For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03


Ariana's pussy began to lubricate itself as it found itself unable to resist the constant thrust of the Inquisitor's fingers. The famed bloom never showed, but plenty of fluids filled the nether regions of the captive. The Inquisitor pumped her fingers in rhythm to the thrusts of her other hand between her own thighs. This was the moment that she enjoyed the most: when she could savor the pleasure of another's pain and hopefully help them to realize just how delicious it really was.

There would be no moans of pleasure from Ariana as her cries softened to whimpers. The pain in her backside was still primary in her thoughts and the thrusting fingers were just another unpleasant reminder of her status within the world. Her body collapsed and her mind surrendered to the dark embraces of unconsciousness.

She would awake hours later in a small cell. Her whole body burned and ached and it took her several minutes to take count of the many injuries that had been inflicted upon her. There were some that had not been there prior to her black out and evidenced a more impassioned anger on the Inquisitor's part as she had realized that she had failed to do anything except get off. Ariana would realize with a start that the ground she sat on was raw soil- not stone. This new information brought the first semblance of joy that she experienced since her capture. Her body quickly rooted itself to the ground and the embrace of the quietness inside her exhausted mind filled her.

Ariana dreamed of happier times when she was a child. She remembered playing alone in the forests outside the city, sleeping amongst her trees and wildlife. The gentle whisper of the brook, the soft rustle of the breeze, the small crunching of her feet upon the fallen leaves all came rushing back to her as her body absorbed up the essence and nutrients of the earth. Those would be the last moments of peace upon the earth for Ariana. The next day she would be killed.

Of course, the first of the Reborn had no knowledge of this. She would awake feeling more refreshed and pain free then she had the day before. A small crack of a window would allow some sunshine and fresh air that would lift her spirits. When the guards came for her, she did not resist, finding a strange satisfaction and peace overcoming her. The women who bound her and prepared her for her final journey nervously tied Ariana to a large pole and carried her prone from the room. They were glad that she did not resist; knowing the last guards who had failed in capturing her had been burned alive and left to be buried by the wind.

Ariana's eyes remained close throughout the journey. She had some idea as to where she was being taken, but did not want to think about it. The bobbing motion of the pole between the two Amazon guards would have made her sick if she had tried opening them anyways. Bend after bend, she would be carried until she began to hear the noise that confirmed her suspicions.

At first it was just a dull throbbing echo. The noise could have just been a strong wind trapped in the corridors, but there were no openings for it to enter. Then there was the slight tremor of the walls, and as they neared their destination the volume jumped to a roar. She had been taken to the Ellipse, a giant structure crafted in the early years by Givers. It held the entire population of the city and still had room for their giant plant companions. Lately the Ellipse had been used for public executions. In days gone by it had been a place of sacred harmony. The annual festivals and celebrations were held in its dirt floor. The new government and regime had changed all that. Now it was a place of death and destruction.

Ariana would not have the benefit of a quick and merciful death. She was to be made a sacrifice and a spectacle. The guards shored up any easiness in their step and unified into a march as the light of the day hit them and the cries of the multitude echoed in their ears. When the prisoner's green skin became obvious beneath the bright light of the sun, an even louder roar went up. Much of the populous had bought into the explanation that she had been responsible for the Givers going to root. Now she would be punished for her crime, and hopefully the Givers would be freed. This possibility carried the voices of the people high into the error as their torturer was set in the center of the stadium.

Ariana had a moment to feel sad- she was in no way responsible for the Givers' abandonment of the Seeded. She had been singled out by the people she had loved solely because she was unique. Now she was too be sacrificed for her difference and her death would be rejoiced in. The guards had buried her pole in a carved recess in the sand and so she was propped up, her naked green body for all to see. She wondered for a moment how she would be executed when she received something of an answer.

