tagRomanceFor the Love of Two Sisters Ch. 05

For the Love of Two Sisters Ch. 05


This is the fifth chapter of "For the Love of Two Sisters" so if you haven't read the first four chapters, I encourage you to do so and then return here as many things in this chapter won't make sense without doing so. Thank you to everyone who left comments in email or on the boards of the previous chapters. Your comments mean so much to me! Please take a few moments to leave comments on this chapter as well.

Once more, I have to give special thanks to my two editors, barefootgirl69 and Efon, both are an endless source of help and inspiration throughout this story; they are truly the best!

For all chapters to come, you can check my member bio for approximate publishing dates. All characters are fictional and over the age of 18. Copyright 2016.


Chapter V

"You're getting married?" my boss said with a strange brooding voice after I broke the news to him. Slowly David Ludlow leaned back in his tall, black office chair and crossed his hands behind his head. His voice was boisterous as ever, making me cringe as he said it, certain the entire IT department had just heard the announcement. I had hoped to keep it rather quiet as gossip like this had a way of flying through the office within minutes and could easily get out of hand. Jumping up quickly, I closed his office door to keep the rest of our conversation private. "Congratulations, Gene!" he leaned forward offering his hand out.

"Thanks," I said trying to sound optimistic as I shook it before taking my seat in front of his large mahogany desk. "So anyway... that's why I need Thursday afternoon and next Monday off... if that's okay with you." He nodded along, his hands returning behind his head, a big grin growing on his lips. "Also, I might be a few minutes late getting back from lunch today. We have to pick up the marriage license from the courthouse," I shrugged. "I'm not really sure how long that will take."

"That won't be a problem... You're one of my hardest working programmers after all," he leaned forward and jotted down a few quick notes, no doubt for reporting my absences to Human Resources. "Wow... so Eugene Mendelman is finally getting married..." he shook his head as if in disbelief. "I guess I didn't realize you were even seeing someone." His pen started tapping the desk, a little, annoying habit he had that always made me want to yank the pen from his hand during our morning planning meetings. "So why didn't you bring her to the company picnic last month? You know how important family is to the owners. They love family involvement in the company. We all could've met her..." his lips twisted to the side, looking away from me for a moment. "It is a her... isn't it?"

"Of course, she's a woman!" Nervous and a bit perturbed at the insinuation, I pushed my glasses up my nose, stalling for a moment to think. "I'm not gay, David..." my mind added that I just didn't know her a month ago while a million thoughts jumbled about, each one more uncertain than the last. How exactly was I supposed to reply to this? To make matters worse, David wasn't just my boss. I also considered him a friend of sorts, the two of us working in adjoining cubicles for years before he got the promotion to manager. Lying to his face really stung; I never liked to lie, especially to my friends, but in this case I didn't have any other choice. "She was uhm... out of town that week," I looked away from him, down at my hands fiddling in my lap. "So you know... I couldn't."

"Hmmm," he sat back again, this time rubbing his chin between his index finger and thumb. My right knee started bouncing nervously. Was I completely blowing it? Surely I must be the worst poker player in the world; of course he'll see right through me. "So do you at least have a picture of this lucky girl?"

I quickly pulled out my phone, bringing up the first picture they had sent me, thankful that I had asked Milena for one of them both last week. Turning the phone to show him, I nearly pointed at the wrong sister before correcting myself last moment, my finger landing between the two of them. "That's her," I smiled widely with a tinge of pride. Fake marriage or not, Juliana was definitely the kind of woman that a guy like me could be proud of showing off; any guy would be proud for that matter. "That's my Juliana on the right."

"Holy shit!" he abruptly grabbed my phone, pulling it a little closer, his eyes growing wide. "You mean the one with the giant honkers?" I scowled at him, killing him instantly with daggers in my eyes as I yanked my phone away. He just laughed heartily and held up his hands in total surrender, "Sorry, Gene... No harm, no foul... you know me," he shook his head back and forth slowly, "but damn... talk about touchdown for team Mendelman!" He held out his fist and I reluctantly gave him the bump to let him off the hook.

