tagLesbian SexFor the Pleasure of the Princess

For the Pleasure of the Princess


Author's Notes:

I got the idea for this short story from Princess V. and her story, The Princess and the Peasant Girl. After getting her permission to use her plot devices, I jotted this down as a way to see if I could do something similar. I know this is a very short story for me, but I can't learn if I don't try. Please enjoy this piece of adult fiction, remembering that all legal disclaimers apply. Please take a second to vote, or a moment to comment or send me feedback.



Princess Beatrix had always known her worth. She knew not to expect the happily ever after, of the fables that were the newest thing in literature that the commoners gossiped about. She knew it was what was between her legs and the heir she could produce, was where her contribution to the realm was coming from. It would be up to her to produce the next King since her brother could not.

Well he could, if he could keep his codpiece on around his Earl and adviser. More than once had she caught them spilling his seed down the Earls throat. No wonder there wasn't enough left to get the simpleton who called herself the Queen, pregnant.

"Easy Maude, I have to breathe today." She told her dressing girl. Why a woman of over thirty would still be called a girl was not the point. The fact that the corset was cinched too tight was.

"Yes my Lady." Maude answered automatically as she tied the leather ties and reached for the overdress. "Do you want the blue or the green girdle today my Lady?"

"The blue.... My brother hates it and I need to have his attention on me, not the Earl of Wetmore. The fool is trying to fob me off on a useless idiot again and I won't have it!" She stood still with her arms out so she could be dressed.

"Yes my Lady...." Maude went about her task, thinking about the groomsman that had been trying to get into her knickers. She might just let him, since her husband was off in the country with his land and the bitch milkmaid that had been taking her place in her bed with him. She could have the drunken lout. She had her position in the castle and the attention of many of the males in attendance.

"Tell the ladies that I want my room threshed and the linen hung out today. It is getting fusty in there." She ordered. "Have my cloak available in case I need to take a walk after dealing with my brother. And don't forget to put in new candles. See if you can coax some of the floral scented ones the bee keeper sells." She ran her hand over her bosom to the flair of her hips. She held up her feet so her girl could slip on her shoes.

"Is there anything else my Lady?" Maude asked, bowing to her task.

"Yes, send a missive to your husband. I want him in Castle within a fortnight to do his husbandly duties. If he fails this time, I will allow you to cuckold him to have a child before you are barren. If it is a girl, you can train her in your station for when you are retired to the Coventry."

"If it is a male child?" She bowed to her knees.

"He can claim the homestead in your name or until he reaches his majority." She flicked her fingers at her girl, excusing her from the room.

Maude knew not to thank her Lady for the honor she just bestowed. Because the last one who did, lost everything that just had been given since they felt they were not owed it for their service. Inside her heart was beating and she knew by the nights fall, that groomsman was going to get what he has desired. As long as she had a child she could call legitimate, she's rather anyone other than her husband to father it. She wanted to make sure whatever seed was planted, it was well planted, before she had to endure the groping of her husband and his stick thin appendage.

Beatrix walked with purpose to the throne's chamber. It was time for a candid conversation with her brother the King. She bobbed her head in absent greeting to the people she passed. "I need an audience with his Majesty!" It wasn't a request and the guard knew it.

"Yes Highness!" He saluted and opened the door.

"Dear Sister, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company this early in the day?" Her brother smiled at his sister, seeing her mood in her eyes.

"I need a private converse with you My Lord!" She curtsied to him and scowled at the Earl of Lockney and the Queen, who was playing with a young child. Her intellectual equal Beatrix thought.

"Must it be now my sister? I was just...." He flicked his wrist, sending his queen and the young child out of the room.

"Yes before the missive that will cause much strife can be sent!" She waved at the doorman as he brought forward a tall backed chair.

"You're Highness, if I may...?" The Earl started to say.

"Leave us...!" She hissed at him. "This is between my brother and I alone!" She saw the tightening of her brother's eyes and knew he was getting into the mood she needed him in to have this conversation.

