For the Ladies


"You sure know how to use furniture handsome," she would say jokingly.

As Salina was cooking dinner Paul cupped her cheeks and whispered in her ear.

"Yes girl, please say yes, because tonight I'm going to take your sexy little ass with my hard cock, and make your ass mine."

Salina turned her head and kissed him softly.

"You can think about it honey before you say yes, but I promise you'll love how it feels to have me deep inside you. I'll fuck you with your vibe and fuck your ass very gently. You'll love it."

Paul ran his hands up and down her beautiful curves as he said this, landing on her perfect round cheeks.

"Yes but, I've never tried it, please be gentle," Salina said hesitantly.

That night Paul treated Salina like royalty and made sure she was happy, comfortable and her voluptuous round ass was well lubed up.

"Baby you're so gorgeous, you make me so hard all the time, and you're so sweet to me. It will hurt a bit at the beginning. I will go in slowly and only half way, until you're ready, but once I pop in I wouldn't be able to control myself. You'll like it. It will feel soo good for both of us."

Paul took her, softly and slowly. The pain at impact made her call out.

"Paul, Paul, no, no, baby I can't ooo, fuck yes, ooo fuck yesssssssssss, fuck me Paul, fuck me harder, harder..don't stop fucking me."

He filled her hot sexy ass with his wet cum and pulled out. Paul spread her cheeks and watched his full load trickle from her young cheeks. Seeing that just turned him on more. He couldn't stop fucking her sweet, sexy, little ass. Paul positioned Salina on top of him reverse cowboy, then reinserted his semi hard cock between her tight cheeks. Salina was soaking wet with his jizz as he started fucking her again. Squeezing her gluts around his cock elicited a couple of deep moans from her handsome lover. Paul could tell Salina loved being fucked up the ass. Her passion for new sexual experiences seemed insatiable.

Another blissful week went by when Paul announced he had to fly to Miami for three days.

"My sexy yes girl, I don't want you to get bored while I'm gone, so I'm going to send you a few really good porn videos that I want you to watch. After you watch them, get nude on the bed, turn on the laptop, face it towards you and phone me."

The next evening Salina did exactly as she was told. She put the phone on speaker phone and dialed Paul's number.

"Hello slut, you want to get fucked don't you? Put your toys on the bed. I'm going to tell you which ones to use and when. Salina followed Paul's instructions exactly. Before he knew it she was coming like a wild banshee, over and over again as Paul described to Salina in detail how was going to fuck her when he got home."

Salina woke up lazily the next morning in her empty bed after having an erotic dream about one of the videos, except in her dream she was the star of the show. Salina felt the familiar tingle of arousal in her pussy and reached her hand down to satisfy the aching need she was feeling. Her pussy was soaking wet. She realized she must have cum in her sleep. The way they had been fucking since they met, left her in a constant state of arousal. Salina's fingers circled, then rested on her clit. Salina pressed down, tilted her head back, arched her amazing body, then proceeded to imagine herself surrounded by sexy black men that craved her.

Salina found out she was very orgasmic and was becoming increasingly more so. As the day progressed and Salina drove around running errands, one particular video she had watched kept coming to mind. Salina's thoughts were making her pussy tingle and her clit jump. Her mind kept coming back to the interracial gangbang video that had sent her into a fierce, raging, orgasm when she woke up. In the video there were five or maybe there were six, big, black men with hard bodies using a beautiful young woman to satisfy all their needs.

She thought about them in a circle with her inside and her clit jumped. She wanted it rough. She knew that much. Maybe they would jostle her around for a while. Their hands might grab at her tits or maybe cup her ass. Or maybe they would finger her roughly, even lifting her small sexy frame off the ground. Or maybe one would spank her roughly while another nibbled at her big tits. Maybe she would be nude and vulnerable in front of them, forever remembering she was the "yes" girl, unable to stop herself from enjoying every erotic moment. Maybe they would gang bang her ass after placing her over the top of the sofa. On that thought Salina flew into a wild orgasmic release that left her extremely relaxed.

Salina turned on her computer. She couldn't resist. Pretty soon her favorite erotic adventure appeared on the screen. When the men put the girl in middle of the room, blind folded her, and spun her around to determine which of the men's cock she'd suck, Salina put her hand in her shorts, pushed aside her panties and started rubbing her pussy to the images before her. Every one of the six men fucked the little nymph in every way possible. Her orgasm was intense. Salina realized she never wanted to stop coming. It just felt so good. As she was washing her hands the phone rang.

"Hey sweetheart, I miss you. I'll be home in two days. So tell me. Which one of the videos I sent you turned you on the most?"

"Well, umm to be honest, I just got off on the interracial one."

"Oh, you like the idea of being a horny little slut for a group of big, strong, black men do you?" "Well, yeah. I guess I do. It's been one of my fantasies ever since you sent that video. I couldn't resist but enjoy the thought. The images keep entering my mind. You're okay with that right, sweetheart? I always want to be open and feel free to be me, with you Paul."