Looking longingly back at the photo myself, my eyes lingered on Milena for a brief moment and then darted between both sisters. "Yeah, she's definitely pretty special alright," I looked back up at him, a part of me wishing I could boast a bit of the truth; after all, both of those gorgeous women were mine... in a way. How many guys could actually claim something like that?

He nodded toward my phone, "So who's the other girl? She's pretty smokin', too." Chuckling, he returned his hands behind his head once again. "Maybe you can put in a good word for me?"

My gut twisted and churned at the idea of him picturing Milena that way. "Oh, er... That's her sister and no can do," I shook my head defiantly. "She's got a man and uhm," I cleared my throat, "I hear he's super jealous... besides, she's crazy in love with him." I exaggerated a frown as if to prove my point, "Not gonna happen, buddy." In other words, don't even think about it; she's mine!

Snapping his fingers, he nodded. "Shucks. The pretty ones are always taken," he turned toward his computer as if it were nothing, typing a few things onto the screen. "Well, I'm happy for you, Gene." he hit a few last keys with emphasis and turned back to me. "Tell you what," he nodded. "Bring her by after lunch today so we can all meet her," he pointed toward the door behind me, "and I'll set it up with HR so you can have admin leave from Thursday through Monday," he shrugged with a friendly grin.

"Seriously?" my mood instantly changed for the better. At one point in my life, all I cared about was being at work, in front of my computer and getting things done. Milena coming into my life had changed all that so that now I only wanted to be with her; she was literally all I could think about. Okay, I admit that the entire morning Juliana hadn't been far from my mind either, but surely that was because I was talking about her so much. It had absolutely nothing to do with the sexy playfulness that she had around me all weekend... yeah, right! Still, five days off to spend with her... Milena, I mean... well both of them really, was going to be amazing. I scooched forward in my chair, offering out my hand again for another shake. "That's awesome, David! Thank you so much."

"Hey! Don't mention it," he shook my hand firmly. "Won't come out of your vacation time either... my wedding present for a friend." He typed in a few more words onto the screen and sent out whatever email he had been creating. "So where you taking her on the honeymoon anyway?" Suddenly, I froze stiff, my heart instantly beating so loud I could hear it in my ears. I hadn't even thought of that, of course people would expect that. "That's what you needed the Monday off for, right?"

"Uh... yeah," I nodded quickly, my hands rubbing back and forth nervously between my knees. Where did people even go on honeymoons? What would be considered a normal place to go? I'd heard of Europe or Tahiti, but I only had a three-day weekend, well now four and the wedding day thanks to David's gift, but still it couldn't be a place too far away. "You know..." I shrugged, shaking my head then saying the first thing that came to mind, "Disney World... Orlando."

He chuckled, nodding his head in approval and I let out a small, hidden sigh of relief that he had bought it. "That's my man! Great choice..." he leaned forward like he was about to share a secret, "make sure to take her on that Small World ride," his fingers made an OK sign, "...chicks think its really romantic," he started laughing again. Looking to either side as if someone could possibly be over-hearing him, he added, "I personally made out with more than one complete stranger on that ride before."

I laughed along with him, knowing full well that David would totally do something like that. He was well-known in the company to be a firm believer of the non-committal one-night stand. Office grapevines claimed at least a few ladies up in Accounting had even taken him up on that offer, too. "Will do, David," standing up, I was getting ready to leave the office. "And thanks. I really appreciate the admin time off."

"Don't forget," he pointed at me sternly. "Bring her by after lunch so the team and the owners can meet her. I'll get everything pushed through for you..." he started typing again into his computer and then held short. "Oh, and talk with HR about changing your paperwork, too. You'll want to adjust your tax forms and get her on your insurance ASAP, I'm sure." I gave him a thumbs up and a smile then left the office.


Sitting in my vehicle just outside the county courthouse, I waited for Juliana to arrive, turning my neck this way and that, trying to work out the stiff cricks from sleeping most of the night on the couch. Milena had fallen asleep on my chest, her arm draped across my body, my hands softly caressing her hair until the movie had ended. She just looked so peaceful there, so beautiful - like an angel sleeping on a cloud - I didn't have the heart to wake her or even move more than a few inches all night long. I had just sat there for hours, caressing her silky hair and simply enjoying being so close to her. It was really such a marvelous feeling, being overwhelmed with love for her, that I was perfectly content. At some point in the middle of the night I had fallen asleep, but not by choice. I could have stayed there in that perfect moment forever.

