tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03


Author's Note: To all of the readers of this series, please be aware that there will be a slight shift in the usual sexual endeavors of our heroines. In the interest of creativity and uniqueness, there will be the introduction of torture for sexual gratification.

This story is the intellectual property of its author. Please do not repost without written permission.


Apparently the women who had been selected to guard and restrain Ariana held her in no reverence. The days following her capture in the Breeding Colony had been rough on her. Little care went into ensuring that she was given basic necessities and she quickly found herself growing more and more disgusted with the state she was in. To add salt to the wound she was still grieving over the betrayal which Jessica had perpetrated upon her and the memory of her mother. She promised herself revenge upon the woman. But that would come later. At the moment there was a great sense of uncertainty for the first of the Reborn. She was unsure as to what would become of her.

The Inquisitor watched over her captive. Under the new government, the green woman sitting in the small cell was the primary enemy of the state. And now the Inquisitor had the opportunity to cement her career and standing. If she could break the famed Ariana she would be well rewarded. The Imperial appointee had no idea whether or not she was guilty of the crimes accused, nor did she care. Her success in the interrogation was her chance and she was not about to let it pass by.

Ariana stared up as four well-armed guards entered her cell. She pressed herself up against the corner of her cell and moved into a crouched position. Each of the guards carried a four foot long stick with a noose around the end. Ariana was disgusted to think that they thought they could corral her like the unWomen. The bravest and senior of the guards shuffled forward, her pole reaching warily for Ariana's head. The bright violet eyes of the captive glowed as the noose inched closer and closer. Just before the guard thought she would be able to peacefully take the captive there was a sudden burst of movement. Ariana moved faster than the Seeded could responded. Using the wall as leverage, she planted her feet against it and leapt into the air. Her fist grabbed the pole as she vaulted over the first of the guards. The pole came smacking back into the woman's face, a sickening pop wrenched from her nose.

As soon as Ariana's feet touched the ground she swung the now free pole in a harsh arc that connected with the midsection of the guard beside her. A loud whoosh of air flew from the woman's mouth as she doubled over. By now the other two guards had jumped to action, knowing their careers and lives depended upon their ability to restrain the raging half-breed woman before them. The one closest to Ariana was a bit too slow, and she was rewarded with the tight noose cinching around her neck and cutting off her oxygen. Ariana's immeasurable strength swung the woman's stumbling body towards the fourth and final guard. The fourth guard was desperate and thought nothing of the other imbeciles now incapacitated by the Reborn. Her own pole hammered into the head of the captured guard, dropping her like a sack of rocks to the floor. Ariana's pole was wrenched from her hand as the guard hit the floor. She had not expected the fourth guard to take a shot at the other just to get to her. Now she was weaponless and backed into a corner. Of course that was how this had all started and she was up against only one Imperial guard. Her eyes would glance to the door when the golden glow of the torches outside flickered. The guard noticed the momentary dimming and also looked towards the door.

A small woman, probably weighing less than one hundred pounds, stood framed in the torchlight. Her neck was decorated with the purple stone collar of an Inquisitor. The collar seemed ill fitted for the woman, it draped down her chest and nearly hid her small breasts. In a society of perfectly curved beauties, this woman was an abnormality and she had worked hard her entire life to get to the station she now held. She had done so by being ruthless and deceptive and committed wholeheartedly to the task at hand. Now she had come to regain control of the situation which she hoped to use to jump another level of power. In her right hand she carried the preferred tool of the inquisitors- a long three lashed whip. In the other she carried a burning hot poker that glowed a devilish orange.

Ariana understood the significance of the woman's collar and of her height. This woman had to be good at what she did or she would not be here. The fourth guard, feeling the authority and power of the Inquisitor at her back, darted back towards Ariana, hoping to subdue her while she was distracted. Ariana easily shed the stabbing thrust of the pole and pivoted gracefully on one heel. As the guard's post hammered into the wall, Ariana's foot connected solidly with her temple and her eyes went dim. Now Ariana was alone with the Inquisitor.

