tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Revolution 2

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 2


After her conversion and capture, Renae was brought to the large ex-military base where she and her cause had been betrayed. Her escort guided her to a large metal hangar and led her through a small side door. Renae felt intimidated as she was led past hundreds of the sex plants. They were larger then any she had seen. Some of the plants' stamen reached lengths of over 2 feet and their stems rose easily over 15 feet into the air. As the breeder walked past they cleared a path for her and her company. Renae finally was instructed to halt with her 3 small children. Renae wrapped her arms under her breast trying to ignore the scent that filled the room and the temptation to fuck her children or one of the massive guardians of the room.

The scent smelled exactly like a long hard session of sex. The massive ventilation fan above her blew a cold breeze downward causing her nipples to harden and her arousal to grow. Finally Renae could handle it no longer and beckoned the smallest of her children near. Renae turned around and watched as its small bud opened revealing its 6 inch long cock. Renae slowly lowered herself to the cold cement ground and allowed her weight to press the smooth skin covering her strong ass into the floor. Renae pulled her legs apart and drew them up against her breasts. The small plant moved quickly forward, eager for sustenance. Renae gasped as she felt the small cock slide easily into her sopping wet cunt. The stamen began to drive in and out of her cunt as fast as it could sending small shivers up Renae's spine. The two larger plants slowly approached her upper body and pushed her shoulders backwards against the ground. The one to Renae's left extended several sucker vines that quickly began to slurp and tease Renae's nipple. The other followed suit and burst open exposing its stamen. Renae turned her head towards it and accepted it into the hot recess of her mouth. She began to slurp and suck on it, imagining it was a man's cock spasming as it prepared to cum. The stamen continued to thrust deep into her throat leaving a taste of raw sex.

Renae almost bolted upright when the plant busy burying itself in her cunt found her clit and began to softly squeeze and suck it. Renae was gasping loudly onto the cock as it plunged rapidly in and out of her mouth. The feeling of having her nipples drawn into the small mouths of her children was amazing. She arched her back trying to allow the plants to take more. The small one between her legs was lightly tasting the tip of her clit with a sucker while a vine encircled it and slowly stroked it. Renae gasped as another vine found her asshole and began to gently fuck in and out. Finally the feeling of her children was too much and Renae collapsed backwards onto the floor orgasming. The plant buried in her twat began to slurp up her juices as she came and caused her to fall into another wave of orgasms. All the while the other plants began to gradually slow their own tasks while their brother finished its job.

Renae relaxed as the plants repositioned and a larger 8 inch child took its place at the entry way to her cunt. It pressed its thicker head past the glistening entrance and withdrew as Renae's cunt lips closed around it. Renae felt the original child press its well lubricated cock into her asshole and began to fuck in and out. Renae loved the feel of several cocks inside her two holes and almost came then. She managed to fight the urge for several more minutes while she enjoyed the feeling of the two plants' cocks working in the two tight holes very close to each other. Renae gradually was able to recognize and distinguish each cock as it moved through its respective passage. Renae's asshole gripped the smaller cock tightly locking it in its hot tunnel. She was close to orgasming as the plant began to ram itself in and out in a circular motion, increasing the pressure on several sensitive areas of her pussy's walls.

Unbeknownst to Renae, her actions had been revealed to the two other humans in the room as a large group of the guardians cleared a path. Renae's eyes were tightly closed as she stroked her tongue up and down the length of her largest plant's thrusting stamen. She began to plunge her hips as hard as she could on the two plants buried in her southernmost holes. Renae let out a loud final scream as she came and the plant began to feed. She lay there recovering for several moments before she heard the sound of a female clearing her throat. Renae glanced backwards and seeing her two viewers she quickly rolled over and pulled herself free of the children as she stood. Renae blushed furiously at being exposed to another nude stranger, even though she had spent the last 2 days in the company of one. This woman was stunningly beautiful. The breeder who had captured Renae had been gorgeous but she could not compare to the young lady standing proudly before her next to a vine covered throne. Her breasts were large and self supporting without a hint of sag. Each was tipped by a large pink nipple that proudly stood erect into the cold air. And displayed for all to see was a beautiful tight pink pussy that dripped with arousal.