A single guard slipped from the passageway from which Ariana had been carried and hurriedly approached the bound prisoner. She pressed a flask to her lips and pinched her jaw with a strong hand to force it open. For the second time in her life, Ariana received a large dosage of the leonine chemical directly to her system. Ariana was surprised by the suddenness of her bodies reaction to the chemical as her flower bloomed, its bright violet petals a stark contrast to her pale green skin. The crowd roared at the swift arousal the chemical brought; they knew a show the likes of which they would never see again was about to be unleashed. Once the guard had completed her task she slid behind Ariana and cut the bindings which held her still. Then she sprinted hard for the wall.

Ariana pondered chasing after her, wondering why the sudden decision to flee. Her answer came in the hulking form of dozens of unWomen. They swarmed from two holding pens recessed into the sides of the Ellipse wall.

A group of them cut the guard's escape route off and she ran to the nearest wall, crying for help from the crowds gathered there. A single Seeded female stretched out her hand and the guard leapt to catch it, their finger tips and palms locking and for a brief second it seemed as if she would escape. The powerful brutes thought otherwise and with giant arms tore the guard and her would be rescuer into the Ellipse. All the entryways and exits to the floor were cut off and barred for fear of further losses.

Ariana meanwhile had been cornered against another wall by another pack of the men. She could still see the guard who had induced the intense arousal into her system waving her knife in an attempt to fend off the impending doom she and the other civilian faced. Ariana had the long pole she had been bound to clasped between her hands and she was also using it to keep the unWomen from encroaching any closer. At the moment they were a good eight feet off of her and each forward movement brought a harsh blow to their heads or groin. Ariana hoped she would be able to fend them off long enough for the other unWomen to capture the two other Seeded occupying the Ellipse with her. The crowd was berserk by now, crying for the beasts to ravage their victims, even the innocent ones.

One brave or perhaps overly incensed man charged the guard. The force of his body's momentum buried the knife deep in his chest but, still he drove forward. He would die, the Seeded clasped in his forearms, the knife caught in his ribs. With animalistic hoots and cries the other men closed in on their now defenseless prey and quickly organized to take what they want. Their actions were semi-restrained as they tore the women's arms from their bodies and drug them to the sandy ground. They had no intention of killing their prey before they got what they wanted. Their massive erections hinted at what that might be.

The guard was thrown face first into the dirt and as she tried to scramble to her feet she found one such cock waiting before her gasping mouth. There wasn't a chance for her to react before it plunged home. No sooner had her eyes shot open at the sudden entrance of the wide shaft, then another cock powered deep into her tightly clenched pussy. Her weak vaginal muscles caved beneath the strong thrust and she found herself filled from both ends by the stinking penises of the uncivilized, single-minded beasts. Her eyes filled with tears as the animals began to thrust, their cocks working in a steady rhythm.

The civilian who had failed in her rescue and now needed one herself backed against the wall. She was a young woman who had not yet been Seeded by a Giver. She was a virgin in the truest sense of the word. And now she faced losing that virginity to six angry men who were eager to take whatever they could get from her. She would not have long to wait. The hairy arms stretched once more for her, and stilled her kicking legs and flailing arms. She was drug to the ground, face up, and stretched on the floor for the unWomen's delighted eyes. Their rough soiled hands pawed at her pure naked flesh, exploring all the aspects of female anatomy which they had been forbidden to enjoy. Then a cock would fill each of the holes which were found readily available.

The first man to penetrate her was a large black man, his cock bouncing before him as he slid between her thighs and growled down at her. She stared over the hands groping her chest to the giant dick which would soon find her pussy a welcoming treat. The civilian had the chance to wish that it would not happen like this before the cock plunged home. It torpedoed through the thin barrier of flesh before retreating slightly and driving deeper.

Her vision was obstructed by the shadow of another man kneeling over her head and she found two strong hands tilting her head back at a steep angle until her mouth gasped for air. The cock which had been waiting for just such an opportunity slid into her waiting mouth. The moist saliva lubricated its passage through her mouth and into her throat. Soon a pace which matched that of the man between her thighs developed in her mouth. She tried to bite down, but found the cock was too thick to allow for any strong bites and its thrusting would force her jaw down each time anyway.

