tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany Ch. 3

For the Love of Botany Ch. 3


Authors Note: I thank you all for the encouraging comments to write further. I plan on beginning a few new series coming up. I posted 2 how 2's in the extreme section under non human :) Sadly this will be the last adventure for now with Sarah. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the anatomy of plants ie: pistil-stamen. I will try to correct such mistakes in the future.

* * * * *

As far as she could tell 3 days had passed since her children had emerged from her cunt. Now with 13 plants to pleasure she had been taken almost every 5 minutes. The plants also had begun to listen to her instructions and acknowledged her as their source of food and pleasure.

She now controlled all 13 of the giant plants. The original plant was now 10ft tall with a massive bud and stamen. Each was 20 inches long. As she reviewed the past few weeks in her mind she called 3 of her children over. Each moved quickly towards her glistening naked body. Knowing what she wanted each extended its tentacles towards her. One of the large plants wrapped his thick tentacles around her large tits and fastened its sucker to the top of each. Slowly in throbbed to life sucking her hardening nipples and squeezing the firm flesh of her tits. It pulled itself closer and its bud retracted revealing its 15 inch stamen. The stamen glistened with wetness from its past feedings and with its own lubricant.

Sarah opened her mouth and moaned as her tits were continually tortured. The plant obediently lowered its massive stamen to her mouth and pushed its way in. The plant began to steadily fuck her mouth as it molested her sensitive nipples. Sarah closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste of the massive cock buried in her mouth. By now the other 2 plants had reached her and were beginning to enjoy her body also. The first one attached its sucking tentacle to her clit and began to torture her, wracking her body in pleasure. Then it lowered its bud and exposed its 17inch stamen. It pushed the massive wet cock into her and began to fuck in and out bringing her to orgasm quickly. It began the customary sucking of the juices causing her to explode into another orgasm. Her slender body was wracked in trembles as she moaned through the giant cock filling her mouth.

The next plant lifted her firm ass off the ground and used two tentacles to pull her strong cheeks apart exposing her puckered anus. It shot out 4 more sucker tentacles and attached each around her sensitive hole. The sucking in her ass caused her to scream as she orgasmed again this time the cum visibly running outside her cunt. Her 10 other plants had taken up around patiently waiting for their turns.

The ass plant forced its 15 inch cock into her tight ass ramming in and out bringing a moan of pleasure to her lips. After her fourth orgasm the plant in her cunt vacated and the plants rotated. The ass plant moved between her trembling thighs and began to suck and fuck her cunt. The mouth plant moved to her ass and took up the vacant position. A new plant took over her tits and mouth. Sarah screamed as each plant fucked harder and harder sending her into a wave of orgasms.

The fuckings continued till there were 4 plants left. She had just experienced another massive orgasms and was catching her breath between the wonderful hard fuckings when the massive doors opened above her. Surprised at the sudden light the plants retracted and slid into the darkness near the walls. Sarah followed suit and grabbed onto the stem of the plant that had just vacated her cunt.

Above her she heard Mr. Chavez laugh as a young girl screamed. Sarah realized that he must be back for more. Sarah watched with interest as the plants all shot tentacles above and towards the source of the noise. Each plant soon extend more and began to lift themselves from the pit. Sarah quickly grabbed onto the leafy backs of one of the plants and rode it to the top enjoying the feeling of the smooth skin of the stem rubbing against her spread cunt lips and hard nipples.

As soon as she reached the top Sarah jumped off and looked at Mr. Chavez and his latest piece of food. She collapsed from the weakness of not having walked for weeks and could barely make the two out b/c her eyes hadn't adjusted to the light. Chavez laughed when he saw her and said," Don't worry as soon as I'm done here, I'll have time for you."

Sarah finally found the strength to stand and her eyes quickly adjusted to the light. She leaned on the nearest plant and watched as the first plant began to fuck into the girls pussy. Sarah staggered closer and realized that the girl was Chavez' daughter!

The two had been friends during college and now she was here being brutally anal raped by her father and fucked silly by a giant plant. The girls name was Jenny, Sarah remembered. Sarah felt herself becoming hot as she watched Jenny's tight cunt spasm as she orgasmed for the first time. She heard Jenny moan through the massive tentacle that filled her mouth as she began to orgasm again. She heard the familiar moans of Chavez as he came deep inside his daughter's ass.

Sarah called a plant to her and spread her legs giving it access to her hungry cunt. The plant quickly filled her in all holes and Sarah moaned as her own orgasms was brought about by the hard fucking and sucking of her cunt. Meanwhile Chavez had slipped out from under his young daughters cunt and walked towards Sarah. "My my Sarah how you seem to enjoy these plants. Now you'll have your good friend Jenny to keep you company."

Sarah's tempers flared at Chavez's arrogance. "Kill him," Sarah heard herself scream as she orgasmed again. 2 of the massive plants quickly seized him in their tentacles and crushed him quickly. His dying moan was heard as he was hurled into the deep pit.

When the plant that had been buried inside her retracted Sarah walked towards her old friend. Originally she planned to free her but Sarah found that she couldn't resist the heaving chest and dripping cunt lips. Sarah sat across Jenny's spread legs and allowed another plant to enter her in both holes while she kissed Jenny's moaning lips. "Hi, Jenny," Sarah moaned between pleasured gasps.

Soon Jenny was returning Sarah's eager kisses as they both were fucked by the plants. Sarah unhooked Jenny from the chair and both fell on top of each other on the cold ground. Sarah's hands eagerly ran over the smooth soft flesh of Jenny's tits and gripped her spread ass cheeks where a plant's massive cock was buried. Suddenly Sarah felt herself and Jenny tense as a massive simultaneous orgasm ripped through both their young bodies.

Sarah lay back and listened to Jenny's gasps as she thought about tomorrow when her plants would become known and all the women who worked at the company would have a chance to study them up close and personal.

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