tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 01

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 01


Author's note: I have decided to continue one of my favorite series, For the Love of Botany. It has been a long time since I have added anything to this tale and only recently have found the inspiration to do so. I hope there are still some of you out there who have enjoyed the different tales that encompassed the series. I am always happy to hear from someone who is a fan of this fiction. Thank you for your encouragement.


Deep within a densely populated jungle a lone girl sits. She is naked in every way. Her body is a green tone that mirrors the giant trees and leaves which form a canopy above her. Her hair is a flowing mass of long vines and her eyes a bright and vibrant violet. She otherwise appears to be a perfect human female. Her body is flawless. Her waist is small and her stomach well toned. Her breasts are not large, but nor are they small. They are pert and sit high upon her chest. They are capped by a dark green areola. Her legs are long and as toned as her stomach. She is obviously quick and fit and capable of surviving the dangerous world in which she lives. Her name is Ariana and she is the only living descendant of the first of the Seeded. She is also the first of the Reborn. Here upon a fallen log she records her thoughts, knowledge, and life upon a bound book of cut hide. In the darkness, her pride and right are evident. But she is alone, for now.

Much has been made of my ancestor's role in the discovery and founding of our society. Some of it is true, some of it is false, and some I could not decipher for you. A great deal of time has passed and there are too many breaks in the continuance of history for me to be able to definitively say what to believe. And then, what good does it do to tell you to believe in this or that. Some of you will believe me because she was the first of us to carry the seed of the plants within us. Others of you will believe me because I am the first of the Reborn and at the moment the only of them. I do not believe that my case is unique except in timing- soon others of you will return to seed and come spring will burst into this new blossom that I carry.

For history's sake, because it means so little now, I will review some of what I know of recent (or more recent, if you will) history. I will try to avoid falsehoods and lies as some are prone to in this day. I am who I am. I am a descendant of the first Seeding and the first of the Reborn. Nothing shall change that and it is not subject to the political machinations of those who are late Seeded.

You have been taught, like your sisters and mothers, the Histories and the Joys as recorded by Sarah. After the first Seeding, the plants and we, their providers spread with them. The wickedness of the unWomen or men as they once were was wiped clean. Sarah in her knowledge formed the first of the Seed kingdoms. It was based on simplicity of life and the celebration of the Seeding. You and I are still taught to revel in the pleasures of the Givers and their seedling. Sarah knew also that without the unWomen that we would quickly fade from the face of the earth. And so she set up the first of the Breeding colonies and the first rotations began under the new sun. These are the Golden Years. Not long after Sarah went to root did the age of the Understanding dawn. We learned of the blessings of the Givers- our longevity, health, and the neutralization of the threats of the warming that came in the early time. In these days, the last of the rebellions was put to rest and we learned to accept what happened in the world around us. After a hundred years of learning and peace we went to war again. One of our sisters betrayed the covenant made with the rest of womankind. She was deceived by one of the breeders and helped him to escape. This was the age of Turning and the Second Rebellion. He, as he is called, lit the world afire with the weapons of old and nearly wiped what had been created from its face. If not for the Givers we would have perished. But they carried us within their buds until the air was clean again. Many of them, and of us, had perished but there was still hope and we carried on. This is the most recent of the great events that have shaped and recreated the world.

Out of the Turning came the new creatures- the tigrans, and the leonines, and the canine. These new beasts were different then their predecessors and were more dangerous in some ways. The tigrans and the leonines both are capable of inseminating and fertilizing one of the Seeded. The tigrans, a strange mutation of man and tiger and insect, are the most lethal. Their phallus is heavily barbed and will rip our sensitive passage to shreds during mating. It is not a painful death at first, because of the heavy endorphins released with its sting. It is not until the eggs began to feed of your womb and then your organs that the pain begins. Death is prolonged and always fatal. There is no way to purge the eggs from the system. If one of the Seeded is found carrying the signs of tigran breeding, we execute and burn the carrier. Leonines are also a strange breed of ape, lion, and insect- in this case scorpion. Leonines are also capable of breeding with us and procreating in that manner. The semen of the leonine includes a strange chemical which, upon entry to the bloodstream encourages feral behavior. Women who have been subdued and bred repeatedly often become fully feral and animalistic. They will enthusiastically mate with their leonine male and hunt and even kill their Seeded friends. The canine are the most natural of the new mutants. They are just as the dogs of old- just giants. The average canine is the size of a mule. They are trainable as pack animals and as guards. The trainer duty is dangerous because one bite is often fatal. In recent times we have seen several cults associated with the worship of canines. Some of the Seeded keep trained canine as sex toys. They are an enjoyable and animated partner, although difficult and expensive to care for.

