For The Sensual


Sydian~For the Sensual

For the sensual, description is everything. The collar. The collar is custom-made; one of two; her request. This particular one matches the corset. The corset—the "bustier." The collar. Literally, no choker here. She is disciplined. Her collars merely evoke ownership. She belongs. She is well kept; and kept well. Tonite: more adventure. The collar—it must be described. Flat, thin black leather; quilted by gold strands; the gold "d" ring fixed front and back—consider: leading or stalking. She is so proficient at both. Simple black leather lead—gold collar clasp. It matches; the collar that is—matches the "bustier"—the corset. The corset—a sheath of smooth black leather; quilted again by gold thread—a match, not only for her collar; but for the winter-wheat "hair" she would wear tonite—theatrical—they love "theatrical"—the show. Both of them would be dyed tonite…black blonds—winter-wheat wonders….masked in black. The corset. Pushing her up and out. Demi-cupped; covering, elevating, holding the breasts. Nipples and aureoles escaping, seeking, searching—missionary, as in on a mission—she is….

Description. Stockings—black, almost opaque; seamed…he'll "straighten them—for the hell of it—for the touch…the electricity that passes between them by merest provocation; by inadvertence. The heels. The heels: black, patent leather; six inch stilettos. She is 5' 6-7"; he 5'8"….do the math—he loves it…so does she….

Finally, the trench. Simple, yet elegant. To her ankles; double breasted; belted. She (or he) may choose complete concealment, or the "appropriate" exposure—it is simply a matter of choice, mood, "feeling"—the degree to which either of them might want to be "felt"—and by whom…..tonite, tease a bit—belt it, open from collar to navel…well, not quite—and from the top to the thigh down. Allow her to move—to walk in; to make her entrance—their entrance. Her outfit, in summary: collar, lead, corset, stockings, heels, trench—and of course, opera-length leather gloves…over the elbow, stopping just below the shoulder….

His outfit. Black. As revealing—after all, she is his equal; he, her partner in these crimes. Leather. His small, tight, muscular chest and arms in a tight, leather vest. His nipples, like hers, clipped. Black leather chaps—actually, jodhpurs—open crotch…covered by a black, quilted, leather cod, the strap disappearing between that tight muscular ass—cock, ringed and straining in the cod—she knew, principally, for her. The cod would be the first thing to go we they arrived at their destination.Pants trailing tightly into his black riding boots. Black trench, just like hers, only a bit more modestly covered.

Time to go.

In the car, any average, attractive black couple, out for the evening. Within minutes, transformed into an extremely attractive black couple when the reached their destination. In the lot, they mask themselves. She unhitches her coat, letting it fall open—complete exposure. She, hung as well as he—after all, she is his equal….He tosses his in the rear seat—with his cod-piece. She catches her breath when she looks at what is hers—she will share, but it is clear that she in the sole owner of this flesh—the proprietress. He places the lead on her collar—on this entrance, she will be led; if they need to alter the mood of the gathering—to take control so to speak—then he will let her stalk—the thought of it makes him stir and leak…she is too observant---and extremely hungry when it cums to him….

They enter. Almost immediately, but quite subtly, a tall, slender, busty black woman approaches them. She is the color of copper-head to toe….her hair is a flame—short, flickering, smouldering---so is she. Her thick nipples—clamped—are rouged and appear even thicker; more inviting. The ring piercing her clit, begs pulling—by a muscular tongue. The two feminine forms embrace---mouths together….full lips open…tongues distended , probing like hot, nasty, male organs—like swollen, hard cocks. Each has a hand between the other's spread thighs—fingers disappearing in/encircling the hot sex of the other…another digit, coyly probing each rosebud….

The copper one wears only thigh boots, the color of soft butter….tonite, she is the "handmaiden." She will measure and weigh the Sydd's "offerings." Sydd—a Nubian beauty—is denied nothing. Anything she might be denied was subsequent to her pleasure. And nights like these were about pleasure. Mmmmmm. The copper handmaiden was proving this from the beginning…so much so that Sydd could hardly disengage herself…liquid—thick, viscous, honey—precum—was cascading down her thighs—both their thighs—Sydd disengaged—only to lick her fingers-she loved the taste of handmaidens…this tall slut in particular….she noticed why….the bitch had not forgotten her man—"R" ("Ramses," perhaps? A fitting name in more ways than one—especially when he slipped into a "max"—her pharaoh, her king….) the handmaiden had gripped his cock—"instrument by which all things will be measured" tonight, by the balls beneath the cockring….it was up, stiff, thick, and oozing. The handmaiden looked at her, and Sydd nodded her consent. She knelt, fist still churning Sydd's thick, hot sceptre….parted her thick, thick, ruby coated lips, and swallowed the head of Ramses' thick, rich, succulent meat.

