tagLoving WivesFor the Sake of His Honor

For the Sake of His Honor


Author's Note: This story is an original work of fiction. Future stories starring some or all of these characters might also be forthcoming based upon response and demand. Certain characters featured herein may also be found in other works by the authors. Feedback is desired and greatly appreciated. Email comments to the CONTACT tab in my profile. Thank you for reading.

Copyright 2008 by Jack and Josephine Cutter.

This story stars: Elizabeth Ross, Harrison Ross, Madison Mayfield, and Jacob Grant.

This story contains: male-female erotic coupling, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal, adultery, pregnancy, loving wives, hot-bodied girlfriends, and much in the way of character and plot, plus a great deal of sex.

This story begins post-prologue on Tuesday, September 6th.

* * * * *

Harrison Ross was happy.

The clear warm waters of the Caribbean sparkled as the sun beat down upon them. The sky above was a beautiful blue with nary a cloud in sight. A gentle breeze rolled off the ocean, just enough to cool, not nearly enough to chill, and licked at the straw-thatched umbrella planted firmly in the sand, offering its shade.

And stretched out across a towel next to him, a skimpy string bikini covering as little as was humanly possible while still not technically considered indecent, her skin glistening with the residual wetness of their swim minutes earlier, her luscious body the focal point of many horny men and envious women nearby, was his wife of five wonderful, sensuous, sex-filled days.

Elizabeth was a goddess: honey-blonde hair, dazzling emerald eyes, fine features, a beautiful face, and a body surely touched by the angels themselves with round breasts and an incredible, inspiration-inducing backside.

There are three types of women, as the old saying goes: smart women, sexy women and sane women. An individual female might fall into one or even two of the categories, if a man is lucky enough, but never is a woman all three.

Elizabeth proved the exception to the rule: she was smart, brilliant even, an incredibly successful young attorney at a powerful Los Angeles law firm despite being only twenty-six years old; she was sexual, very horny and very much a fan of excellent and inventive sex, and gorgeous; and she was sane, one of the most grounded and honest and open girls Harrison had ever met, not to mention extremely low-maintenance.

And she was his, completely and exclusively, and he had the ring to prove it.

Their lives together were going to be very happy, with bundles of money and oodles of kids, and a big house with a white picket fence and a dog and an awesome pool and spa in the back yard. They talked about these things often and both were ready to get started with life.

It was their fifth day on their honeymoon and their fourth day at the resort, and honestly speaking they had not done much on their trip thus far that did not involve the bed in their suite. They had hardly left the room, truth be told, barely coming up for air to breathe and food to eat, much less to spend time lounging around on the beach.

But on day five they decided they would venture out a little bit more, get their money's worth, which is how they found themselves down by the edge of the water, soaking up the sun after a hearty little swim.

Elizabeth was on her stomach, head turned to the side away from him, the long sleek line of her back sliding into the lovely bubbles of her bottom before splitting into a pair of long and shapely legs. She was athletic, a former collegiate soccer at Texas, and managed to keep her body in tip-top shape despite working long hours at the office.

Harrison sighed: life was good.

"Ok, honey?" his wife asked as she lifted and turned her head to face him. He could not see her eyes beneath the thick Gucci shades she wore, but he could hear the momentary concern in the sweet voice of his bride.

"Perfect," he replied cheerfully.

She giggled. "You're not sore, are you?"

He chuckled. "Not at all, babe," he told her. "I can go for days. Why, are you?"

"You'll have to fuck me much harder than you have been to affect my body," she said with a hint of challenge in her voice.

"Are you sure you want that?" he asked ominously.

She shrugged. "You wouldn't," she said dismissively. "You're too soft."

Harrison reached over and smacked her hard on the ass. A crimson hand print appeared instantly and Elizabeth shrieked.

"Jerk!" she yelled playfully.

"Just a taste, sweetness," he said with a shrug of his own.

Elizabeth rose to a sitting position, her magnificent breasts on prominent and exceptional display and covered only by miniscule triangles of cloth, and instantly the target of the eyes of all men within range. She plucked off her shades, simply so that he could see the sudden fire burning in her gorgeous green eyes.

"Prove it," she whispered fiercely.