Some of you no doubt are wondering about me. After the second rebellion, my mother had been taken up and carried in the bud of her Giver as many of you and your mothers were. Once the air was clean, she was not immediately released- which was unique. Nine months after the air was renewed she was Reborn. She was pregnant with me, my father the Giver who had protected us for so many years. He went to root upon our Rebirth and she went into labor. The midwife who delivered me proclaimed me a Messiah or Savior for our civilization. I was an unknown then. My "royal" bloodline and the uniqueness of my birth made me an object of fear and worship. For those of you who will read this in the future I will include a brief description of my appearance. My skin is a soft green like the leaves of the Givers. My eyes are solid violet, no pupil or iris. My hair is hundreds of smaller tentacles, such as those of our Givers. I have complete control over each individual strand and am quite adept in their usage. Perhaps the most unique aspects of my appearance are my pussy and my nipples. When aroused, both undergo drastic changes, different from those of a human Seeded. My nipples look like normal ones at first glance when un-aroused. But after stimulation they rise up and harden. Their texture and appearance changed to that of a woody thorn. I have been told by my lovers that a prick of the thorn increases sensitivity and arousal tenfold. My pussy, as I said, also changes. At first it appears, again, as a normal woman's. Upon stimulation it begins to bloom and spread as a flower. Each of the petals is sensitive. Once stimulation has ended the petals will fall to the ground and my pussy will look normal again. I have self-experimented and found that I can produce dozens of blooms within a day. There seems to be no limitation to this function. As a normal woman orgasms, I bloom. The sensations seem similar except for the appearance and increased surface area of my pussy when it has reached full bloom.

The young woman had grown tired. Despite the obvious superiority of her physique the last few weeks had been trying. She had gone from being a sacred object of adoration to thousands of women, to being a traitor and a mutant. She had challenged the new society which had sprung up in the wreckage of the Second Rebellion. Before the uprising, her family had headed a benevolent utopia of sorts. Now she was alone in the wastes, prey for the mutants of which she had just written and for those who needed her dead. Ariana rolled up the writings and stored them safely away in her woven knapsack. Then she went to root. To the Seeded (the women who had been chosen by their plant mates and born new fruit from the mating) going to Root meant death. For Ariana, it was literal. As she slept her toes furrowed into the ground and drew nutrients from the soil, replenishing her energy. It was her most vulnerable period. If her enemies were to come upon her quietly they could finish her before she had the opportunity to pull her feet free from the ground. This night would be a peaceful one- the last for a while. Ariana would be tossed between the rampant demands of nature and the manipulative actions of civilization.

Ariana awoke to the sense of a disruption in the jungle near her. Since she had been born, she had, had intimate knowledge of the organisms that drew their life from the soil as she did. They were her kin, half-brothers and sisters in a way. The threat was not imminent, but it was close enough for her to wake with a start and immediately get in motion. It took her around a minute to fully break from the soil. She could move sooner if necessary, but she risked injury to do so. The vines atop her head went about gathering her belongings while her roots retracted into toes. She was patient; understanding that panicking could mean death. The moment her toes were fully retreated, she broke into a sprint. Ariana's running displayed a second sense within the jungle. Everything had its place and she knew them. If any other human had been around they would have been both aroused and awed by her beauty. The long viney hair trailed behind her as she raced. Her full breasts bounced happily atop her chest and with each full extension of her leg a burst of a pink fleshy region between her smooth thighs was revealed.

