tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 12

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 12


"How did it go?" Elunara rocked the tiny form in her arms.

"I broke her heart." Tulani sighed and paced. "I'm not like you; I can't do and be done, any more than I could love her as a partner."

"You are you, my Sweetness. Don't ever try to change."

"I just don't know what to do with her or for her. She's like a daughter to me. It's no different than Gingy."

"I understand."

Tulani held out her arms. "Forgive me for dumping Sinea on you."

"Worry not, for I had her well taken care of. She woke up angry and hungry, but I fed her." Elunara transferred the baby over.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for what I said earlier."


"About not trusting you."

"I'm still confused by what you meant."

"It's just that... I finally have my little girl, the child I'd always fantasized about... and I didn't want anyone else to have her. Jordan made me see what I was doing."

"You thought I would take her away?" Elunara just blinked at her wife.

"I don't know what I thought. Maybe if you fed her, she'd want you more. Maybe if I let someone else care for her, I'd miss something important. I can't miss anything with my baby."

"Oh, Tulani, you silly thing. No one can take her away from you, I wouldn't let them."

"In my heart, I know this. In my mind... I don't know. Logic says I'm being silly. Emotions tell me I have to be vigilant."

"Look at your past, look at our past. We both come from rocky histories, and neither one of us would be who we are now without it. Your chance at having a baby was taken away, but you were the one who stepped up for Darguni. In a real sense, I felt like you took my child from me, even when I knew that wasn't the case."

"Oh, Elunara..."

"No, let me finish. It was you who took over the care and feeding of my child, because I was so lost and so confused. Hell, I didn't even know WHAT you fed an infant, and you knew everything, was able to do everything. You're afraid that the reverse will happen, and I see that now. I'm not insulted or upset at you, my beauty."

"You always know how to cut through to the truth of things." Tulani sighed and cuddled Sinea.

"It's a gift." Elunara shrugged. "You're a gift, Tulani. I needed you and you were there, ready and able. I'll never begrudge you for what you did for me. If anything, you saved Darguni's life, just by being his surrogate mother. Yes, I missed out on a huge portion of Darguni's childhood, first to you, second to that blasted portal, but it is what it is and I can't hold that against you."

"I love you."

"I love you too, my Sweetness."

With Sinea in the sling, Tulani and Elunara walked hand in hand through the streets of Stormwind. Soon they were joined by Lydia and the youngest twins.

"Where are Dargek and Lily?"

"Down at the training yard with Grogash. Tilly and Mimsy are at a tea party, and Susan is painting."

"How cute."

"On the one hand, I wish Lily would be a little girlier, but on the other, she's thrilled to be beating up target dummies with her brother."

"How funny." Elunara shrugged. "Think about your childhood. What did tea parties and dressing up do for you?"

"They made me sit in horrible little chairs, cross my painful legs and pretend nothing hurt like hell."

"There you go."

"But Lily doesn't have a thing wrong with her. Except she's so small."

"So? Being a tough kid makes you feel big. That much I can tell you from my own childhood. Being who you are is hard to do, when everyone thinks you should be what they want."

"Too true."

"Mommy?" Lani tugged on Lydia's skirt.

"Yes, baby?"

"I wanna be a dancer."

"Yeah, a dancer!" Wenrietta bounced.

"Then dancers you shall be." Elunara grinned down at the pair.

Down at the training yard, Dargek and Lily were following their father's instructions.

"Lily, you want to go high as he goes low. Block on your left, there you go, that's the way." He nodded. "Dargek, left, right, go again, there you go. Slow on the swing, but you're getting it. Lily, jump that swing."

"That's my girl." Elunara called out.

"Alright you two, break time." Darguni nodded at the pair.

"Aw, but I wanted my turn." Grogash pouted. You said I could take winner."

"And you can, after both take a break."

"Who won, da- uh, Sir?" Dargek saluted.

"Evenly matched, but I say that Lily had the edge that time."

"Poo." It was Dargek's turn to pout.

"Yes! I'm better than you!" Lily pointed at her brother and wiggled her butt.

"Hey, no one likes a sore winner, Lily."

"Sorry, Papa." She ducked her head.

Darguni walked over to the platform and tugged his wife into his embrace. "Mm, how are my favorite ladies this day?"

"Just out for a walk."

"Daddy! Wenrietta bounced up and down. "We wanna be dancers."

"Is that so? Planning on doing shows with your mother?"

"Yes!" It was Lani's turn to bounce. "Grandma Tuly could do our dresses!"

"You should ask her first." Lydia admonished.

Lani put her hands behind her back. "Please?"

"Of course." Tulani chuckled. "I'd be delighted."

"Well, that's adorable." Elunara grinned. "However, I was hoping to get my wife alone, so we'll be going now."

Tulani giggled. "Alright, Sinea needs to her nap anyway."

Linking hands once again, they turned away from the group and headed back home. At home, Tulani laid Sinea in her crib and sighed. "She's so perfect."

"Just like you, my sweetness."

"I'm sorry I've held on so tightly to our baby."

"Already forgiven." Elunara ran her fingers over one of Tulani's horns. "I understand completely."

Tulani shivered under Elunara's touch. "I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." She brushed her lips against Tulani's. Taking Tulani's hand, she led the way back to their bedroom and pressed Tulani back against the bed. Soft and gentle, Elunara slipped her fingers under the edge of the front of Tulani's dress, kissing along the neck and shoulders.

