tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany Ch. 4

For the Love of Botany Ch. 4


Sarah and Jenny had spent the entire rest of the day and most of the morning hours getting reacquainted. More specifically they had fucked and eaten each other as they were ridden while the massive plants pleasured them in the remaining holes. Sarah told Jenny her plan about what she would do as soon as they were free of the lab. Sarah planned to release the plants as a sexual plague upon the company and the earth. A very very pleasing plague at that.

Sarah lay over Jenny's sleeping body and began to lick and caress her face and nipples. Four plants obediently approached and filled her cunt, and ass as well as Jenny's. Jenny's eyes fluttered open as she gazed up into her lovers face and thrust back down on the massive cocks now filling her holes. Jenny felt Sarah doing the same as they began to grope each others bodies and press themselves harder together as the plants worked. Jenny was extremely filled by one plant much less two but there was very little pain involved.

She silently concentrated on the feeling of the two cocks rubbing between her ass and cunt. She pinched Sarah's nipples forcing a moan from her beautiful soft lips. Sarah was obviously enjoying the experience as her face was a mask of pleasure and her body was covered in sweat. Jenny felt the massive plants force their way into the very deepest recesses of her holes and plunge harder. Jenny clamped down on the cock between her legs and cheeks and tried to control the pace.

A tentacle shot out to her clit and sucked it into its small hole. Jenny arched her back and groaned as the tentacle tortured her hard little nub. Sarah had rolled off of her and was gasping as she received the same experience. Sarah glanced over at Jenny and orgasmed at the sight of her friend being well filled by the massive stamens of her children. Jenny's body was shuddering now as she neared her own orgasm. Using her strong muscular legs she lifted herself from the metal floor and collapsed once more onto the cocks before she orgasmed. Her entire body and cunt spasmed and exploded in pleasure.

She let out a large gasp as a feeling of several pops exploded in her cunt. This must have been the breeding Sarah was talking about Jenny realized. She was pregnant! Sarah too had the same experience and lay there waiting till her next batch was laid. Sarah and Jenny both fell into a deep sleep that was part of the birthing process as the roots of their children imbedded in their pleasured cunt walls.

Each of the children sucked up the orgasmic juices and began to grow into miniature plants. Jenny and Sarah both awoke together as they felt the feeling of something making its way down their cunts. Jenny took Sarah's small hand into her own and spread her legs awaiting the coming babies. Jenny gasped in pleasure as the first one burst from her cunt followed by 10 others. Then as before they extended suckers into her cunt and began to suck. Sarah was undergoing the same experience except with 15 children.

The multiple suckers from the little plants on their sensitive cunt walls quickly caused both of the girls to orgasm. And as before the following lunch was followed by the bursting forth of new stamens. Jenny and Sarah waited a week until their children were large enough to fill one hole each. Then the pair opened the doors exposing the company to their pets. Soon several hundred female employees were captives and slaves to the pleasures of the plants.

About 20 men were allowed to live for future human breeding purposes. The plants quickly multiplied growing and spreading across the face of the world like a tumor. Soon the human population was willingly enslaved to the sexual plants and only small pockets of men resisted the plants but they had no good way to hold out forever.

* * *

*Authors Note: This will be the last in the series of "For the Love of Botany". I hope you enjoyed it and would be willing to allow someone else to continue it on 2 conditions. I get to preview all work and I have final control of what gets published. I appreciate all the support and letters of compliments I have received. Check out my other stories and Thank you!

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