tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 08

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 08


Grogek awoke face down, both arms wrapped around his two wives. Wives, wasn't that a kick in the ass? He sat up on his knees and looked down at the two sleeping beauties that currently graced his bed. Elunara, the purple haired night elf, always slept naked, for it was her favorite state to be in. Susan, the curvy brunette human, typically slept in a night gown, as she was more comfortable in bundles. However, last night, she had dropped off to sleep after a particularly exhausting love making session.

Enthralled by the both of them, he pushed the sheets back and examined them in their most prone state. Elunara shifted and mumbled something under her breath. Grogek ran his hands down both of their bellies and across their hips. Awake instantly, Elunara grinned up at her husband. Susan shifted and shivered under his touch, but did not wake.

With both hands, he slipped his fingers through the soft short hairs to the waiting folds beneath. Elunara was always soaked, but Susan took a little longer, in her half dosed state. When Grogek pressed a finger in, she jolted.

"YOU!" She gasped.

"Me." He gave a low growl, before leaning forward and brushing his lips against hers. "I can stop if you want." He whispered.

"Gods no." She writhed under his expert fingers.

Straightening back up, he continued to pump his fingers in and out of both women. "What should I do with my two beauties on this lovely morning?"

"Whatever you do, don't stop." Elunara purred.

"I think I'll start with my gentle wife." He pulled his hand free of her and climbed in between Susan's legs. Pulling his hand free of Elunara, he shifted over and buried himself into Susan's waiting wetness. He returned a free hand to Elunara's soaking wet center.

"Mm, just like that." Elunara rolled and shifted over, pulling Susan into her embrace. "What other fun can we have?" She moved her hand in between the two bodies and fingered Susan's slick folds around Grogek's dick.

Grogek shifted a second finger into Elunara and began to pump I rhythm to his hips.

"Oh," Gasped Susan. "Between the two of you..." She shifted her legs up and out, wrapping her knees on either side of Grogek's hips. Arching her back she took in the full of him, while clinging desperately to Elunara. When she shivered, he captured her mouth and buried himself into her, hanging on for the ride.

After he was satisfied Susan was through, he untangled himself from her small body and pushed Elunara over. Shifting his body, he went between her legs and buried himself into the slick folds. "Your turn." He growled.

"Give it to me my love." She let go of Susan and wrapped her arms around Grogek's.

"With pleasure." Hanging on to the braces in the wall, he began to slam himself in and out of her tight center. In and out he pumped; building speed and intensity, until at last her clamping heat made him near explode into her.

"Aw, I nearly missed the morning show." Tulani sat up in her bed.

"Ha. Ha." Elunara gasped. "Now I want a shower."

"Now that I want in on." Tulani winked.

Elunara rolled free of the bed. "You're on."

They walked to the shower room, hand in hand and closed the door behind them. Elunara activated the runes on the wall and started up a steamy mist. Tulani disrobed and tossed her nightgown in the basket to the side. Together they stepped into the warm water.

Elunara held up the soap and winked. "I know how this goes."

"Mm, I love this room." Tulani brushed her hair back as the water cascaded down over her body. "I think we have a bit before Sinea wakes."

"Let's make the most of it, then." Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani and brushed their lips together. Soft and slow, they pressed into the kiss. As Elunara's hands went down to cup Tulani's ass, Tulani's hands went up and into Elunara's hair. Soon their hands roamed each other's bodies.

Elunara picked up the discarded soap and got a lather going in her hands. Running her hands over Tulani's body, she was careful with the other woman's tender breasts. Gently she rubbed and pinched the nipples hard, before leaning forward and licking. Still her hands roamed the Draenei's body, looking for those hidden spots that drove the woman wild.

Tulani took the soap from Elunara and began the same process; together their hands roamed each other's bodies, slick soap all over their skin. Elunara danced Tulani back to the seat and had her sit down and spread her legs. Leaning forward, Elunara scrubbed her hands over Tulani's thighs and soft hairs. Using the water to rinse Tulani's body, she ran her lips inside the inner thigh, across the faded scars, to the slick heat beneath.

When Elunara licked Tulani flat, Tulani arched her back and laid her head back against the hard tile. Using her fingers and tongue, Elunara drifted lazy little shapes against the folds she held open with her fingers. Tulani buried her fingers into Elunara's hair and groaned. Steadily she built up speed, and pressed a pair of fingers in to Tulani's wet, clamping heat.

Both froze when they heard the high, thin cry of a hungry infant.

"Guess I'll have to wait my turn." Elunara winked.

"Oh, I am sorry." Tulani was shaky as she tried to stand up. "I thought we had more time." She began to scrub the soap off of her body and out of her hair.

Elunara helped her by scrubbing at her hair. "Don't worry about it sweetness."

Tulani fled the room, wrapped in a large fluffy towel. She was surprised to find Jordan in the baby's room wearing nothing but his pants. He had Sinea in his arms, quietly talking to her. "Oh!"

"There, see? I told you your momma was on her way." Jordan smiled at Tulani. "Sorry, I thought I could calm her down until you could get in here."