They both remained motionless for a long moment that crackled with tension, each of them contemplating the mind of the other, before Harrison sprang to his feet and tried to grab hold of his wife. Elizabeth was too quick for him, however, and slithered out of his grasp.

She laughed and chided, "Have to catch me first!"

And she scampered off in the direction of their villa, breasts jiggling, ass bouncing, the eyes of six men and four women following, and Harrison went after her instantly.

Their villa was over the water, one of the most expensive and luxurious in the whole resort, with a full working kitchen, two bedrooms, a posh living room and a wrap-around balcony outside. The balcony was the best part: the villa was isolated already, but one could sit on the ocean-side of the balcony, gazing out at the vast horizon, and not see or be seen by anyone else, totally shielded from view.

It was there where Harrison finally caught up with his wife.

She was leaning against the railing, the beautiful blue waters behind her, her lovely body on wondrous display, chest heaving, skin glistening, sunglasses discarded, green eyes smoldering.

Harrison's board shorts hit the floor. "Are you ready for what I've got to give you?" he asked, waggling his semi-hard cock with his hand.

She swiveled on her heels and stuck her ass in the air. "Show me what you've got, little man," she chided, loving how much he reacted to such statements.

And Harrison closed the gap between them then and pushed his five-inch cock inside her willing nether region, hard and rough, and hard and rough were the perfect words to describe just what he was doing to her: he was fucking her hard, rippling the flesh of her ass, and rough, spanking her cheeks with utter disregard.

Elizabeth shrieked and growled at him, and whipped her head around to glance back at him over her shoulder, eyes like daggers. "Fuck me harder, you pussy! Fuck me harder! Spank me harder!"

The railing of the balcony creaked as Harrison thrust brutally into his wife, and he had a momentary vision of it giving way and the two of them toppling over the side, still connected by their genitalia, into the cool blue waters beneath, but his vision did not materialize.

Instead, the sounds of their fucking filled his ears, a sloppy squishing coupled with her little whimpers and the smack of his palm upon her ass, and mixed with the gentle lapping of the waves against the wood of the foundation posts.

And despite the fact they both were very well-fucked over the past several days, climax came quickly for them both, rising like the tides until it swept over their bodies.

Elizabeth was the first to fall victim to pleasure, screaming at the top of her lungs, clearly not caring if anyone heard her. Her limbs trembled and her back arched, and the muscles of her pussy constricted around his cock.

Which sent Harrison into oblivion.

He pulled out of her quickly and pumped his shaft once, just barely before he erupted. Cum hurtled from his cock, rope after sticky white rope splashing across the flesh of her ass, dribbling into her crack and over the compressed plot of her anus, trickling lewdly down along the lips of her vagina before dripping to the floor.

Utterly spent, they collapsed onto the side-by-side lounge chairs on the deck, breathing heavily, reveling in post-orgasmic bliss. It was several long minutes of silence before either of them spoke.

"Hard enough?" he asked with a grin.

"I've had harder," Elizabeth said dismissively.

"Slut," Harrison laughed.

His wife grinned. "Too late," she said. "You've already married me."

Silence again, cut only by the lapping of the waves.

"I love you," Harrison said seriously, turning to look at her.

The smile on her face could have warmed an entire Alaskan village. "I love you, too, sweetie," she whispered back.

"I never want to go back to the real world," he said with a sigh. "I want to sit on this dock and make love to you forever."

"There's no room for children in that life story," she said softly.

Harrison looked at her. The two of them were both eager to have children, eager to start a family, and after two years of dating and nine months of wedding planning, neither of them wanted to waste any time. But the fire he saw in her eyes in that moment, the depth of her desire to be a mother, was one of the most powerful things he had ever seen in his wife.

"Make love to me," he whispered, his eyes on hers.

"Again?" she asked with a giggle.

"Make love to me, softly this time, and at the end I'll finish inside you."

His words were pointed and she understood their meaning instantly. She lowered her eyes, almost blushing.

"Ok," she answered softly.

And the process that would hopefully end with a beautiful bundle of joy began.

Part One: Not Everything Goes As Planned

His strokes were long and deep and rhythmic.

Elizabeth lay on her back, legs tilted back and high in the air, a pillow under her rump to prop it up in the perfect conception position per multiple books on the subject. She was naked from the waist down, but still had her shirt on.

