oh how she wished for one moment to be in the arms of a strong loving man. Who could and would care for her, and take her to heights otherwise never attained, or likely to now.

To dominate her in a loving way, control her, to look up into his eyes as he fucked her and made love to her. With an abandon and ferocity that would almost break her heart. To make her desire for the love, and the submission to be brought to the surface of her loving heart. So she could give, and hand over her life to a man that would give her all she wanted.

Heather is beautiful, she had never been unfaithful to her husband in 17 years of marriage, and even with his problems she would never entertain infidelity. She was a statuesque woman, tall straight and voluptuous, with a natural grace and elegance that was inborn; her weight was just right at 133lb's.

Her centre parted auburn hair was curly and wavy at the same time, down past her shoulders, her forehead was slightly flattish and broad, that made her big wide eyes appear even wider, bright hazel eyes, that when they caught the light, would almost dazzle you.

Set on high cheek bones narrowing to a smooth rounded chin, encasing her lovely heart shaped full lips that pouted all on their own, without any prompting from her.

A long swallow neck down to white creamy satin smooth skin. Shoulders that led on to a sumptuous body, she was all sensuous women. Full, but not large breasted, with long legs that tapered to small shapely feet. She was glowing with a healthiness that any woman like her loved, even on this sad day.

But she hated thinking what she was thinking right now, she wanted to be in a loving mans arms. Some one who had arms like Jerome who lived down the hall 3 doors away in her apartment block?

Jerome was a black man of African origin; he was a personal fitness trainer. Heather had employed him a few times in her home to teach her a fitness regime which he had. She had got to know him fairly well, and knew he was single. She had, felt a lust for him she had never felt for a long time, but because she was married had never shown or acted on it.

He, on his part did know, he was the kind of man who could smell a woman in lust. His charisma and internal charm and 6th sense allowed him to feel a woman's urges, shown or not.

When ever he went to some one's home he would always make sure he was wearing thick pants or shorts, with purpose made underwear that would contain his huge appendage, to avert any misunderstandings. He often got a hard on because some women were just stunning, but he did after all have a well earned reputation to guard.

But it was his mind that was the power behind his persona, when he spoke everyone listened, his voice had a deep mellow baritone mesmeric quality, and he could hold his audience with ease.

Jerome was 28 years old, 7 years her junior, but a lifetime ahead when it came to knowing what a woman desired.

He was extremely good looking, 240lb's, 6ft 4" tall and built like a brick shithouse! He was big in every sense of the word. Big arms, big hands, big feet, big every thing, and his prick was well in keeping with his natural size, once a woman had insisted on measuring it, and told him it was 10.5" long and nearly 2" wide in the middle.

Broad shouldered, powerful flat chest, narrow waisted with a washboard stomach you couldn't buy, set on tree like legs, all of this, but he wasn't a knotted muscular man, his power and stature was a natural gift from mother nature that he had enhanced through training.

He had, the very day before today been spotting a lovely newly married blonde in the gym. She had made it patently clear, she was at home on her own through the week as her husband worked away, and would he like to call round for a coffee sometime?

He had kindly declined.

And what number of women had found out was that he was well hung? Lots had. He would laugh when he overheard men, who bragged of the size of their manhood and prowess. But none knew except those women that he was hung like the proverbial horse!

He knew he was a strong long lasting lover that could fuck a woman to heaven and back before coming himself. He didn't believe in playing around if he was in a relationship, and he was single now, because he was looking and waiting for the right one to come along.

He had thought that if he ever met a woman like Heather, who lived down the hall. Then he would be happy if he could get her to love him, as he would love her.

He had attended the funeral that afternoon, and knew Heather was at home and on her own. He pondered whether to go and knock on her door, and ask if she needed anything or wanted some company. He wasn't thinking of anything else, she was sad, he knew that, and he truly wanted to offer her comfort in her hour of need.

He dresses in light cream pants, and a white short sleeved top. He headed down the hall to her apartment, hesitated but then knocked. He waited a moment and thought maybe she had gone to bed. As he turned to walk away the door opened, and a lonely sad looking Heather peered out, and smiled wanly at him.

'Er, hi Heather,' he said, 'Sorry for knocking on your door so late, but I just wanted to know that you were okay, or if you wanted to chat, or needed some company?' 'I know it must have been a tremendously hard for you today, and I knew you were on your own?'

'Jerome, hello, yes I am on my own, but I don't think I would be very good company tonight, thank you anyway.' Heather replied.

'It's not me who needs the company Heather, but me who wants to be of some assistance to you if I can?' He said.

She smiled at that, and invited Jerome in to her home.

'Would you like some tea Jerome?' Heather asked him.

'That would be lovely,' he responded, 'can I help?'

'No no, Im okay, I won't be a moment, please make yourself at home.'

'Right,' he said, and went into her sitting room and sat on the sofa.

Heather had changed from her funeral black attire and had on a simple yellow dress that ended at her knees.

She returned with a tray and set it down on the coffee table. Then sat on the sofa about a foot from Jerome, her nearness made him breathe deeply.

