tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Revolution 1

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 1


*Author's Note: For the Love of Botany: Revolution is a continuation of my previous series of the same name. I decided to write it because I enjoyed the first one so much and there was many requests for me to do so.*

* * * * *

Renae fled through the woods, trying to do anything she could to escape the sight she had just seen. She was part of a small group of women trying to rebel against the massive sex plants and their masters who had overrun the world. She had been apart of a mission deep into enemy territory in an effort to destroy as many of the plants and their breeders as possible. When they arrived they found only 5 plants and one breeder. As they had gone to work on burning the plants and freeing the breeder 30 of the massive plants had exploded from the forest near by in an obvious trap. Renae remembered seeing the looks on the faces of her friends as their clothes were ripped from their bodies and they were forced upon the massive tips of the plants cocks. These thoughts also brought back to Renae the feeling of arousal she had experienced at the sight herself. Her mind quickly tried to suppress any memories of those feelings.

They were my friends, she screamed to herself. Renae was 18 years old and had seen her mother and sisters taken by the plants. Luckily for her she had managed to hide and escape, much as she just had. Renae paused to breathe after 20 minutes of hard running without any sign of pursuit. She looked around the area she stood in. She was in the middle of a cold stream surrounded by trees and plants. The sun was shining brightly down on her revealing her naked state. In the trap she managed to escape only barely as the plants had focused on shredding her clothes.

Now she was all alone with no idea where she was. She tried to focus on the maps she had seen back at camp, but to no avail. While she was lost in thought she did not notice the 3 massive plants and one breeder who had crept up alongside the stream and now prepared to pounce. Renae was brought back to reality at a sudden flash of green to her left. She tried to dodge to her right but the green tentacle was firmly wrapped around her arm. Soon that tentacle was joined by several others from all directions. Renae was strung spread eagle, suspended by her arms several feet above the water.

For several moments the only sounds were that of the water beneath her and her sobs of terror. Then a loud rustling followed as several of the massive plants pulled themselves from the underbrush and into the clearing. A single breeder was visible to Renae as she struggled futilely against the tentacles.

"Ah, another rebel. I'm so glad I caught you before the squad gets here. I know I will not be able to persuade you against the folly of your actions, so I will let my children speak for me," said the beautiful nude, blonde-haired woman. Renae watched as the woman slowly sat in the water and began to stroke two pink cunt lips that were spread by her hand. Her attention was diverted from this sight as two suckers fastened themselves on her nipples and a massive cock was forced between her spread legs. Renae sobbed pleas of mercy that only fell on the deaf ears of the masturbating breeder. Renae's tears were quickly silenced as the cock pressed an inch deep into her before sliding back out. Renae remained silent as her eyes were transfixed of the green cock sliding in an inch deeper, this time coming to a foreign barrier. The plant pulled out slowly and rammed in harder before, piercing her hymen and sending waves of pain through Renae's young body.

To Renae's surprise the pain only brought a newfound wetness to her cunt as it sought to swallow the entire length of the cock. Renae felt her breasts being gently massaged and her nipples sucked into the suckers. Renae's eyes remained wide open transfixed on the actions of the cock between her legs. Occasionally her tear filled eyes closed as the cock brushed a particularly sensitive spot. The cock was relatively smooth and was covered in its own self-producing juices. Renae's cunt offered no more resistance as 7 inches of the cock slid in and out of her spasming twat. Renae was soon gasping in pleasure as her cunt was filled with more and more of the massive cock. She thrust her hips back down on the cock driving two more inches into her hole.

The suckers on her nipples were slurping on the hard nubs, causing them to stand out an inch from her full breasts. More tentacles were covering her body, writhing across her smooth surface in an effort to bring her to orgasm quickly. Renae had not realized that another cock was now about to fill another hole. She gasped as a sucker fastened itself on her clit as a large cock thrust itself into her mouth, forcing her jaw painfully open and reminding her that this was a rape not a session of passionate sex. The cock thrust down her throat and slid back out leaving her with a taste much like that of her own sex. The cock thrust in once more before withdrawing and allowing her to breathe. Renae realized that during the painful thrusts in her throat she had increased her pace on the cock buried between her legs. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud scream from the breeder who was being filled by the third plant. Renae continued to thrust down on her own rapist as the breeder splashed in the cool water as the plant hammered in and out of her cunt, while tentacles busied themselves in her asshole.