The creature on her tail appreciated these assets, but it did not understand why. It had no understanding of the comparison of beauty; it simply understood pleasure and need. At the moment it was more focused on need and was willing to sacrifice anything to get what it wanted. The creature was a leonine, of which she had just offered a brief discussion. It had caught her scent early that morning and had been slowly drawing nearer to her resting site. Her scent had been strong there, an odd blend of the jungle around it and the distinctive smell of a human female. Before he had been able to reach her she had darted into the jungle a fair distance ahead of her. But he was fast and big and young and had easily covered the distance between them. In full stride, this young male leonine measured fourteen feet in length. It resembled a large lion in silhouette. Up close there were some distinctive differences. The leonine had a thin exoskeleton running from the tip of its nose down to the end of its hindquarters. Its underside and legs were the same tawny hair of a normal lion. The legs and forearms of the leonine resembled those of a muscular ape, albeit slightly more proportional. But the most unique feature of this mutant creature was its tail. It was hard to trace the whipping motion of the tail of the leonine as it raced after its prey, but when still it strongly resembled the tail of the scorpion, minus the poisonous dart at the tip. The first of the Seeded who had encountered this new creature were caught off guard by the tail's uses and abilities. Now it was the most feared aspect of the leonine's anatomy. It was also a highly prized symbol of bravery and weapon skill to those who had successfully killed its owner. Ariana had never encountered these creatures except in royal processions and on wall mountings. Her first meeting would be today.

Ariana by now knew that she was not going to win the out and out race and that her only chance of survival would be to take advantage of the brutal single-mindedness of the creature. She allowed herself to slow, consciously fighting the instinct within her to run faster. Ariana's second sense was not flawless and she tried to turn to meet her attacker a moment too late. The leonine was already mid-pounce and just as her body twisted towards it; it made contact with her shoulders. The sharp clawed hands of the leonine dug into the soft green skin on the outside of her shoulders. The heavy weight of the animal's body sent her backwards until her flight was stopped by a sturdy tree trunk. Ariana was in a bad way. The leonine preferred its prey back up, much easier to inseminate, but it was not necessary. The moment it had a stable footing on the ground its tail came whipping back between its rear legs, with a particularly soft pink target in mind. This was the leonine's surprise- the tail had become both a weapon and its means of breeding. Ariana, managed to regain some control of her body, just seconds before the first thrust landed. She clamped her legs together and pivoted her lower body up and to the side. The tail kicked up the moist soil and dead leaves where her pussy had just been. Immediately, the tail retreated and recocked, aiming again. Its next attack was foiled in the same way. Ariana knew that she needed to find a way out soon. Her shoulders were bleeding a dark green sap where they were pinned beneath the claws of the leonine. At the moment the leonine was not trying to kill her, but if she did not solve her problem soon, she would risk inviting it to.

The leonine was now angry and frustrated. It was eagerly anticipating when the tail found its mark and was heavily aroused. It had not mated in the past six months after it had been driven from its territory by an older leonine male. His harem of females had been claimed by the male as part of its victory. Now several months had past without anything to relieve itself upon. A light came on in the darkness of the leonine's head. It let out an angry growl and dived towards the female's throat. Ariana momentary lost the necessary attention on the creature's tail and tried to dodge her head out of the way. A second later she realized that she had been outsmarted by the beast as the tail found its mark and the gaping jaws clamped shut well away from exposed threat.

The first strike of the tail plunged the eight inch wide head of the leonine's tail into her cunt. Ariana's eyes sprung open, momentarily shocked at the force of the entry and the size of the head. Her Givers' stamens were wider so her cunt quickly adjusted to the new object within it. The leonine's tail started to writhe within her in a serpentine motion. It was worming its way deeper into the warm recesses of Ariana's pussy. Once a sufficient distance within it released its first payload- the feral chemical. Ariana instantly understood what had happened, and despite the onset of arousal she resumed her attempts to free herself. Her long tendrils of vines began to flail at the creature's head and eyes, until it loosely attached its jaws to her throat, applying just enough pressure to draw blood. Ariana's hair fell limply to the ground around her and she decided that this was her end. By now she could feel her nipples hardening into thorns and her pussy beginning to blossom as the feral chemical entered her blood stream.

