tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 01

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 01


First Chapter

This is a fictional story.

* * * * *

Author's note: Happy Holidays All!

* * * * *

Tory was really stuck. 'What the hell am I going to get my father for Christmas? The man that has everything he could ever want,' he thought. He was getting a good jump on it as Christmas was many months away. However, every year he struggled to get his father something memorable and every year it grew tougher and tougher. The longer he waited too the worse his chances of finding the right gift.

You would think a guy with a genius IQ could come up with something. The problem was his father was beyond just rich. He was a billionaire and had everything he could ever want and if he didn't he got it.

Tory walked to class at the prestigious California Technical College he attended still thinking what he might get. He sat through his advanced aeronautics class trying to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. He liked the subject but the teacher lacked imagination with the material and it bored him. It did not help that he had read many books on the subject and already knew everything being discussed.

As Tory filed out of class after the bell, he walked down the corridor to his next class. He was deep in thought when he heard his name being called.

"Tory, please wait up," Jenna said.

Tory turned to see Jenna Jerrod walking fast towards him. He waited for Jenna to catch up before walking again.

"Hi, Jenna. How are you?" Tory asked.

"Oh, just fine thanks. Well, actually I would be better if I understood advanced aeronautics better. I'm afraid I might not do well on the next test," Jenna said.

"Struggling with propulsion, are we?" Tory said smiling at Jenna.

"You know it. How do you ever understand all that?" Jenna asked mystified.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess it just makes sense to me," Tory said humbly.

"Well, I'm really worried about it because I don't have a clue. You think you could help me again?" Jenna asked hopefully.

"Sure. No problem." Tory said. "When?"

"How about I come over at five to your apartment?" Jenna offered.

"Sounds good," Tory said.

"Chinese again?" Jenna asked.

"Good too," Tory agreed.

"Okay, see you then," Jenna said splitting off to head down a different hall.

As Tory continued walking to class, he remembered the last time Jenna Jerrod had needed help. It had been about a month ago and she had brought Chinese then too. After eating and studying together for a couple hours Jenna announced she needed to go. But, she wanted to thank him properly for all his help. She felt better about understanding the material now.

Jenna's idea of properly thanking him involved sucking his cock. She had gotten down on her knees right in front of him as he stood to walk her to the door. Looking up into his eyes, she had opened his pants and extracted his cock from his boxers. She was a lot more talented at cocksucking than she was at advanced aeronautics.

Jenna sucked his soft cock right into her mouth and it only took moments for him to reach his seven hard inches. She continued to look up at him as she wet his cock with her saliva. When it was good and wet, he was amazed when she took him right to the root. With his cock throbbing in her talented throat, Tory nearly popped right then as she tongued his balls.

Tory remembered how his legs were trembling as Jenna worked his cock with her mouth. She had deepthroated him several times. When she removed his cock from her throat, she would torture the head of his cock with her tongue. When his balls tightened, Jenna deepthroated him again. She held him there till she knew he was about to cum. Just before his cock swelled, Jenna pulled him from her throat. Tory blasted cum into her mouth in rapid succession. Jenna had swallowed it all looking up at him with laughing eyes.

The thoughts of that day made his cock stir as he finally got to class. He needed to change his thoughts before he had an obvious problem. He tried to get the thoughts of Jenna coming over later from his mind.

Tory had two more classes that day. He did manage to concentrate in the classes which was good because one of the teachers asked him to demonstrate a problem and solution on the board to the class.

Walking back to his apartment from class, he tried not to think of Jenna but rather the Christmas gift for his father. He was no closer to a solution as he walked by the mechanical engineering building. In the glass enclosed signboard out front was a notice announcing the robotics contest. It reminded him he had planned on maybe entering that.

He arrived home at 4:00 and decided to shower again before Jenna arrived. He did and put on comfortable pants and a t-shirt. Tory had never been athletic but he still worked out and kept his six foot frame trim. With wavy blond hair and deep blue eyes, Tory had his father's good looks.

At 5:15 the doorbell rang. He opened it to greet Jenna.

"Sorry I'm late, Tory, but the Chinese place was slow with our food," Jenna said.

"No biggie," Tory said.

Tory led Jenna to the kitchen after taking the bag from her. They ate the Chinese food while talking about school. Tory offered to pay but Jenna refused. Tory knew her dad was pretty well off too. He was not a billionaire but money was not a worry to Jenna either. After dinner they studied together for several hours until finally Jenna grasped the many intricacies of propulsion.

