For the First Erotic Scene


"I can practically smell your arousal," Alejandra teased, then using her fingers to spread the labia to look inside. "And I can see your arousal too."

Catherine was a bundle of nerves as her back was against the wall and her pussy was spread open. She could hardly look as Alejandra kissed her wet pussy, making her squirm and moan. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed what was being done to her. It felt so warm, soft, and wet. Being eaten by another woman was everything she had expected it to be.

She reached down and rubbed Alejandra's silky smooth hair, showing just how much she enjoyed and appreciated this. In exchange, Alejandra sucked each labia a bit harder, lashed her tongue around the clit, and darted her tongue inside of the pussy to taste the fluids.

"You do that so well," Catherine moaned.

"Mmm Hmm..."

This continued for a few more minutes. Normally, Catherine's coffee breaks were spent focusing on the next scene. Now, work was the last thing on her mind. This was better than any cup of coffee in the world. She simply leaned her head back against the wall and enjoyed the sensational feeling.

"I'm going to cum if you don't stop that," Catherine moaned.

Alejandra pulled her mouth away and kissed the hairy mound. "That's the idea. You cum, then I cum. Pay attention to how I perform."

Music to Catherine's ears. She didn't really study what Alejandra was doing to her. This felt far too good to study. Instead, she just enjoyed the blissful feeling in her pussy.

In a matter of moments, Catherine's pussy began to contract and she came inside Alejandra's mouth. Every woman cums differently, and Catherine was a light trickler. Fluids seeped from deep within her, and Alejandra gladly slurped it up. Catherine hoped the actress wasn't mad that she didn't give any warning about the squirt, but it seemed clear that Alejandra enjoyed drinking it.

When the orgasm was done, Alejandra pulled her tongue out and gave a few extra licks around the labia for good cleaning. Then she pulled Catherine's panties and pants back up.

Alejandra stood and they were face to face.

"Did you like it?" Catherine blushed, slightly embarrassed.

"Have a taste. You tell me if it's any good."

Catherine stood frozen once again as Alejandra leaned forward so that they'd kiss on the mouth. It was a kiss on the lips first. Then it became a lashing, swirling warm tongue kiss, which felt electric as they swapped saliva and orgasmic fluids.

When the kiss was done, Alejandra pulled back and waited for the answer.

"It tastes nice," Catherine blushed again.

"Better than nice. Eating your pussy was a dream come true. I feel like my sexuality is complete, now that I've gotten to pleasure my idol."

"It can't be complete yet. You haven't gotten to the best part."

Alejandra lifted an eyebrow and gave a seductive look. "Oh? And what exactly would make things complete? Say it for me."

"I promised to make you cum," Catherine gulped. "And as your sexual idol, I feel it's my duty to return the favor as well. It's the polite thing to do."

"Then have at it."

Alejandra opened her robe. She revealed her small tshirt and panties. Her athletic legs were on full display and she was still barefoot.

Instead of getting straight to work, Catherine couldn't help herself, and she lifted Alejandra's tshirt to expose those small breasts. After the shoot that morning, she had been dying to see those nipples up close, and they looked even more delicious in all their glory. They had even turned hard in excitement over this.

Catherine bent down and squeezed each tit and sucked each nipple. These were the first set of nipples that she had ever sucked (besides her own, which she sometimes liked the suck when she masturbated.)

Then it was on to the main course. They locked eyes and Catherine slipped her hand down Alejandra's panties to touch that gloriously wet pussy, which was still dripping from the vibrator not long ago.

Instead of enjoying the moment, however, they both froze in shock. They heard the sound of a keycard unlocking the hotel door, and they knew they were about to be caught.

Alejandra was swift and grabbed Catherine by the arm to pull her out of sight. They took a chance and hid behind a large clothing rack, which had all sorts of large, dark scary costumes for horror scenes they used earlier that week. The racks were large enough so that they could hide behind them without being seen. And they were both fairly petite women which meant they'd be well hidden.

They stood quietly listening to the makeup artist and wardrobe lady sip their coffees while looking for something. All the while, Alejandra's robe was still open, and her freshly sucked nipples were still exposed.

"Can you believe how sexy that scene was?"

"I know, Ally is such a hottie. My god."

"I wonder if she really came in her panties? I mean, without touching herself? It looked so real. The girl is talented."