He wasn't here to try and seduce her he was here to offer comfort on this sad day for her. But his big black cock didn't care about that, it twitched to life. It was near a beautiful sexy woman and it wanted to fuck her regardless of her position.

Heather for her part, felt the lust again for this powerful body that she had encountered during her marriage, her heart fluttered in her chest.

She poured the tea and they chatted about this and that, he asked if he could do anything to help. Heather smiled and said demurely. 'No, but thank you anyway.'

Then she suddenly burst into tears, huge drops fell from her eyes and onto her lap. She hung her head, and said to no one really, 'Oh I feel so alone, and so sad and lonely.'

Her tears almost broke his heart; he moved to her and clasped her in his huge powerful arms.

Heather allowed him to hold her tight and moved herself into his thudding chest. His prick grew unbidden; he couldn't do anything about it. Here he was holding the beautiful woman of his dreams, and his fucking cock was bellowing at him to, 'get me in her fucking pussy!'

She wrapped her arms around his waist and said, 'please Jerome hold me, just please hold me.'

He did, he petted her, kissed her hair, shushed her and told her he would be there for her for as long as she wanted him to be.

She raised her tear stained face to him, smiled sadly at him, and without thinking he kissed her soft quivering pouty lips.

It shocked him to think he had done this, and fully expected her to pull away, throw him out and demand that, what the hell was thinking he was doing, but she didn't, she responded.

Then accidentally her elbow brushed his extending prick which jumped under its own power, and that alerted Heather to it.

It was then that she reacted to the situation she suddenly found herself in, she pulled quickly away. Jerome sensing her disposition let her go, and looked sorrowfully at her. He had a chance here and he knew it, but he didn't want to frighten her off. He quickly assessed his possibilities; he decided there and then that she would have to seduce herself into a position, where she couldn't deny him.

She said to him quietly, 'I'm sorry Jerome but I think it might be better if you left now, I hope you understand?'

'Yes Heather I do, I'm sorry if I created the wrong impression.' He said in his deep mellow baritone voice.

'Jerome, I just don't know where I am, one week ago today Harry just up and died, and today I buried him.'

'Yes I know Heather, today is a very traumatic time for you, I just didn't think you wanted to be alone, I'll leave now and maybe see you tomorrow?'

'Yes,' Heather replied.

Jerome stood to leave and as he started to walk away to her door she gripped his trouser leg, and whispered. 'No Jerome, it's me that's sorry now, please stay, I want you to?'

He heaved a huge sigh of relief to himself, even though he knew she was in mourning, he also knew she wanted and needed something else now. And he felt it was Him!

He sat down again, but not too close, he wanted her to close the gap. Heather did so hesitantly, 'I'm sorry,' she whispered again as she slowly and gracefully moved toward him. Jerome gently put his arm around her soft shoulder as she closed to him.

Gently but manfully he held her to him, he smelled her perfume, it was intoxicating to have her this near, she herself was just as intoxicated with Jerome's man smell, his aura, his charismatic power, and his testosterone was at its highest, which added to the moment.

She laid her head on his shoulder and murmured 'Oh Jerome, this is so nice, I need to feel loved and held tightly tonight.'

'Yes Heather I know, and I will do all that you need from me okay?'

She pushed her left arm around his back, and her right encircled his waist, his right arm already around her. He put his left around her waist, and pulled her into a lovers embrace. Jerome still wasn't sure yet of how far he could go, he had to get her to take the initiative.

It wasn't until Heather lifted lovely face up that he knew, she was silently asking him to kiss her again, he did. This time she responded in entirety. Her elbow lightly but deliberately touched his cock which obligingly twitched to order! Although he supposed she pretended it was an accident again, but he knew different.

He for his part deliberately, when her elbow softly rubbed it, he moaned lightly into her mouth, this in turn emboldened her to do it again a little harder this time. Again he followed her lead and moaned softly again, this was all he needed to know now.

He slowly moved his left arm backwards bringing his hand into line with her tit, gently cupping it so as not to alarm her, he gave it an easy squeeze and finding her nipple in one hit, this calmed her and placed her in his knowing hands.

The kiss deepened and so did the slowly accelerating seduction of this so new beautiful sexy widow; he leaned her back onto her sofa and started the completion procedure of her now almost very willing submission.

The only thing left to do now was to get her to grasp his the now very hard and big erection, of his massive prick. To let her find out for herself what was in her immediate future. He was leaning over her now as she gave herself to his kiss. And the soft touch of his fingers on her nipple as they further addled Heather's mind.

Heather was unwittingly keeping up the gentle pressure on his prick, but now Jerome moved her arm intimating that her hand was in the wrong place. She coyly obliged and her shock was obvious, as her hand grasped then rubbed it slowly. The enormity of it shook her to the core, she couldn't help a gasp and a moan into his mouth as the size of his prick revealed itself.

It was what she had been wanting and waiting for for more than 17 long years. All her life she had wanted to be had by a big man's prick, a prick of real size. The prick of a real man, a hulk, a stud.

