tagGroup SexFor Sale by Owner Ch. 01

For Sale by Owner Ch. 01


Ken and Cindy had a lot of tense debate over whether to try to sell their home themselves or through a real estate agent. Ken was adamant, pointing that they needed to save the money of an agent commission, and eventually Ken won out. They had been running ads for over four weeks now, and there didn’t seem to be any serious potential buyers. They had an “open house” the previous weekend, and did have about ten couples through the house, but most seemed to be the type that was looking for decorating ideas or just entertaining themselves on a Sunday afternoon.

There was an incident during the open house that upset and scared Cindy. Someone had masturbated and sprayed cum into her panty drawer in the master bedroom. She didn’t notice it until the next day when she went to get dressed, but even though it had dried, there was no mistaking it. Ken hadn’t been that concerned about it, and he even said that it aroused him a little bit thinking that Cindy had turned on some guy so much. When he saw how bothered Cindy was, he took a more sympathetic stance, and helped her try to figure out whom it could have been. They both focused on a couple in which the man lingered behind upstairs while Ken and Cindy showed the wife the unfinished area of the basement. He was probably only up there five minutes at the most, but Cindy knew that was plenty of time for some men. They hadn’t paid any attention to the couple’s name, so there couldn’t do anything about it even it they wanted to. Cindy couldn’t bear the prospect of taking to the police about it or having her cum stained panties be evidence. There wouldn’t be any way of proving it, even if they had the right guy.

So Cindy went ahead and cleaned up the mess. All in all, five pairs of panties had cum on them, including one pair whose crotch seemed to have been the main target. As she prepared them for the wash, Cindy couldn’t help putting them to her nose and breathing in the musky smell of the dried cum. She felt her self becoming aroused, in spite of the fact that she was repulsed by the idea of a stranger violating her privacy. She had to admit that she was having the same thoughts as Ken; it was exciting to know that this man had been turned on by her. She suddenly realized she was rubbing her crotch with the palm of her hand and quickly jerked her hand away. “I can’t believe this”, Cindy thought to herself. “I’m as big a pervert as he is”.

They had another open house scheduled for the next Sunday. This time, they planned more carefully. They got a sign-in book, so they would know who was in their house. They resolved that one of them would be with the visitors at all times, especially in the private areas of the house.

On Saturday, the day before the open house, Ken got a call from his business partner. A major client had a major crisis, and it required that Ken be on site at 7 AM Monday morning. In order to do that, Ken had to take a 12 Noon flight on Sunday. When Cindy heard that news, she wanted to cancel the open house. But Ken reminded her that the ads had already run in the newspaper and on-line, so it was too late. Cindy got her friend Betty to agree to help her with the open house. Betty is a no-nonsense, take charge kind of woman, so Cindy felt that they would be able to handle the open house fine.

Sunday came, and after seeing Ken off, Cindy made final preparations for the open house. Betty arrived a little before the scheduled 2:00 beginning of the open house, but two couples had already come by. Things slowed down after that, and Cindy and Betty settled down to gossiping and trading recipes and stories about married life. Cindy started to tell her about the incident the previous open house, but decided not to. She figured Betty would just give her a hard time about being careless with strangers in her house.

As the afternoon dragged on, the visitors became less frequent. It was a dreary, drizzly day, and that obviously kept away a lot of the casual lookers. The open house was scheduled to last until 5:00, but by 4:45 it had been nearly an hour since anybody came by, so Betty announced that she was leaving. Cindy thanked her for helping, and followed her outside to bring in the sign from the front yard. She was in the kitchen making a new pitcher of iced tea when the doorbell. Slightly irritated at a late visitor, Cindy debated whether to let them in as she made her way to the front door. By the time she reached the door, she had decided to politely tell them that the open house was over. She opened the door expecting the usual couple, but instead was taken aback by the presence of three men.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Dorsey” the one in front said. “Do you remember me? I’m Joe Taylor. My wife Nancy and I were here last weekend. I’ve brought my brother-in-law Randy and his friend Al to help me look at the basement. They’re in construction, and they can tell me whether we can do what we want in that unfinished area.”