"No it's fine..." Tulani blushed. "Forgive me, I'm not dressed."

"I believe we've gone past the need for that nicety." Jordan bounced Sinea in his arms. "If you get sat down, I'll hand her to you." Tulani sat down in the rocker near the bed and adjusted the towel in her lap. Jordan passed her over. "She really looks like you..." He rocked back on his heels.

"Is something wrong?" Tulani adjusted Sinea on to one breast.

"No... I... well..."

"Family honesty policy, remember?"

"Well, it's just that..." He felt supremely foolish, fidgeting like a schoolboy getting fussed at. "She's my daughter too."

Tulani froze. "Yes, this is true. What is the matter Jordan?"

"I know we all agreed that you and Elunara were Sinea's parents. However, I've felt a little strange, knowing she's mine, but not mine. I'd just like... Well, I'd just like to spend time with her. I mean, she is partially mine."

"Oh." Tulani considered his words while she changed sides. "You are right. In fact, you're hitting very close to something I haven't given thought to."

"And that is?"

"Ever since Sinea was born, I've done everything I can to hold her to me and me alone. I haven't even let Elunara be as close to her as I know I should. I've just been so scared that something will happen to her and she'll be taken away from me."


"I know. I know. I swear I do. But, the ogre slave master took away my chance, and Elunara gave it back to me. Elunara gives and gives and never asks for a return. Still I worry that someone, somewhere is plotting to take my beautiful little baby from me."

Jordan knelt at her feet. "I swear to you, that no harm will ever come to Sinea. In fact, our entire family would swear to that statement as well. Sinea is in the safest place she could possibly be."

She sighed. "I know that. My head knows that, my heart does not."

"Trust us, dear sister. Trust us to see to the health and well being of our little baby Sinea."

"I try. I swear I do." Tulani shifted the baby to her shoulder. "In fact, can you take care of her while I get some clothes on? I'm freezing." She shivered.

He chuckled. "Yes, winter is clinging hard and fighting spring, I swear it."

Tulani wrapped the towel around her body. "Hopefully I won't run into anyone." She darted out of the room and ran right into Tina and her girlfriend Lisa. "What in the world?"

"Aunt Tuly!" Tina gasped.

"What is she doing here so early in the day?"

"It's not..." Tina blushed. "I'm sorry."

"Did you even ask?"


"Ugh, Tina you have to stop pulling these stunts."

"I thought I could get her out of here before..."

"TINA!" Susan yelled.

Tulani looked down at herself and sighed. "Now I have to get dressed, I don't have the time to yell at you, I'll let your mother handle that one." She pushed past the guilty pair.

"Momma, I'm an adult now." Tina crossed her arms.

"You live here, and this is our house, you can't let random people spend the night without asking."

"But, Momma! I love Lisa. We..." Tina blushed and took Lisa's hand. "We want to get married."

"Oh... oh!" Susan blinked. "Well then."

"Lisa has been making a fair bit of money at her daddy's blacksmithing shop. We're looking at an apartment, but I wanted to tell you first. We got a little carried away last night, and wound up sleeping together. But, JUST sleeping, I swear."

Susan laughed. "I don't care about your sexual exploits, my dear little girl. You are twenty one after all. However, I do care about this family's rules and privacy. What if Elunara had a client? She has them at all hours of the day. You'd be embarrassing someone and could ruin something for Elunara."

"Sorry, Momma." Tina rubbed her toe on the floor and put her hands behind her back.

"In fact, you've embarrassed poor Tulani. You know how she is about her body."

"She looks fine to me." Lisa blurted, before covering her mouth with her hand.

"Explain it to your fiancé somewhere else." Susan sighed.

"Come on Lisa." Tina grabbed the other woman's hand and led her down the stairs.

Grogek came out of the bedroom and headed down the stairs.

"Hey, Grogek." Jordan called. "Tell Mark I'll be there later this afternoon. I wanted to spend some time with Sinea."

"Alright, brother." Grogek nodded.

Jordan bounced the baby in his arms. "We're going to have fun today, just me and you."

Dargek sat on the couch and waited patiently.

"What's up, baby?" Lydia adjusted the hem of Lani's dress.

"I'm waiting on grand momma."

"I'm here. I'm here, my babies." Elunara jogged down the stairs. "Time to check your leg again."

"Grand momma, it doesn't hurt at all, please let me go."

She ran her hands up and down his leg. "It's healed well, and I've poured all I can into it. You're free to go."

"YES!" Dargek bounced off the couch and ran in circles. "THIS IS AMAZING!"

"Alright, alright, before you knock something over, it's time for new training."

"Oh, but I want to run and dance today!" Dargek wiggled his butt.

"Then let's head to the amphitheater, your mother can sing and we can train to it."

"Train?" He stopped and eyed Elunara.

"Some of my moves came from the dance lessons I had as a child. We can do those instead."

"Awww." Lily dropped her staff to her side. "I wanted to fight."

"Now, now, my loveliest, dance can be very informative to your training, I think it's an excellent idea."

"Besides, sis, I've never gotten to dance like you have." Dargek crossed his arms. "In fact, I had to sit in the stands cause I couldn't."