A good nine inches of leonine cock was buried within her flower. Ariana felt her hips beginning to raise and lower with the writhing cock within her. Growls of pleasure and need were coming from deep within the leonine's stomach. Ariana understood how the victims of leonine breeding could grow accustomed to the feral life- it was extraordinarily pleasurable. Her pussy had not experienced this type of arousal since she had fled. And the contrast of the smooth exoskeleton top and bristly haired bottom of the tail was delightful. Her pussy was in full bloom and her juices were flowing out of her, wetting down the thrusting hairy underside of the invader and causing the exoskeleton to glisten. Ariana reached up and gripped the strong forearms pinning her to the base of the tree and tried thrusting down onto the tail. She closed her eyes and reveled in the slurps and squishes of her drenched pussy as it sought to devour the cock pleasing her. By now the tail was up to thirteen inches deep within her and the tip was nearing her womb. Once there it would fertilize and impregnate her. Ariana was lost to that now and was grunting and growling her approval, driven feral by the combination of powerful endorphins and the tenacious sex. Her pussy was surrounded by bright pink petals that glowed and throbbed with the motions of her hips and the tail within her.

The leonine was close and he knew it. He felt the tip of his tail finally breach the entrance to her womb and he reared up, momentarily releasing her shoulders, and planted them firmly against the tree for one final thrust. The strong muscular tail flexed and coiled until the tail breached into her womb. Ariana let loose an animalistic cry of delight and the sudden freedom of the writhing coils within her as her G-spot received direct intense stimulation. Moments later, she exploded into a realm of animalistic impulse and freedom as her whole body spasmed with orgasmic bliss. Her juices flooded out of her cunt and puddled on the soaked ground beneath her. The leonine reached his climax simultaneously and thick ropes of his seed flooded her womb. The sudden warmth filling up her hole sent her over the edge once more. By now, a veritable pond of juices had formed beneath her, and the leonine's fluids were adding to it. The leonine was exhausted and well spent and collapsed atop her, its twitching tail still filling her. Ariana lay there squirming on the hot cock setting off several smaller orgasms deep within. Then she too passed out, exhausted.

While she slept her toes found purchase in the soil and went to root. A new aspect of Ariana's unique abilities went to work. Her body purged itself of the invading chemicals that would have permanently altered her consciousness.

When Ariana next awoke, she was laying where she had been tackled. The leonine was licking her thighs and pussy repeatedly, drinking up the tastes of their fucking. Ariana's pussy was blooming again, the petals from the previous session laying spread on the ground beneath her. She reached down and grasped the leonine's large furry head and pulled it into the apex of her thighs, blissfully savoring the heavy texture of the mutant's tongue over her clit. The leonine dug its long muscular tongue deeper into the juicy tunnel which he had spilled in. The fruity taste of her juices was sweet and intoxicating, unlike the normal sweaty taste of its mates. It tried to lap like it would to drink, but the tight enclosure only aloud its tongue small movement. Ariana found herself toying with her nipples and wrapping her legs around the back of the predator's head. This startled the creature and its tongue quickly pulled away and back into its owner's mouth. The dragging of the tongue through her twat's halls sent Ariana back into a refreshing orgasm. Her legs dropped back to the ground as the leonine lapped up the new juices and then retreated a few feet away from her, before hunkering down on the ground.

Ariana examined her shoulders calmly, seeking any signs of infection or permanent injury. All of the wounds had been covered over by a hard woody material that took the places of scabs. Her arms and shoulders were a bit sore, but she was feeling good otherwise. It took a few minutes for Ariana to realize that she was clearly thinking about her wounds and her predicament. This was the first big clue in to the fact that she had resisted the chemical dose delivered by the leonine's tail. She had seen the effects when she was younger of one dose. Her mother had taken her to see a trial of a murderer and their punishment. The woman had been put in the enclosure of a leonine male. The ensuing breeding had lasted for a good half hour and many of the Seeded in the audience had succumbed to self-pleasing during the entertainment. Within twenty minutes of the leonine releasing its seed, the woman had been presenting herself to the creature and leaping at the enclosures bars while screaming insanely. Within hours she was peeing on herself and eating raw meat. Ariana's heart skipped at the promise of another chance at life. She was not entirely sure that there were no side affects of the drugs- but she knew that she was not devoid of self-control and forethought. Immediately she began trying to determine how to free herself from her situation. There were no weapons available to fell the leonine with and she knew she could not outrun him. Her best idea was to wait until he was asleep and then slip away. So, Ariana set about exhausting the ferocious predator who had planned to keep her as his mate.

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