tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 13

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 13


"I feel like singing today. Care to join me, Little Bit?"

"Oh yes, Mommy, I do!" Emaline bounced behind Elunara. "You sing so pretty."

From the house, Elunara snagged one of her boards and draped the strap over her shoulder. Hand in hand they walked down to the amphitheater. Lydia had the children lined up and had them singing in harmony.

"Care for some company?"

"Always, Momma."

"I see you have Susan's children as well today."

"I'm working up a regular little choir. Some of the other children have come and gone, adding their voices to our company as they will or wont to do."


"It is." Lydia happily sighed. "It's such a lovely day to sing too."

Elunara sat her board to the side and climbed the stairs to the platform. Emaline joined the line of children and all at once everyone began to sing. They started with a charming lullaby, but soon the voices picked up interest as they moved into other songs they all knew. Before long, Elunara sang while the children bounced around dancing.

In the stands, more and more people began to accumulate. Soon, Gerald sat in the stands and leaned back, his foot bouncing in time to the music. That's where Ryan found him.

"May I sit?"

"It's a free country." Gerald shrugged.

Ryan sat down and fidgeted. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure thing."

"People seem very unhappy with me lately."

"You did piss off our resident goddess of sex. People don't survive long after that." Gerald scratched at his beard. He was happy with how the thing was coming along, and Chrissy seemed to enjoy the change up.

"I'm starting to see why." Ryan shivered. "I'm getting cold shouldered everywhere I go."

"Listen, piece of advice, publicly declare yourself as a slave to or goddess..." Gerald began to giggle. "Sorry, sorry, I can't keep that up. You try that bit and she's probably strangle you with your own nutsack. She hates the goddess shtick and worship just drives her insane."

"Then why do they do it?"

"I don't have enough hours in the day to explain it."

"Oh." Ryan sighed. "What was that though, why does she do these things? Hell, Why do you sit at a table and make bets?"

"Because that's who she is. Listen, she's not only my boss, but she's my sister. She tells me to do something and I damned well do what she tells me. She tells me to round up the guys and do what I do best, then that's what I'm doing. You see, we used to be partners in the SI:7, I was her spotter, she was the agent. In town I'd find her a mark, and she'd seduce and interrogate. In the field, she'd set herself up as bait, I'd be there to back her up if the deal went south. I have literally watched her fuck her way through hundreds, if not thousands, of men."

"Holy shit."

"Back in Draenor, me and a couple of guys spied on her and her husband fucking in the middle of an orchard and she knew it. She liked it, and her husband just wanted to do what made her happy, and a thing was born. It's gotten crazy now. People hear "the grove" and they just show. In fact, this amphitheater and the grove behind it were gifts to Elunara through the King. He knows what she does back there and he doesn't care. Never seen him down, but we know."

"It still sounds sick."

"For anyone else on Azeroth, it would be. For "The Whore", it's just another day of work. Has anyone told you about her energy appetite?"

"Mark mentioned it."

"We feed or goddess and love her for giving us the chance to. She's saved so many lives just being her. In fact, as I told you, she's my sister."

"I find that disturbing. Have you two ever...?"

"Once. Before she introduced me to the woman that is now my wife. After so many years of watching that ass bounce up and down on every dick in vicinity, I had to try it once, just for the see. She's super fucking tight for a woman so loose with her body."

"I don't know if I should be disturbed or intrigued."

Gerald clapped a hand on Ryan's shoulder. "Welcome to the city. Population crazy." He chuckled at Ryan's shiver. "In fact, it was my minor obsession over asses that led Elunara to the woman I married. You should get on her list. If anyone can find you a girlfriend, it's Elunara. The list of marriages that have been a direct result of her matchmaking schemes is kind of crazy, and they're all still married. Chrissy and I are coming up on year twenty three. I couldn't imagine my life without that crazy little... Speaking of." He raised his hand.

Chrissy bounced over. "You didn't tell me Elunara was having a concert." She put her hands on her hips.