The unseeded woman tried to cry out as her pussy ached with the pounding it was receiving. It did its duty and lubricated her passageway, but the suddenness of the violation would not go away instantaneously. Her squirming hips drove the unWoman onward, as the motion elicited a delightful pressure on one side of his dick or another. The girl beneath him was tighter than the tasty morsels which he had been allowed in the breeding colony and he understood the value in being able to take as much as he wanted without being chained to some strange contraption. His howls of pleasure echoed above the crowd as he pounded his cock home, again and again.

His victim was beginning to experience the first hints of pleasure emanating from within her body when the cock in her mouth found a deeper, tighter area to explore. The long shaft would slide down her throat and bury there before rocking backwards and forwards, never quite abandoning its post. Her air cut off, the unseeded struggled to breath and her first orgasm passed as almost an afterthought. The beast between her thighs would notice it and cry out once more as the sudden grip of her muscles beneath the head of his cock pushed him over the edge.

The beast with his penis in her mouth would never notice the change in its partner. The gagging of her throat around his shaft was a sensation it loved and it only wanted more. So it would thrust deeper and harder, its cock never leaving her. Her airway was completely blocked by the dick and as her vision blurred and a numbing passed through her body, the civilian received a load of semen down her throat as a reward. The addition of the thick gooey liquid sealed off the airway entirely, and her last thought before blacking out was "Why me?"

The four beasts who had cornered the civilian would never notice the sudden lack of animation from their partner. They were too enraged over their mistreatment and only wanted to have the chance to stick their cocks deep into her. The first two beasts were viciously attacked by the waiting pair and a small fight broke out before they were subdued. Then the unconscious body of the woman, who had only tried to help, was violated again.

The guard was fairing a little better. By now the pattern of the beasts' fucking had become regular and she found herself responding to the intensity of their passion. From the position she was in she was able to somewhat control the amount of cock that was in her mouth for a given period of time and so she would survive the unWomen's attentions. To the cheers of the crowd she found her hips gyrating on the long penetration and the heat emanating from it. Like many of the Seeded, she had lived a nearly abstained lifestyle since the abandonment of the Givers and, and she dearly needed the cock that she found in herself now. Her vagina had already acclimated to the stretching sensation the wide head brought and was working to lubricate itself fully.

The guard had been through the breeding cycle only once and had enjoyed it greatly when given the opportunity. Now she found herself trapped between two of the men and their warm blooded cocks and the sensation was delightful. She worked to bring them off, eagerly eyeing the four other men clamoring for their opportunity to screw her. She tried tensing her pussy on the one dick while swallowing the other cock in her mouth. Her tongue was stuck against the underside of the broad penis, unable to move, but each thrust brought a salty reminder of what it contained. With her nose buried in the beast's pubic hair she moaned as loudly as possible.

Her body would be hammered from one end into a cock then driven the opposite direction onto another. Her sensitive nipples and full breasts rubbed against the sandy floor of the Ellipse as she drooled from both ends on large penises.

There was something erotically taboo about being taken by two freed men before all the chanting and cheering of her kind. She felt the familiar shudder of her orgasm coming as she reveled in the sensations the penises brought within her. Then it came washing over her and her controlled grind became a wild thrash. The beasts' seemed to love it and soon their white semen flooded the respective orifices that their cocks were buried in.

She had never been allowed to taste the hot seed of man, but found it a delicious and addictive taste. Performing like some back street whore, she gulped down the fluids before thousands of screaming fans, and rhythmically pounded her body onto the rods filling her. With each writhing thrust her softer feminine curves would bounce momentarily- just given the opportunity to still before being hammered again.

Ariana was still holding out against the large group of men who had gathered around her. By now the group which had been focused on the blacked out civilian had migrated towards her and the beasts were beginning to edge forward. Each step was met with a hard slap of the stick to sensitive regions, but the men in the rear were pushing the others forward. The Reborn was a little unnerved when suddenly they stopped and the men silently shifted away, forming a small walkway for another to approach through.

