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For Services Rendered


It was very humbling for Megan to walk up to Gerald. Megan was the typical cheerleader who used her looks to get ahead in life. She had shoulder length black hair that she usually kept down except for cheerleading activities and white almost pale skin that only needed a little makeup to accentuate. The part of her that guys enjoyed looking at wasn't her innocent looking face, but was the way she stretched out her t-shirts or cheerleading tops with her tits. She was slightly more gifted than some of her cheerleading counterparts and the jealousy over them was the only reason she wasn't voted head cheerleader. On this humbling day, she wore just a simple white t-shirt with a pair of seductively tight blue jeans as she walked closer to Gerald's locker.

As much as Megan used her looks to get ahead, Gerald was known to abuse his knowledge for similar reasons. There was a rumor going around school that Gerald used his intellect to con a Science Teacher into giving him a blow job during one lunch period simply due to a wager over a science experiment. Although it was merely a rumor, the simple thought of Gerald's ability to manipulate any situation was scary enough to protect him from the typical bullying a geeky eighteen year old would go through. He stood at his locker ready to grab his Physics text when Megan spoke up.

"Gerald?" she said almost fearfully. He turned towards her.

"Hi, Megan, what do you want?" Gerald's voice sounded to the point and direct. Before the rumor started, Gerald was always the guy the cheerleaders and popular people went to for academic help. He helped so many football players and dingy broads pass without receiving as much as a thank you that the rumor was a welcomed blockade. He looked at Megan's face and saw the same look in her face that she wanted something.

"Simply put, I know you passed Mr. Albert's Trig class a few years ago and he is kicking my ass right now. Can I have you tutor me? I'll pay whatever you think its worth if you do." Megan closed her mouth abruptly as she thought about the words she just said and had her thoughts turned into a perverted direction. She attempted to read Gerald's face, but it was facing towards his locker as he grabbed a spiral.

"When's his next quiz?" Gerald asked almost emotionlessly. Megan swallowed hard before answering.

"Friday. I am barely cruising at a D average right now and I have to maintain a C to remain on the squad. So that gives us three days to help me understand the material before the quiz. Like I said, I can pay you how much you think your help is worth within reason." She ensured that she measured out her words more carefully just in case Gerald was going to con her. If Megan knew what was going through Gerald's mind at that moment, she would have probably ran.

"Fine, I'll do it. You want to meet me at my house?"

"Actually, you can come by my house. It's a little easier since I know you were there before when I had that party a few years back. Can you be there this afternoon?" Megan asked feeling confident that having home advantage would keep Gerald away from any hopes.

Gerald said unwavering, "What time should I be there?"

Megan responded, "Practice is over at 5:30, so perhaps 7:00 so we can both make sure we have dinner?"

"Seven will be fine. I'll be there. Just one condition though." At Gerald's words, Megan started having images going through her mind of having to wear her cheerleading outfit with no panties or perhaps Gerald making her wear even less.

"What is it?"

"No word of this to anyone. The last thing I need is to have the entire football team playing security for you while we do math. My intentions are to help you and that's it. Any other evil thoughts you may have in your mind are yours and yours alone, understand?"

"Crystal clear, just math," Megan agreed. As she walked away trying to piece out what she was thinking, Gerald looked in the bottom of his locker for his "special bag." Inside were not only a bag of cable ties, but also his Polaroid camera as well as a few knick knacks that he used to play with his Science Teacher booty call. The only thing Gerald regretted about the possibilities was that he would have to act more deviously at Megan's house. He knew both of her parents would be home and it would take some act of Fate to give him the opportunity. He smiled as he slipped the bag of tricks into his backpack. He would get to spend the next period with his Science Teacher and he needed a good blow job.

Megan didn't worry the rest of the school day. As she dressed for practice, she looked in her gym locker for a spare set of underwear and found none. It was then she cursed herself for not bringing in her spares she kept in there. As she went through practice wearing her sweatpants, she felt the fabric slightly rubbing her clit. Needless to say, by the time she made it to her car to drive home, she was already turned on and wishing she had the time to call Seth for a quick fuck. Her boyfriend was always horny it seemed and even though he had his own virtual harem to service him, he always made time for his number one when she needed him. Unfortunately, the combination of traffic and road construction didn't get her home until a quarter til seven. As she went up to the house, she noticed that her parent's car was not there.

It was then Megan began to panic. Not only was her pussy in need of a quick fix, but the safety net she thought she had was gone and Gerald was going to be there any minute. Quickly, she unlocked her door and ran into her room where she found her small egg. Ever since she turned eighteen, she and her friends would go into the Adult novelty store and check out different things. She took the egg and slid it into her pussy to start buzzing it in an effort for a quick release. Based on Gerald's reputation and the rumor, Megan surmised that she had to be totally cold in order to keep Gerald out of her pants. Sadly, with her heightened stress level, the egg was ineffective and the ringing of the doorbell startled her. She slid back into her jeans without underwear and walked downstairs where Gerald stood at the door.

As Megan bade him to enter, she saw the note her parent's put on the door letting her know that they were going out to dinner and would be back late. The news was a shock to Megan as she quickly realized that not only were her parents not going to be home soon in case something happened, but that Gerald probably read the note also. Her mind began reeling though possible scenarios as Gerald caught her attention. In his hand was a black bag and Gerald looked at her like she had seen a ghost or something.

"Should we do this later?" Gerald asked secretly hoping Megan would tell him to stay.

"No, you're fine," she said with a fake smile on her face. "I just was in a rush to get home and didn't see the note."

"Is it their anniversary or something?" Gerald asked. Megan stopped. He did read the note. She panicked.