"Sorry, Love. This was impromptu, plus I was having a chat with Ryan here."

"Is he the one that pissed Elunara off?"


"Boy, you picked a dumb time to argue with her."

"That's what I told him."

"Do you both always watch?" Ryan blurted.

"No. I usually stay home." Chrissy sat down and cuddled up under Gerald's arm.

"And you're ok with him watching that... and BETTING on it?" Ryan was astonished.

"Gerald tends to get all worked up and I get the benefit from it." She giggled. "Plus, when he makes a fair amount, he likes to shower me with gifts."

"I still can't believe you're ok with it."

"Sweetheart, I prep the house for the thundering sex we'll have immediately afterwards." She tapped a finger to her cheek. "In fact, most women I know that let their husbands go, report the same thing. Sometimes, like last time, she'll come in one of her little lingerie pieces and husbands will go to Tulani and order outfits for their wives. There's a whole economy around Elunara fucking Grogek's brains out."

"I wonder how many Tulani sold this last time." Gerald muttered.

"She told me that she got so many orders in different colors that she ran out and had to craft more." Chrissy giggled hysterically.

"Damn. Hell, I ordered three of different colors. It's one thing when you see it far off; it's another when she's right... Shit."

"You bought me THREE?" Chrissy's wild giggling had her shaking.

"Happy birthday. You'd figure as an ex agent, I'd not made such a stupid announcement."

"I love you anyway and I promise to act surprised." She brushed her lips against his. Chrissy looked to the stage. She's so beautiful when she sings. I often wish she'd do it more often."

"Does she?" Ryan watched the softly swaying night elf sing a slow love song. "Does she sing often?"

"She promised once a month and has held to that for near twenty five years now. It was something she started doing in Draenor for the refugees of the war there. She takes requests if you have any."

"She's beautiful. Regal even." Ryan sighed. "How can she do what she does to herself?"

"Because she loves it." Chrissy gave an agitated sigh. "You really don't listen or learn do you."

"I'm starting to. I just wish I could put this strange woman together in my mind."

"Learn to love her. She gives back what you give to her. We love her, and she loves us. You can do the same or you can leave in disgust."

"I'm not as disgusted as I once was, not the more I learn about her, but it's hard to understand."

"Good enough." Gerald ran his hand up and down his wife's back. "If you'll excuse me, all this talk about Elunara and her lingerie party has made me... itchy." He grabbed Chrissy's hand and ran off with her.

Ryan blinked after the pair.

Elunara flopped down beside Ryan. "Yo."

"I'm sorry for my behavior the other night."

"Already forgiven. I have but one rule on Grove nights. You pretend to hide, and I pretend I don't know you're over there."

"The betting?"

"That's Gerald's thing. I just need the warm bodies lusting after me. You don't even have to lust, just admiration. That's why I make it a show. Since I love to show off, Gerald likes to bet on the crazy shit I'll do." She stretched. "This has been going on a long time, Sugar."

"I get that. Everyone likes to tell me that. Repeatedly. That is... when they talk to me. Ever since my error in judgment the other night, most are refusing to speak to me. Some even told me to leave city."

"Now that's not nice. I handled you just fine. Idiots, always so over protective." She snorted. "We can fix that."

"Uh, how?"

"I'll think of something. Not so close to the edge!"

"Sorry!" Dargek swung back towards the center of the stage.

"My Grandson has a knack for it I think. We were all expecting delicate little Lily to be our star dancer, but her brother is going for broke, now that his legs work."

"I heard about that, poor kid."

"We don't do pity 'round here." Elunara grinned. "We work with what we've got and move forward without what we don't."

"Solid advice."

"Excuse me, I want to dance with my grandson." She stood up and climbed the stairs again.

Mark sat down next. "Talking civil to our darling goddess goes a long way around here."

"Thank the gods. I was starting to worry I'd have to apologize in the Grove."

"Now that'd be a sight to see. Elunara servicing the men in the Grove."

