tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 09

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 09


"I wish to challenge for my place in the elite core."

All motion in the training yard stopped.

Grogek pulled his axe. "What is your name newcomer?"

"My name is Stephen, and I don't want to challenge you, I wish to challenge her." He pointed to Elunara.

"Why?" Elunara dropped off of the platform and grabbed the tossed staff out of the air.

"Because I know that all positions are closed for the year and I'm tired of waiting. If I can bring you down, I can earn my place quicker."

"Really now? What makes you so confident?"

"Six years I've been on the waiting list, and six times I've been denied. My form may not be perfect, but I have studied you and your moves for years, I think taking on the toughest challenge directly is the fastest way to prove myself capable."

"Studied me have you?" She twirled her staff in her hand. "Guess I have to bring something new to the table."

"Try me. Even Grogek bows to your superior skill. I wish to try my sword against your dagger."

"Dagger? No my dear, until you can best my skill with the staff, you won't see my dagger."

"Very well."

"I accept your challenge requirements." Elunara gave a courtly bow.

"If you can best my wife in combat, you can join my core." Grogek nodded and sheathed his axe. "Begin."

Stephen launched at Elunara and gave a few testing swings. She dodged effortlessly. Comfortable with her movements, she dodged him several more before whacking him a couple of times with her staff. Each time she dodged, he shifted stances; he dodged her next few blows before going on a hardened offensive.

When he landed his first hit, she was startled. Soon all she could do was dodge and block. He changed stances again and caught her in the arm.

"Oh, now it's time to play." She purred.

Quickly, they both escalated in skill and ability. She swung, he dodged, he swung, and she dodged. When she jumped over him, he was prepared and shoved his sword upwards, catching her in the inner thigh. She landed and hopped sideways; he swung again and caught her hip. She leapt again, but used her staff to block his attack on her left side. The staff snapped in half at the force of the blow.

He went in for the kill, but she summoned her dagger and blocked him again with the short blade. Pressing his advantage, he swung the sword several times, but was blocked each time by the dagger. She drove him backwards with her speed and skill.

Without warning, his armor fell off. He froze and looked around. "What?"

"The match is called, on account of the opponent losing his dignity." Elunara dismissed her dagger.

Stephen yanked his pants up. "How the hell did you do that?"

"Skill." She shrugged. "I wouldn't have gone for the pants, but you broke my staff. I liked that staff."


Grogek broke into laughter as he clapped. "That's my wife. Alright, you have proven your skill is above par. You may join my core."

"Thank you, sir." Stephen held out a hand.

Grogek took it. "You're out of uniform, soldier, get dressed."

"Right away." Still holding on to his pants, he looked around.

"Don't worry. I didn't break or cut anything. I merely unhooked it all." Elunara shrugged.

Stephen buttoned his pants and gathered his gear.

Picking up the pieces of her staff, Elunara sighed. "I guess it was only a matter of time. I never took care of the thing. Now I need a new one."

"You could always do to it, what you did to mine and make it into two parts." Lydia took the staff bits from Elunara.

"Nah, I want a new one." Elunara shrugged. "Twenty six years I've had this thing. I just grabbed one off the rack one day. I never bothered to take care of it."

"I did though." Jordan sighed. "I had it taken care of for you. I knew it was yours and wouldn't let any of the trainees use it."

"Aw, you're so sweet." She kissed his cheek. "That's my Sugar."

"He's sloppy, but he proved his skill." Grogek ran a hand down her back. "To even put you at a disadvantage was proof enough, but to force your dagger... impressive."

"Use him, he wants it, he can have it."

Mark whistled all the way home. Watching Elunara do anything tended to make him horny. Watching her beat the shit out of some random guy made it hard to walk. He found Jenny washing the dishes.

"I'm home, my beauty." He pressed his lips to hers, tugging her into his embrace. She clung to the front of his uniform, enjoying the taste and feel of her husband.

"Oh my!" She gasped. "What's this about?"

"I want you. Now." He began yanking off his uniform and tossing it on the kitchen table.

"I can see that." She ran a hand over his hardened dick. "Let me guess, Elunara went on the warpath again."

"How'd you guess?" He wrapped his arms around her.

"Any other wife would be obscenely jealous and probably upset that her husband is turned on by another woman, especially if that woman is her sister."

"Let me show you my appreciation for not being like that."

"Fortunately for me, it works to my advantage." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Take me, I'm yours." She purred.

"Gladly." He tugged up the edge of her dress and pulled it over her head, tossing it on the garment pile to the side. He kissed her again, slow and passionate, even as his erection pressed against her belly.

She reached down and rubbed her hand over the tip. "Give it to me." She whispered.

He pressed her back against the counter top and lifted her leg up and wrapped it around his waist. Shifting his hips, he rubbed his erection against her soft hairs and folds. Adjusting himself, he pressed into her wet heat. He captured her mouth and began to pump his hips forward and back, sliding in and out of her center. As she leaned back and arched against him, he moved a hand down and cupped a breast, licking the nipple. She shivered under his touch.

"I want to... I want..." she gasped. "To turn."


She pushed him away from her body and turned to the counter.

"Oh! Yes, that."

"Lick my neck." She whimpered. "I love it when you do that."

"As you wish." He moved forward and tugged her leg back and around his hip again. He buried himself into her and began to pump against, this time he licked the back of her neck, his hands cupping her breasts. She held the edge of the counter, even as she leaned forward, her arm went forward on the counter and she laid her forehead against it, groaning. When she shivered and clamped, he joined her.