Sydd stared…intently—intently at this bitch; this bitch sucking her man's cock. This bitch sucking the head of her man's cock. Sucking the head and hefting those swollen, cockringed balls. She stared—the head of her cock; the thick shaft of her cock; the heavy, swollen balls of her cock…..Mmmmm… delicious, so fucking delicious….

She closed her thighs on the bitch's hand—and those fingers all up her fuck hole. She was leaking and hot like the slut she was. She closed her thighs, not out of some sense of modesty, but greed. The honey of her asshole was now flowing down her thighs. She wanted to trap it; bathe in it…feel its heat and slickness…. catch all of its scent as a catalyst..a goad to the next round of pleasure. She would make the bitch pay for so much pleasure…later….with pleasure…..


They had 'stormed' the club like the principals from 'Underworld'—'vampired-out'….only, it wasn't blood that Sydd was looking to suck or have sucked—she had other fluids in mind…. 'Morpheus' would have been proud; 'Trinity' just a bit abashed, that this stunning, black, leather-clad, short nappi-headed blond, thick-cocked, bitch was taking all her play…. 'Not to worry, Trin,' Sydd would have smirked, 'It's 'Neo's" pasty ass that I'd kick out bed….your hot ass stays….' Yeah, well that's the movies; but you get the picture…the image is clear for you…

Right now, Sydd's attention was fixed elsewhere…. She was riveted on the big, greedy copper-topped bitch who had greeted them, and her attempt to swallow R whole….a grand attempt—one might even say 'huge' given the member at hand and in mouth….there was only one larger at the entire gathering….

In any case, the red-head was so avid that she was gagging herself, and with great pleasure it appeared…. Ropes of spit and precum were welling and then seeping from the corners of that luscious, lacquered, nasty mouth and washing over that trunk of a cock…. Making it glisten with a nasty slickness that beckoned others…. And Sydd simply watched as the others slid forward….

Five or six others, on hands and knees, crept up to sample…. Every color and body-type that blackness afforded….each quite attractive, primarily, because of the sexual heat each generated…. Two attacked the base of R's shaft and his balls as the red-head had the head of his cock firmly trapped in that mouth…. Another planted herself squarely behind him and began to burrow her long, snakey tongue up his ass-hole…. At this, he shuddered and groaned as he attempted to hold onto his seed….

The one who caught Sydd's attention was both bold and coy…. She had planted herself next to the red-head, gripped a thick nipple of her firm, solid tits between the flats of two fingers as she palmed it, and slid her broad, flat, long, lizard-like tongue into the other's mouth to share that cock-cream, precum confection oozing from Sydd's honey's dick….

What really made Sydd's cock twitch and then stand at attention—even more-so than before—was the coy-one's look….she was a 'boi-girl'….as flat-chested as a board, and not giving a damn….exquisitely made up with eyes like smouldering coals…spikey, black, short cork-screwed do….and where her patent-leather thigh-boots ended—a sheer, black thong, she shouldn't have even wasted her time with—the thong did nothing to hide or even contain that big, black snake nestled there….

Sydd stared, and the boi-girl stared back….a kind of mocking look….a look that said: 'This should be your cock….'

Sydd went to her knees; the grace of a panther, unobtrusively crowding the red-head out of the way…. R's cock hardly felt the cool night air between her hot mouth and Sydd's…. R's turn to moan again…this mouth was too familiar and too dangerous….he'd loose it here….if not now, soon….

Sydd clapped her hand to the base of the flat-chested beauty's skull and forced her tongue back into her mouth and around R's cock….then together, the two of them face-fucked R and tongue-fucked each other….

Sydd's gloved hand made its way up the slim one's thigh and cupped the full basket at the juncture where the two legs met….as they kissed and face-fucked R's dick, she loosed the pretty, big cock from its gauze net…. such a big, pretty cock….

R recognizes the expertise on his cock….a gentle tug of the lead and she moves forward to wedge his piece in the back of her throat….it is not so much what he wants as what she desires….and what she desires she is hardly denied…. The tug pulls the other entwined tongue with it and the size of this cock lodged in the throat would cause the best to gag….then again, she wants to gag…. She wants the combined froth of their spit and the cream of his precum to backwash thick and sticky from her lips and to slick that big pole again…. Someone, out there, watching this, should be getting ready to get fucked….

