tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 10

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 10


Tulani put a hand to her cheek. "I really did not like that man. He gave me the chills."

Elunara looked up from her board on the couch. "Me either. I would have preferred to slit his throat and dump him in the canals. I may yet do it."

"Hard to believe he's Louis' dad. Louis is always so shy and kind." Tulani turned as Elunara indicated.

"Yeah, but that just makes it easier for Hartlet to bully him."

At the knock on the door, Tulani stepped down and cracked it open. She stepped back, still holding her dress over her.

Jerry came in. "Am I bothering you?"

"A little, but say what you will." Tulani smiled.

"Thank you SO much. I have no idea how you pulled it off. I think Hartlet still suspects something... but at least I don't have to move out now." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"I don't trust that creepy little man. Keep an eye out."

Jerry nodded. "I will." He turned and blinked at Tulani. "Uh..."

"Elunara was helping me with fresh body sketches for my dress designs."

"Ah. Good luck with that."

Elunara grinned. "Granted, I could do it from memory, but any excuse to get my wife naked, is a good excuse to me."

Jerry grinned back. "I hear that. Now, I'm going to go try to get my boyfriend naked."

"Good luck with that." Tulani giggled. After he left, Tulani returned to her standing position.

Elunara twirled a finger, and Tulani turned around. After finishing her lines, she sat her board to the side and went to Tulani, slipping behind her and cupping her breasts. "Mm, you're too hard to resist."

Tulani giggled and put her hands over Elunara's. "I have to say the same about you."

Elunara slid her hands down Tulani's belly and grabbed her hips. She licked Tulani's neck before lightly scraping teeth across the sensitive area. One hand went forward and slipped through Tulani's soft hairs. "So pretty." Slipping her fingers through the folds, she contented herself with leaving sucking kisses along Tulani's shoulder and neck.

Tulani groaned and leaned back against Elunara, a hand on her arm. She reached back and ran her fingers on Elunara's cheek.

Elunara grinned and pushed her middle finger in, teasing Tulani's thighs with her spread fingers. Her other hand, she moved back to Tulani's tail and began to massage the base of it. Tulani gasped and shivered. "That's my girl." Elunara murmured. "Come for me, my Sweetness." She licked the back of Tulani's neck and buried her face in Tulani's hair.

Tulani shuddered and gasped as her body clamped down. With Elunara's help, she managed to not collapse to the floor. "Ah, that tail of mine..."

Elunara giggled and pulled her finger out of Tulani. "I find it endlessly amusing."

Tulani rolled her eyes. "That much is obvious."

Elunara licked her finger before sitting back down on the couch.

Tulani curled up under Elunara's arm and peered at her boards. "You know, I don't need that much detail."

"Where's the fun in that?" Elunara kissed the top of Tulani's head.

The door opened and Lucy walked in. She stopped and stared at the pair on the couch. "Uh, am I interrupting?"

Elunara shook her head. "Not really."

Lucy sighed. "I'm always so jealous of the both of you."

Elunara shifted over. "There's a little bit of space over here."

Timidly, Lucy climbed on the couch and got comfortable. "I'm sorry."

"Eh." Elunara shrugged and added more detail to her work. She dropped a hand to Tulani's bare hip.

"Your work is so impressive." Lucy murmured.

"I can always do you."

Lucy went scarlet. "Uh..."

"Your portrait, dinky."

"Right. Yeah." Lucy shrank down.

Tulani giggled. "You're adorable."

Lucy wiggled. "I don't know what I am."

"You'll figure it out." Tulani reached over and put a hand on Lucy's shoulder. "Elunara will help."

Jordan came in, stopped and stared. "Uh."

Elunara shrugged. "Don't ask me, but apparently I make a good pillow."

Tulani giggled. "The best."

Grogek come in next, and snorted. "Really, love?"

Elunara threw her hands up. "Don't look at me. Besides, if everyone had their way, I'd have fifteen of you lunatics."

"I'm sorry." Lucy frowned. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Nah." Elunara ran her hand on Lucy's hip. "They're just teasing me."

Jordan crossed his arms. "I'm just trying to figure out what the orgy would look like..."

Elunara cackled. "That'd be a wild one for sure."

Grogek dropped his boots by the front door. "Yet, somehow, I can see you making it work." He yanked off his shirt. "Granted, I've seen you take six men at once."

Jordan nodded. "That's true. You have a setting on that couch for this set up?" He cocked his head to the side.

Elunara tapped her pencil on the board. "I'll have to give that some consideration."

Grogek headed up the stairs. "You'll figure it out."