In the early hours of morning she had finally awoken me and we both moved groggily to my bed. Much like a dream, I vaguely remembered her undressing, but my eyes were heavy and closed for a brief second. Then, like magic, she was dressed in a silky, purple nightgown that I wished I could have enjoyed, but I was just too tired. She helped me into some pajama pants that I didn't realize I owned, my mind too far gone to even be embarrassed by her seeing me in just my boxers for that brief moment. As I thought about it with more clarity while sitting there in the SUV, I realized she did seem to take her sweet time in pulling the pants up my legs but, then again, that could have just been in my imagination.

Next thing I knew, she was waking me up with the smell of a cup of rich, Colombian roast coffee, her gorgeous, loving smile and her perky nipples poking out like sexy, little headlights under the thin, draping fabric of her nightgown. Drinking my coffee in the bed, I enjoyed the flavor like never before as she sat with me, her hand caressing my leg through the comforter, ensuring that my morning erection would absolutely refuse to fade. Even as I had tried to hide it, twisting my hips to the side a bit, I was pretty sure she kept glancing down at the tent I was creating, trying to hide the smile from her lips. Every giggle she made, every little movement of her body as she caressed me, was like pure magic as I gazed at her in complete awe, my manhood throbbing achingly. "I love you, my angel," were the first words I had actually spoken that morning.

After that she left me so I could take a long, warm shower which was followed by a homemade breakfast and topped off with a deep, passionate kiss that included my hands rubbing her bare ass cheeks under the nighty. She had sent me off to work with the words, "I love you, Gene... hurry to home for me. My sister is at the school tonight." She had blushed and giggled, rolling her fingers in a wave goodbye ever so enticingly as I walked out the door, my mind already dreaming about five o'clock.

The heat from the beating sun brought me back to my current predicament, waiting outside the courthouse for my future wife to arrive. The SUV was getting unbearably hot, or perhaps it was just me getting all worked up from the memories. Either way, I was just about to get out and go wait inside when Milena's old car suddenly pulled up beside mine and Juliana stepped out of the driver's side. Every thought I had in my mind suddenly went blank, my jaw dropping open as I watched her walk toward me. Her royal-blue, off-the-shoulders dress, with a hemline not quite reaching her mid-thigh, contoured her gorgeous curves and sexy sway perfectly. She had an off-white sash around her small waist, tied into a bow on the left side, and her hair fell straight, held by a similar off-white ribbon of some kind, leaving only a few silvery-black strands flowing over her bare shoulders.

"You look stunningly beautiful," I greeted her, getting out of my vehicle, making sure to include that last word as I knew she at least understood that one. "Wow," my head shook slowly, making a big to-do of looking her over from head to toe with absolute admiration as she approached. I didn't know her all that well yet, after only two days, but I'd already figured out that she definitely liked to be visually appreciated. And there was quite a bit worthy of appreciation, too!

When she reached me, her head tilted back and her hands grasped at my shirt as she beamed a bright smile from ear to ear, her big, brown eyes gazing up into mine. "es beautiful... for happy... me husban," she giggled, probably knowing that she hadn't said it quite right. Still, I'm pretty sure that I got the gist of it.

"Oh, I'm very happy to see you," I laughed and she followed suit, reaching up with her hand to my neck. I bent forward to receive the cheek-kiss that I was getting quite used to, but to my complete surprise she twisted and pressed her full lips suddenly against mine, her other hand quickly wrapping around my neck to hold me into her surprise kiss, and then her tongue parted my shocked lips.

I was feeling more than a bit guilty at being so intimate with my girlfriend's sister, and even more so for enjoying it much more than I knew I should. I silenced my panic by reasoning that it was only for show, it's purpose nothing more than to convince anyone who saw us in the parking lot that we were truly in love. Thinking quickly to play along, I put my hands on her waist, pulling her even closer to me like lovers would do. Certain at first it would only be for a moment, just long enough to look believably real, somewhere along the way I lost myself entirely to making out with her. Her lips danced over mine with what felt like true passion, her mouth actually making love to mine, her tongue invading the furthest reaches as she pulled me ever closer.

