tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 05

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 05


This is a fictional story.

* * * * *

Author's note: Happy Holidays All!

Special Thanks to Techsan for his Editing Genius!

* * * * *

Tory woke first. He pulled the covers on the bed from Ashley's body and his so he could climb out. He had a lot to do today and needed to get going. He sat up then flipped over top of her so he could get out. He looked down on her gorgeous naked body as he swung over her. Ashley's eyes opened. She reached for his cock as it hung and passed over her supple body. She managed to barely grab it but he quickly pulled away causing her hand to slip. She just smiled weakly and rolled back over. He again covered her with the blankets. Reagan slept like an angel through the whole thing.

Tory went to the kitchen in his robe. He made coffee first, then breakfast. He thought about what he needed to accomplish that day. He had a lot to do before meeting Jenna later.

Tory had to get ready for the trip the next day. He needed to pick up the skeleton structure and visit the latex manufacturer. He also had a few more stops before they ended up delivering everything to the robotics company that he had lined up to do the assembly. He had received word that they already had the main processor and that the power plant was on its way.

The sensory net was coming along as were the optics for the eyes and the hearing was done. He had finished all the design work on the throat, digestive tract, and the vagina. Tory had forwarded his plans to the companies involved and the work proceeded. As good as everything was going, he still felt rushed. With the Thanksgiving holiday and vacations this time of year, he worried about being done in time. They were allowing themselves nearly no time for testing before needing to be done.

The last day of school before the Christmas break was also the last day to show your project at the mechanical engineering exhibit to qualify for the contest. After all their work, Reagan and he did not want to miss out on the extra credit. Reagan thought they were a shoe-in for first place if they could finish in time.

When Tory had breakfast ready, he went to wake the women. He had shut the bedroom door to keep from disturb their sleep. He brought two cups of coffee with him as incentives for Reagan and Ashley to get up. When he managed to open the door, still holding the cups, he found the bed empty. It was then he heard the shower running. He had not noticed it before. He opened the bathroom door and set the cups on the vanity.

The shower door was steamed up. The women must have the steam shower working. He dropped his robe and opened the door. He stepped inside and closed the door. When he turned, he was a bit surprised by the sight before him. He had guessed Ashley to be bi-sexual but not Reagan. The sight before him told otherwise. On the small bench lay Ashley. Between her legs knelt Reagan, licking Ashley's clit. Her back was partly to Tory and she probably did not know he was there but Ashley smiled at him.

Tory walked right up to Ashley. Reagan paused upon seeing him but only for a moment. Ashley knew what he wanted and reached for his cock. A second later the head of it was in her mouth and her tongue started playing across the sensitive underside. Tory watched Reagan as she licked and sucked on Ashley's clit. Reagan had two fingers already working inside Ashley's cunt. The sight of Reagan eating Ashley turned Tory on and his dick stiffened quickly in Ashley's talented mouth.

Ashley groaned around the cock in her mouth as the pleasure Reagan gave her cunt multiplied. Ashley tried to suck Tory off but slowed several times as her body quaked with small mini-orgasms caused by Reagan.

After one such small orgasm by Ashley, Tory pulled his cock away and moved behind Reagan. As she continued to work Ashley's pussy, Tory knelt behind her and pushed his long cock deep inside her. It slipped in like a knife through butter. Reagan was totally turned on eating Ashley and her pussy was primed for his cock.

Tory grabbed Reagan's hips and pumped into her pussy in long smooth strokes. He could hear Reagan moaning into Ashley's cunt and causing Ashley to moan too. Tory sped up and pushed as deep as he could into Reagan on each inward stroke. Tory wanted to last. He did not want to cum right away. He wanted a piece of Ashley's cunt too and he had to save plenty of energy for Jenna later.

Tory pushed into Reagan and held his cock there. He ground around inside her tight pussy causing Reagan to groan deeply. He kept at it for a while. It felt great but there was not enough friction with his cock to push him over. Reagan on the other hand fought to concentrate on Ashley's pussy as her pleasure built. Ashley played with her own incredible tits as Reagan brought her closer to another bigger orgasm.

When Tory thought he could pound Reagan good with out cumming, he started stroking her long and hard again. Ashley had reached her peak. She pinched her own nipples hard as she squealed with delight. Her orgasm coursed through her in waves of bliss. Reagan tried to stay with Ashley, licking her clit, but the pounding to her own pussy was driving her nuts. She could not hold out much more.