"Six men?" Both women said at the same time.

"Grogek and Jordan gave me six men to play with for my 60th. Granted, they were two of them. Oh, that was so much fun." She sighed.

Tulani giggled. "Only you."

Lucy shook her head. "My head hurts."

"A phrase commonly heard around Elunara." Grogek, Jordan and Tulani all said at once. They grinned at each other before exploding in laughter.

"They aren't wrong." Elunara grinned.

Tulani sat up and stretched. "I'm going to head to bed."

Elunara tugged a horn and kissed Tulani. "Night, my Sweetness."

Tulani giggled. "Good night." She grabbed her dress off of the floor and headed upstairs.

Jordan bent down and kissed Elunara. "Night, Baby."

"Good night, my delicious Sugar." He grinned at her and headed up.

Grogek stuck his head over the banister. "Where are you sleeping tonight?"

"With you, Sugarbear. I'll be up in a little bit."

"Alright, I'll wait." He disappeared.

Lucy sighed. "I'm so jealous. I struggled to find one person to love me, and you have so many..."

Elunara pressed her cheek against Lucy's head. "Never stop trying. You should know that Jordan stopped trying because he felt that there was nothing out there for him. But, he just needed a little push in the right direction. I'm not telling you that I'm the one for you, but I am telling you that you shouldn't stop trying. Remember my words well, figure out what would make you happy, and then give it a shot. It's better to try, and fail, than to never try. Would you spend your life wondering what would happen? Or would you try something, and be glad you found out the truth?"

Elunara kissed the top of Lucy's head. "Sit and reflect on what you want. Don't focus on a person, but rather the qualities you want to find in a mate. You want a female, that's fine... but what KIND of female? Is she strong? Is she timid? Does she like your favorite color? Eat the same kinds of food? Is she happy, is she grumpy? What would make you happy to find?"

Lucy considered. "I've never thought about it like that. I always figured I'd just find someone who was attracted to me..."

"How well did that work out?" Elunara raised an eyebrow. "Oh, don't give me that look. I wasn't even talking about Terica. Ignoring Terica's existence, which you should do by the way, how well did your plan work?"

Lucy sighed. "It didn't."

"There you go." Elunara closed her board. "Figure out what you want, and yes, I will help you." Elunara stored her board in the Library and headed up the stairs, while Lucy watched her move. When the door to Elunara's bedroom closed, Lucy went into her room.

With a sigh, she undressed and lay in bed. What she wanted, was someone to love her. She didn't particularly care about compatibility. She'd always assumed that someone who loved her would find things in common, but Elunara had a point. Of course, what she wanted right damned now, was to get her hands on Elunara.

What would it be like? To get her hands on that sexy night elf? Even when she was younger and lived in Darnassus with her family, the Sentinels always intrigued her. The night elf women were so strong, beautiful, and exotic. Some days, she believed that it was seeing those sentinels that gave her father the idea for her joining the army. She had seen Elunara's breasts several times. Elunara didn't believe in modesty.

Lucy's hand went to her own breast and she caressed herself. Her dark nipples weren't really a substitute for Elunara's, but she enjoyed the sensation of tugging at them. Her other hand went down to her crotch, slipping through the soft curls, to the wet folds below. She slipped a finger in herself and began to pump. She teased her clit, round and round with her finger, before slipping back in. In and out, up and down, she moved her fingers around, panting softly.

She knew that Elunara was magic, and she just wished she had her... just once. Just... Gods, she must taste amazing. Lucy groaned as she rubbed harder and faster. Tugging at her nipple, she wanted a mouth, not her fingers. Elunara's mouth, Elunara's fingers. In and out, faster now, her legs began to shake. A second finger, and she spread herself out, tugging on those outer areas. Would Elunara eat her out? She desperately wanted to know. She shuddered and clamped down on her fingers, crying out.

The next day, Elunara made her way into the keep.

"Elunara, what brings you up?" Varian cocked his head to the side.


"Not at the moment."

"Back in Draenor, we started a couple of training camps for the kids. It kept them busy and taught them discipline. Jordan and I want to start them both back up, but we need space and practice weapons. I'm even willing to help fund extra time and weapons for some of the orphans. You never know where your next heavy hitter will come from, and I prefer to get them young." She laid out her papers.

"Hmm." He ran his hands over what she'd worked up. "How much success did you have with this?"

"Our kids were smarter, and better prepared in a crisis. They also had a more realistic view of combat."

He nodded. "I'll approve of this." He tugged out a sheet of paper and scribbled instructions. "Here, get it done."

