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For The Gander



Author's Note

This story is primarily focused on incest, but also contains group sex (MFM and FFM), anal, interracial, a cheating wife, a cheating husband, and some voyeurism. Unlike my other work, there is nothing fantasy (i.e., no supernatural elements). All characters are entirely fictional and at least 18 years of age.


The blinking vertical line on Mel's monitor taunted her.

It had started off innocent enough. A little fun to help pass the time at work. But with his last email, Adam had steered things into uncharged territory.

Maybe she could just dodge the question. Keep things going as they were as if she hadn't even noticed that he wanted to know if she was ready to leave the realm of fantasy. But, then, he was only nineteen. Barely older than her son, Jake. Full-grown men often struggled with reading between the lines. Could she trust this little boy to take the hint?

A wiser woman would have found a discussion board or something online, assumed a fake name, and flirted anonymously with men she'd never meet. What had she been thinking, hitting on the intern anyway?

A knock came at her door.

Mel gave a start and instinctively minimized the browser before turning to see who it was, even though there was nothing terribly incriminating in the empty message field.

It was him.

"Come with me to get a coffee," Adam said. His gorgeous smile helped his command sound more like a request than it actually was.

Mel's heart raced. The correct answer was clearly "No." But, it was just coffee. Wouldn't mean that she'd agreed to his other proposal. She didn't even have to admit that she'd read the email. That she'd spent the last twenty minutes agonizing over her response.

"Okay," she said, sliding back her chair.


"You know what you need?" his friend Steve asked. "To get laid. And I'm not talking about your wife. This is a job for a woman half Melissa's age."

Bill rolled his eyes.

"Seriously," Steve said, following the waitress with his eyes as she walked away. He made the kind of sounds most men would have reserved for the plate of wings she'd just dropped off before exhaling heavily and turning back to Bill. "Trust me, man."

"Right," Bill said. "That'll totally relieve all the problems we've been having."

"Course not," Steve said. "But it'll put the spring back in your step."

Most of the beer he shouldn't be having with lunch disappeared in one gulp. "It's just a phase," Bill said. "We'll get through it."

He'd told himself the same thing a thousand times in the past. Some of those times, he'd actually been right. But every time things got a little better for a while, they'd get a lot worse again. And each little plateau they climbed was just a little lower than the one before.

Ever since Jake had gotten that acceptance letter from Princeton last week, Bill had really started to have trouble sleeping. Panic attacks hit him in the middle of the day. The personal stuff they'd fought about in the past was no big deal. The romance was gone. Why didn't he buy her flowers anymore? Would it kill him to call and let her know when he was going to be stuck in the office all night? Everyone went through that shit. In a sense, it was just in their heads anyway. This was different. He couldn't just turn on the charm offensive for a while and hope to wake up one day and find that Mel had forgiven his latest sin.

He'd been saving up to help pay off his parent's mortgage for years. Between him and his two sisters, they were only a few paychecks away from being able to give their folks an anniversary gift they'd never forget. And one that would get them away from the terrible weather and high taxes and everything else.

All of which would have worked out fine, if his son decided to go to state school like they'd always assumed he would. The way their daughter, Evie, was doing. Not only was the tuition much more reasonable, but they'd offered Jake a full scholarship.

A degree from State wouldn't open the same doors as one from Princeton. And he understood that Jake hardly relished the idea of going to the same school as his sister. The first few weeks after she'd moved out, hardly a day had gone by without Jake pointing out that the house was much quieter without Evie around.

Valid points, all around. It wasn't like the kid couldn't take out student loans, though. Like most of his generation did. That would be no small hardship, but it was an option.

The way Mel talked about it, though, you'd think that wasn't. His damn wife always had to make it sound like he was trying to deny their son an Ivy League education. Every fucking time the subject came up, that would be her starting point. Then he'd insist that there were other ways of making it work even if they didn't pay for him, and she'd admit that Bill was right. Only to tell him, in the very next breath, that it was besides the point. Best of all, she'd go right back to accusing him of trying to ruin their son's future the very next time they talked about it.