As Ashley finally relaxed on the seat from her blissful orgasm, Reagan began hers. She howled into Ashley's cunt as her orgasm tore through her. Tory pushed deep inside her and held there as Reagan clamped her cunt muscles around his invading cock. Even with all the steam and moisture around, Tory could feel the wonderful increased wetness and warmth to his cock as it bathed in Reagan's juices. She moaned for several moments until the orgasm finally passed.

Tory extracted his cock from Reagan when she stopped cumming. She moaned a mild protest when the long fleshy tube of his cock pulled from her tingling cunt. Tory stood up and moved to Ashley. He feed her his cock again and she took it right into her mouth. Ashley tasted Reagan as she sucked Tory's cock deep into her mouth. She took him to the back of her mouth and then down her throat. Tory groaned while Ashley deepthroated him.

Tory let Ashley suck his cock for a few minutes but then pulled away. He still wanted inside her sweet pussy. He pulled her into a sitting position on the bench and knelt before her. He lined his cock up with her pink shaved twat and pushed forward. Tory sank inch by inch into her until he buried his cock to the balls inside her. He slowly moved back and forth fucking her moist cunt. He pulled her ass to the edge of the seat and leaned forward to suck on a pink nipple. Ashley cooed as Tory teased her nipple and probed her cunt deeply.

Reagan had recovered from her orgasm with Tory and moved around to palm Ashley's other tit and pinch the nipple. Her other hand reached behind Tory and rubbed his hanging balls. Both Tory and Ashley gasped and moaned as the many sensations sent waves of passion across their bodies.

Tory increased his fucking of Ashley's sweet pussy. Reagan's hand on his balls was driving him nuts as she teased them to release their load into Ashley's waiting cunt. He started fucking Ashley with abandon seeking both their releases. Reagan had moved her mouth to one of Ashley's nipples and sucked on it. Ashley couldn't take much more. Reagan was driving her tits crazy and her pussy hummed from the pleasure Tory's wonderful cock inflicted upon her.

Within another minute both Tory and Ashley peaked. Reagan's hand felt Tory's balls pull up tight to his body. She squeezed them lightly as they let go their load and hosed cum into Ashley's cunt. The hot cum blasting her insides sent Ashley over the edge and she screamed. The two climaxed together. Tory could feel extra wetness inside Ashley from both their cum. He pumped his cock a few last times until his cock stopped shooting. Ashley gasped a few times even after Tory stopped pumping into her.

The three cleaned up in the shower and exited. Tory was worried his breakfast of fried eggs and toast was getting cold. The women dried and wrapped towels around themselves and their hair. Tory dried and put his robe back on. The women grabbed their coffees and everyone went to eat.

Over breakfast they discussed the project. Tory laid out the timelines and next steps he had put together with Jenna on the pictures and the molds. He hated to do it but he broke the news to Ashley about wanting to use Jenna's butt.

"What? You're taking the breasts and now the ass from me? It's not going to be my body anymore. What's the use?" Ashley complained.

"It will still be your body. It will still be your pussy and everything else," Tory said.

"The tits and the ass are the two important parts though," Ashley said. "I could see losing to Reagan on the tits; hers are exquisite. I can't argue with you on that, even though I think mine are good too. But Jenna's butt is not better than mine, just different. Mine sits higher and hers is lower is all," Ashley tried to argue.

"You have to admit that guys like more of a bubble butt. Yours is very nice. I like it but Jenna's is what guys go for more," Tory said.

"Reagan, help me here," Ashley asked. "Whose is better, mine or Jenna's?"

"I'm not going to get involved in this," Reagan smiled.

"Fuck, Tory, this sucks," Ashley said.

"Look at it this way. You get the legs, very important, the hands and arms, the belly including the navel, the face, the head, the hair, the neck, the back and, the main component of all, the pussy," Tory said smiling at Ashley.

"You can't sugar coat this, you bastard," Ashley said. "You're taking the main parts from me."

"Ashley, it's your face everyone will see on this killer body. Sure you have a wonderful body but this body will be Barbie quality. Don't you want people to see your beautiful face on the best body possible?" Tory asked seriously.

"Well, sure but...You really think this body will be Barbie quality?" Ashley asked.

"I think. Don't you, Reagan?" Tory asked.

"Yeah, definitely," Reagan said.