"Thanks. You can have these copies for your records."

He nodded. His fingertips brushed her hip, before he moved away.

She tapped her finger to her chin, before she headed out to see Jordan.

Lucy hissed. "Ah, that hurts."

"I've gotta clean the thing. Hold still." Ina snorted. "You gotta stop doing this to yourself."

"Sorry, I was just a little distracted." It had been a few days, and Lucy had screwed up entirely too often.

Ina rolled her eyes. "You know, you don't have to be in a relationship with Elunara in order to fuck her."

Lucy froze and went red. "I..."

"I've been Elunara's healer for almost two decades. You're not the first to injure themselves over her. I may not have one grain of sexual urges, but it doesn't make me stupid." Ina worked on Lucy's hand. "Do yourself a favor, and go let her fuck your brains out, so you may put them back in correctly." She smacked Lucy's healed hand. "And mind the signs."

Lucy ran all the way there. Flipping the sign, she stuck her head in. "Elunara?"

"Yeah?" Elunara was on the couch, working on her board.

Lucy closed the door behind her. "Are you busy?"

"Just finishing up the fine details. What'd ya need?"

Taking a deep breath, Lucy walked over and tugged the board out of Elunara's hands and put it to the side. Elunara blinked up in confusion. Pressing her mouth to Elunara's, Lucy climbed into the other woman's lap.

After a few blinks, Elunara wrapped her arms around Lucy. When Lucy broke contact, Elunara laughed. "Problem?"

"I want you." Lucy gasped. "Desperately." She slipped her hands under Elunara's shirt and cupped her breasts, pressing her mouth against Elunara's.

Elunara pushed her backwards.

"Please." Lucy whimpered.

"Well, yes..." Elunara yanked her own shirt off, before leaning forward and yanking Lucy's off. "But, clothes are in the way."

Lucy scrambled out of the way and yanked her own pants down. Elunara removed her own pants, and Lucy climbed back in her lap. Her legs were on either side of Elunara's hips and she grabbed Elunara's face and pulled her mouth to her own. Elunara hands went across Lucy's hips and grabbed her ass. Lucy made her way from Elunara's mouth, down her jaw and to her neck.

"Ah, Lucy..." Elunara gasped.

Lucy cupped Elunara's breasts and tugged at the nipples. "Gods, how I've wanted you." Lucy groaned. Bending down, she took a breast in her mouth, licking and caressing.

Elunara moved her hand down and caressed Lucy's wet folds. "I can tell." She flipped a finger in. "Mm, hold on." She shifted so that she was lying on the couch. "Better."

Lucy made her way across Elunara's belly and down to her wet center. She buried her face there with a groan. Elunara gripped Lucy's hair. Lucy began to use her fingers, as she worked her way around. Without warning, she sat up and wrapped her legs with Elunara's, pressing their crotches together. Lucy grabbed Elunara's hand that was on the back of the couch and together they leaned back and rubbed their lips together, leading to a new sort of sensation. Lucy ground herself against Elunara with a groan. Elunara grabbed Lucy's leg and pressed her mouth to it.

Her grip tightened as she began to shudder with it. Letting go of Elunara, she flopped backwards. "Ah, thank the Gods." She gasped.

"Dear Elune, Lucy. Are you OK?"

"I'm sorry!" She whimpered.

Elunara untangled her legs. "Granted, I've never tried that position before." Elunara snagged her board and started making notes. "I wonder if I can improve on it." She tapped a pencil to her chin.

Lucy openly stared at her.

"Oh, sorry. Tulani fusses at me for the same thing. I can't help but analyze it."

Lucy ran her fingers through her hair and stared at the ceiling. "I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing." Elunara held out her hand.

Lucy took it, and sat up.

Elunara frowned at Lucy's hand. "You burnt yourself again."

"Yeah..." She sighed. "Admittedly, I was trying to burn a detail into some leather, and I kept thinking about you naked." She blushed and fidgeted. "Ina told me to come... uhh, let you fuck my brains out so that I could put them back correctly."

Elunara cackled. "That Ina, I love her to pieces."

"Can... I hold you?" Lucy's color deepened.

Elunara put her board back down and tugged Lucy into her embrace. Lucy wrapped her arms around Elunara and laid her head on Elunara's shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Lucy sighed. "I'm sorry..."

Elunara narrowed her eyes.

"No, I don't know why I keep apologizing. I just... I don't know what I want any more. I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'm so damned..." She flapped her hand as if searching for an answer.

"Sexually frustrated?"