"Ahh, it seems Maria was right when she said she had captured and converted you," said the gorgeous one. Renae glanced nervously at the floor and tried to cover her breasts and cunt as much as possible.

"I will have none of that here slave! In my presence you will leave yourself uncovered and unprotected."

With that several of the nearest plants shot vines towards Renae's body and pulled her off the ground. Quickly Renae's efforts at modesty were destroyed as her arms were pulled over her head and her legs were forced wide apart. Renae watched as her captor turned and knelt before the legs of her ruler and began to lightly kiss the tanned smooth thighs that led to one of the most beautiful cunts Renae had ever seen. The plants carried Renae's exposed form directly in front of the face of the Queen (for that is now what Renae believed her to be). With one hand on the breeder eagerly sucking her cunt, the Queen reached her other hand out and began to thrust one finger lightly into Renae's pink cunt. The Queen forced her fingers deep into Renae's cunt then slowly dragged them out.

Renae was hypnotized by the lazy movements of the hand torturing her pussy. Renae almost cried out and demanded release as the Queen's hand lightly rubbed the outer lips, then moved several fingers back into her tight hole. Renae tried to thrust downward on the fingers but the plants holding her gripped down fiercely, stopping any such attempts. Finally the Queen let out a small shudder and leaned backwards on her leafy throne. Renae remained aroused and suspended helplessly in the air. Renae's captor turned and leaned agaisnt the Queen's leg and lightly ran her hands up and down their lengths, as if she were a cat stroking itself against its master while purring happily.

"Now that you are converted you should have no problem revealing to me the location of your rebel's base, so that they may be similarly enlightened," the Queen hissed.

Renae managed to shake her head no as she continued to stare at the large perfect breasts and the small triangle of pubic hair pointing towards a glistening pink cunt. Renae heard her breathing deepen as she lost herself in its small tight slit and lips that starkly contrasted with the lightly tanned legs.

"You would refuse me!? So be it, you shall be taken to the breeding pens. You will serve a round of breeders before you are given the chance to answer. If you refuse again you will serve another round. And then the process will repeat itself until you have had your fill," threatened the Queen.

Renae had no problem servicing the breeders if they were as beautiful as the one who had captured her. As she was carried from the hangar she imagined the taste and feel of each of her "punisher's" cunts and tits.

To her surprise she was carried into a dark hastily constructed wooden prison. She was placed in old fashioned wooden stocks with her head and arms locked tightly in place. Then came the worst surprise yet.

From a connecting room 8 naked human men emerged. At the sight of the form locked in the stocks all of the men's cocks began to rapidly harden and extend from their coverings. Renae stared wide eyed as the first man dropped to his knees before her face and roughly pinched her cheeks, forcing her mouth open. With that he forced one of the largest and foulest human cocks she had ever seen into her throat. He slapped her hard across the head when she would not suck him or give him proper oral sex. Meanwhile, two more men had taken up position behind her and had forced her bare legs wide apart. The first man rammed his own large cock deep into the enveloping folds of Renae's tight cunt. Renae felt waves of pleasure flow upwards from her cunt as she easily accepted his thick member. Renae's arousal caused her to began to lick and suck on the man buried in her mouth at a quickly increasing pace.

The pleasure and arousal she was experiencing from the feeling of having her tongue encircle and taste a real man's cock ran through her body and met the pleasure and arousal building from the cock buried in her cunt. Soon she was sucking her new master deep into her throat while he rammed her head up and down on his thick member. The man behind her eagerly pounded into the first cunt he had had in months. Renae was soon forced to remember that she had been forced into this position as another man maneuvered over her buttocks and rammed his 9 inch long cock into the dry tunnel of her asshole. Her screams of pain only caused the man buried in her mouth to increase his pace as his cock began to spasm and jump as it came closer to cumming. The man in her cunt seemed to enjoy the sudden reactions of pain from his bitch as he too increased his pace in an attempt to drive more of his cock into Renae's depths. With a grunt he began to cum in large shooting spasms, filling Renae's womb with his seed. The man buried in her mouth pulled himself free and let the rest of the men in the room hear her cries of agony as the man continued to pound into her torn ass.

"Pleaasee, stopp please I can't handle this," Renae screamed haltingly while cold tears poured over the hot skin of her face.