"Clear the room!" He shouted and slammed his hand down on the table in front of him. Once everyone was out and the door closed he attacked. "What is the meaning of this sister?" He shouted.

"I will not marry that idiot Wetmore! His is a libertine and has yet to produce even a bastard. If it is up to me to produce an heir, then let me produce one that might have half a chance at running the country before France or England invades!" She refused to mince words with her brother.

"That is the third match you have quashed! You need to married or in the nunnery by your next birthday! I was trying to give you someone you could control." He said irritated that even as King, his sister could get the better of him.

"I have no quarrel with getting married brother! But, I will not marry a defective and try and produce an heir to the throne. Let's face facts. Your Queen, for all her beauty, is an imbecile. You prefer the company of your Earl or Huntsman, to spending time with her. Not that I don't see the point. She grates on my calm after only five minutes in her presence. If this is the only thing I can do to protect my country, at least let me do a good job of it." She stood up.

"Then who, pray tell, might be one worthy of your loins?" He meant it to be an insult, but in all reality, it was the truth.

"Viscount William of Roan would suffice. He is intelligent, has three bastards already, and is smart enough to see the advantage or aligning with us over Phillip of France." She told her brother with unruffled calm.

"I refuse to allow him or any other foreign Noble a chance to usurp my throne!" He stood.

"They wouldn't, for I would kill them myself, if they tried. Our line will rule as long as I have a breath in my body! But, we need an heir! We need one strong and intelligent enough to protect what is ours. If we show any weakness, we will be gobbled up by another country faster than you could send out the call to arms." She told the King. The argument raged for an hour and everyone avoided the throne room. It ended as abruptly as it started.

"Fine then, send me a list of three men you will find suitable and I will send the invitations!" He shouted her down. "Now leave me, before I forget you actually have the countries best interest at heart, and are not just doing this to thwart me!" He was trying to regain his composure. "And never wear the hideous dress in my presence again." He sat down and rang for his Earl. He needed release before he could get his mind off his willful sister.

"As you wish My Lord...!" Beatrix spun and stomped out of the throne room. She saw Maude holding her cloak and cape at the door. She saw the captain of the guard, waiting. She flung the cloak over her shoulder and hissed at the guard. "I will be going to the Dressmaker's shop. Don't let me see you until I have regained my temper!"

"Yes, Highness...." He bowed; knowing to disobey would mean his life with the mood she was in.

Beatrix took long deep breaths once the carriage passed out of the castle proper. She relished she small sense of freedom, without the walls of her keep surrounding her like the Hangman's noose.

At the shop, a runner stood there panting for breath. "Her Highness Beatrix; is on her way. You are to have to be ready to accept her once she gets here." He all but shouted. It was the first time he ever had such an important message to give.

"No need to shout it to the moon." The shop owner sighed. "She's been here before." She started giving orders. "Millie, take the lad back and give him a drink for his efforts. Saundra, clean up her favorite dressing room. Ivoline, how would you like to meet the Princess Beatrix?" She looked at her cousin.

"I didn't know your king had any children?" The tall blonde haired and blue eyed woman stated in a flat tone.

"He does not... Beatrix is his sister." She looked at her cousin. "She prefers our dresses over the rest." She said with pride. "Here she is." She pointed out the window as Beatrix stepped out.

"She is so small, but with those breasts she looks like she will fall over." Ivoline smiled. She instantly envisioned the clothes she would make for the small but powerful woman.

Of all the things that could have happened to her when her father lost his life and land, being apprenticed to the Lord's dressmaker, was the one thing she could love doing. It gave her unfettered access to other women's' bodies and fueled more fantasies than she could ever live out.

"Madame, I need a new dress, His Majesty refuses to look at this one again. Please dispose of it for me." Beatrix swept into the shop, still not quite under control.

"Yes, Highness...." Ivoline's cousin bobbed and opened the long thick drape to allow the Princess to step up on the pedestal so the women could tend her.

"Who is this?" She asked looking into the eyes of the tall thick busted women who could look eye to eye with her on the stool.