"Exactly. I'm not even sure I know what a decent relationship LOOKS like. My parents divorced ages ago, and the first girlfriend I had was Terica. Your family is the first example of a good relationship I've ever seen and..."

"My family is bugfuck nuts."

"Most would say so... but I've been living with you. Your family is filled with love... love, understanding, and compromise. I don't see arguments, or yelling. Nobody hides anything; you're all open and caring. Somebody has a problem, and everyone tries to figure out how to fix it. It's... amazing."

Elunara stroked Lucy's back. "You speak as if you've never had any of that."

"No." Lucy buried her face in Elunara's shoulder. "No, I haven't." She sighed. "Sometimes, I felt like even Terica was treating me like a spoiled child." She said quietly.

"You're going to have to forget Terica. She wasn't..." Elunara rocked her head side to side. "Terica is a person who never existed. She should cease to exist."

Lucy tightened her hold on Elunara. "It's just difficult."

"I know, sweetie." Elunara sighed. "You know, I've never dealt with an aggressive female before. It's rather fascinating."


Elunara stuck her finger in Lucy's face. "You apologize one more fucking time and I'll tie you up and give you as a present to one of my husbands."

Lucy jerked back. "What?" She squeaked.

Elunara rocked her head back and forth. "I wouldn't. But it was the first thing to pop in my mind. You need to learn to stop apologizing when you don't mean any fucking thing. It's not a topic of conversation, it's just empty space. I know you've spent your whole life apologizing for things, but in this family, you own up to it. I don't listen to bullshit false apologies. When someone in my family makes a mistake, I don't force them to apologize. The more you say or do a thing, the less meaning it has. So stop it."

"Oh... okay. I..." She swallowed. "You wouldn't really DO that?"

She snorted. "Even if I did it, they'd look at me as if I'd lost my damned mind. I..." Elunara scratched the back of her head. "I screwed up, and told Grogek to fuck someone else so I could watch, and he practically thought I was trying to divorce him. I haven't done it since. Jordan is on the same level. A LOT of women think he's gay, because he really can't get it up for anyone but me. I would never do that to another person, but if I tried... I think my husbands would order an exorcism."

Lucy blinked. "Huh. What about..."

"Tulani?" Elunara sighed. "First, she has NO interest in dicks. But, she will get involved with me and the men, but they both know, no dicks, and you ONLY touch Tulani when she offers it up." She grinned. "One day, they had me tied to the ceiling, and Tulani is going kind of nuts on my tits, while Jordan is eating me alive... and he makes a crack about Tulani's skirt being in the way... so she shoves it to the ground; and he's all "is that an invitation?" and Tulani says yes. So then Jordan's finger fucking the both of us. It was," Elunara licked her lips. "Delightful."

"Tied to the ceiling?" Lucy squeaked.

"Oh, yeah. One of my favorite things."

"This is so much to take in."

"Yeah... having a pair of dicks shoved up..." Elunara giggled. "Sorry. I'm a maniac for sex. I'll try anything once, and if I like it, I'll try to figure out how to improve on it."

"Wait, people think Jordan is gay?"

"Took you long enough. Before we were together, he had the major hots for me. However, he was stuck in this weird place where he didn't think he could pursue me, so he tried repeatedly to find one of the town's women instead. Every time he got to the part of fucking them, he stopped and ran. Over and over. So, the women of town decided he must be gay. Many, including myself... thought he was in love with Renwa. When I finally had a little chat with him, he got bold and went for me. You see how that turned out."


"Anyway, so then they were all waiting for me to get bored of him... because how in the WORLD could one person hold on to three lovers? And they figured, once I was done with him, I'd fix whatever female problem he would have. Then some loony got it into her head, that maybe the reason I hadn't ditched him, was that he and Grogek were having at it..." Elunara sighed. "We thought we'd fixed that when Jordan and I had wild sex in front of a bunch of people, but the rumor is back and as annoying as ever."

"That would be pretty frustrating."

"Grogek and Jordan consider each other brothers. It's kind of adorable, but they are by no means lovers."

"No, I get that much." Lucy licked Elunara's shoulder.

Elunara giggled. "Ready to go again?"

"Ah... no." Lucy blushed. "I just kind of like how you taste."

"Then let's see how you taste."

"Ah, you don't have to."

Elunara brushed her lips across Lucy's. "Oh, but I want to." She pressed in deeper, mating her mouth with Lucy's and dancing their tongues together. She dragged the tip of her tongue over the roof of Lucy's mouth, before working her way along Lucy's jaw. "Let's find out what drives you crazy, shall we?"

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