tagGroup SexFor the Stranger in 6B Ch. 04

For the Stranger in 6B Ch. 04


I wish now that I knew what you were thinking when you let yourself in. It was one those typically hot, steamy summer nights and it was very late. Later than usual for you to be coming over. Ivan and I had stopped expecting your arrival an hour or so earlier and gone on to entertain ourselves. Which was where we were at the moment of your arrival.

Ivan was blindfolded and bent nearly double with hands and feet strapped overhead to the headboard of the bed. We had the balcony doors open to the night breeze and the semi-transparent sheers billowed and surged with the night air. Ivan's ebony skin gleamed with sweat and with the oil I'd massaged him with earlier. His long, slender cock stood at full attention, hard, throbbing and demanding attention. That might have given you some pause, but what probably stopped you completely in your tracks as you entered the bedroom was the enormous strap-on dildo I was wearing that was lodged firmly and deeply into Ivan's anus.

You must have heard some noise in the distance that let you know we were awake and "playing". You'd apparently left your clothes in the living room before coming down the hall to join us. The combined grunts and moans of pleasure had...."aroused" your interest but it was the intake of breath you made at the bedroom door that finally alerted me to your presence.

In the year (has it really been that long since "our night" on the balcony) that we've been together you've learned a lot about Ivan and I, but the one thing Ivan had tried to hold back from you was his occasional bisexual urge. As close as you two were I doubt you'd ever suspected just how hard it was sometimes, as the 3 of us lay together in a tangle, for him NOT to reach out to fondle you. Your friendship means a lot to him Curt, enough that he set aside his desire for your body out of fear that you might totally reject him.

I was never that certain. I still recall, on that first night together, as you stood across the room, stroking yourself and breathing hard, it was not MY body you were looking at. It wasn't now either.

You came into the room like a man lost in a dream your cock leading the way and already oozing pre-cum. You looked at me with naked hunger in your eyes before ravaging my mouth with yours. You stroked my breast, briefly thumbing one hard point before gently moving me back, the dildo sliding from Ivan's ass with a slight pop. You looked at it briefly, enough to recognize the dimensions - nearly as thick as it was long - and the coloration as your own. Your eyes narrowed briefly and the green-gold, glint of passion-fire buried in the hazel depths flared into life.

I'm guessing now that you have been exercising as much physical restraint as Ivan has, and for much the same reason. Standing well away from the bed I watch as you reach out one finger and softly stroke the head of Ivan's prick, gathering his pre-cum and then licking your finger. I see you close your eyes briefly as your tastebuds savor the complex flavor.

You still haven't said one word, or made a sound as you gesture at Ivan's feet. I catch your meaning and go to release my husband's body from it's torturous pose. He moans, tossing his head "no" - wanting more of the fantasy tease but settles happily when I begin strapping his ankles to the footposts of the bed.

My hair is braided tonight, one long braid keeping it out of the way and from getting into everything as it usually does. You tug it gently, smiling through your beard, as you pull me close enough to remove my strap-on appendage. You finger my folds gently, noting instantly how hot, wet and aroused I am. Your mouth moves along my collarbone, your tongue sliding wetly upward on my neck. As your mouth reaches my ear you whisper nearly soundlessly -

"Isabelle, you are an amazing woman!"

You capture my lips briefly with yours, your tongue piercing me rhythmically, much like your fingers are doing to my nether lips, before moving to my other ear -

"And I adore you!"

I smile at you then, releasing myself from your hold and moving to the head of the bed I climb onto the bed, planting my hungry cunt on Ivan's willing mouth. Reaching forward I wrap my hands around Ivan's straining cock. Mouthing it briefly, tonguing the rim I feel his body relax under me as he thinks he realizes what I have in mind. Still holding his hard throbbing rod firmly in my hands I lean slightly away and offer him - offer my husband, the great love of my life - to the other man I love.

I see you lick your lips briefly, hungrily. I'm not sure just how vast, or in what areas your experience actually lies, but I do know passion when I see it, and I think briefly that your cock too, is harder than I've ever seen it - seemingly carved out of granite. Your eyes close and your mouth opens as you engulf the head of Ivan's cock. I sense a brief hesitation as Ivan's tongue pauses in its explorations of my pussy, but then he resumes piercing me rhythmically while rubbing my clit with the roughness of his beard.