As he spoke, Cindy was processing the whole scene as she listened to him. The three guys looked friendly and innocent enough, but Randy and Al were big guys, both about 6’2” or so, and both well over 200 pounds. Al was black, not too dark, but not light skinned either.

Joe asked “Can we come in?”, stepping through the doorway without waiting for an answer. As Cindy stepped aside to let them in, she focused on Joe for the first time. She immediately realized that he was the guy, the one she suspected of jerking off on her panties! She had a sense of apprehension as the three men entered the living room.

“This is a nice house”, Randy said. “I do a lot of remodeling, so I see a lot of houses. I like what you have done with this entranceway”. Randy made several other complimentary comments about the house, which put Cindy somewhat at ease.

Cindy motioned for the men to sit down and said, “Would you guys like some tea? I just made a fresh pitcher.” They nodded yes, and Cindy went to the kitchen to get the tea. She returned and began pouring glasses of tea for each.

Randy said he needed to go outside to his truck to get the measuring tape, level, and other tools he needed to check out the basement. While he was gone, Cindy sat in awkward silence with the other two. She could feel their eyes burning through her clothes, undressing her in their minds. Being attractive with a good body, she put up with this often, but it always made her uncomfortable, and she squirmed in her chair and felt herself blush. Joe and Al exchanged glances and both men had mischievous grins on their faces, which made Cindy more uncomfortable. She began thinking that maybe she should ask them to leave when Randy returned.

Joe had started talking about something as Randy entered the house, and Al was clanking his tea glass, but Cindy thought she made out the sound of the deadbolt being engaged as Randy closed the door behind him. A quick glance at the door confirmed that the deadbolt was indeed on. Why would he do that, Cindy wondered to herself.

Randy stepped over to where the two other men sat on the couch, and put a large duffel bag on the floor. Cindy realized the bag was way too large to contain a tape measure and the other things they would need to examine the basement, and a chill swept down her spine. She didn’t know whether it was fear or excitement, but she knew she had lost control of this situation, and that these three men had plans for her.

“Wh...why did you lock the door?” Cindy stammered. She had intended to ask it in a forceful and even voice, but her trembling voice belied her fear.

“Just force of habit, I guess” Randy replied, “plus I guess I figured since we were going to go down to the basement you wouldn’t want any open house stragglers just walking in”. Cindy didn’t see any visible signs of reaction to her anxiety.

Cindy thought about her options. The guys hadn’t done anything untoward, threatening or improper. But things definitely didn’t seem right, and after all, Joe was the guy that sprayed cum into her panty drawer. She thought about what they may have in mind, and she found herself getting aroused. She felt flush, and quickly looked around to see if they noticing. Again, they gave no visible sign of recognition.

“Shall we go down?” Joe’s question roused Cindy from her thoughts. She thought she heard a little snicker from Randy, but the double entendre went right over her head. Cindy nodded, and got up to lead the group down the stairs to the basement.

Although she was in front of the three men going down the stairs, she again could feel their hot eyes on her ass as she walked down the stairs.

As Cindy reached the bottom of the stairs, she stopped to turn on a light. Whoever was following behind her bumped into her, and she felt him grinding his crotch into her butt. She tried to move out of his way, but he followed and continued to make contact with her. She could feel his penis growing as he rubbed his crotch against her. She jumped around to face the man and found that it was Joe. He just grinned at her and said nothing. For her part Cindy was speechless. It was dawning on her that her apprehension about the intentions of these guys was well founded.

Meanwhile, Randy and Al had gone into the finished part of the basement, where Ken and Cindy had a rec room with a wet bar. Randy went behind the bar and opened the refrigerator, which was well stocked with beer. “Wow, you’ve been holding out on us, Cindy” he said, “giving us iced tea when you got lots of beer”. He tossed a can of beer to Al and to Joe, who by this time had herded Cindy into the room.

Joe guided Cindy to the sofa and gently but firmly “helped” her sit down. He stood over her and asked “and what would you like to drink, Cindy?”

Cindy paused before answering “noooothing, thank you”. There was that stammering, anxious voice again, and Cindy was aware that she was showing them that they were had complete control over her. While that scared the hell out of her, she found it exciting at the same time.