The short thin woman stepped over the closest body and into the cell. Now she and Ariana were engaged in a struggle that carried the weight of their respective futures. Ariana tried to strike first, but was amazed by the speed with which the whip responded. A long trio of welts tore up her inner thigh and drove her back. At each mark's center a small portion of her green skin was torn open. Ariana quickly regained her composure and was determined to strike once more, not stopping until she had reached the woman who sought to keep her at bay. Her next lunge was as fast as the first and just as determined. But before she could reach the Inquisitor her other thigh was sliced and six long bloody marks snaked down her shoulders to her breasts. She thought she had broken the range of the whip but found the burning brand rolling up her side, leaving a sizzling dark green mark that emitted intense pain.

Her attack was slowed just enough to allow the back of the Inquisitor's hand to connect solidly with her jaw. Ariana found herself spun back into the cell, her head pulling the rest of her body around. As she stumbled and tried to catch herself from falling the whip flashed again and again and again. Nine more welts stretched from her shoulders down to her buttocks, marring their smooth green surface with the dark raised welts that quickly began to bleed. Ariana tripped over one of the stirring guards and landed on her knees. The whip licked out over her neck and back again and again, forcing her to land on all fours. The prod of the brand against her inner thigh, painfully close to her vagina, flattened her. Ariana found herself unable to rise as a noose slipped around her neck and cinched shut, a foot planted firmly on her lower back.

"Stupid bitch. We will be discussing your attitude of arrogance later. As you can see, I have no respect for you or your supposed uniqueness. Try something like that again and I will see you fed to the unWomen."

Two new guards entered the room, their muscular bodies quickly securing Ariana's legs and arms behind her back. A rope was tied tightly around her whipping vines and she was unceremoniously drug from the room. The Inquisitor found herself surprisingly aroused by the opportunity to force a confession from the first of the Reborn. And if she failed, she would at least get to see her publicly humiliated then executed.

Ariana found herself once more strapped spread eagled to a large X shaped construction of wood. She was hung vertically, her wrists, neck, and ankles all secured to the cross. Her wounds were still fresh and were not healing as quickly as normal. Too much time had passed without her having the opportunity to go to root and her ability to regenerate was severely impeded. Her back burned painfully as it was bound to the rough wooden surface.

The Inquisitor entered not long after the prisoner was secured to the cross board. She enjoyed torture immensely and had found herself enjoying the recent political unrest. So many dissidents, so little time. But Ariana, first of the Reborn, was going to be a treat. She sat in the heavy throne-like chair which had been brought down here for her to sit in when she grew tired of the abuse and turned instead to mental games.

"Ariana, do you know why you are here?" There was no response.

"Well, since you won't tell me, I guess I will tell you. You are here for two reasons. The first is that the Givers have gone to root inexplicably. And the second is that people look to you instead of to the government to lead them and fix this wrong." Ariana still did not respond. "Now, you may say that you have no part in either situation. The problem is, that even if not by choice, you do. As the first of the Reborn you are unique to our people. And that is dangerous. And without the Givers, we have nothing to satisfy the populous and disguise the lack of freedom they have. That leaves us with you. We need a solution that enables us to make the Seeded believe that we are capable of fixing that problem. So we have chosen to sacrifice you to the demands of the people. But we need a confession- something to remind them that we are in no way culpable for this misfortune."

The Inquisitor rose from her chair and paced to the bound form of the beautifully unique woman. Her fingers traced over the still oozing wounds on her thighs and stomach. A small buildup of Ariana's blood formed on her finger. She licked it off slowly, savoring the strange flavor it gave. She was going to enjoy this. Her hands explored the singular aspects of Ariana's body. She toyed with her nipples until they formed into the hardened thorns which she had heard so much about. The Inquisitor examined the vagina which was said to bloom when aroused. The pink folds gave way to her prying fingers as she explored it. She fingered it gently for a few moments, hoping to see the legendary blossom unfold for her. But she still received no response. Slightly frustrated that she could not elicit anything from Ariana, she turned instead to the wide array of instruments spread across a bench on the far wall of the room. After selecting her preferred methods she returned to Ariana's side. Her pussy was quite wet and she was quite aroused as she anticipated hearing the young woman's cries.