Another big cock is hard and leaking slickness into Sydd's gloved hand. The slim pretty one involuntarily begins to hump Sydd's fist…. 'good sign,' is the message that flashes through Sydd's head as she attends to her multi-tasking…. 'Mmmmm….get ready, Babi….Mami's really got something for you to fuck….'

She moans into Sydd's mouth as they face-fuck that beautiful cock, and Sydd milks her like no-one ever has…. He moans….almost his time….and she clamps him off….reaches up encircles his balls at the base between shaft and the sac…. 'Not yet, Babi'….to herself…. 'Mami wants to watch you fuck while her new toy….' 'Mmmmmmmmm…..' she shudders….her asshole spasms—there's nothing there….yet…other than anticipation….

Disgorging him is a slow deliberate….and artful process…. Sydd knows they have an audience and that audience is to be titillated….his cock and her tongue emerge from Sydd's mouth like a piece of art—performance art: our flat-chested, nipple-clamped, ombre-eyed diva's tongue is lashed round R's slick ebony rod like a serpent about to crush its prey…. All this glistens from Sydd's exertions—two , three thick, copious ropes of creamed spit and precum chain from her lips and chin to his cock to the lips and chin of her partner in crime…. Before any can go to waste, Sydd has covered the other 'criminal's' mouth with her own….tongues over faces like kittens in milk bowls….


A knot of hard cock. A very big knot of hard cock…was choked in Sydd's hand as she extracted her tongue from the slim one's mouth….kneading all that cock, Sydd held her in her gaze and worked it….the slim one's eyelids fluttered as she was being milked….Sydd breathed at her soft and low….

'I've got something for u, u pretty little bitch….if u can just hold on for a minute….'

She took one of her 'victim's' hands and placed it around the hard cock she'd just clutched…. 'Hold tight, Babi…. Stroke it and keep it hard….only, don't cum…. Leave that to me….' The last line was more command than comment….

She turned her attention once more to her other 'victim'—the one she'd 'used' to claim this other slender, big-dicked trophy…. His cock bobbed in the heat of the room, the light playing off of its slick length and girt, all festooned in garlands of slobber and precum…. Now, if any one was in need of attention, it was R….

Sydd did a quick pan of the room and her eyes caught the likely and most deserving suspect: the gracious, wide-mouthed, big-titted, bubbled-assed, tight-cunted, redhead who had greeted them when they arrived…. Sydd motioned ever so slightly. The redhead stopped her masturbational rocking, unclutched her perfect, strong thighs, stood and made that ass dance—very slowly, very gracefully—as she crossed the distance to Sydd and R…. Sydd took serious note: 'Hmmmmmm…. I'll handle that later she said to herself….'

She pulled the redhead down beside her, gave her a quick kiss and an even longer look that promised many things as a hand passed across her body from cheek to nipple to clit to slit….a long digit even caressed that rosebud, momentarily….Sydd pulled the offending finger to her mouth, then spoke: 'He's yours….anyway u want him….just don't damage him….' The last line might have been taken in jest, but given the context, this bitch's heat and clearly ravenous appetite, Sydd left nothing to chance. There was an ominous edge to an otherwise sexy little joke….

The coppertop nodded and crawled into R's lap….that sloppy dick was immediately lodged between those two magnificent orbs as her tongued began to prep him again by insinuating its way into his mouth, rocking to make that cock ride between her tits …. Sydd took note of that grand ass once more—didn't want to miss the possibilities and potential there…later….

Now, for the main course…dutifully beating all that pretty, ebony wood…eyes alternately fluttering and smoking at Sydd. Sydd scooted towards her, her thighs open, coming to a stop only when her own hot pole thudded against the other…. She reached down and gathered the two in both hands—together—it took at least two hands for this….and she began to stroke them, the slickness of their precums co-mingling in a lube that would make a fortune if they could bottle it….

The flat-chested, little bitch shuddered….then winced when Sydd's beautiful incisors found her already clamped and swollen nipple…. A kind of low growl…a cross between a moan and a groan issued from deep in that throat as Sydd nipped and sucked and urged thick, clear sap from those two beautiful cocks….the end of this exercise could only be characterized as a 'slick mess'….

Sydd looked up at her….the slender one's breathing was short and shallow…. 'You ready….?' Sydd asked softly….she nodded…. Sydd spied a silk square laying near by. She snatched it up, made a few quick folds and passed it underneath the balls of her prey and knotted it at the base of her cock….what was big, became huge…. Sydd would never admit it, but the size even frightened her—it gave her a new perspective on how she might appear to those about to 'receive' her….