Her head turned one way and then the other, and I followed her every move, the swelling in my slacks that had started from the memories of Milena became a full-on erection, poking and pressing into Juliana's stomach while her full breasts were crushed against my ribs. Her whole body pushed against mine, making me stumble back against the hood of my SUV and no doubt feeling every inch of my intimate hardened manhood's length grind up against her body in what could only be described as a lustful need. Damn, she was good! Even I was starting to be convinced that she was into me.

For just a moment she broke our embrace, her eyes piercing straight into mine, her breathing heavy and labored as she looked up at me. I had this sudden feeling like she wanted more. Like she was about to jump up into my arms or push me back into the SUV, her gaze holding secrets that just perhaps she wasn't entirely faking all this, or maybe she had just let it get out of hand more than she planned. I was breathing heavy as well, entirely tempted by her, wishing this were real, confused by my thoughts and feelings. Memories of the day before and how I'd let my eyes devour her body instantly returned.

Whatever she was thinking, she started to pull me back toward her, but I had the good sense to put my hands up and stop her. Faking love to get married was one thing, but I couldn't let this continue. 'I love Milena' I scolded myself in my head. But, damn this sexy girl knew how to press my buttons! Taking a deep breath, I knew I couldn't trust myself right now. I was so worked up that there was no telling what I might do if we continued and I wasn't entirely convinced she would even stop me.

Juliana looked hurt and confused when I stopped her so I tried to explain, taking a moment to gather up some words that she might understand. How could I possibly tell her that we didn't need to do this? I'd only known her two days and besides, this was all supposed to be just for show.

Instead of saying what I really was thinking I just said,"We don't have much time." Then I pointed at my empty wrist as if I were wearing a watch and then toward the courthouse. Everything else could wait. Just getting this over with had to be the safer route. "We need to go get the marriage license now," I insisted, hoping she'd go along with it.

Thankfully she started giggling and laughing as she backed away, her cheeks turning red as she buried her face in her hands and shook her head. Had she forgotten why we were there? Had she actually gotten that carried away in the moment? "Sorry," she said and forcibly wrapped her arm in mine, pulling me close to her side and then indicated that I should lead the way.

A few steps toward the building, she stopped suddenly and held up a single finger like she had just remembered something. "Espera un segundo!" she walked back to her car as quick as her high-heels would let her, hips swaying all the more by the quick yet short, awkward steps. Opening the door, she bent over like she was rummaging around inside for something. Her dress instantly rode up her legs, threatening to expose her amazing, succulent ass right there in the parking lot at any moment. I inhaled deep, biting my bottom lip painfully as my eyes nearly popped out of my head. It was all I could do not to lose it right then and there just watching her rear end wiggle. Damn, she was hot!

She bent one leg and then the other until finally she found whatever she was searching for. Closing her door, she adjusted her dress back into place, pulling the skirt down her hips and smoothing out the wrinkles before walking quickly in small steps back to me, nearly tripping once on a crack in the pavement along the way. With a huge, adorable grin, she waved a document in her hand toward me. I assumed it must have been a birth certificate or something but didn't ask as she wrapped her arm through mine once more and we continued towards the building. To be honest, I was thankful she couldn't walk very fast in those high-heels; I was having a lot of difficulty walking at that moment also.

"Marriage licenses..." I started to ask the front receptionist when my voice cracked. Juliana looking up at me in surprise, her hand covering her mouth as she chuckled. Trying to regain my composure I finished, "...please?" We were given the directions and followed them, Juliana slowly lowering her grip on my arm until soon we were holding hands, our fingers naturally interlocking. At first I was surprised at this more intimate display but, just as quickly, realized that she was only playing her part to perfection. After all, we were supposed to be the perfect couple, madly in love, and thus looking to get married. Sometimes, though, it didn't feel like we were faking it; after all, we were getting married for real, no matter the reason.

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