Harrison hovered over her, arms on either side, his handsome face furrowed with concentration. There was little lust in his eyes, but lots of focus and determination as he pushed his penis into the depths of her pussy again and again, in and out, in and out, using the full five inches to go as deep as possible.

It felt very good for Elizabeth, being penetrated in such a way, but her pleasure was not her ultimate goal at present. She was not seeking orgasm; at least, not yet. The timing was not right.

The bawdy slapping of his hips against the cheeks of her bottom and the steady succession of grunts from his mouth were the only sounds in the room. Elizabeth herself was making little noise, beyond the occasional word of encouragement.

"Fuck me, baby," she cooed. "Fill me up."

It had been ten long months of no success. The honeymoon had started it; after multiple talks on several different Caribbean beaches, they decided together that they wanted children right away, and only twice in all the time since had Harrison spurted anywhere other than inside her.

They were determined, but frustration was seeping in. They even went to see a fertility specialist and a team of baby doctors, all to jump start the process which, until this point, had been a bunch of sex yielding little in the way of results . . . and recently even the sex had worn thin, as far as Elizabeth was concerned, becoming more clinical, impersonal, and routine than anything else.

"Close," Harrison told her, and she could see the signs of impending orgasm written on his face.

She reached down and under and massaged his testicles. "Give it to me, baby," she purred as she fondled his balls. He began to tremble and moments later, she felt the gushing begin deep within her. His sticky fluid splashed across her interior walls, filling her just as she requested.

Harrison collapsed next to her, rolling onto his back on the mattress of their marital bed, breathing heavily, but Elizabeth paid him little attention: now that his syrup was inside her, there were a list of things for her to do. First, she wiggled her hips around with her rump still raised in the air. This was to get the sperm deeper. Second, the longest part, she used her fingers to bring herself to orgasm, stimulating her clitoris as only she knew how. This was to get the blood flowing in her nether regions and activate the sperm now residing there further. Lastly, she raised her legs and set them against the wall, and held them there for several minutes to let gravity and nature take their courses together.

By the time she was finished, Harrison had already showered and half-dressed for work. He was an executive with his father's company; his father was an immensely wealthy and successful businessman in the field of electronics.

"I can feel it, honey," Harrison said cheerfully as he buttoned his shirt. Her husband was a good man and she was very thankful to have him, despite their recent difficulties regarding conception. "This month is the month. I know it."

Elizabeth smiled softly. "I hope so," she said, and truly did she mean it.

* * *

The phone rang just after she took the test, which meant there were still three or four minutes before she got the results. She hustled from the bathroom, tugging her jeans up as she went, and answered on the fourth ring.

"Lizzie?" a hesitant voice asked from the other end of the line. "Is that you?"

It was a voice Elizabeth knew very well, but had not had the pleasure of speaking to in some time, and at once she felt the long years sluice away . . .

. . . to reveal the image of a doe-eyed college freshmen, dressed in the plaid and pig-tails she had been accustomed to in high school, lately bloomed and socially naïve, far from home and family and fearful of what such a large and largely foreign university might bring . . .

. . . and the gorgeous sophomore sorority girl, in vogue and indefatigable, fashionable and fabulous, who took the young freshman under her wing and taught her the ropes, schooled her on the ways and mores of the school, disclosed the many secrets of the opposite sex, and turned an inexperienced and introverted girl into a stylish, smart, sassy and popular young woman . . .

. . . and then Elizabeth was taken to another place, a place of downy pillows and scented candles and silken sheets, a place rarely visited and never discussed, not even with her husband, the most shocking of her secrets, where memories of the taste and texture of soft lips and round curves and feminine flesh and places most sacred were long buried . . .

"Alexis?" Elizabeth asked hopefully. Alexis Lodge was perhaps Elizabeth's best friend in the whole world, but it had been a long time since the two of them had spoken and she had not seen Alexis since the wedding ten months ago.

"Lizzie!" the woman squealed. "Oh my god, Lizzie, how are you?"

Elizabeth sighed. "I'm ok," she said simply.

"Wow, that was emphatic," the other woman noted dryly. Alexis had always been a sassy girl.