The women used a hair dryer to prepare a prop for the next scene.

Catherine had a look of mild panic on her face as she looked over to Alejandra. On the other hand, Alejandra was still as sexually flustered as ever, and was in desperate need of her long overdue orgasm, so she opened her robe once again, smiled, and pointed down.

"Now?" Catherine mouthed the word in disbelieve.

Alejandra smiled, nodded, and whispered, "Yes, now."

It was a fun little challenge. A secret dare. If they were caught, it would be extremely humiliating and Catherine figured she'd have to bribe the crew members to swear they'd never tell another living soul.

Catherine accepted the risk and got down on her knees. Alejandra pulled her panties to the side, revealing her dark lips and pink hole. The pussy was drenched with arousal.

The blaring hair dryer would occasionally switch off and the ladies would discuss the scary prop they were working on, wondering if it looked right, then the hair dryer would blast again.

When the hair dryer was used loudly, Catherine took the plunge and kissed her first pussy. It felt so soft against her mouth. When she stuck her tongue out, she tasted the sweet nectar. It tasted good and she realized that tasting another woman wasn't nearly as scary as she thought it would be.

Catherine fully pressed her mouth on it and did her best to give pleasure. She did her best to emulate what Alejandra had done earlier; licking, sucking, swirling. She licked up and down each labia, and across the clitoris. She sucked each labia, pulling it with her lips, and she sucked on the clitoris. And she swirled her tongue around that aroused clit, which made Alejandra tense hard.

She repeated the motions, even as the drying noise stopped and there was a moment of silence in the room. She prayed that the crew members wouldn't hear the sucking sounds from behind the racks. So far, they hadn't noticed. And Catherine kept on the repeating the oral motions, before putting her tongue inside the latina woman's pussy.

"What do you think? Does that look ready to you?"

"Yeah, I think it looks great. It's ready."

"Good. I hope so. Catherine would kill us if she doesn't approve."

The ladies laughed and left the room, shutting the door on their way out. Catherine was kind of miffed that they had critiqued her like that. But with a delicious pussy in Catherine's mouth, how could she ever be mad?

"Oh fuck!" Alejandra loudly released. "I thought those bitches would never leave. You're a fucking natural pussy eater."

Catherine remained wordless as she looked the actress in the eyes and kept on sucking.

"I have to warn you... ohh.... uhhh.... I'm a fucking fiery volcano. Put two fingers in my pussy while you keep on eating me... oh fuck... don't forget my clit either."

Catherine did as she was told, working her tongue on the clit, licking and sucking it, and she shoved two fingers inside of the hot pussy. She moved her fingers in a probing way and kept on sucking the clit.

As advertised, Alejandra squirted like a fiery volcano. She unleashed her pleasure without holding anything back. Fluids shot from her pussy, straight into Catherine's mouth, and Catherine struggled to take it all in.

Not wanting to waste a drop, Alejandra reached down and forcefully held Catherine's head in place, so the lips were nearly airtight against the squirting cunt. Catherine managed to continue working her fingers, while Alejandra gave her every drop that she had inside. Catherine did her best to drink it all.

When it was done, Alejandra let go of Catherine's head and took a few steps back. The actress couldn't help but laugh at the sight of Catherine on her knees with wet lips.

For Catherine, she was treated to the sight of Alejandra with her robe still open, hard nipples still exposed, and wetness from between the disheveled panties, with her pussy still very much exposed.

"You were amazing," Alejandra beamed. "My god, you're good."

Catherine got to her feet and wiped her lips. "I'm speechless. My heart's still pounding."

"That's what the first time usually feels like. Come on, we better get back to set before someone comes looking for you."

They kissed each other on the lips, this time swapping each other's orgasms in their mouths.

When they stepped out of the room and headed down the hall, a young, dorky looking assistant came with a cup of hot coffee.

"I brought you coffee, Ms. McNamara," the assistant said, handing over the freshly poured drink. "I didn't see you in the break room, so I figured you'd still be on set. Ally, I'll get you one too, hang on. I'll be right back."

Catherine smiled to her actress. "Just what I need to wash everything down."

They looked at each other as Catherine took a slow slip of coffee, then gulped it down, ingesting the remaining taste of squirt which still lingered in her mouth. Alejandra couldn't help but smile back.

The End

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