tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Revolution 3

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 3


Several days after she had been used for breeding, Renae awoke to the noise and bustle of people preparing for something. As she left her barracks she soon discovered that the Breeder Forces were going to attempt to overtake the rebel base she had betrayed. Renae was wandering amidst several hundred nude to semi-nude women of all shapes and sizes when a short courier came and gave her a letter. Renae opened it to discover that she would be riding alongside the Queen to witness what her betrayal had allowed.

Renae didn't know how she felt. On the one hand she was well satisified by her rapidly growing children and many of the horny women who shared the base with her. On the other she still held some rebel sentiments. She returned to her barracks and sat on the edge of her bed, lightly stroking her nipples while she thought. Her arousal began to grow as the nipples hardened and she imagined several certain rebels she would like to see in her bed with a foot long plant cock buried between their glistening lips. Renae soon was forced to beckon one of her plants over to quickly relieve her. She chose to feed the smallest one, who by now was around 6 feet tall and had a stamen over 11 inches long.

As of yet, she had not been rebred by her children and suspected it had something to do with the possibility she was bearing a human child. Renae looked down between her legs as the plant gently pressed about half its length into her lightly damp lips. She let out small even breaths as she began to thrust herself down upon its shaft burying more of it inside her. With each passing moment the feeling of being filled drove her to quicker, harder thrusts and more uneven breathing. Soon she was letting out loud moans of pleasure that echoed along the length of the barracks. Most women passed her without a second thought, because it was an every day occurrence. Renae loved to see the dark green cock press itself into her trembling twat. She bit down into her upper lip as she felt herself gradually begin the upward spiral to the brink of an orgasm. Before she could finish however, she felt the cool skin of a well endowed female press into her back. Renae arched her neck as a pair of hungry lips kissed and nibbled up and down its arch.

Soon a beautiful pair of legs had wrapped themselves around her waist and were eagerly stroking a dripping pussy up and down Renae's trembling spine. Renae turned her head and met the lips of her friend, eagerly darting her tongue into the hot recess of the woman's mouth. Renae loved kissing a woman, there was nothing more sensual then lightly stabbing and parrying another woman's small tongue with her own. Renae felt her friend freeze as her cunt exploded into orgasm and her lips briefly left Renae's. Renae was sent over the edge by the feeling of the fluids pouring onto her back and she collapsed backwards, leaning her head against the large chest of her companion. She lightly teased and licked her nipples while her child fed hungrily, sucking her pussy walls tight against its shaft in an effort to draw more juices into it.

Renae turned and looked up at the face of her lover, the breeder who had originally captured her and turned her over to the Queen. Renae had soon learned her name was Angela and that she had been one of the original women captured after the plants had been loosed from the South American lab. Angela was the Queen's personal assistant and with Renae's newfound importance they spent a lot of time together. Renae heard Angela let loose a small gasp.

"Renae, you would not believe how busy I have been. I haven't had the chance to pee in 3 days," Angela muttered in a strained voice. Renae looked slyly up into the eyes of her lover, who quickly understood their meaning. Renae slid off the bed and turned, kneeling. Angela replaced her in her previous spot, with her legs braced against the floor and her ass barely resting on the bed. Renae leaned forward and began to lightly lick and tease Angela's clit, which was still hard and sticking out from its soft fleshy pocket. Renae circled it with her tongue, enjoying the sounds of Angela's heavy breathing. Renae felt small trickles of piss drip from Angela's urethra and onto her chin.

"Stop playing love. You know how much She hates it when the barracks are messy," Angela managed to gasp between licks. Renae finally fastened her full red lips around Angela's slit and began to lightly suck. She felt Angela relax just seconds before a flood of warm golden fluid poured into her mouth. Renae made little humming noises whose vibrations drove Angela to orgasm again while she was relieving herself into the younger woman's mouth. Renae loved the bittersweet taste of Angela's fluids as it filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly trying to keep any from escaping. Some did and dribbled down her chin and onto the full pale globes below. Renae gently massaged the warm fluid into her skin while she continued to accept more and more of the seemingly endless juices.