Renae experienced her first orgasm then as the sucker on her clit took a particularly hard slurp on the nub. Renae felt the juices pouring from her cunt hole being slurped up into the massive plant. Once the juices had been emptied the cock withdrew and left her legs hanging limply from midair. The plant filling her mouth withdrew and took up position at her cunt and forced itself deep inside the tight human hole. Renae gasped as she was spread to a new limit by a 13 inch cock. She began to maddeningly pound herself on the cock as a new sucker caressed and slurped on her clit. The plant that had recently vacated her sent several tentacles up between her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. A slender sucker extended from the viny exterior of the plant and pushed its way into the clenched hole. Renae's eyes widened at this sudden intrusion. The tentacle began to gently suck inside her asshole as it slid in and out of the lubricated cave. Renae was soon working her hips in a circle bringing pleasure to both her cunt and her back door. Renae's body shuddered and twitched as she exploded into her second orgasm. Once again the plant began to slurp up her juices. By now the breeder was reclining in the water, the large plant next to her gently stroking her body with its numerous vines and tentacles.

When the two plant had finished Renae was lowered to the watery surface below. The plant encircled her wrists and pulled them behind her back, keeping her restrained. The breeder rose to her feet and walked towards her new prisoner. Renae felt the hard nipples and soft curves of the woman's full breasts press into her back as two hands encircled her waist and slowly ran down her thighs to the dripping orifice hidden there. Renae gasped and parted her legs almost imperceptibly in pleasure. The breeder grinned at this movement and knew she had a new convert. Renae arched her back as two long slender fingers began to gently pinch and twist her clit.

Soon Renae was plunging her pelvis up and down on the intruding digits as she grew close to another orgasm. Renae felt the fingers withdraw before she could achieve orgasm and they were soon replaced by a large cock from one of the plants. It eagerly plunged in and out as the breeder slowly licked and kissed her way up Renae's shivering neck. Renae turned her head and her lips met those of her captor. Renae felt her fingers ,tied behind her back, press against her partners own cunt. Renae began to stroke and fuck the woman as best as she could with the cock between her legs. Soon Renae's fingers were forced aside by another massive cock. After several minutes of hard fucking the pair of women lay orgasming on the ground while the cocks slurped up their juices. Once both had recovered sufficiently they got to their feet and began to walk towards the nearest encampment of the plants and breeders.

Renae realized that she had to urgently pee. She turned to her captor and asked if she would be allowed to do so. Renae was answered when the vine bindings slid off her wrists and the woman said, "Come here, darling." Renae wondered what the woman meant. This question was answered when the Breeder dropped to her knees between Renae's legs and began to slowly lap at the moist cunt lips. Renae loved the feeling and lost control of her bladder as her piss poured from her cunt into the woman's waiting mouth. She eagerly swallowed as much of it as she could as the excess piss dripped onto her bare breasts.Renae was quickly gasping in pleasure as the woman's tongue skillfully worked its way around inside her pisshole. Renae gripped the back of the breeders head and began to plunge herself on the tongue as her piss trickled out. Finally Renae felt the stream of piss cease and aloud the woman to get back up. "Speaking of piss," the breeder said," I need to myself."

Renae understood and dropped to her own knees before the beautiful white thighs and pink folds of the woman. Renae placed her lips over the wet opening and began to gently circle it with her tongue as she waited for the woman to release her control over her bladder. Renae's cunt was spasming in expectation of the humiliation. Renae felt the piss begin to pour from the hole on her small tongue and down her eagerly gulping throat. The woman gently stroked Renae's hair as the piss poured out Renae's gasping mouth and down all over her legs and Renae's rock hard nipples.

One of Renae's hands found its way between her thighs and began to finger Renae while she ate out the pissing cunt. Soon the piss ended but Renae didn't care as she continued to plunge her tongue deep into the cunt of her master and captor. Renae was about to orgasm when one of the cocks forced itself inside along her fingers, trapping them there. It began to pound roughly in and out of her cunt in time with her fingers. Renae screamed upward into the breeders twat as the feeling of cunt being stretched beyond its limit drove her insane. Renae finally exploded into orgasm and panted for breath as the familiar feeling of the plant feeding began in her cunt. Much to her amazement she felt the cock pulse inside her and explode into her cunt several times. Renae suddenly began to feel very tired and collapsed to the ground in front of the Breeder as she was impregnated with 3 of her own children.

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