The Inquisitor took a moment to pull up her large chair to Ariana's side. Some of the methodologies she employed were quite strenuous so she would keep it handy in case she needed a break.

Ariana squirmed beneath the chafing straps that held her down on the unfinished surface of the X. She had the very distinct impression that to the Inquisitor, her pain would be sexually exciting. She set her jaw and braced for the coming assaults. She would not have to wait long.

The Inquisitor loved burning things and she had decided to start with a branding tool, smaller then the one she had used as a weapon earlier, but just as hot. The surface of the metal glowed red just inches from her finger tips and she became aware that she was chewing on her bottom lip as the possibilities these sessions presented developed into fantasies.

Ariana watched as the glowing orange tip inched towards her belly button. She saw the sickening grin on the Inquisitor's face as it slowly descended upon the small recess.

The Inquisitor had no intention of interrogating the woman bound before her just yet. Her focus was on her own needs and on the pain she could inflict. Her spare hand was sliding beneath the underside of her small breasts, her forefinger just barely twitching upon her nipple. Then the glowing tip pressed against skin and a small hissing noise emanated throughout the enclosure.

She watched as her victim's muscles went rigid as the pressure increased and the burning sensation spread over all of her nerves. Then she lifted the brand from the Reborn's stomach. The relief it offered was only brief, and the brand descended again, slightly higher on the stomach this time.

The same hissing sound came from the tip of the brand, as the skin blistered beneath it. Again it raised and lowered, still slightly higher. The Inquisitor was quite wet by now, watching the sudden tensing of muscles as she forced the captive to endure exquisite pain. The biggest draw for the torturer was the similarity she saw in the first moments of extreme pain and pleasure. The same breathing, the same muscle spasms, the same cries. Only the end result was different. But not for her.

She continued her application of the brand all the way up to Ariana's collarbone. There were small two inch by two inch burns forming a trail to where the brand rested. The Inquisitor slipped her spare hand from her breasts and into the cleft between her thighs as she prepared for the next branding. Rather than lift the brand from the shuddering sweaty bound body, she trailed it up the steep rounding of Ariana's breasts and circled the sensitive nipples.

Ariana was nearing tears. She had to fight to keep from crying out and giving in to the Inquisitor's whim. Each brand press was just long enough to inflict maximum pain, but just short enough that it did not allow that spot to go numb. Now she had a line of throbbing spots trailing up to her neck. And with the unrelenting swirl of the brand on her breasts she was subjected to intense agony. The sensitive globes normally were reacting to the pleasing caress of the Givers or of a partner. But now they were reacting to the sadistic caress of the brand.

Her ability to resist crying out gave way when the brand slipped over her nipple, searing its erect tip and causing Ariana to try and writhe away. The Inquisitor let out an excited whimper as she heard the restrained squeal of her victim. Content with the one breast she repeated the same motions on the other breast. The pain was obviously the same, but Ariana had steeled herself anew and no cry came from her as the brand flicked across her nipple.

Slightly disappointed, the Inquisitor returned the brand to the arm which extended it into the fire. She would return to it later, but for now there were other things to try. As she reached for her next tool she examined the dark green burns that patterned the lithe body squirming before her. She considered herself an amateur tattooist and worked to create ritual patterns in the pain she inflicted. The job was definitely half finished, but there would be time later to complete it.

Her next selection was a handful of six inch long needles. Both ends were sharpened perfectly and the slight shine of them just begged for blood. The Inquisitor had to pause for a second to regain her composure. She had not found herself this excited over torturing someone in a long time. Her delicate small hands steadily reached out, a needle in one, while the other pulled one of Ariana's nipples away from her fleshy breast.

A small malicious smirk crossed her face as she watched Ariana stare down at the impending penetration of the needle. Oh, how she savored that first moment of surrealism as the needle pushed through pliant flesh. Ariana's head rocked back once more as the long needle slid with little resistance through the base of her nipple. The long metallic rod threaded through her body and burned her chest with a pulsing ache. She found her muscles beginning to twitch involuntarily as her various wounds accumulated.