Finally Angela toppled backwards, her upper body landing softly on the bed. Renae finished drinking the rest of the juices and then proceeded to "clean" (torture) Angela's cunt. Angela soon exploded into another mindless orgasm that left her drained on the bed. Renae slowly pulled away and stood over Angela's resting form. Renae straddled Angela's thighs and pulled her lover's head into her chest. Angela gently began to clean the fluids from Renae's soft skin and chest. Renae stroked her already aroused twat over the smooth, well-muscled surface of Angela's stomach. Soon both were on the verge of powerful orgasms when their reverie was interrupted by a beautiful ebony skinned girl, wearing only a pair of black stockings and a garter belt.

"The Queen wishes both of you to attend to her, immediately," the gorgeous woman said haughtily. Reluctantly, Renae and Angela relinquished their embrace and followed the woman to the Queen's personal throne room. On the way Renae could not help but to admire the swagger of the girl's full hips and smooth buttocks. Inside was the Queen's family and her immediate subordanites. Renae and Angela were instructed to put on body armor covering their chest and legs. Their heads, arms, feet, and crotches all remained bare and unprotected. The Queen was carried on the shoulders of 12 chained men who were in turn watched by 24 massive plants. Renae had heard some stories about the men who made attempts to rape Breeders without royal allowance and she understood why few disobeyed. Renae walked alongside Angela, her own children only several feet behind her. Renae and Angela talked cheerily on the way, certain that the massive army of plants and Breeders surrounding them would easily overwhelm any opponents.

As the army drew into the forests surrounding the rebel camp the commanders began to order their squads into the planned attack formation. Renae and Angela were assigned to remain near the queen and act as bodyguards if necessary. After a seemingly endless wait the scouts returned and informed the queen the camp had been abandoned earlier that morning and it appeared as if the rebels were moving north, deeper into the mountains and the forests. The queen gave the order that the cavalry (women mounted on the backs of extremely large plants) begin a full pursuit, while the slower infantry moved as fast as they could to back them up. Renae and Angela were each instructed to mount up on their largest plants and act as the Queen's emissaries. Both girls chose their plants and ordered the remaining children to stay by the Queen's side. Renae rode on her eight foot tall child, while Angela picked her older massive 14 foot version.

After a full day's pursuit, Renae, Angela, and the calvary overtook the fleeing rebels, who had decided to make camp for the night. Renae and Angela gave the order that half the calvary move off into the surrounding hills and block the only other exit between two steep walls. Renae took command of the remaining half and quickly blockaded the entrance.

She and Angela had made the decision to attack immediately, while the element of surprise was on their side. Renae's attache let out a loud piercing whistle that was met by another that echoed through the canyon. Seconds later the 200 plants and Breeders under her command were pouring into the valley. The rebels were obviously caught by surprise as some bolted from their tents devoid of clothing. (It had been one of the strictest rules for the rebels to remain clothed whenever in danger of being captured. The clothing offered more protection against the invasive tentacles and cocks of the plants, at least momentarily.) Renae watched with satisfaction as her regiment overwhelmed the almost weaponless rebels. What weapons they did have mainly consisted of firearms and knives which were useless against the long seeking vines of her pets and children. In a matter of minutes the battle had almost been won, with no losses for the Breeders and 90% of the rebels captured. The remaining ten percent had barricaded themselves around their commander in a cave. A foolish Breeder had led her children into the caves looking for an easy capture.

A bright light had flashed momentarily before the shrieking sounds of the dying plants and woman filled the air. Moments later a breeze carried the scent of burnt flesh and acrid smoke into the open air. Renae realized that the flamethrower the commander had been rumored to have existed. Damn it, she thought, there is no way I can displace them now without having to kill them. Angela, however, had gotten a wiff of genius when the smell of fire filled her nostrils. Soon she had made contact and the plan had been agreed upon. Several small fires were built around the entrance of the cave and a massive half-circle of plants filled the area surrounding the entrance. All began to wave their vines and leaves in unison, creating a massive thrumming sound as they whipped through the air. The black smoke of the fires was soon forced into the depths of the cave. Several minutes later four coughing, bleary-eyed women burst from the entrance in blackened uniforms of rebel officers.