“Well, I don’t think it fair that our hostess not join us” Randy said as he prowled through the well stocked bar. “Ah, this is just the thing” he said, pulling out a bottle of tequila. He found four shot glasses, and poured them full.

Al presented Cindy with her shot of tequila with a flourish. The three guys then stood in front of her, and held their glasses high for a toast. “Here’s to good times with new friends” Joe said, and the three guys quickly downed their shots. Cindy hesitated, while three of them looked at her expectedly. She finally closed her eyes and downed the tequila.

Cindy wasn’t much of a drinker, and the tequila burned down her throat and into her belly. She shook her head and made a face, which set the three men to laughing. Randy got up and got her a beer to wash down the taste of the tequila. Cindy grabbed the beer, and emptied about half of the can in one series of big gulps. Cindy sat back on the sofa. The alcohol had quickly given her a warm feeling, and had reduced her apprehension.

She looked around at the men. All three just stared at her, and drank their beers. Cindy took a couple of more swigs of hers. Finally, Joe broke the silence “so, Cindy, how did you like the present I left for you last week?”

Cindy almost choked on her beer. She hadn’t known where this was headed, but Joe’s indirect question requiring her to make a statement about him jerking off on her underwear unsettled her. She found herself again stammering as she answered, “I…I found it rude and disgusting”.

All three men snickered at her answer. “Are you sure?” Joe asked. “Didn’t you find it at least a little exciting that I got so turned on by all your pretty panties that I left you my sperm on them?”

Cindy diverted her eyes to the floor. She was blushing, but she knew that it was both from embarrassment and the flush of a building excitement. “Well, answer me”, Joe commanded.

Cindy surprised herself by answering in a barely audible voice “maybe just a little”.

“What, we can’t hear you”, Joe said, “Speak up”.

Cindy lifted her head and looked into Joe’s eyes. “I said maybe it did excite me a little bit,” she said firmly.

“Well, now we’re getting somewhere” Joe said. “Are you wearing one of those pairs right now?” he asked.

Cindy couldn’t believe where this conversation was going. The fact is that today she had put on the pair that the man (she now knew was Joe) had cum in, because it did turn her on. She actually hadn’t washed them, and had already worn them twice before that day. But she shook head no in answer to his question.

“Are you sure?” Joe asked. “I think you’re lying. Let me see your panties” he demanded.

Cindy looked up into Joe’s eyes. Joe couldn’t tell if the look in her eyes was embarrassment or lust, but it was clear he had her going. Cindy finally broke away from Joe’s gaze and lowered her eyes. She did not move other than to take another big swig of her beer, which finished it off.

Before she even recognized that he had gotten up, Randy appeared in front of her with another beer. She took it without a word and chugged a good portion of it. Cindy knew that the alcohol was definitely beginning to affect her. She was conscious of thinking that she needed loosening up for whatever was to come.

Randy spoke up next. “Come on, Cindy, show us your panties. Joe’s already gotten to see them, play with them and even cum on them. Let us see too,” he said.

Cindy was indeed getting turned on by the three guys wanting to see her panties. She repressed the recognition that they surely wanted more than that, and slowly lifted up off the couch. She pulled down the zipper on her shorts, and quickly pulled them down to her knees, exposing her sexy green nylon panties with a flower design, and lace trim.

Randy and Al both took in deep breaths. Joe exclaimed, “That’s them, that’s the pair I came on the crotch of! I knew you were turned on by that. So you’ve been wearing my dried cum right next to your pussy!”

Cindy was embarrassed again, and quickly moved to pull her shorts back up. But Randy, who had moved beside her on the couch, put his hand down to stop her. “You really don’t want to do that. You know you don’t”, he said. He pushed her shorts down over her knees and down to her ankles.

Cindy felt as if she were in a dream. She saw Joe move in front of her and get down on his knees, felt him pull her shorts all the way off, but it was as if she was watching a movie, not involved herself. She was jolted back to reality when Joe’s hand went to her crotch and began rubbing her clit through her panties. She realized she was already wet down there, and her clit felt electrified. Joe continued to rub, and slipped one finger inside her panties to feel her slit.

“My god, she’s already dripping wet!” Joe stated to his companions.