"Oh, now you have an opinion, Miss Beautiful Tits. Well, Tory, I always wanted to be like Barbie. Especially to have her body," Ashley stated.

"Now you will," Tory agreed.

"I don't have any choice in this, do I?" Ashley mused.

"No, not really," Tory agreed. "But you'll see. This robot will be awesome."

"Okay," Ashley agreed. They finished breakfast and got dressed. The women needed to go back to their apartments and get freshened up. They still had yesterday's clothes on. Reagan was going to stay home until two o'clock and then join them. She still had work on the electronics connectors. They needed to be able to wire everything together without hindering movement. Ashley would be available in the afternoon for Tory to pick up Jenna and her for the pictures. Reagan would meet them at the photographer's. The girls left soon after and Tory settled into doing more work.

Tory left before one o'clock to pick up Jenna first and then Ashley. Jenna had a photographer lined up for the shot and they headed there.

"What kinds of shots are we doing?" Ashley asked.

"Mostly face to start. Then body shots. Did you bring the bikini?" Jenna asked.

"Yes, in here," Ashley said raising her pocketbook.

"Good. The face and body shots will be done by the main photographer but he has a female assistant for the more intimate shots. He will probably see the pictures anyway but I thought everyone would be more comfortable this way," Jenna said.

"Good idea," Tory said.

They stopped at the photographer's and proceeded in. He was ready for them and they started in immediately. He took facial shots of Ashley from every possible angle and in different lighting. Tory wanted these pictures to make sure the exact look was kept consistent throughout. The real key would be the molds but the pictures were needed for coloring and proportioning.

When Reagan arrived at two o'clock, they were ready to take body shots. The photographer worked on Ashley in her bikini while Reagan and Jenna had their parts taken in another room by the assistant. They finished with a few more intimate shots by the assistant of Ashley's pussy. The pictures totaled nearly 500 in all and cost Tory $1000.00 with the developing.

When they were done, they stopped for Chinese and headed back to Tory's apartment. The plan was to eat together and then Jenna and Tory would go take in a movie. Reagan and Ashley would leave for their own apartments and get packed to travel the next morning. The conversation over dinner was all about the project and the trip plans.

"You know, I can see how Reagan's breasts will fit fine on my chest but not Jenna's butt on me," Ashley brought up.

"Not this again, Ashley. I thought we agreed on this?" Tory said.

"We did. I'm just saying, how are you going to fit Jenna's butt on me?" Ashley said. "I'm shaped differently than her and it might not look right."

"It will look fine," Tory said.

"She might be on to something," Reagan said.

"Reagan, not you too?" Tory asked.

"Well, I'm just saying I think Ashley has a point we need to think about," Reagan said.

"We've already done all the pictures," Tory said.

"I'm just asking how we are going to make the molds and have it look natural." Ashley asked.

"We need to check this out," Reagan said.

"We can let the mold makers shape it," Tory said. "Besides, how you going to check it out?"

Reagan said, "Ashley, stand up over there. You too, Jenna."

"Okay, now turn around so Tory and I can see your butts," Reagan said.

The women did and their butts were quite different. Ashley had a cute little butt that rode high on her legs. It was small but shapely. Jenna's butt was lower with much more defined cheeks and greater roundness. Jenna did have the nicer ass, so they had made the right decision. However, Ashley and Reagan had a point. How would Jenna's butt look and fit on Ashley's frame.

"The clothes are in the way," Reagan said. "Girls, drop your pants."

Both women turned to look at Reagan, then Tory, but they obliged. They each had jeans on and dropped them to the floor. Jenna cheeks were so much fuller than Ashley's tiny butt. Ashley had left her bikini bottoms on from the photo shoot. Jenna had regular cotton panties on.

"Reagan said, "Well, what do you think, Tory? How is it going to work?"

"Well, I'm starting to see your point," Tory said.

"You're not backing out on me," Jenna said. "You promised we would use my ass."

"Okay, okay, relax," Tory said.

"Maybe it would help without the panties on to see," Reagan said.

Both girls looked back quickly again but dropped their panties and bikini bottoms to the floor. Even with their legs together Ashley's pink labia were clearly visible from behind peaking through the small cheeks of her ass. Jenna's pussy lips were only barely visible at the very bottom of her ass. Ashley was about an inch taller than Jenna with slightly thinner thighs. They both had very nice shapely legs but Ashley's were the best.