Renae had them immediately stripped and restrained while she waited for the response of the remaining rebels hidden inside. After several more minutes she sent her own children into the cave. No more sounds echoed out its hallways until they emerged carrying seven more rebels. Renae grinned as she realized one of them was the domineering commander, a 35 year old beauty who had acted as lord over the women beneath her. Renae had thought of several delicious strategies for the conversion of the rebels. Renae first called one of her own plants near and mounted its massive member. Renae giggled happily as some of her former friends gasped at the sight of her willingly accepting the huge cock into the folds of her twat. She began to lightly thrust up and down while she waited for the show to begin. Each of the rebels was soon forced to assume a spread-eagled position with their legs pulled tightly apart beneath them. The higher ranking women would receive the largest cocks and the most painful fuckings. The younger "less important" rebels were to be raped by large human sized members.

Renae gasped as she saw roughly one hundred plants burst open, exposing their stamens in unison. She began to thrust faster and faster on her own child as she watched the first victim brought forward. It was a young woman around 18 years of age whom Renae had never seen in her time as a rebel. Her sloppily dressed uniform announced her to be a private named Stannison. The plant holding her, first sent two vines out that encircled her breasts and began to roughly squeeze and stroke them through the thick material of her clothing. The girl began to scream and cry uselessly for help, but the only response she got were ashamed glances of the rebel women around her and the frenzied sex acts being performed by the Breeders. The plant ran a vine between her spread legs and began to rub the thick circumference over her crotch and against her ass crack.

The girl was now on the verge of insanity as she fought to regain control of her body. The bitter scent of piss filled the air as the girl peed her pants in fear. The plant was driven on by the sudden wetness filling her crotch, not caring that it was piss. The plant began to move its vine back and forth eliciting small grunts between her sobs. It pulled her body back and forth in a contrasting motion to that of its vine, creating additional friction between the two surfaces. Another smaller vine moved down the back of the girl's collared shirt and slid down her back, tracing the soft contours of her flesh till it found her ass. Its movements beneath her shirt became obvious as the shirt was pulled taut against the girl's ample chest and then was relaxed again.

The vine had slowly entered her virgin asshole and was gently rotating about an inch inside. The girl's eyes were wide and she gasped for breath as she realized how wonderful the feeling of the vine in her ass was. By now two suckers had positioned themselves by her ankles and began to circle upwards beneath her pants. The girl began to cry again as she felt the suckers slide up her legs, beneath the small protection her panties offered then out again and up to her now heaving chest. Each fastened onto a young pink nipple and began to gently suck it into the small gaping mouths of the vines.

A third sucker followed moved to the waistband of her pants and slid downward under her panties and fastened itself over the girl's clit. The girl stopped sobbing once again and her moans became more obviously sexual. The vine in her ass was slowly working its way deeper into the tight opening and had already pressed four inches of itself past the muscle guarding the hole's entrance. The girl was beginning to lose contact with reality as she thrust her hips backwards on the wandering vine buried in her ass. The suckers on her nipples and clit were changing the strength with which they teased her at regular intervals, only causing the pleasureful feeling in her cunt to build. The girl clenched her eyes shut as she moaned loudly, allowing her ecstasy to be expressed before all. Renae was absolutely unable to control herself as she watched the scene unfold.

She had one plant buried in her cunt, another ramming its thick girth into the depths of her ass and another plunging into her mouth. Meanwhile another sucker had wandered towards the girl's camouflage pants, but with a different purpose this time. The vine began to work at the fastenings of the private's trousers and had begun to learn the purpose of the buttons. With careful movements it popped each button free of its slot until her pants hung loosely about her hips and began to slide down her legs under their own weight. Two vines assisted in pulling the pants to the girl's ankles. The cold air on her bare thighs brought her back to reality. She opened her mouth to scream but a waiting vine plunged into the hot red depths of her throat and began to slide easily in and out of her pursed lips. Her eyes were wide with terror as her shirt was unbuttoned and allowed to hang from her shoulders, so everyone in the area could see the action of the suckers on her nipples.