The one they deferred to was no ordinary example of the beasts. He was a giant white unWoman, his skin covered in a light blond hair, and massive muscles stacked over the human frame which supported it. There were a series of tattoos across his chest, warnings against approaching to close to him. He had shown too much intelligence for his captors' liking and was much to big to easily restrain. Three red circles with small crosses inside marked his forehead and caused Ariana to experience fear amidst the adrenaline which coursed through her green veins. Each symbolized the murder of a Seeded.

Ariana could not believe that such a beast would not have been executed, but it soon became apparent that he had been saved for her. His penis was a full foot long and as thick as Ariana's forearm. Its size neared that of the leonine, but was obviously not as lithe and flexible as the creature's tail. It looked like a weapon, its angry red head wavering before him as he strode towards her.

When he stepped within range of her, her stick flashed out, arcing quickly towards his head. She winced as she felt the wooden staff connect with flesh and when she reopened her eyes she saw that the stick had been blocked by a massive forearm. Before she could pull it back it was torn easily from her grip and tossed into the center of the Ellipse. With an intelligent and cruel grin the beast surged forward, one arm grabbing Ariana's shoulder and the other slipping underneath her chin and against her windpipe.

The backward trip would end as Ariana's smaller frame slammed into the sandstone walls that separated the floor from the seats. She found herself lifted two feet off the ground, with the giant beast only inches away. It stared out at her, its blue eyes glowing into her violet ones. Then it slowly lowered her down the wall, her skin scraping raw against the abrasive surface. Ariana was confused until she felt her crotch come to a stop over the massive shaft of the monster's penis. With one hand around her throat, the other moved to her thigh. Using its strength, the unWoman began to press his victim farther down on its cock.

Ariana's eyes rolled back in her head as her blossom was penetrated inch by massive inch. She was still extremely aroused by the leonine's chemical extract and the expansion her pussy was forced to adapt. Her twat's pink center was already coated in her own juices and more were forced outward as the dick gobbled up any available space within her passageway. Once Ariana was eight inches down on the dick she began to squirm, its iron-hard shaft filling her to what she thought was her limit.

The probing length of the shaft was delightful for the chemically stimulated prisoner. Her inner folds were pulled apart as the thick veins of the penis pushed and stretched her in a way she had not been since her encounter with the wild beast. Against the sturdy wall of the Ellipse she ground her body, already succumbing to desire and pleasure. She was given a moment to enjoy being filled to her brim before the beast would stretch her further.

Its powerful buttocks and hips clenched as they charged forward and up, burying more of the penis within her. Small starbursts of pain and pleasure exploded within her twat as the head forged deeper into her. For a moment the hand around her neck released its hold, and her body hung suspended on the cock. The two mighty hands found her thighs and the dick pounded forward again. Ariana's breasts heaved as her breathing deepened at the sensation of a cock spearheading into her pussy. Soon the beast had a strong tempo going and its cruel blue eyes softened as it gazed upon its plaything.

Ariana reveled in the remembrance of hot human penis inside of her. The new one was much larger than her last and its breadth touched every bit of her pussy's inner surfaces. The curved length soon slid easily in and out of the sopping tunnel, splitting the pink folds apart then retreating again. Ariana's hands drifted nervously to the beasts shoulders as she tried to satiate the burning desire within her. Her legs locked around his hips and soon she was drilling herself upon his meat. She could smell the scent of his feral treatment upon him as it mixed with her sex. Her tight passage cleaned and recoated the dirty prick with her cleaner juices, marking that dick as her own.

The massive cock head would reach to the back of her pussy and press into her cervix with each drive of his hips. Instead of resisting the discomfort this presented, Ariana found herself wanting the cock buried as deeply within her body as possible. So her body worked on opposite timing as the unWoman; when they each collided back together deep within her, she would be filled entirely.

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