"What do you think now?" Reagan asked.

"I think we're going to have to expand Ashley's hips just a little to make Jenna's ass fit proportionately," Tory said.

"I agree," Reagan said. "You have a camera?"

"Yeah, top drawer of my desk," Tory said and Reagan went to go get it.

With their backs still to Tory, the two girls occasionally glanced at each other. Reagan returned with the digital camera and snapped off several shots from different angles.

"I think with these the mold makers should be able to make the necessary increases to Ashley's hips to handle Jenna's butt.

"You wouldn't have to do this if you just used my butt," Ashley said hopefully.

"Ashley! Tory barked.

"Okay, okay, just hoping," Ashley said laughing.

"Turn around," Reagan said. "I should take at least one shot from the front too."

Ashley turned without hesitation but Jenna paused. She seemed a bit uncomfortable with everyone seeing her like this. It wasn't even so much Tory because he had seen her and fucked her already. It was more two other women checking her out. Jenna did turn though to line up with Ashley facing them. Reagan snapped a couple pictures of their lower torsos like it was natural to take pictures of two women standing side by side with their shaved pussies on display.

"That should do it," Reagan said.

"We got another problem," Tory said.

"What?" they all asked together.

"They have two different pussy positions," Tory said. "Jenna's is slightly more visible from this side than Ashley's."

"I see what you mean," Reagan said. "If we use Ashley's pussy with Jenna's ass then her pussy will sit back more than may look natural," Reagan said.

"Yeah, we need to adjust that too," Tory said.

"Oh, my now your changing my pussy too?" Ashley complained.

"No, we're just going to shift it up a little like Jenna's is," Tory said.

"I feel like you are dismantling me piece by piece," Ashley lamented.

"You'll look gorgeous when we're done," Tory said.

"I'm already gorgeous," Ashley said with a laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, we know," Reagan remarked.

"Question, ladies," Tory said. "Do we give our robot pubic hair?"

Jenna and Ashley looked down at themselves and then each other. Reagan glanced between them.

"What do you think, Tory? We're making this to appeal to your dad," Reagan added.

"Yeah, I would say no," Tory said.

"Would look the cleanest," Ashley said.

"I think no hair would be best," Jenna said.

"Okay, that's settled then," Tory agreed.

"Good, can we get dressed now?" Jenna asked.

"One last thing ladies. Please lay down on the floor facing Reagan and me," Tory said.

Jenna and Ashley gave Tory a strange look but complied. Tory looked at Reagan as the girls got settled and winked.

"I'm thinking we need to pick a clitoris next," Tory said, trying not to smile.

"What?" both girls yelled at the same time. "What's wrong with mine?" Ashley wanted to know.

Reagan also tried hard not to laugh and Tory continued.

"We need to make sure we pick the right size one," Tory said.

"Mine is fine," Ashley shot back. "Besides I'm supposed to get the pussy. You can't go tearing it apart now," Ashley complained.

"I need to see both of yours," Tory said.

"She can have the clit," Jenna said.

"Let's just look, shall we?" Tory said. "Please spread yourselves."

Both girls hesitated but then pulled their lips back. Neither was particularly excited so their clits were not very pronounced.

"I think we need help. Reagan go help Ashley expose her clit, will you," Tory said.

Reagan gave him a dirty look and went to Ashley. Jenna watched in amazement as Reagan wet her fingers and began rubbing around Ashley's clit coaxing it to protrude. Jenna was so amazed watching the two women that she did not notice Tory sit beside her until his hand touched her thigh.

"What are you doing?" Jenna asked, surprised by what was going on.

"Just relax. I'm going to check yours out too," Tory said.

"But she can have the clit. I don't care," Jenna pleaded.

Jenna watched Reagan spread Ashley's legs further and start licking her cunt and all around her clit. Jenna had never seen two women making love before.

"Oh, my god," Jenna said.

She was so fascinated by the sight of the two women she hardly noticed Tory spreading her labia and running his finger along her inner lips. He too leaned in and started teasing Jenna with his tongue.

Reagan moved between Ashley's legs and started eating her pussy as if she were trying to get Ashley off, not just examine her exposed clit. Jenna was amazed that Ashley didn't seem to mind. In fact, she lay back and let Reagan eat her pussy like it was no big deal. Tory had moved between her legs and pushed her back too so he could get at her sex more easily. Jenna shuddered as his tongue probed her hole.

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