"N-N-N-no. Just a dinner. They do that sometimes. Let's go to the dining room so we can do this," she recovered. As they walked by, Megan was afraid that Gerald could smell her arousal and that he may be up to something. As they sat down, Gerald stayed a few feet away from Megan as she reached for her bag and realized she left it in her room.

"I'll be right back," she said apologetically as she walked up the stairs and went into her room. There was her book bag next to her egg that was in plain sight. She threw the egg into her bag and took the bag down not thinking about what could happen. As she neared the table, she saw Gerald looking through a notebook. As she edged closer, Gerald closed it before smiling at Megan.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Okay," she said less than enthusiastic. As she grabbed her Math book from her bag, she carefully maneuvered the bag so that Gerald couldn't see inside of it. The next hour became a study group as Megan worked on her Math and Gerald worked in his notebook hiding the contents from Megan's view. Gerald knew that in order to trap Megan, she would have to make the first move. It was soon an hour later and Megan had a concept of what she was doing when she looked over one more time at Gerald looking in his notebook.

"You working on a project too?" she asked.

"Personal project. I am putting together a scrapbook, but it's private," he replied knowing what she was going to say next.

"How personal?"

"Well, it gets into my private life and I don't want to shock you." He laid out the trap, so he waited to see if she would fall for it.

"Oh, okay," she responded before she went back to her homework. Gerald then put the book down.

"Where's your bathroom?" he asked.

Megan pointed towards the back of the house. "Down that hall and on the left."

After he left, she grabbed the notebook and looked in. The pictures she saw scared her. They were various pictures of breasts of various sizes covered in cum. None of them stood out until she saw Stacy's breasts in a shot. Stacy was her best friend and she wore purple pierced barbells in her nipples. There were her breasts with a copious amount of semen on them. Megan was stunned.

"What are you doing?" Gerald yelled. Megan freaked and closed the book. She then turned and saw Gerald's face twisted in rage. As Megan was ready to speak, Gerald spoke first.

"I knew your curiosity would get you and that you'd look in there. I also bet you recognized a few pictures in there as well, like your pal Stacy and Pamela the head cheerleader? My goal tonight was to just help you with your Math just like them. They tried to win me over with sex just so they didn't have to pay. It worked for them except I took snap shots of the results. That's why I started a scrapbook so that I had leverage on them if they ever tried anything. Now, you ruined it because now you know their secret too. Now I'm going to have to buy your silence."

Megan was stone. She was afraid something was going to happen and it looked like her worse fears were coming true. As she opened her mouth to speak, she looked down and saw Gerald's cock already out of his slacks erect. Megan was unsure what to do. She then found her voice.

"Your secret is safe. I won't say anything."

"Not good enough. I don't trust you. Here's what we'll do. You are going on your knees now and suck me off and I am going to cum on your tits like the others. Then I'll take a picture when I am done. This will remain a secret as long as you don't tell your boyfriend or anyone else for that matter. If you refuse, I will tell every girl in that book that you know and you'll be ostracized. You know how bad it feels to be ignored, to be treated as an outcast?"

Megan was pondering her options. She didn't want to lose Stacy as a friend nor did she want to suck that geeky cock which was already glistening with precum. She obediently went down to her knees and started weakly licking his cock before he pushed her head back.

"You think a few licks are going to make me cum? Looks like I'll have to take more drastic measures," he said as he went for his bag. He grabbed a few of the plastic cable ties and brought them over. Megan spoke up first.

"Look, I'll do what you want, but can we at least go to my room in case my parents come home?" Gerald smiled. It was going directly as planned.

"Go," he said as he followed her upstairs. He watched her ass as it bounced a little while she ran to her room. Once there, Megan was already on her knees before Gerald entered. He walked over to the bed and grabbed a pillow.

"Put this under your knees," he commanded. Megan did as she was told before Gerald undid his pants button and allowed them to fall. He walked closer to her as his cock bobbed before he was within reach. Megan was distracted for a moment when she saw the cock slide into view. She realized that Gerald was slightly longer than Seth and why all those girls allowed themselves to be taken by him.

"Take off your shirt and your bra," he commanded. Megan knowing that she was powerless to stop him complied and soon her voluptuous rack was in view. Gerald had seen Megan in her tops and her cheerleading outfit and thought that the breasts were enhanced by artificial means. When he saw the beautiful large areolas and the nipples already stiffened before him, he had to catch himself before he lost control of the situation. Megan sat there obediently waiting for Gerald's next instruction. Gerald moved closer to Megan's lips. As she opened them expectantly, he stopped.

"Wait," he said as he grabbed the plastic cable ties from his slacks pocket. He then went behind Megan and began to strap her hands together as she sat there powerlessly. The view from behind was exquisite as Gerald noticed Megan's back and its flawless skin. As he looked over her shoulder, he could still see the tips of her tits. Megan was starting to breathe normally as Gerald moved around and began to rub his cock over her face. Megan opened her mouth reflexively. Gerald smiled his toothy grin before he slowly slid his cock into her open mouth.

Megan's mouth closed on him and Gerald moaned loudly from the feeling. Megan's blue eyes looked up at Gerald as she sucked slowly up and down his shaft. In her past, she was known to use her hands while she looked at the target to get him to shoot faster. Because her hands were secured, she had to depend solely on her mouth to perform. Megan looked up at Gerald's face as Gerald looked up towards her Stucco ceiling. Gerald was losing control quickly as Megan's sucking along with her eyes staring at him was driving him towards the edge.

Gerald pulled his cock back and began to shoot salvos onto her breasts. Megan smiled realizing her picture was going to be finished soon, but then remembered the yearning between her legs. Megan always got turned on by watching a man cum and she knew she would have to ask Gerald to do something she hadn't counted on. As he flashed the Polaroid camera, Megan opened her mouth.

"Gerald, can you do me a favor?"

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