The sight of you passionately engrossed in licking and sucking Ivan's cock, knowing how it would excite my husband if he only knew, proves more intensely erotic than I'd ever dreamed and I come hard, grinding my cunt against Ivan's face and drenching him with the flow of my juices. Suddenly I want to see more, share more, between you two - allow you to finally share more of each other and let this be my gift of love to you both.

Tapping your shoulder lightly and gesturing I indicate to you what I want, and smiling around my husband's dark, hard shaft as it pierces the salt and pepper of your beard, you reach out one long arm and hand it to me. Reaching below me I feed the dildo we had made to your measurements into Ivan's eager lips. He and I have played this game before and he is used to the intrusion of the toy into various of his or my orifices. He grins tightly through his teeth before wrapping his lips snugly around the cock and I pause briefly to hope he hasn't gotten too used to using his teeth on it.

I can tell Ivan is getting back into the fantasy of having you with him. His body is sheening up with sweat again and his muscles are becoming more heavily roped and knotted as he struggles silently with his bonds. I have been fucking his mouth slowly with the artificial rod while you continue to lavish attention on his own silently straining cock. His balls have begun to draw up hard and tight against his groin telling me how near cumming he is while his back is bowed upward and he is groaning deeply with his pleasure. His hiss of frustration with me is immediate and apparent when I climb off the bed, removing the dildo from his mouth and gesturing for you to take my place.

Don't take this amiss Curt, but you swivelled on his dick like a pro and I nearly giggled, giving it all away then. But Ivan hasn't survived so long as a bounty hunter by being slow on the uptake and it took him less than a split second to recognize the difference between my soft, rounded and silky thighs and your crisply muscled, furry ones - not to mention the smell of a man's arousal is significantly different than a woman's. His head tossed blindly, seeking to dislodge the blindfold and now he strained in ernest against the silk ties holding him captive.


Ivan's hoarse call of my full name was his safe word and I hurried to his side to release the knot holding his hands. Immediately he tore the blindfold from his eyes and I saw them widen, then narrow with his passion as he recognized the leonine balls dangling above him. I continued to the foot of the bed to release his leg bonds and then moved away to the chaise where I could watch the two of you play and love.

As I settled back on the lounge I realized that watching two very masculine and fit men together was almost like watching a classical wrestling match. I watched the two of you struggling to come together and thought how erotic it all was. The sweat and smells and groans were making me hornier than ever and I realized my thighs were wet with my juices. The excitement of knowing you were both fulfilling something you'd wanted for a long while, and allowing me to witness and share was driving me to a frenzy and I rubbed my swollen clit furiously while the fingers of my other hand plunged wetly into my depths.

I came hard, and almost immediately came again simply watching as my beautiful men fought for top dog, never knowing how the act would end. Not until Ivan turned his back to you. Reaching below him I saw you milk his cock for pre-cum, gathering it on your fingertips and adding it to the copious amount already drooling from your cock before pressing into him rim deep. Licking one finger yourself, you presented the remaining cum wet finger to Ivan's lips and he suckled it eagerly, moaning at the taste of you as well as the pleasure pain of your cock finally filling his ass. As you began to stroke inside him, rubbing and rotating at his prostate, his cock hardened more than I ever thought possible and it throbbed in time with your internal movements. He backed and bucked against you hard, trying to find a way, it seemed, to allow you totally inside him, and his cock rained a pool of pre-cum down onto the bed.

By now I was twisting and pinching a nipple, while stroking and milking my clit with my other hand. I knew none of us could last much longer and I could see the muscles of your thighs and ass knotting up as you neared your orgasm. Reaching below you with one hand you grasped and rolled Ivan's balls, while the other began to stroke his rod in time with your pumping his ass. The wet slap of your bodies echoed loudly in the room and the candles flared and guttered in the night breeze, casting long odd shadows. You both began to grunt rhythmically with the intensity of your passion, until finally, like some enormous beast, you reared up and time seemed to stop. The slight flexing of your ass was the only signal of your orgasm and what seemed like endless gallons of cum you were shooting. And just when it seemed Ivan must surely explode from the overwhelming force of your lust his own cock began shooting endless ropes of white hot jism and then, finally, I came again, against my fingers. Watching the pair of you collapse together on the bed, still joined, instantly asleep and knowing I didn't have the strength just now to get up and join you, I curled onto my side pulling a throw over me, and drifted to sleep, wondering how this might change things between us.

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