The girl could barely handle the embarrassment of the predicament as she realized her position. She was hung 1 foot above the ground, her pants pulled down around the tops of her boots, two vines running up her legs under her white cotton panties (that had a large yellow stain in the crotch) and attached to her bare breasts. To top it off the vine in her ass was lewdly pulling against the fabric of her panties as it plunged in and out of the welcoming hole, while the vine in her throat caused her to make disgusting slurping noises as she gasped for breath. Her embarrassment disappeared and was replaced with fear as she looked down and saw the 9 inch cock of the plant take position beneath her spread thighs. In horror she stared as it moved upwards slowly, pressing its thick head into the center of her crotch right where her slit was located. She began to groan loudly through the vine in her mouth as it pushed the soft fabric of her panties deeper into the folds of her twat. She heard the panties begin to tear as they strained under the pressure. Finally the thin straps running over her hips tore causing the panties to hang limply from the impaling member as it pressed deeper and deeper into her slit. It forced 5 inches of its thickness into the hot cunt before it slowly withdrew, leaving a small amount inside of her.

She threw her head back as it pressed in deeper, faster then before. She found herself trying to pound her cunt downwards on the invasive cock as pleasure flew throughout her body. The pounding in her ass was adding to the torture of her breast and the cock buried in her pussy. She finally engulfed all of the 9 inch cock into her twat as she hammered herself on the stamen. The vine in her throat withdrew, allowing all present to hear her screams for more as her hips rammed up and down on the intruder. The panties were forced almost entirely inside her and the cotton stitch was only adding to the pleasure building in her womb. Finally she could handle no more and let loose a loud scream as she came and collapsed limply onto the vines and cock of the plant.

The plant began to eagerly eat from its new Breeders twat as her juices poured around its sucking member. She convulsed as another orgasm tore through her in response to this new feeling. The plant carried her limp form back into the crowd. Renae experienced her first orgasm of the night as she watched the girl's wild eyed look when the plant began to feed. Renae loved the sensation that filled her as her own child began to feed off the life giving juices of her twat. Renae opened her eyes after her orgasm subsided and glanced around the group. Almost all of the Breeders were well on their way to orgasms and many had already reached it. The scent of sex and sweat filled the air alongside the fleshy slapping of plants burying themselves in their food sources.

After several dozen more displays similar to that of Stannison, the first officer was brought forward. Renae instantly recognized the still-proud form of Bethany Wisdom. Bethany had been Renae's squad commander. She had ordered the hopeless attack on the Breeder's base and she had got off scot free. Renae decided on a special punishment for her. After talking to her nearest attaches the plan was ready to be enacted. Bethany was forced onto all fours with her head pulled back displaying her face to all. Renae gleefully sauntered forwards and watched as Bethany's eyes widened in surprise recognition.

"I will give you a choice, you yellow-bellied bitch. You will obey my every command or you will be raped by this plant." Renae turned and dramatically pointed towards one of the oldest plant present, a 21 foot tall monster with a cock over 2 feet in length and 8 inches in diameter. Bethany gasped in horror at the monster and quickly agreed to obey Renae's orders. Renae walked towards Bethany and turned her back to her. Over her back she called," Lick my asshole and I want to be pleased unbelievably by it. If you don't......."

That was all the encouragement the young Spanish officer needed. She eagerly pressed her face into the smooth white buttocks of Renae. Renae relished the feeling of Bethany's beautiful raven colored hair stroking against her ass and the small tongue which began to eagerly plunge into the puckered hole between her cheeks. Renae couldn't help but to let a little groan escape as Bethany's obviously practiced tongue traced the edges of her dark hole and then plunged deep into her rectum. Renae pressed her thighs back against the tan skin of Bethany's face. Renae began to groan as the small tongue drove in deeper against Renae's flexing thighs. Renae grasped her nipples and toyed with them while she concentrated on the pleasure Bethany's tongue brought. Finally Renae forced herself to pull away. She couldn't however resist running a finger in her dripping cunt, licking the juices off its tip, dipping again and offering it to Bethany. Bethany looked up at Renae and swallowed the finger deep into her mouth teasing it much in the same way she had teased Renae's asshole. Renae turned and made a new command. "Now I want you to drink the piss of 10 people I choose."

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