It was only when Sydd turned on her and backed into her chest that Ms Slim realized what was expected….she had only dreamed that she'd get to suck the cock of legend….maybe, even ride it…. Now, here, legend itself—at least in the slim one's mind—was pushing back one of the most talked about and coveted asses in the establishment…. Slim wasn't the only one in awe….

Before her head could reel too much, Sydd spoke: 'You'd better do something with this quick, before there's a change of heart…. Course, you might want to get a little help with the 'prep''…. Those words carried far enough to produce several glistening bodies....two men stepped forward….

One kneeled behind Sydd, spread her cheeks and began to lick….heavy, copious, spitty strokes and stabs, lubing that asshole…. The other spit in his hand and gently stroked the slender one's cock as she folded back on her haunches, mesmerized, by the beautiful, tight, athletic ass in front of her…


Sydd felt the moment….beckoned them off…. Then, over her shoulder: 'Come Wonda-grl, come do Mami, Babi….'

'Wonda-grl' placed the mauve mushroom against Sydd's rosebud, the heat was incredible for both of them….from the cradle of her arms where she rested her head and arched her back, Sydd whispered 'Slow, Babi….slow….We've got all night…'

'Wonda-grl' did as bid….her push was firm, but measured. Sydd felt the head open up her ass…. Now, she winced, caught her breath and clinched her teeth—the girl was big….

It hurt…. It hurt, but it was what Sydd wanted. She fought the urge to resist being impaled on all this slick wood….she wanted it; really wanted it…. So….instead, she pushed back….

It stretched her….stretched her good. She could feel every fuckin' inch, or so she thought….and she wanted it to be over…. Or so she thought…

Then the rocking began…. 'Wonda-grl' began to rock in Sydd's ass—to rock Sydd's ass—slow, methodical swings of that dick; each dip a little deeper than before…. Then, Sydd realized that the low, deep moaning she heard was her own….the rhythm took her body and she began to rock back….

Now the stretching was desired…longed for…. Sydd was bold with pleasure….she began to back onto the thrusts…to force them deeper….to force that slim bitch's too big dick up her ass….Now, she wasn't the only one moaning….

'Mmmmmmmm, Babi….it's so good….soooooo, fuckin' good…. Do Mami…do Mami'….

'Wonda-grl' picked up pace. She had clearly done this before; she was no stranger to making an ass ring….All of a sudden she went into jack-rabbit mode….sharp, quick thrusts hammered Sydd's asshole….taken by surprise, Sydd moaned, babbled, cried…almost lost it….got 'mad' in her sex….

The hammering was intense and so good….all that dick up her ass forced Sydd's cock to stand straight up against her flat belly….the heat in her ass was forcing her own cum to boil…. She knew that the pace couldn't last….

The moment came when the slim one had to pull all the way back…..the head of her cock lodged at the very entrance of Sydd's hole….the hole was hot and pulsing…anticipating the next thrust….the cock leveraged for entry and Sydd clamped down on the head, seizing it just below the crown….

Now it was 'Wonda's' turn to moan…. 'Oooooo, shit, Mami! Oooooo, shit! Damn! Damn! Damn! O, shit! Leggo! Leggo! You're gonna break it off…..Ooooooooo….,' she hissed….

Sydd in charge…. Sydd loved it! This was her element—not a cock…not a sexual situation…she couldn't master…. 'Hmmmmm,' she mused, 'and you thought with all that big pretty cock, that slim, powerful body, and that youth, that u might control this????...if only for a moment?….time for a re-evaluation, darlin'….'

Sydd eased up slightly…contracting the muscles in her ass….keiggeling her sphincter, letting that big meat back in inch by inch….it was excruciatingly good for both of them….Sydd pushed back until 'Wonda' was sitting back on her haunches and Sydd was in her lap….Sydd moaned feeling all that cock at its deepest…. 'Wonda' moaned too….

Sydd pulled 'Wonda's' arms round her waist and placed her hands to her own stunning breasts….she lead her fingers to the thick nipples and their rings….Sydd guided a slim pinky through each ring and then made 'Wonda' lock her thumb and forefinger on each nipple….

Sydd turned her head to the side for two reasons: first to whisper hoarsely—it was all she could muster, that big cock felt like it was it was searching for her throat through her ass—'twist and pull…. HARD….ride me, Bitch….' Second, to try to slither her own tongue down the slim one's throat….

'Wonda' knew how to follow instructions…. She 'drove' Sydd….with the rings and nipples she paced Sydd like the thoroughbred she was….riding her like a stallion…. She also 'drove' her with all that big cock….driving it in and out, and up that hot, tight asshole….

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