In fairness, Bill had been stupid enough to promise that if Jake got in to Princeton, they'd cover as much as they could. And with all the money he'd saved up, they could cover quite a bit. How was he to know the guy would actually go and get accepted though? He'd only scored a little higher than his sister on the SAT, and Evie certainly hadn't gotten accepted to any top schools.

He was, of course, glad that his son had gotten accepted. It was a great opportunity. Bill just wished he hadn't been so stupid as to promise his son the same money he'd already promised his sisters that he'd spend on their parents.

Bill let out a heavy sigh. Either his wife would think him a terrible father or his sisters would think him a terrible son. Screwed no matter what.

And Steve's brilliant solution was to cheat on Mel.

"I know a place," Steve said, staring up at him from his plate of wings.

Bill scoffed. "I'm sure you do."


Mel clutched her paper cup as though it was an anchor, keeping her from being carried away on some foolish whim. Adam reached into his pocket, pulled out a paper envelope the size of a credit card, and slit it across the formica table.

"What's that?" Mel asked, as if she didn't know.

"A room key," the boy said.

"How exciting. Does your boyfriend know yet?"

"My boyf-" he started, then grinned at her. "No. It's going to be a surprise. I don't think he has quite admitted to himself that we're ready to take the next step."

"Hope that works out well for you, then," Mel said.

In what universe did it make sense to pump her system full of caffeine for this conversation? Her heart was already working overtime.

Adam looked her straight in the eye, without so much as blinking, and in that moment she knew. It was like a door had shut behind her. And this was not a door that the little plastic card sitting on the table would open.

Not even a second ago, she'd still been laboring under the illusion that she could get off the ride at any time. That she, the older and more experienced of the two, was in control.

Who was she kidding?

He was so young. So hot. And so confident. At no point since he'd shown up at her door had he asked her what she wanted. Not even when he ordered her coffee. He knew what she wanted, and that she was going to let him provide it.

How could she not? Those green eyes had her all but hypnotized. And when he offered her a languid smile, the kind that told her that he understood exactly what she was trying to intimate, but couldn't be bothered to give a damn, well, she very nearly melted.

Of course, it didn't hurt that his mocking smile revealed a set of beautiful, sparkling white teeth. Or that he had the smooth skin of a child and the body of a man. Nor that everything about him suggested that he could have any woman he wanted. Never in her life had Mel felt as desirable as she did when this young stud stared at her like that.

Without even realizing she was doing so, Mel undressed Adam in her mind.

Truth be told, he wasn't quite her type. She preferred her guys long and lean. Like Bill, who, for all his many failings, still looked just about as good as he had when she'd married him. His coal black hair had begun to go gray, but showed no signs of thinning. And he hadn't put on a bit of weight. That was something she only wished she could claim for herself. He'd passed those great looks on to their son, too. Jake had been fortunate enough to inherit little more from her than her intellect. Well, and her green eyes and red-brown hair. Which was strange, since Evie's mane was every bit as dark as her father's. Still, her husband had the kind of figure she'd always been drawn to, and he'd given her a strong, healthy son who shared his father's best traits.

Adam, on the other hand, was short and bulky.

Of course, that bulk was all muscle. Though she'd never seen him in anything but business attire, Mel could just tell that he was built like an underwear model. That beneath his smart silk shirt, he was hiding an exquisite six-pack. Maybe even a full eight-pack.

"Pretty sure it will," he said at last.

For a moment, Mel wasn't sure what he was talking about. Then her transparent attempt at being coy came back to her.

"I'm married," she said, breathlessly.

"Conveniently enough, I'm not," he said. "One fewer person to lie to."

"They'll notice if we don't go back to the office," she said. "We are going to need more than a few minutes, aren't we?"

"Meet me there after work," he said.

For a moment, she wondered how he knew that her husband was out of town for a business meeting. Then she remembered that she'd told him, several emails back.

Mel tried to imagine an excuse, but found that she didn't really want to anyway. After another sip of tepid coffee, she nodded.


The madame brought out a row of girls, all clad in lingerie or leather or costumes. Though some were young and others a bit more mature, and a range of body types and ethnicities were on display, they all looked the same to Bill.