Cindy was going back into her dreamlike state. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the couch. She slid a little further down on the seat to give Joe better access. She was aware that he had pushed the crotch of her panties to the side, and had worked two fingers into her pussy, and she moaned as he worked them in and out, keeping his thumb on her clit. She became very much aware when he replaced his hand with his face, and began licking her clit. He alternated sticking his tongue as far into her pussy as he could with his clit licking, and she found herself already building toward an orgasm. She shifted on the sofa to raise her crotch to his face, and ground her clit into his nose as he tongued her wet hole.

Cindy still had her eyes closed and her head over the back of the couch. She had her mouth slightly open. She suddenly felt the smooth rigidity of a cock on her lips and instinctively stuck out her tongue to lick it. It was already wet with pre-cum, and that drove her excitement up a notch or two. She opened her eyes to see that it was Randy’s cock at her mouth. It had what seemed a huge purple head, and was clearly much bigger than her husband Kens. She licked the head, and took the big head of his cock all the way into her mouth, continuing to run her tongue over it.

Cindy reveled in the sensations of her pussy being eaten and the cock in her mouth. She was not very experienced sexually. She had only had sex with two men prior to her marriage to Ken, and in their seven years of marriage she had had never had real sex with another man (although she had given a guy she barely knew a handjob at a wild party a couple of years ago). She and Ken had an ok sex life, but he wasn’t really into oral sex, and she loved to both give and receive. And here she was doing both at once, with Ken halfway across the country!

Joe continued to work on Cindy’s pussy with his tongue and fingers, and pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel her pussy putting out a copious supply of juice, more than she could ever remember producing before, and Joe continued to lap it up. Cindy moved her head around so that she could take Randy’s cock fully in her mouth, or at least as much of it as she could. She guessed it was 8 inches long, and so thick that she couldn’t close her fist around it. She got about 6 inches into her mouth, but she gagged as the cock tried to get into her throat. The sounds of her gagging and trying to swallow the big cock turned her on all the more, and within seconds she was consumed by the most overwhelming orgasm she had ever had. She had to let Randy’s cock slip from her mouth as her cumming caused her to shake violently from head to toe: she was afraid she would bite his cock off.

As soon as Cindy settled down from her orgasm, Randy thrust back into her mouth. He was near cumming himself, and he thrust in and out of her mouth as if it was a pussy. It didn’t take him long to build to a climax and he shot five spurts of cum into Cindy’s mouth. She swallowed the first two, but since she was unaccustomed to taking cum shots in her mouth, much of the rest dribbled out of her mouth, down her chin, onto her shirt. Some wound up pooled on her panties, which she was still wearing. Now they had cum from two men on them.

As Randy’s deflating cock retreated from her mouth, Cindy felt her head being pulled to the other side. There was Joe’s cock, waiting impatiently for its turn. She hungrily took it in and quickly begin bobbing up and down on. It too was wet with pre-cum, as Joe had been stroking himself as he ate Cindy. His cock was smaller than Randy’s, and she found that she could deep throat him without discomfort. It didn’t take long before Joe started to moan, yelled out “I’m cumming!” and started to pump his spunk down her throat. This time, she was more prepared, and was able to swallow all the cum that Joe spurted into her mouth, but before he was finished he pulled his cock from her mouth and shot the last few bits on her face. It mixed with Randy’s cum, and dripped from her chin to her shirt.

The two guys stepped back to admire their handiwork. Cindy was sitting there with a dazed look on her face, trying to catch her breath, with cum dripping from her chin, soaking into her shirt, and pooling in her panty clad lap.

“Wow, that’s awesome”, Randy said, “You look so sexy with cum on your face”.

Cindy had to smile at the compliment, and imaging what she must look like. She looked at Randy and back to Joe, but then her expression froze. Beyond Joe she saw Al. She had forgotten all about Al, but there he was in the background, his pants down around his ankles, stroking his cock with his right hand. Cindy noticed immediately that his cock was huge, looking to be 10 inches or so, and maybe not even hard yet! But what froze her was what was in his other hand: a video recorder!

“Oh my god, you didn’t tape that did you?” she blurted out.

“Of course not”, Joe said sarcastically, “why would we want that on tape?”

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