"Yes honey, I am more than okay with it. I like that my sexy, yes girl, is sexually adventurous. As a matter of fact the guys that take care of our gardens are big, strong, muscular black men and they are coming tomorrow. Does that fantasy excite you sweetheart? I want to keep you excited Salina."

Salina could feel her juices enter her pussy, and her mouth go dry as he spoke those words.

"It's you that excites me Paul. I couldn't be happier."

"I know sweetheart, but if anything does happen, you'll turn on the computer for me to watch won't you darlin?"

Did he just give her permission to act out her fantasy?

"Oh, nothing will happen. It's just a fantasy," was Salina's reply.

Paul started doing research on the internet immediately. He usually used a service for his gardens but he could cancel them and set up something interesting. Paul's cock grew hard as he thought about procuring some gardeners. After an hour he found exactly what he was looking for. He had goggled and found out that one particular company had a reputation. A couple of disgruntled spouses had found several of the men with their wives and voiced to the world their dissatisfaction via the use of reviews.

"Hello, Ace Gardeners, I'm interested into getting some help for my garden tomorrow, early evening. Because of the short notice I will pay double."

As they conversed Paul slipped into the conversation that the men should bring drinks and supplies with them, since he was concerned about his sex addict niece who was going to be alone in the home."

"I don't want her disturbed," Paul said.

Eugene laughed when Paul said that and told him that all would be well.

Salina watched the video several times that day and early the next morning getting herself off by imagining herself in the role of the seductress. Knowing there would sexy, black men coming over to work on the garden, excited her beyond belief. The anticipation was sweet. She didn't know what would happen but there was something about hard, muscular, bodies working in the sunshine with sweat highlighting their muscles that turned her on immensely.

Around 4:00 pm the truck pulled up and four, gorgeous, black men emerged. Salina couldn't resist dressing sexy. What harm would a little flirting do? It was, just a fantasy, after all.

She heard the clanking and banging as they pulled out the tools and gardening supplies they needed. She dared to open the curtain a third of the way. As Salina sat in the chair in front of the window she calculated the ability of the men to see into the open window, considering the way the light fell. Her rationale decided that they couldn't see her. After watching them work for an hour and touching herself she became extremely horny. Salina went over to the computer and turned on her HD video chat program to contact Paul at work.

"Hey sweet thing," Paul cooed. "How is your day going? Did he gardeners arrive?"

"My day is going great and yes, the gardeners arrived."

"Good to hear. Are they sexy?"

Feeling awkward about talking to Paul about this she said, "Yeah, they're okay."

He noticed her hesitation and encouraged her.

"You know Salina, don't be shy. I want you to fuck them my sexy, "Yes Girl". I want to watch you be devoured by those hard bodies. I want them to use you to satisfy all their primal urges. I want to watch you get fucked, really hard sweetheart."

Paul had his cock out now.

"See how hard I am for you?" Paul said, with his hard cock throbbing in his hand.

"Now let loose those sexy titties of yours."

Salina was wearing a tight, bright, fuchsia pink shirt. The zipper was down halfway between her luscious tits. Her midriff was exposed and her shorts were tight and black.

"I want you to say "Yes" to anything they ask of you. Will you do that for me? Remember your only answer is yes, every time. You're so gorgeous; they'll take you for the ride of your life if you just smile at them. You'll love it," Paul said as he watched Salina release her circular masterpieces from their tight, pink confines.

"I can hardly wait to fuck those titties when I get home babe. Tweak your nipples for me!"

Salina moaned as she ran her thumb and forefinger over her sensitive nipples.

As she played, the handsome gardeners moved into the space of the open window and were watching her playing with her tits from an angle.

"Fuck she's hot. Playing with herself like that in front of the computer. Man, this is a fantasy come true. Sex addict! Fuck! Fuck the instructions. I'm going in," Eugene said excitedly.

"Fuck that, I want some of that, for me," said another gardener.

"Dammn, I haven't seen such a fine young thing like that for a long time. I'm trying for her too."

When the doorbell rang, Paul told her to turn the screen on dim, and face it toward the living room.

"I'm sorry to bother you miss, but we sure would appreciate a glass of water."

"I can do better then that. Have a seat in the living room," Salina said swaying her sexy ass from side to side as she slipped into the kitchen.

She was nervous, horny and excited all at the same time. Paul words of encouragement echoed through her.

When Salina returned she bent over seductively pouring the lemonade. Her legs were spread and she was standing closest to Eugene as she poured.

"You're a pretty little thing you know that," he said while boldly and confidently running his big hand down the length of her leg.

Salina stopped what she was doing and gasped as he did that, feel the familiar filling of wetness in her pussy.

"Ooooo," she involuntarily moaned out loud, as his hand slowly made its way back up the inside of her thigh and cupped her pussy through her shorts.