"This is my cousin Ivoline, your Highness. She is new to my shop, but has been trained in France and England." She started unwrapping the brocade girdle and dress from the Princess.

"Why do you wear a corset that is not fitted to you?" Ivoline asked, looking at the contraption and wondered how the woman could breathe. "Hold still!" She brought up the sharp blade and sliced the leather holding it together.

"I'm sorry Highness, she is new." The shop owner blushed over the slight Ivoline gave the Princess.

"Sweet Jesus; that is better." Beatrix breathed in a deep breath. "I've hated that thing for years, so she is forgiven. Do you have something in Yellows or Red?" She asked, looking at the bolts of fabric.

"Never yellow, it will make you look sickly" Ivoline stated in fact. "Green, Brown or Red would suit you much better, Highness." She stepped around. "Why are all your skirts and bodices too small for you?" She untied the laces and shook the material loose.

"Probably because they are made for little girls." Beatrix laughed, liking this plain spoken woman. "If you haven't noticed, I'm not the biggest of people and I have to wear what fits or almost fits my body."

"Well, those are not on any little girl I have ever met." She shifted the material as Beatrix's breasts became exposed to the cooler air. "Give me an hour and I'll have some that will actually fit you, while my cousin works on the dress." She saw the hardening of her nipples and smelled the musk of the Princess's center and her body responded. She never told her cousin that she had been released because she had been caught pleasuring one of the Nobles as she was fitting her with a dress. With reluctance, she wrapped the tiny woman in a warm blanket and sat her down to wait until her work was done.

Beatrix felt warm and unsettled as the bigger woman looked at her. She didn't know why, but could feel the reaction her body was having. She knew her nipples didn't get hard because of the cool air. It was warmer here than in her rooms and her nipples were fine in that air. Her sex also throbbed every time she felt the woman's hand caress her skin. If she didn't know better, she thought she was feeling what had been described in those tawdry tales that had become so popular with young women. But that was wrong too. She was only supposed to feel this with a man, not another woman.

She kept her thoughts to herself while she waited. She knew she needed a new dress, once she pushed her brother so far. It was a necessary evil, but all the same, she didn't want to lose a favorite dress in the bargain. She was snapped back to awareness when the tall woman entered the dressing area.

"Stand up and let me see if I got the fit right, since this is the first time I have worked with you." She helped the small woman up to the stool and pulled the garment over her head. "I'll fix your hair once we have finished here." She said in her ear.

"You know how to do hair also?" She looked at the blue eyes that held her gaze.

"Yes Highness." She smiled. "Now put your arms in these." She held out ropes that had a cuffed end to them. "It will help so you don't have to hold them up so long. I want these to fit when you are relaxed as much as when you have to be at your best." She secured Beatrix's arms in the cuffs and went about adjusting the fit.

Beatrix bit her lip every time the woman's hands brushed across her breasts. Between her legs, she could feel a heat building. She wondered why she was having this reaction. She could smell the musky scent but didn't realize it was coming from her.

The same scent was driving Ivoline to distraction. It had been so long since she had been able to relax and play with another woman's body. She knew the woman in front of her would go off like a powder keg if she was to give the attention she craved. The nipples in front of her could not get any harder. But, if she did something wrong with this woman, it could mean her life.

Beatrix moaned as the woman adjusted her breasts in the new bodice. She locked her eyes on the woman in front of her, not knowing what was going on.

"Someone is ready to be bred." The woman smiled.

"I-I would need a husband for that." Beatrix tried to talk.

"Not always." Ivoline smiled.

"What are you doing to me?" Beatrix asked as her knees shook.

"Fitting a bodice and skirt to your body. It is your body that is doing the rest, Highness." Ivoline saw the heat in the Princesses eyes and had to take the chance. "Relax Highness; it will only take a minute." She cupped the royal breasts and softly pinched the hard nipples between her fingers. It was all it took. The small Princess shook as Ivoline's hands held her in place. It was the first time she made another woman to go off like that just by touching her breasts.