"Tory, you are a wonderful teacher," Jenna said. "I understand everything so much better after you explain it than that dork of a professor."

"Thanks, Jenna, but teaching is not for me," Tory said grinning.

"Too bad. Well, I need to get going," Jenna said.

Tory stood to be a gentleman and walk her to the door. He couldn't just assume she would suck him off again. As he stood, Jenna grasped his hand.

"You want some special thanks?" Jenna asked with a sexy cock of her head.

Tory did not answer but allowed himself to be pulled in front of her as she sat on the couch. Jenna again looked up at him with those marvelous deep brown eyes. She began unfastening his pants.

"You know, Tory, I didn't tell you last time how sweet a cock you have," Jenna said smiling broadly.

"You think so?" Tory said gulping even though he was trying to act cool.

"It is a beautiful cock. Nice and long and perfectly thick," Jenna said. "I like them long but not too thick so they go down my throat easy. Yours is nearly perfect," Jenna said smiling.

"Thanks," Tory gasped as Jenna fished his stiffening dick from his boxers.

Jenna worked Tory's dick much like the last time. Getting it wet with her tongue. She tortured the head and sucked the pre-cum from the tip as it appeared. Shortly, she worked the head into the back of her mouth and then pushed down taking Tory to his balls. He groaned with pleasure above her.

Jenna sucked Tory with passion and skill. When his balls were tight against the base of his cock and he was about to explode, she backed off. Tory gasped out his stalled climax as he looked down at Jenna. She smiled at him.

"Why don't you sit down and let me get between your legs?" Jenna said winking at him.

"Okay," Tory choked out.

They switched spots and Jenna resumed blowing him as she knelt between his legs. It took a few minutes but soon with the aid of her hands, Jenna had him on the verge of cumming again. She teasingly backed off.

"Oh, fuck," Tory howled. "Please Jenna."

"Okay," Jenna said. "I don't mean to torment you but I like sucking on him and don't want it to be over too soon."

"God, you're killing me," Tory said.

"Okay, I'll take your juice this time. I promise," Jenna said not wanting to tease him anymore.

When she started again the voracity with which she sucked him had him re-peaking in no time. Jenna throated his cock twice and rubbed his balls coaxing the cum from them. Tory moaned and pushed off the couch. Jenna's hands and lips expertly worked him until he exploded in her mouth. She took blast after blast from his cock holding it all in her mouth. When he finally finished and slumped back in the sofa, Jenna tightened her lips around his cock. She drew off him pulling a few remaining drops of cum from his deflating cock.

After a few more moments, Tory opened his eyes and looked at Jenna. Her mouth was closed as she stared back at him. While he watched Jenna slowly parted her lips. Tory nearly gasped when he saw the first sights of the pool of cum in Jenna's mouth. She opened it only part way so as not to lose any. As it was, the pool threatened to leak over her lower lip if she opened anymore. Tory watched as she moved her tongue in the white viscous fluid. Her eyes sparked at him and her mouth fought not to smile too wide and lose some of her prize. Tory did groan as she swallowed it before him in one big gulp.

"Tasty," Jenna said grinning at him.

"God, Jenna, that was wicked cool," Tory said.

"Glad you liked it," Jenna said.

"You're amazing," Tory said. "You're the best."

"Oh, you think I'm good?" Jenna asked with a big grin.

"Splendid," Tory said.

"The best you ever had?" Jenna asked seriously.

"Yes, absolutely," Tory said.

"Good, I aim to please," Jenna said.

"Well, you do," Tory replied.

"Thanks, I like practicing on you too," Jenna answered.

"You can practice on me anytime," Tory said grinning back at her.

"I might just," Jenna replied smiling.

Tory put his soft dick back in his pants and walked Jenna to the door.

Jenna said, "Thanks again for helping me with aero."

"No problem. Anytime," Tory said.

"Maybe I'll need more help next week," Jenna said smiling.

"Do I ever get to help you?" Tory asked grinning. "I could at least buy the Chinese."

"Maybe soon," Jenna said. "My boyfriend is being a dweeb lately."

"Sounds good," Tory said. "Bye, Jenna,"

"See ya," Jenna said.