No one seemed to care as the rest of the men began to cheer their friends on while they violated Renae's body. The man shoved his cock back betwen Renae's full red lips and rammed his cock upward into the top of her mouth. Renae almost gagged as she felt his heavy balls bump against her chin as his thrusting increased. The man buried in her ass groaned loudly as the tight ring surrounding his cock clenched in an effort to protect itself. Pain racked Renae's body and soon she was bordering on the edge of unconciousness as the men rammed into her from opposite directions. She could barely detect the feeling of her blood sliding down her leg, mixing with the cum of the man who had fertilized her womb. Soon she was rapidly back to the real world as she felt the cock in her mouth spasmed powerfully and begin to shoot its long contained load down the depths of her throat. Her nose was pinched shut, forcing her to swallow the sticky salty substance as quickly as possible. Even so, she could not accomplish the feat and some was pouring out onto her chin and dropping to the floor below. He pulled out and shot the remainder of his cum into her hair and then cleaned it on the soft skin of her cheeks. Grinning he turned and stepped backwards to watch the hunched form of the man pounding into the depths of Renae's ass. Renae was now free to cry out in pain and agony as his powerful lunges carried him past the torn ring of her asshole and deep into her passage. Soon she felt her bowels accepting his load of seed as she collapsed sobbing beneath him.

As soon as he had pulled himself free, leaving her asshole filled to the rim with cum, three more men stepped forward. One of the men was very tall and well built and had it been different circumstances Renae may have accepted his cock willingly. However, she did not have the option of a choice and he did not care anyways. Renae closed her eyes tightly as she tried to brace herself for the continuation of her rape. She could not have prepared herself for the thing that rammed itself into her mouth. The man's cock was larger then anything she had ever had in her mouth and its length allowed it to touch the back of her mouth easily on its first try. Her lips were stretched taut across its width as he stroked back out then plunged forward forcefully sending 2 inches down her straining throat. Once again Renae began to gag as she attempted to sob in agony. Her eyes opened wide once again as she felt the cock slam back down her throat burying at least another inch inside her. Her eyes began to water and her sight began to fade as her oxygen was blocked and she had no way to breathe.

She felt another man began to lightly rub his cock up and down her cuntal lips with one hand while the other explored her body. Renae was not only physically abused but the constant reminders that she was these men's plaything drove her deeper into agony. Tears continued to pour from her eyes while her throat was stretched wide by the head of the man's cock. Soon she felt the man behind her pound forward and bury himself in her pussy. He roughly fingered her asshole while his balls swung freely hitting her mound and clit with each thrust. Renae felt him take his blood covered fingers and write vulgar sayings on the nakedness of her pale skin. Finally any will to resist was broken and Renae's body went limp beneath them. During Renae's black out the two men continued to drive themselves as deep as possible in her sore holes. Both were grinning sadistically as they felt their cocks spasm and their cum fill the unfortunate holes of the girl beneath them. Renea was continually used until each man had shot his seed into her womb.

Renae was woken from her unconcious slumber when a light filled the room and she felt the stocks over her wrists and neck being lifted free. She was dragged from the prison and once again carried before the Queen.

"Bring me my maps and allow this wench to show me the location of her rebel base," she proclaimed to a nude form standing beside her. The girl quickly returned with the requested items and placed them on a table before her.

Renae was not asked whether or not she would reveal the location, it was understood. No woman had the strength to resist the fear that overwhelmed them when faced with another such violation. Renae raised a weak hand and shakily pointed out a spot deep in the forest near a formerly large town. The Queen grinned proudly and flicked away Renae with her small finger.

She was taken to a large room where she was hoisted from the ground by two massive plants. After several minutes a trio of beautiful women in chains were brought in. Renae studied them closely when she realized that they were her captured friends. They glared at her and did not move until a large electric shock emanated from remotely controlled cattle prods buried in their cunts. That was all the encouragement they needed and they bent their heads to their former friend's body.

With small soft licks, Renae's soiled body was cleaned of cum and blood. Renae came as she watched her former captain being forced to eat her snatch of the 8 men's seed. With a superior grin she closed her eyes and enjoyed several more orgasms at their expense. Renae's children were returned and she was given a bed in a large barracks area filled with nude women and giant sex plants. After several minutes of heavy petting from her plants she fell into an exhausted slumber.

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