Beatrix didn't know what was happening to her body. Pleasure signals shot through her and were making her shake. The tighter the big woman held her up by her breasts, the more her center throbbed until it felt like she shattered from the inside. She stood there looking face to face with the woman wondering why she felt like putting her lips to the thicker lips in front of her.

"Are the skirt and bodice ready Ivoline?" The shop owner asked, breaking the spell.

"Just about; give us another five minutes and we will be ready for you." Ivoline said over her shoulder. "Can you stand on your own again, Highness?" She asked the small woman in her hands.

"Yes, thank you Ivoline." Beatrix pulled herself together and refused to address what her body had just experienced. Her mind tumbled with the out of control excitement she felt, being bound there and shaking while the big woman held her up by her breasts. She never heard of this happening before. Maybe this is what they were speaking of in that old Greek Story about the Island of Lesbos. She wondered if two men could find love and sex together, could two women do the same? But, she knew she had to get married and pregnant to produce an heir to the throne.

When the fitting was done and she was wrapped in her new purchases, she looked at the owner. "I know you lost much business today tending to me. So, I want you to make me five of the new skirt and bodice sets, and have Ivoline deliver them when they are complete. I will also be looking for a couple of new dresses in the near future." She turned and exited the door without a backwards glance, every inch the Princess she was.


After a week of avoiding anything but the basic pleasantries at meals, with her brother, Beatrix still pondered the events at the dress shop. She had given Maude the list of suitors, to give to the groom who dressed her brother. She was glad that he hadn't brought up her choices, knowing if he got stubborn about it, he could force her to marry whom he wished.

The King looked at his sister's list and wondered. He knew all three were either old bachelors' with bastards, or widowers. He knew each of them had produced other children. He also knew every one of them could go back to their own lands once a child was sired, leaving his sister to tend her estate here in his stead. It irked him to know his sister was still besting him in these matters. But, on the other hand, she was using what gifts she had for the benefit of his crown. He figured it was time to offer the olive branch of peace.

That evening at the dinner table, "Bea, I have offered Viscount William of Roan a marriage contract. He will be here as soon as the weather allows for travel." He told his sister without the usual malice in his voice. "Are you sure he is the best choice for you?"

"He will suffice for our needs." Beatrix shrugged. "He is of Noble Blood, has his own lands, holds similar politics to ours, and can still produce an heir. The people will accept his son as the next King, since by then he will be known as a Prince of our realm, not a vassal of France."

"What if Phillip insists on his vassalage?" The King asked biting into his mutton.

"Never...! You might have to make a concord with Phillip, but we will never be a Vassal to that one. Our line is and always has been purer than his." She stated.

"And if I was to produce an heir?" He looked at her, questioning her motives.

"Then my son would secure the lineage incase anything happens to your heir. I am not after power Brother. I am after protecting your throne from usurpers." She told him honestly.

"Is that why you only chose those who have already produced offspring?" He asked, surprised at her answers.

"And too old to take the crown once you pass. William has two sons already to hold his and Annabelle's lands. He will see the benefit to swear vassalage to you. It will give him an option if Phillip goes to war with Spain. It is better to be a Noble in exile, than dead on the battle field in a useless war."

"You speak of cowardice Sister." He growled.

"No My Lord, I speak of avoiding useless death! I would give mine and my son's life to protect our Kingdome. But, I refuse to get involved in these wars that are about nothing more than pride and avarice. God has given us enough. We don't need to raid others to fill our coffers with coin, jewels, and land." She set her napkin down over the plate of revolting food her brother liked.

"If only you were born male." He sighed. "You speak with more whit than my counselors." He flicked his fingers, signaling he was done. "Try not to anger me so. I feel I will need your words of caution in the near future. It will be hard to hear them from the nunnery or the grave, Dear Sister." He sat back and thought of the missive from Phillip, the King of France.

"If speaking the truth will cause my death, at least be wise enough to wait until I have given you an heir to the throne, Brother." She held his eyes. "I will say what needs saying for our country and your throne. It is just my lot to be a woman whose only virtue is held between her legs." She smiled. "Good evening Majesty." She bowed and left the room to get to the food waiting for her in her rooms.

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