"No one's done such a thing?"

"Usually it's only Grogek. Jordan joins like once a year maybe. The only one after that was Grogek's orc brother... Uhhh, I forget his name. Not important enough to remember, it only happened once. Can't forget that Lucy chick joining once, though."

"Grogek has a brother?"

"Hey now, Jordan IS Grogek's brother, and don't let either of them hear you say else wise. You piss them off enough and they'll make you suffer."

"This town has too many connections to keep track of." Ryan rubbed his neck. "I'm not here to start trouble; I'm here to be a better soldier."

Days later, Ryan found himself at Elunara's front door again. Taking a deep breath, he knocked. She yanked the door open and blinked at him. "Didn't expect you back."

"Can I speak with you?"

"Come on in, I have time." She sat down and picked up her board.

"I want to learn more about you from you. I've heard rumor, and I've heard from some of your... family. Do you..." He fidgeted in place.

"I have a rule in this house... in fact I have many, but the main one is to blurt it and go, I'll figure out if you're offensive."

"Do you fuck all the men?"

"Only the ones I want to." She chuckled. "All soldiers are allowed a full body portrait done by me. Not all of the men have taken me up on the offer; and not all of the ones that have gotten a portrait have gone for the nude, and not all have gone for the sexual gratification."

"I have seen the portraits. You do excellent work."

"The nudes go in my personal collection, and the medical diaries in the healer buildings. Every time you gain a new scar, come back to me and I'll update your books. When you die, you can be matched to your body, no matter your condition."


"In my position, I can pick and choose who I want. Just because a man thinks he has a shot, doesn't mean I find him to my taste."

"So... I'm special?" He blinked at her. "Mark said I wasn't."

"All are special. How they are special is something altogether. You have a beautiful body, I give you that, but also, your little problem needed addressed, and I do so love helping people."

"You've helped me immensely. However, after word got around that I interrupted a grove session, even the town whores avoid me. Given what you do I'm kind of amazed there are whores in this city."

"Just because I give it for free, doesn't mean I give it to just anybody."

"I'm getting that." Ryan paced back and forth. "There's this one named...Vicki? She's the only one that will see me now, but she creeps me out."

"She's hated me for about thirty five years." Elunara chuckled. "I'd get checked by a healer if you want to deal with her."

"She stinks. When she hangs all over me, there's this stench I can't quite place."

"She smells like death. I think her willingness to ignore the obvious has finally caught up to her. She doesn't even bathe, last I heard. I feel bad for her these days."

"I don't know how to take that."

"Have you done her?"


"I wouldn't." Elunara continued to sketch. "Do you want me to do you again?"

"Uh... Not... really?"

"Ever need a hit, come see me. I like you, even if you are a bit of a prude."

He laughed. "I am a prude, aren't I? At least according to the city. I need to fix that."

"Become one of my little worshippers, and all will be forgiven."


"It annoys me, but it'll make everyone else happy, so your life will be easier. Perhaps next grove you can place your own bets."

"I still find that disturbing."

"Get over it. It's my dinner."

"Now that's what I keep hearing, but it makes no sense."

"Sit down, this will take awhile." She sighed.

Well over an hour later, he was still asking questions. "I'm starting to understand, but it's all just so much to take in."

"That's why most don't try to understand, you just wind up hurting yourself."

"My head is spinning. Am I feeding you now?"

"You fed me even as you stood in the grove telling me my hobby was "sick". I feel your lust for my body and it is delicious. I wish you'd give in to that more often. It's not a bad thing, at least not for me."

"You're beautiful." The heat flushed to his face. "And the first woman to truly understand my problem. Your husbands are lucky to have you."

"Don't forget my wife."

"You have a wife too? Mark mentioned her, but I guess it didn't stick. Your family is huge for someone not biologically related to any of them. What of your parents?"

"Has no one told you?"

"What now?" He sighed.

"My mother is Tyrande Whisperwind."

With that, he hit the floor.

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