The Inquisitor was far to excited to continue as she had. She expertly adjusted the table to a slightly less severe angle and lowered it closer to the floor. Satisfied she climbed atop her victim's body, her thighs straddling the Reborn's hips. Her needy pussy began to lightly grind over the taut stomach muscles upon which it rested.

Ariana was amazed by the amount of pleasure that her torturer gleaned from the activity. She could clearly make out the spread of fluids over the Inquisitor's crotch and now her own. The thought was momentary as the tip of another needle pressed through her other nipple. The dragging sensation of the length was excruciating as her captor sought to center it in the tautly pulled nub. By now small spots of green blood were oozing from the open wounds atop her nipples. Ariana dreaded the knowledge that the woman atop her had forgotten her responsibility to interrogate and was focused single-mindedly on her own lust.

The Inquisitor had indeed become focused only on herself. The opportunity of a lifetime was arousing enough, but to have such a unique specimen upon which she could practice her sadistic art: that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Now with her finger's delicately pressing a long needle through the famous thorny nipples of Ariana, her pussy could only think of inflicting more pain and more pleasure. The Inquisitor's hips were now bucking quickly over Ariana's abdomen and crotch. Her own naked pink lips smeared a juicy path of fluid over the covered territory. As her rocking pace increased, the Inquisitor grabbed onto the needles and leaned back, gradually increasing the weight pulling on them. Centimeter by centimeter the nipples pulled dangerously away from the flesh beneath them as the Inquisitor rode.

Ariana was finding herself reaching a limit of her pain threshold. She was certain that within another millimeter the needles would tear free from her chest and she would be left with bloody stubs instead of her unique nipples. Much to her relief, the Inquisitor reached the first of her orgasms of the day and collapsed forward, her head resting on. The bound arms and shoulder of her captive. Ariana could feel the wetness now trapped between their bodies as it chilled in the small cell. The Inquisitor propped herself back up again and slid off.

In a perky and innocent sounding voice she commented, "Now wasn't that nice."

Ariana resisted the urge to curse and swear at the woman who had already been responsible for so much of her suffering. She sensed that something new was coming when she found additional straps being applied around her waist and the beam upon which it rested. She was unable to see what the long rod the Inquisitor held in her hand as she re-approached. Ariana tried squirming away once more, before being reminded that her straps were secure and she would only be allowed to leave when the Inquisitor was finished.

Whatever the long rod was it apparently had been crafted for some specific purpose that Ariana was soon to discover. The Inquisitor fitted the rod into a hole on the back side of the beam and began to press it forward. It soon met the tightly clenched ass cheeks of the bound woman atop it. The Inquisitor attempted to ram it home with just raw physical strength, but Ariana refused to relax and managed to keep the thick piece of wood from penetrating her asshole. She could feel the rough wooden surface as it prodded into her cheeks, leaving slivers and a bruise or two. Her momentary victory would end when the Inquisitor produced a heavy hammer with which to finish the job.

The loud pounding noise signaled the end of Ariana's resistance. The rod was large and rudely crafted for just this task. Within moments the wide splintered head was pressing against her anus and Ariana found herself crying out into the echoing emptiness of the cell as it broke through her muscled anal ring and rammed deeper into her tight back door. Inch after excruciating inch penetrated into her hole, leaving a trail of broken skin and torn flesh. It would only stop when over six inches of the wooden peg were filling her. Ariana continued to cry out as her nerves throbbed at the forced invasion of the hole.

The Inquisitor stood to the side, her hands lightly stroking various areas of her own body as she watched the young woman attempt to escape the intrusion that so thoroughly filled her. She watched, delighted, as Ariana would try to lift her backside off of the rod, only to find the distance too far to escape and have to collapse back onto it. There was no relief from the pain and soon her eyes had filled with tears. The insatiable Inquisitor slid between her writhing legs and began to finger her pussy, first with one digit and then with another.

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