Tulani groaned and ran her fingers under Elunara's shirt. Elunara backed away and Tulani lifted the shirt over Elunara's head and tossed it away. Elunara tugged Tulani's skirts up and pulled the dress over Tulani's head. The dress joined the shirt. Next, she wiggled out of her pants and shoved them aside with her foot.

"So beautiful." Elunara whispered, her fingers trailing down from shoulder to breast. Softly, she brushed her lips across her wife's. "And all mine."

"Always." Tulani breathed.

Working her way down, she moved from mouth to neck to shoulder, slowly she traced collar bone with her lips, before following her fingers down to breast. Gentle, she licked one nipple before softly sucking. Tulani groaned and leaned her head back. Stooping down, Elunara's mouth continued to work on silken flesh.

Sitting down on the bed, Tulani spread her legs out and leaned back on her hands. Elunara slipped her fingers through those wet folds and hairs to the skin beneath. Turning her attention to Tulani's thighs, she began to work her mouth along those faded scars. In the wet center, Elunara slipped the first finger. Using her tongue, she traced little signs and symbols on the writhing Draenei's flesh.

With one hand, Tulani grabbed Elunara's ear and tugged gently. It was Elunara's turn to groan at the attention. Shifting her hand, Elunara moved her mouth into position, sucking on that upper pink nub, sending Tulani gasping and shivering in Elunara's hand.

"That's my beauty." Elunara grinned up at Tulani.

"Oh, you." Tulani blushed down at her wife. "I want my turn now."

"You just had your turn." Elunara winked.

"You know what I mean." Tulani giggled.

Elunara stood up and moved over Tulani's leg and sat down, brushing wet hair on the woman's leg. Wrapping her arms around Tulani, Elunara captured her mouth for her own and began to devour the flavor of her wife.

"I need you." Elunara whispered. "Like I need to breathe."

"This I know and no one can convince me otherwise."

"You know that I'll always love you, no matter what you decide."

"The decision is already made. I can only love one person the way I love you and nothing will ever change that."

"Good, because I might actually be jealous of you."

"The great goddess of sex... jealous?" Tulani blinked.

"You're my Sweetness, and though I hold my family to their own standards, I think I'd have a difficult time seeing my beautiful wife in love with someone else."

Tulani put a hand to her own forehead. "Oh my. I have no idea how to take that. I think I'm honored actually."

"You better be." Elunara laughed. "I feel guilty as hell about it. Why should I force my wife to hold to a different standard than I would hold myself? Different than I hold Grogek? Or my other husbands and my children. I still don't understand how my children are monogamists. But, you my love; would break my heart."

"Then I know I'm honored, for that makes me even more special than I once thought. Ours is a unique situation. I should feel insulted that you'd hold me back-"

"Let me stop you, for I'd never hold you back from the woman that would capture your heart, I would just be jealous of the situation."

"Jealousy is such an odd word to hear you use, my love."

"It's also very uncomfortable to live with. I would, over time, come to live with it. I might even find a way to use it. I have counseled female couples and even joined in on their sex lives, so I would know more than a few ways to work this to my advantage. But to be truly honest with you, I think the problem isn't me, but you. I know how closely you guard your body, even now. It still haunts you. I know you, and to have you suddenly see another woman in the same light as me, means you would change something.

I don't mean that I wish for you to hold on to that terror, but that something about you would change drastically, and that would worry me."

"I understand where you're going with this, even if you don't understand it yourself, my love. It's the same as if you swore off all others in favor of just me. I wouldn't be happy, because you changed drastically for no real reason."

Elunara trailed her fingers over a horn. "Good."

Tulani tugged Elunara into the bed. "Now, I repeat: it's my turn." She captured Elunara's mouth for her own, as fingers trailed down the other woman's body. "I give myself to you and only you. No one else matters. No matter what happens. You are the only woman I love."

"Tulani..." Elunara groaned.

Tulani's fingers found Elunara's wet, hot center. She slipped a finger in. With her other hand, she cupped a breast and sucked hard on the nipple. Elunara groaned and buried her fingers in Tulani's hair. Tulani trailed sucking kisses down Elunara's belly and to the top of those soft hairs. She slipped another finger in and began to pump her hand in and out. Next she ran her tongue along the edge of the slick folds. Elunara grabbed Tulani's horn and arched her back. When Elunara began to shudder and clamp, Tulani buried her tongue in and held on for the ride.

Reaching into the basket below the bed, Tulani pulled out a metal dick and, moving her hand, slipped it inside of her wife. This she moved in and out several times before turning it around and inserting the other end. She climbed on top of the smaller end and pressed down. Elunara held open her arms, and Tulani lay down on top. Together, they bucked their hips in and out, sliding the double ended dick over and over.

Mating mouths together, their flavors mingled, as they devoured each other. When both began to shudder, Tulani tugged free of the device and slid her wet center over Elunara's belly. Reaching back, she pulled the dick free and tossed it on the bed. This time, she used her tail, sliding it through Elunara's folds and then in her wife's slopping center. After a few moments of stimulation, the tail began to flex and shudder, sending waves into Elunara.

"Holy damn!" Elunara gasped. "What are you ON?"

Tulani giggled wildly. "I've always wanted to pay you back for that sensitive tail of mine. I just suddenly thought of how!"

"We have to do that more often!" Elunara gave a deep shiver.

"That was pretty fascinating." Tulani wiggled her butt.

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