Her marriage had been everything to her, but as her husband had become more successful at work; his performance in the lovemaking department had waned from not very good in the first place, to almost none existent.

She had read about black men but never really believed it until this very moment, and now here, under her hand, in her home, on the very day she had buried her husband. The stuff of dreams was there in front of her.

She lost herself in that one moment as her hand closed around it as best as it would fit, and she declared. 'Oh my God Jerome, it's huge!'

'Yes Heather and it's all for you honey, I am going to take away your hurt, and replace it with a pleasure to you hitherto unknown, I hope?'

Jerome partly stood now, bent and picked her up like she was feather, and walked off to her bedroom where he stood her down. He took her hands and placed them back on his prick as he reached behind her and unzipped her dress, sending it down to the floor. She was left in only a pair of skimpy panties and no bra.

He pushed her to her knees in a forceful but gentle way; but she sank down anyway, he didn't want to be too dominating just yet. Better that she led herself into that frame of mind he decided. But Jerome knew now that his dominance was never going to be questioned.

'Take my shoes off and pull my pants down Heather,' he quietly ordered her, Heather obeyed unquestioningly, and as she undid his belt he told her. 'Now close your eyes, and don't open them until I tell you to do so okay?'

As she did this he was pulling off his top. He wanted her to see him in all his male and manly glory. His pants came down along with his underwear and his giant prick dropped into view.

Heather was kneeling on the lush carpet and kept her eyes closed. Jerome stepped back a couple of paces, spread his feet by about 3ft. Raised his arms palms up slightly above the level of his shoulders, then tensed his body to heighten the definition of it.

'Heather, open your eyes and look at me,' he said.

Heather did so and felt like swooning, his body was totally magnificent; he looked like some sort of God, an Adonis. He was stood before her, rippling muscles, rolls of them down his stomach, chest expanded. His prick slightly drooping but seemingly peering at her, and he stood there before her like a huge giant black oak tree!

Never had she ever seen anything like this, she had never even imagined a man could be so big in every way.

Jerome's cock gave a hefty twitch, right on queue!

She was bewitched, enchanted and enthralled; his prick was in sync with the size of his mesmerising body.

'Come here Heather,' he said.

She started to rise to her feet, but he stopped her.

'No Heather come here as you are before me,' was his undoubted instruction, her submission now would set the seal on their relationship.

'Yes,' she whispered in the back of her throat, and she shuffled the short distance to him, never taking her eyes of him. They were glued to him, her throat was dry, her lips trembled, and her body shook with the fear, anticipation, trepidation, and utter desire as to what was about to become of her now.

'Look at me closely Heather, tell me, do you like what you see baby?'

'Oh my God Jerome I have never seen anything like it in my life, I didn't know a specimen of a man like you could even exist?'

She was utterly stupefied.

'Stay there Heather and kiss me, worship me, do you want me to stay with you Heather?' 'If you do then you have to show me how much, or I may have to leave.' He gently threatened her, but didn't mean it.

Her hands went to his hips and held him. 'Don't leave Jerome, not now, I need you so much, I want you to love me, please don't go?' But in the back of her mind, she knew he wouldn't.

Her lips caressed the head of his super hot large prick, her immediate thought was how will I, how will he, get this in me?

All her life Heather had wanted to be taken by a well hung man, a real power stud, a dominant persona. And here he was for her to subjugate herself to. The fact that Jerome was black was of no consequence to her, he had what she desired.

Why she had married her husband was because she had spent most of her young life in orphanages, and foster homes, from the age of 9. He was 4 years older than her. He was a go getter, would be a good provider and husband. And they had married on her 18th birthday. But she hadn't considered or understood the end results of it, the long years yearning for a big cock had never left her.

And now the purpley rounded, soft velvety head, of his gorgeous black cock smoothed it way across her lips, with the precum dripping into her waiting mouth. It was too big to get too much of it in, but she silently promised him and her that one day she would.

Heather pulled away momentarily to say to him, 'Jerome I will make you the happiest man there can be I promise, please allow me to,' she murmured. Knowing these were the words that would please him.

She let her eyes drift up his voluptuous fabulously strong powerful body and her pussy convulsed, she felt it heat and slide of its own volitions up and around.

They locked eyes, and he smiled down at her. He smiled in not only victory, but contentment too, that he was actually with the woman that he had dreamed of being with. He would tell her eventually, but not until she was utterly and completely his, to do with what he wanted.

He started backing away and around her, heading for her bed, which was all fluffy pillows and covers. As he reached it he sat down, laid back and said to Heather as she followed him, and settled between his thick legs, ' It's all yours now baby, see what you can do for me okay?' He smiled wonderfully at her.

The threat clearly implied that she had better make a good job of this BJ.

She did, she excelled herself, and she attacked his prick as if her life depended on it!

Her head bobbed up and down over it as she literally tried to suck it off his body. She tickled and gently scratched at his balls and scrotum, she could only get the huge head in, but it was enough for Jerome at this moment, he loved it.

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