Gasping, he dislodged himself and picked her up. "Not a chance." He carried her giggling form all the way to the bedroom. Tossing her on the bed, he climbed in after her. "Let's see how we taste together." He buried his face into her crotch. She gasped and grabbed his hair. Her other hand went out and grabbed a hold of his erection.

As he ate her out, licking and sucking on the soft folds, she jacked his dick, pumping hand up and down. When she shook and shivered, he buried a pair of fingers in her and enjoyed the sensation of her clamping heat. He exploded over her face.

"I'm still hard." He laughed.

"Damn, Elunara must have kicked some serious ass." Jenny wiped her face.

Mark climbed in the bed and cuddled his wife close. "One of the soldiers wanted in Grogek's elite core, he challenged Elunara instead."

"Impressive." Jenny licked Mark's chest. "Did he get in?"

"Do I?" Mark rolled over on top of Jenny and slipped into her again.

She giggled wildly. "I'm not going to walk straight tomorrow."

Several days later, Elunara sat in the SI:7 headquarters and sent out work to her current list of agents. A few new adventurers had come to her for quests and she sent these out as well. While a level hundred made an excellent agent, it was always weird to hand over a level ten quest to one.

"Momma?" Bradly tapped on the door. "You busy?"

"I have some time."

"I wanted to let you know..." He gestured behind him. Evelyn stepped forward with a bundle in her arms. "We've decided to adopt. Meet little Casey."

"Bradly! How sweet of you!" Elunara jumped up and wrapped her arms around Bradly.

"You inspired me, momma. I figured that I should pay the favor forward."

"Her mother abandoned her, and no one knows who the father was. Those that knew the woman said it could be anybody." Evelyn rocked the baby in her arms. "The second Matron Nightingale put her in my arms, I was in love. She's mine now."

"Good to hear, my darlings." Elunara wrapped her arms around Evelyn. "May I hold her?"

"Of course." Evelyn passed the baby over. "She's only four months old."

"How precious." Elunara bounced the child in her arms. "Hello, little one, you may call me Grand Momma, like the others do." She grinned at Bradly. "Come on, she should meet the rest of her crazy family."

Together, the group made their way down to the training yard. Grogek and Jordan were standing on the side of the platform, chit chatting.

"Did you save another one?" Grogek eyed the bundle in Elunara's arms.

"This one is Bradly's." Elunara passed the baby over to Jordan.

"My first true grandchild." Jordan cuddled the baby. "I always liked the little ones."

"We considered the older children, but this poor tiny baby in the back corner pulled at our hearts." Evelyn brushed a hand over the child's forehead.

"My mother never wanted me, I felt I should return the favor and take on a child whose mother didn't want them. We were discussing going back for an older child at another point, but we can't save them all." Bradly wrapped his arm around Evelyn's waist.

"It's enough that you would try." Elunara kissed Bradly's cheek.

"May I hold her?" Grogek held out his arms.

"Here ya go." Jordan passed the baby over into Grogek's massive arm. The baby all but disappeared behind those huge muscles.

"She's so tiny to you." Evelyn marveled.

"They always are." He chuckled."Here she is." He passed Casey back to her mother.

"I want to show her to the guys." Bradly took the baby back.

"Alright." Jordan nodded. "Call them over; I won't dock them for the day."

Bradly raised his arm and called for a halt. All motion stopped, and a few of the soldiers came over. Once they were satisfied, the remaining soldiers went back to their exercises.

Warren peered over the edge of the blanket. "Can't believe they'd let you have a kid."

"Hah, cute. It's you I'm surprised they let have children."

"Hey now, not to step on your big news, but Gingy is pregnant again. Soon little John will have his own brother or sister."

"Nice, man."

"Yeah, I'm a real proud daddy. My little John is the craziest little bugger. Always in to things and driving his momma nuts. He unrolled an entire bolt of fabric and streamed it around the living room furniture and made a fort."

"That's pretty creative."

"The dog was the dragon guarding the treasure no less."

"Now that's cute." Bradly laughed.

"Can I hold her?" Becca held out her arms.

"Of course." Bradly passed the baby over.

Soon everyone took their turns holding the baby. After a little while, Bradly and Evelyn followed Elunara up into the Keep to show baby Casey to Varian.

"She's certainly beautiful." Varian peered over the edge of the blanket. "Another grandchild, no matter what her origins. Same as a son no matter his origins or relation." He put a hand on Bradly's shoulder. "You are Elunara's so you are mine."

"Thank you, sir."

"No, no need for that. Elunara's children have always been practically my own for a long time now. I'm only just now getting around to declaring it. You, Darguni, and Lydia are all my children, and your children are my grandchildren. I want you to know this for certain."

"I'm honored. We're all honored."

"May I see the baby?" Emaline stood up on her toes and tried to look.

Elunara scooped Emaline up on to her hip and shifted closer.

"She's so little." Emaline leaned forward.

"Soon she'll be as big as you. But not right now. Would you like to hold her?"


"Come, sit in the throne." She sat Emaline down and jogged back to the office and grabbed her board. When Bradly sat Casey in Emaline's lap, Elunara began to sketch the scene.

"Oh, that's so adorable." Evelyn leaned over Elunara's shoulder.

"I'll give you a copy of it."

"Please do."

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