Dead inside.

They'd play the part well enough, no doubt. This was a classy establishment, and the "talent" was impeccable. At least, to hear Steve tell it. But one look at the fake smiles beneath lifeless eyes, and Bill knew he couldn't go through with it.

"What about that one, eh?" Steve asked, jabbing an elbow in his ribs.

The girl he was pointing to did nothing for Bill.

But he had to admit, the one right next to her was something else entirely. And when she noticed him noticing her, she smiled back at him.


For some reason, that totally disarmed him. The others were so straightforward, trying so hard to appear enthusiastic, that he almost reconsidered.

"Or her," Steve said. He leaned in close and whispered in Bill's ear. "Here's the deal. You go make me proud, and tonight's on me. Play Mr. Upstanding Citizen, and Mel's going to get a very upsetting email tomorrow."

"Well, gentlemen?" the madame asked. "Should I make introductions?"

"You wouldn't," Bill whispered to Steve.

"This time, I'm good for it," Steve said.

Bill started to protest that he hadn't been talking about that part, but his friend had already slipped away to kiss one of the girl's hands.

The one he'd made eye contact with a moment ago blushed, looked down at her feet, then glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't have looked more innocent if she tried. And though part of him was sure that she was trying, he told himself otherwise.

"I'm going to regret this," he mumbled to himself.


"Are you okay?" Jake asked her as she shuffled through the front door.

"Hmmm?" Mel asked. "Oh, yeah, Mommy's fine, honey."

Her son sat there at the couch, bent over a pile of books, and gave her the exact look she'd have given him if he'd stumbled home drunk and insisted that he hadn't had a thing to drink. Not that she'd ever gone through that routine with him.

That was more Evie's thing.

"Really, I'm fine," she said, pulling herself together.

How did you tell your son that you were intoxicated, but it wasn't because you'd had too much alcohol? That you were feeling no pain, and thought you just might float away if you didn't very consciously choose to remain on the ground, because you'd just gotten back from a marathon session of the best sex you'd ever had in your life?

There was no hiding that something was up. She hadn't even called to tell him that she'd be getting home late from work. He'd have been wondering what had happened to her as it was. Best to say that she had been out drinking. As out of character as that would be for her, it should suffice to keep her son from guessing what had really happened.

Or so she hoped.

Boys that age still hadn't quite come to accept that their mothers knew what sex was, had they? Or at least refused to believe that their mothers' sexual urges continued even after they gave birth to their sons.

Hell, she was in her early forties and she still wasn't sure she was ready to admit that her son was a sexual being. The same had to go for him.

The young stud who'd just rocked her world was practically the same age as Jake though.

A sudden bout of nausea came over Mel at that thought. It wasn't the first time it had occurred to her. But somehow, it had always been easier to dismiss in the past.

She closed her eyes, and she saw Adam's hard body beneath her, glistening with sweat. Then he morphed into her son before turning back into Adam once again.

They had the same color eyes. Green, just like hers.

Oh, god. Was that why she was drawn to Adam? Because he reminded her of her son?

Nonsense. Besides the eyes, they looked nothing alike. Adam was all rippling muscle and cool confidence. Jake was taller, leaner, and shyer. A sweet, shy boy who'd never seduce an older coworker. He'd been dating the same girl since his freshman year. If he'd so much as kissed any girl other, it would come as a surprise to Mel.

So why was she thinking these thoughts?

"You sure?" he asked.

"Well, I might have gone out for drinks with some people from work," she said. Then, pressing a finger against her lips, she added, "Don't tell your father."

Jake shook his head, put his earbuds back in, and went back to doing his homework.

Mel gave him a tentative smile, slipped her shoes off, and padded down the hall to her bedroom. Once inside, the door safely closed behind her, she flopped onto the bed, spread-eagled, an let out a huge sigh.

Her body still tingled, from head to toe. It had been years since she'd gotten off multiple times in a row. And Bill had never made her cum quite that hard. Never shown so much enthusiasm for oral sex. Or come in through the back door.