"Mimsy, you should come too." Grogash bounced down the stairs. "You and your friends like to dance at the society parties. Come learn some new moves."

"I do not like to fight." Mimsy held the edge of her dress as she descended the stairs with Tilly. "We are LADIES. As Lily has seemed to forgot."

"Oh, let them." Tilly waved a hand. "Besides, dancing would be nice, and sister Lydia's singing is always so beautiful."

The little group made their way down to the amphitheater where Lydia began to sing and Elunara taught the children to dance.

After training, Elunara sat by Lydia in the stands while the children played with their staves. "Are you alright Momma?"

"I want to cry. It was everything I had to not cry while I sang." Lydia sighed and scratched at her leg.

"I heard it in your voice. You hide it well, but it was there. I know your voice, I heard the breaks."

"He dances so beautifully. I thought Lily would be our delicate little dancer, but he just loved it so much." Lydia leaned against Elunara. "Thank you so much, Momma. I was so worried something would go wrong and he wouldn't have a leg at all."

"You know I wouldn't let that happen."

"I know, I know... I just worry."

Without warning, Dargek twirled too close to the edge and fell off the stage. Lydia screamed and both women launched up to be at the boy's side.

"Like mother, like son." Elunara sighed.

"Momma, my leg hurts." Dargek whimpered.

Elunara ran her hand over his leg. "Shit, it's broken. Let's get him to Ina."

"Can't you just heal him?" Lydia wrung her hands.

"You know how long it took for us to heal Grogek's leg. However, this is just a fracture and I'm better now than I was then, but it's still going to take a week or two."

"NOOOoooo!" Dargek wailed. "I JUST got my new leg and now I can't use it again?"

"Sorry, buddy. That's just the way you tumbled."

"THIS SUCKS!" He swiped the tears on his cheek.

Elunara scooped Dargek into her arms and started walking. "Your leg must hurt an awful lot right now."

"No more than USUAL." He grumbled. "My leg used to hurt all the time, then you fixed me. I've never known my leg to not hurt until you fixed me." With a mighty sigh, he wrapped an arm around Elunara's neck. "Four days, I had a normal leg for FOUR days, and you didn't let me use it."

"Sorry, little one. I had to know that my experiment was safe for you. Now you'll spend the next couple of weeks sitting on your tiny tush."

"This sucks."

"I know. Believe me, I know. I broke my ankle and had to sit out for almost three weeks, and I could heal myself faster than I can heal others."

"How'd you break your ankle?"

"Fighting your granpa."


"Really. I'd leapt behind him and he swung his axe. Cracked me sideways wrong and bam; shattered the damned thing."

"That's so cool!" He bounced in her arms.

"Your grandpa also broke his leg saving your momma." Elunara nodded. "There was a runaway elekk and it was headed right for your momma. She'd just found out that you and your sister were going to be twins. He saved all your lives."

"Wow..." Dargek's voice was filled with awe. "I broke my leg in a stupid way." He pouted.

"When your momma was only a little bit older than you, she also fell off of a stage doing the same thing. The stage was much smaller and lower, so she only hurt herself a little bit. I'd just healed her too." Elunara sat him down on a bed in the healing building. "Though your momma broke her arm in a stupid way."


"Really. Before I fixed her, she couldn't get around very well, so the other kids wanted her to leave them alone, they hated waiting on her. So they tricked her into climbing a tree. A dangerous tree with poisonous sap. Since she couldn't get around very well, she fell out of the tree and broke her arm. The whole town knew about those damned trees, but they did it to her anyway."

"How mean."

"Which is why your momma didn't want you going around on your own. People can be mean for no reason and it can get you hurt."

"That's stupid." He crossed his arms.

"The stupidest." Elunara nodded sagely.

"He's back." Ina wiped her hand on a towel. "Did he tear up all your work?"

"No, he fell off the stage."

Ina ran her hands over the leg. "Nasty, but fixable. We need to cast it."

"That's what I was thinking." Elunara sighed. "I'll spend my time pumping him full of my energy, but it needs stabilized in the meantime."

"Not another crutch!"

"Nothing for it, my darling." Elunara ran her hand over his leg. "However, you have your staff, so not a crutch exactly."

"This stinks!"

"We've established that." She began to pour her energy into Dargek's body, focusing her attention on the leg.

"You're getting better at that." Ina remarked. "I can feel the bone mending quickly. He might not have a week of this."

"I hope not."

After Ina bound and cast the leg, Elunara put Dargek on her shoulders and carried him back to the amphitheater.


"How is he?" Lydia ran over. "I wanted to come, but I had all the children."

"No need to apologize over that. His break isn't that bad. Between the two of us, we should be able to get him healed in less than a week."

"Oh, thank the goddess."

"You're welcome." Elunara winked. She tugged Dargek off of her shoulder and sat him down on the bench. "Together now."

Lydia sat on the other side and put her hands on Dargek's leg and Elunara wrapped her arms around the boy. Together they poured their energy into his body.

Over the next week, the trio sat on top of the platforms over the training yard, huddled together to pour energy into the healing of Dargek's leg.

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