"Do you like how that feels you pretty young thing?"

Salina remembered what she was told and replied, "Yes."

The other three men watched as Eugene seduced her in front of them. Paul couldn't help but stroke as he watched.

"Show me how pretty you are baby. Start with that zipper gorgeous. Pull it down real slow like you're a seductive stripper in a gentleman's club with no rules."

Eugene put on some slow sexy D'angelo tunes for her to strip to. Soon Salina was standing nude before them, showing off her gorgeous features.

"Can I play with your nipples?" Eugene asked.

"Yes," she responded. "Can they play with you sexy?" he asked gesturing to his friends.

"Yes, I want to feel them inside me," Salina responded dreamily.

"Sit that gorgeous body down on the table darlin, spread your legs wide and let's see your wet pussy." Eugene requested.

Salina sat on the coffee table with her legs spread on either side, her completely nude body beautiful and spurring on every lustful suggestion.

"Kiss me gorgeous," one of the older handsome men said as he pulled back her head and kissed her upside down.

Her big, beautiful tits reached towards the ceiling. Within moments two of the sexy men were kneeling beside her, each adoring one of her big tits with their skillful mouths and hands. Their biting, pulling, teasing and massaging drove her insane with the need to feel the men inside her, fucking her senseless.

As Salina responded to the erotic feelings surging through her, another hand reached down her stomach inside her shorts and landed on her wet pussy. The sensations were over the top. Extreme pleasure was being achieved in every quadrant of her amazing body. Salina felt adored by the way the men were treating her. Knowing that Paul was watching them made her moan even louder and buck her sensuous body even wilder.

They used the coffee table to their advantage making her limber body stretch and be positioned in many ways.

"I get to fuck her first while you take your turns fucking her mouth boys, enjoy," said the leader of the group Eugene.

"You don't mind being our little fuck toy do you beautiful?" Eugene asked.

"Yes, I wanna be your fuck toy, "she breathed out seductively, while rushes of vibrant sensations overtook her senses.

Eugene took two pillows and set them underneath her as she lay on the coffee table until she was at just the right height to suck cock.

Eugene parted her tender, white, firm ass cheeks wide and ran his cock up and down her glistening cunt and ass, back and forth, and back and forth.

"Oooo, fuck that feels so good. Fuck me."

"You want this baby; you want this big hard piece of meat inside you?" Eugene asked.

"Yes, yes, yes!" was her reply.

"Then take me deep."

He swung his big cock between her cheeks and deep into her little hole with a swift jolt.

"Fuckkkk, yesssss," Salina screamed as she felt his enormity enter her very, tight, little ass.

"Ooh fuck you're tight, slut. Fuck my cock with your ass baby. Gimmie your best booty dance."

As Salina circled her gorgeous ass he slapped it a little, then a little harder. Eugene made a motion for his friend to fuck her mouth. Salina lustfully greeted his cock in her mouth and sucked him to perfection.

Salina had never known she was capable of such indulgences, but here she was and loving every minute of it.

She sucked his cock with long, slow, licks, and a twirling tongue, followed by deep, penetrating, deep throat movements. As Salina felt his cock penetrate her mouth, her pussy and ass were being seared by Eugene's very long, thick, hard, cock. By the time the third guy released his load in her mouth, she was covered in their cum. Their jizz had landed on her cheeks, in her hair, and on her gorgeous tits.

"You're a good little cocksucker, you are, take it all cunt!"

With those words Eugene forcefully rammed her cum covered mouth, with his powerful cock, while the other three men started taking turns fucking her pussy and ass.

After he made her mouth numb and full of spunk, with his hard, forceful, face fucking, Eugene gave her a towel to wipe her face and tits off.

He then slid his cum covered cock back into her mouth and watched her suck him hard again.

"Mmmm baby, nothing like cumming in your sweet pussy, then letting you taste your cum mixed with mine on my cock."

He twirled her hair around his fist and rammed her mouth hard while another one of the men rammed her sexy ass.

When they were done, she was dripping cum from her ass and pussy and the coffee table was soaked. One by one the men finished with her, had a shower and went back out to work.

Eugene was last.

"If you're ever bored, call me," he said handing her a card.

Salina grabbed a towel and sat nude in front of the computer. Her sore and used body was red and energized from the supreme fucking. She lightened up the screen.

"Did you see that?" she questioned Paul in sexual bliss.

"Ohh, baby, yes I did. I saw every amazing moment of it and I have it taped so we can enjoy it together anytime we want. You were so beautiful to watch and you're such an amazing, yes girl. I couldn't want you more. Thank you my delicious flower for opening yourself up to a stimulating sexual opportunity. You were phenomenal. Absolutely, stunningly sexy. I love you baby. I can't wait to hold you in my arms tomorrow."

The next day they greeted each other by making love in a warm Jacuzzi after much tender loving play.

"I'm falling you love with you Salina."

"I love you Paul, thank you for letting me be free."

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