On some level, she was still surprised with herself for letting Adam do that. But at the same time, she couldn't imagine refusing him. She'd been like putty in his hands. Her body had been his to use however he'd wished. And he'd not abused that trust one bit. Her needs had been every bit as important to him as his own.

Even if he hadn't been, it still would have been amazing. Simply knowing that someone like him could find her so attractive had almost been enough for her. For a time, she'd felt proud of her big breasts and broad hips, rather than ashamed of the way gravity had caught up to her or the stretch marks her two children had given her.

When Mel finally bestirred herself to go take a shower, she brought a friend from the bottom drawer of her dresser with her.


"You finished that quick?" Steve asked when he strode back into the lobby. "I'd have taken my time with that sweet, young thing."

"Yeah, well," Bill said, as he climbed to his feet. "I guess that's just yet another way that I'm an inferior model."

The stench of perfume and sex was getting to be too much for Bill. He could hardly breathe. Without waiting to see if his friend was following, he headed down the stairs.

"Wait, you did fuck her, didn't you?" Steve asked as they descended. When Bill didn't reply, he said, "Oh, come on, man. You know they don't give refunds?"

"No one told you to waste your money on me."

"What was the problem? Get back there and find out she was a dude?"

"Reminded me of my daughter," Bill said.

He wasn't sure where that had come from, though. They hardly even looked alike. The prostitute was a few inches shorter than his daughter. Her hair had been medium brown, whereas Evie's was jet black, the same as his. And if there was one word you'd use to describe his eldest child, it was not "innocent." Not that the girl Steve had paid for him to have sex with was either, but she'd faked it well.

Perhaps it was just his subconscious throwing everything it had at him in attempt to keep him from violating his wedding vows. If he wouldn't go for the obvious argument that it simply was wrong to cheat on his wife, perhaps he could be persuaded that it was really wrong to cheat on her with a girl who was young enough to be his daughter.


But the scary part was that he'd wanted the girl even more once he'd drawn the connection. It would have been only too easy to climb atop her and pretend she was Evie. To close his eyes and imagine himself committing the most vile act known to man.

"You know, sometimes I think you want to be miserable," Steve said.

Bill had no reply for that.


Mel was brushing her teeth when Bill came in from the bedroom, stepped up behind her, and fondled her ass. He smiled at her, gave her a peck on the cheek, then reached around her to grab his own toothbrush.

She watched her green eyes go wide in the mirror.

How long had it been since he'd touched her like that? So casually? They weren't in bed, and he wasn't asking for sex. At least, not so far as she could tell. He'd already squeezed some toothpaste onto his brush, shoved it in his mouth, and walked back into the bedroom while he scrubbed his pearly whites.

For the briefest instant, she resented him for it. Did he think they were on good terms now, just because he'd brought an autographed copy of one of her favorite books back from his trip? Sure, it was thoughtful of him to stop by the book signing, and to know that the author would be there when she herself hadn't even thought to check. But it wasn't like he'd made any phone calls to his sisters yet.

At the same time, she couldn't deny that it felt good.

The very innocent nature of his touch had made it powerfully arousing. It told her that her husband still found her sexy. How long had it been since their lovemaking had felt like anything but an obligation? A ritual? Yet with that quick little grope, Bill told her that the passion wasn't entirely gone. That she still lit his fire.

It probably helped that she'd been feeling sexier lately. Men picked up on things like that. Since that unforgettable night with Adam, she'd practically turned into a new woman. Started wearing lingerie to bed again, even while Bill was out of town. Wore more makeup and perfume to work. Skipped fewer sessions at the gym.

And was rediscovering some old friends in the bottom of her dresser drawer. At this rate, she might need to go out and pick up some batteries soon.

Bill came back and spat in the sink then rinsed off. He always finished before her. She had no idea how his teeth were so healthy, the way he raced through brushing.

"Missed you, you know," he said, running his fingers through her hair.

What had come over him?

Without waiting for her to respond, which she couldn't very well do with a mouth full of foam, he kissed her on the cheek again and headed back into the bedroom.

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