A week went by after Tory last saw Jenna. He was still no closer to a present for his dad and had not picked his robotics project yet either. He was thinking about the present, the project, and the growing pressure in his balls as he walked home. The sight of Jenna's face smiling at him soon overrode all other thoughts. The thought of those deep brown eyes with their devilish twinkle made his dick pulse. He could see those nice pouty lips which looked so good wrapped around his dick. He wondered what it would be like to fuck Jenna. She had a good body too with long brown hair and cute face. Not huge tits but a shapely figure and nice ass. Tory was lost in his thoughts of Jenna when he heard his name.

"Tory," Reagan called.

He turned to see his lab partner last year hurrying to him. Reagan was cute and a good fuck. He had nailed her several times during the year when they worked on a project together. She was not as cute as Jenna and did not suck cock with nearly the same skill. But she was a pretty good lay and had great tits.

"Thanks for waiting up," Reagan said.

"No problem. What's up?" Tory said hoping she would not notice that he was nearly erect.

"I wanted to talk with you about the robotics contest," Reagan said.

"What about it?" Tory said

"Well, I was hoping I could partner with the smartest guy in school. You can take partners, you know," Reagan added.

"Yeah, I knew that but I was thinking I would go it alone," Tory said.

"Oh, okay," Reagan said.

"But, I've not come up with anything yet for the project so who knows," Tory stated.

"Well, if I could I would like to work on it with you. I can use the extra credit in engineering," Reagan admitted.

"I was maybe going to stop for coffee. You want some?" Tory asked.

"Sure, that sounds good," Reagan agreed.

They walked to the coffee shop two blocks away and not far from Tory's apartment. He ordered the two coffees prepared as they wanted and paid for them. They then took a seat in the corner.

"How is your dad?" Reagan asked.

"Oh, he is okay, good really," Tory said.

"The last time we spoke of him was soon after your mother died," Reagan said.

"Yeah, I guess so," Tory replied.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories," Reagan said.

"Oh, no problem. I'm past grieving for my mother and I think dad is too," Tory said.

"That's good," Reagan said.

"Though, he has no one else in his life yet besides me and my older brother," Tory admitted.

"That's too bad. Everyone needs someone for companionship," Reagan stated.

"Yeah, I wish he would start dating again but he seems to have little interest," Tory said.

"He should," Reagan agreed. "He is still fairly young, right? He is only in his early fifties right?" Reagan asked with concern.

"Yes," Tory agreed. "I'm sure he still has desires."

"Maybe he cannot bring himself to make a commitment to a new woman after losing your mom," Reagan said.

"Probably. I guess the best would be a hot woman that did not want any commitment or anything but sex," Tory smiled.

"Yeah, the perfect woman for any man," Reagan joked. "No commitment, just good sex."

"Yeah, that would be a real find for any man," Tory agreed smiling at Reagan.

"The perfect gift to any man, right!" Reagan said laughing and sipped her coffee.

They sat in silence for a few minutes until Regan finally broke it.

"You look deep in thought," Reagan said.

"I think you just gave me the perfect idea," Tory said.

"I did! What the hell you talking about - getting your dad a hooker?" Reagan said joking.

"Better than that! "A robot woman!" Tory exclaimed.

"You're nuts! Nothing like that exists," Reagan said.

"Not until I, or we, invent it," Tory said.

"What are you saying?" Reagan asked feeling lost.

"I'm saying we should invent a robot woman. It can be a Christmas present for my dad and also fill the bill for the robotic project," Tory said.

"We can't do that. The technology is not there for that yet," Reagan said.

"No...no, it isn't but it sounds like a neat project. I think we could do it," Tory said.

"Tory, you are the smartest guy by far I know but what you are talking about is out there," Reagan said.

"It'll be fun trying, don't you think?" Tory said.

"Well, if you could pull it off, it would be definite winner material for the engineering project," Reagan said.

"Not just me! I need your help too," Tory said. "We work well together."

"Well, I would love to work with you but I think this is an ambitious project," Reagan said. "It will cost a fortune too."

"I have a fortune or at least my dad does. What do you say?" Tory asked Reagan.

"Okay, you got my help but I must say you would be better off with a few other people besides just me," Reagan said.

"We'll see," Tory said.