"No, no, I'm good. It's just . . . we're having a little trouble getting pregnant. It's frustrating."

There was sympathy in the voice of the other woman. "I'm sorry, honey. I know how difficult that can be. It took us eight months our first time out. You see anybody about it?"

"We've seen a specialist," she replied. "He took some tests, gave us some tips. I'm going back to see him next week."

"Good!" The other woman giggled. "And you're having lots of sex, I take it."

Elizabeth was embarrassed by the answer, but she and Alexis had never kept any secrets from each other and that precedent would not stop now. "It's been better," she admitted with another sigh. "I wonder if that's part of the problem."

The giggles stopped and the response was sober. "Tell me more," Alexis said in a very mothering kind of way.

"There's no more passion," Elizabeth blurted, far more forcefully than she intended. "It's become so routine, so detached, almost like a job. He comes home from work, I get on my knees or my back, he fucks me, there's no foreplay, I never come unless I do it myself with my fingers . . . it's so impersonal."

Alexis was silent for a long time. "Is Harrison taking any trips in the near future?" she asked finally. "Business trips or bachelor parties? Fishing trips? Anything?"

"Actually," Elizabeth said thoughtfully, "he does have a conference in Phoenix he has to go to in a couple of weeks."

"Perfect. Let him go and while he's gone, buy some sexy clothes and get a Brazilian wax, and when he gets back, surprise him and fuck his brains out. Fuck him like he's never been fucked before. Forget about babies and all that, just remember what it was like to fuck for pleasure. Rock his world and help him remember just what kind of a whore he has for a wife."

Elizabeth laughed. "You always have answers," she said.

Alexis giggled again. "Especially when it comes to men and sex!"

For not the first time, Elizabeth was grateful having someone like Alexis in her life. She kicked herself for not calling her friend sooner. "Enough about me," she said. "How are you doing?"

Alexis sighed, but the sound was wholly different than those from Elizabeth. "Life is good, honey," the woman replied. "Dave is working hard and making money, the kids are getting easier, and the sex is still great. Life is really good."

"I figured it would be," Elizabeth said. "You've always been perfect."

"Don't worry, Lizzie, you'll find your way. It hasn't always been like it is right now. Life has ups and downs and changes all the time, but you'll find your little slice of happiness."

"I hope so," Elizabeth sighed.

"I know so," her friend stated emphatically.

"You know," Elizabeth said with another chuckle, "coming from you, I actually do believe it."

"You should! Hey, not to change the subject, but I have a small favor to ask."

"Anything. Ask away."

"My brother and his girlfriend are moving to Los Angeles," her friend told her, "and I was hoping maybe you could keep an eye on him, look out for him a little, you know?"

"Jacob is moving here? How old is he now?"

"He's almost twenty-four."

"Holy crap! Why's he moving out here?"

"He has some grand designs on becoming an actor. His girlfriend, too. They're moving west to make it big in Hollywood!" It was easy to detect a note of sarcasm in the voice of Alexis. She obviously did not think the move was a good idea.

"And you want me to keep an eye on him?"

"He knows no one out there, Lizzie. He knows you and he knows his agent, and his agent I have no faith in whatsoever. If you could just show him around, show him the ropes a little, make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble, I would so greatly appreciate it."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Alexis," she said exasperatedly, "you know you don't even have to ask me, right? Of course, I'll do it! I'd be more than happy to help. When does he get here?"

"Next Tuesday," Alexis replied, "September thirteenth. They kept their plans quiet and just told the family last weekend. Everything is happening too fast, if you ask me, but they certainly aren't asking me, so whatever."

"Maybe I can meet him for lunch on Wednesday," Elizabeth suggested, "if they're not still busy getting settled."

"Would you? Oh, Lizzie, thank you, thank you, thank you! It means so much to me. I know Jacob is excited to see you again, too. He mentioned it last weekend."

"Excited to see me?" Elizabeth asked incredulously. "Does he even remember me? I haven't seen him in like four years."

Alexis giggled. "How could anyone forget you, sweetie? You're magnificent."

Elizabeth laughed. "Whatever, you little flirt. Just have him call me when he gets in."

"It was so nice talking to you, honey," Alexis said then, her voice full of emotion. "Please, let's not wait so long again next time."

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