They finished their coffees while talking more about the project. They went straight to the library afterwards and took out every book they had on robotics and anatomy. They scanned computer files for articles on robotics and artificial intelligence. The two of them looked at books on metallurgy and plastics. Tory looked for articles on latex and other organic compounds. They divided the work and Reagan concentrated on body structure while Tory put his intellect towards artificial intelligence, sensory development, and skin designs.

When the two of them finally left the library, they headed for Tory's apartment. He ordered pizza for them and they worked over dinner. After another two hours Reagan was pooped.

"Tory, my brain is fried. Your can probably go another three weeks but I need a rest," Reagan said.

"Okay, good idea but I think we are making a good start, don't you?" Tory asked.

"Yes, I am definitely learning a lot and frankly it is fun too," Reagan said.

"Yeah, I have a ton of ideas working in my head," Tory said.

"Well, maybe you do but mine is shot," Reagan said.

"Okay, we can quit for now," Tory said rising to his feet from the kitchen table.

Reagan got up and they walked towards the door in the living room. Before they reached it Reagan grabbed his hand.

"Thanks for letting me help you," Reagan said.

"No, thank you for joining me on this wild ride," Tory said smiling.

"How about you give me another kind of wild ride," Tory quipped.

"What kind of wild ride you talking about?" Tory said joking with her.

"The kind where I'm sitting on a big pole," Reagan whispered.

"Oh, that kind of ride," Tory said laughing. "That might take our minds off the project for a little while."

"I know it will mine," Reagan said.

Tory grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom. In a minute they had both stripped completely and were on his bed. They kissed and Tory remembered how much he liked kissing Reagan before. He kneaded her fabulous tits and pinched the nipples. Her aureoles were a delicious shade of pink with slightly deeper nipples. He loved her tits. They were the best he had ever seen up close and touched.

Reagan had grabbed his semi-hard cock and stroked it to complete hardness. Tory's seven inch weapon was the biggest she had ever had inside her, not that she had that many. She had two boyfriends in high school and dated one guy before Tory. She had not had sex in quite a while and the thought of mounting this beautiful dick had her pussy juicy with desire.

They broke the kiss and Reagan shifted on the bed over the top of Tory. She lifted her leg and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. She moved him slightly until he parted her inner lips and nestled an inch inside the entrance. Reagan looked at Tory as she slowly lowered her cunt onto his stiff seven inch cock. The feeling of her tight cunt being forced open to accept his invading cock nearly made Reagan cry out. It felt tremendously delicious.

Tory could not believe the pressure Reagan's cunt exerted on his cock. He felt like he was entering a warm wet clinging velvet passage. When she finally bottomed out on his dick taking him to the balls, Reagan gasped. Tory looked up at her raptured face. Her reddish hair gleamed in the light from his desk across the room. At that moment she looked gorgeous to him. Her fabulous breasts stuck out as she arched her back. The pale of her skin looked exotic next to his more tanned body.

When Reagan finally started to move, her pussy felt like warm liquid mercury on his cock. He wasn't sure how much of this he could take but he wanted to get her off once on top then roll her over and pound her pussy until she screamed for mercy. She had been right. They needed a break and this was a good way to forget about the project.

Five glorious minutes later, with his hands tweaking her nipples, Reagan shuddered above him. He could tell by her tightly clamping pussy walls that she had reached her first orgasm. He kept trying to push up into her even as she clamped him tight. Tory watched Reagan as she gasped and panted through her climax. He could feel her juices wetting his balls.

Tory rolled Reagan over on her back which caused her to open her eyes. She looked at his face wide-eyed as he remained seated in her cunt. Tory started slowly but quickly built up speed as he fucked her tight wet pussy. He leaned down and sucked her nipples as he worked his long cock inside her. Reagan groaned her approval as he switched nipples and held his head at her tits.

When Tory stopped sucking her nipples and pushed faster into Reagan, she moaned and looked at him.

"Oh, Tory, you fuck me so well," Reagan said.

"You feel pretty good too," Tory gasped.

"Fuck me good, Tory. Cum inside me," Reagan said.

Tory quickened his pace to a near blistering speed. The bed creaked in protest to the pounding Tory gave Reagan's cunt. He was starting to tire and knew he would cum soon. Fortunately, Reagan pushed up off the bed, arching her back and pulling him by the hips into her cunt. She gasped and screamed softly as he battered her inner core. Reagan howled as her release let go like an earthquake. She shook below him and clamped her cunt tight on his cock once again.

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