tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 15

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 15


Tulani snuggled under Elunara's arm. "Is it morning already? It's so hard to tell in here."

"That irritating alarm claims it is." Elunara smacked the offending object. "Two options... We stay here..." She ran her hand on Tulani's horn. "Or we head off for the next boat back to Darnassus."

Tulani sighed. "Now that is a difficult choice."

Elunara stretched. "Well, we could split the difference and stay just a little longer..."


"If all else fails, we can always repeat the excursion."


Elunara slipped her fingers through Tulani's soft curls, to the waiting slick folds below. "I guess I'll just have to make the decision." Grinding her hips against Tulani's ass, she positioned the curve of Tulani's tail into her own folds. Dipping a finger into Tulani, she rubbed her wetness all along Tulani's tail.

Tulani gasped and put her hand over Elunara's. Elunara slipped a second finger in, as her free hand teased Tulani's nipple. Gently, she tugged on the hardened nipple, as she licked Tulani's neck. Moving her mouth across the sensitive shoulder, she worked her way forward. She flexed her hand and cupped the breast, tugging ever harder on the teased nipple.

Her hips pumped forward, and she groaned against Tulani's shoulder, as the tail began to flex and swipe up and down. Still, she worked her fingers into those soft, slick folds. Tulani began to gasp and writhe, causing her tail to thrash wildly. Even as Tulani's body began clamp down around Elunara's fingers, Elunara legs tangled with Tulani's and she shuddered against her.

Tulani gasped and clung to the bed.

"Man, your tail is something else." Elunara shuddered again and tightened her hold on Tulani.

"It's..." Tulani gasped. "Quite... intense."

"I suddenly feel woefully uninformed on the Draenei body. Perhaps another time I will find me a male Draenei to practice on, so that I may compare. Of course, my early work with male Draenei was shortly after I was banished." She got up and found her board, sketching as she talked. "Any after that were in the course of work, and I saw them as typical males and did what I needed done." She tapped her pencil on her board.

"Aaaand you've gone into working mode." Tulani sighed as she sat up.

Elunara blushed and looked back. "I'm so sorry."

"No, continue on. I know how it is. I'll just get dressed and when you've finished your notes, we can hit up the boat out." Tulani kissed her cheek.

Elunara continued jotting down her ideas. "Now, I just need to kidnap me a male Draenei..." She tapped her pencil on her chin. "Ah, well." She tucked her board away. "I AM sorry for ruining the moment."

Tulani giggled and rubbed her cheek on Elunara's shoulder. "I know you."

Elunara linked her fingers with Tulani as the boat docked to Rut'theran. "We should hit up mother first. She'd be insulted if we didn't." She gave a little salute as she passed the sentinels.

Tulani giggled. "They saw your bracelet."

"Ugh." Elunara grunted. "Why did I put the thing on my dominate hand?"

"Because you care."

Elunara blinked. "Fuck."

"You know I don't in public."

"Since when are you a smartass?"

"Since you trained me up right." Tulani winked.

"If only those little bitches could see you now." Elunara brushed her cheek against Tulani's.

"Hm, yes. I am a different person."

"No one makes my Tulani cower." She brushed a lock of hair out of Tulani's face.

They walked hand in hand up to the temple. Once inside, Elunara led the way to the upper platform. Tyrande and Malfurion appeared to be in a heated discussion over something.

"We'll just wait." Elunara whispered.

Tyrande's ears twitched and she looked up. "Elunara? Is that you?"

"Yeah, hello, mother."

Tyrande jogged over and took Elunara by the hands. "Oh, it is so GOOD to see you here. And you of course, Tulani." She looked back and forth. A glint caught her eye and she stared down at the bracelet. Holding Elunara's arm up, she gasped. "What did you DO?" She whispered.

Elunara groaned and took her arm back. "When I get through with him, there won't be any balls left to kick."

Tulani buried a giggle behind her hand.

"A bit of a practical joke on the side of Varian. He's made me into his own personal diplomat. I've been having to explain this stupid bracelet everywhere I go. He asked me to wear it, so I do."

"He does NOT give this out as a JOKE, Elunara."

"Then take it up with him, because he laughed his ASS off when he gave me the damned thing, and then practically begged me to wear it." She flushed and twisted the bracelet. "I do. It means something. I just haven't figured out what. The doofus even gave me yet another official title."

Tyrande sighed and dropped Elunara's arm. "And what is that?"

"His Mistress..."

Tyrande blinked and then laughed. "He made it a TITLE?"

Elunara's blush deepened and she crossed her arms. "That's it, I'm killing him."

Tulani patted her shoulder. "You'll get over it, my love."

Tyrande held her stomach and wiped her eye. "Oh, this is precious." She sighed. "Now that THAT's out of the way... Where are the boys, and your husbands?"

"Elunara is treating me to a belated trip." Tulani smiled. She rubbed one of the horn adornments. "Sort of a honeymoon? Do you like these? Elunara called them wedding rings."

"Oh, how sweet."

"Yeah, I never got around to doing it." Elunara ran a hand on Tulani's horn. "She's always so sweet and quiet, I struggle to make sure she's cared for, and I never even did this. I feel awful."

Tulani wrapped her arms around Elunara's waist. "You did it now, and that's what matters." She brushed her lips across Elunara's.

She laughed. "I think you just used my own lines against me." She leaned her forehead against Tulani's.

"Ages ago, I might have been offended by this..." Tyrande murmured. "Now, I just find it adorable."

"How times change." Elunara shrugged. "Anyway, we'll be in town, buying out half of the pretty things..." Elunara grinned at Tulani. "We'll stay the night, just because."

"The guys at home are going to have a devil of a time getting all of your purchases in." Elunara sighed as they waited on the boat the following morning.

"Oh, this has been so much fun!"

Elunara kissed her nose. "I'm glad. We just have Ironforge to hit. So, we'll swing by the training yard before we head to the tram."


They stepped on to the boat, and Elunara flipped the contract open.

"Still working on that thing?"

"I'm nearly finished. I'm not going to turn it back in until after I go over it a second or third time. Never know what I might have missed. Those damned blank pages had shit written on them in invisible ink. Between Mathias and Varian, I don't know who I'll strangle first."

Tulani giggled. "Yet, you love them both."

Considering, Elunara nodded. "That I do. In different ways."

When they hit the Stormwind docks, and Savage bolted off up the ramp. "Yeah leave us, you furry ingrate!" Elunara snorted.

"Where is HE going?"

"I stick it in Yoona some more, most likely." She snorted.

They stopped by the training yard, and Grogek made his way over, grabbing her by the waist and devouring her mouth. He looked over. "Enjoying your trip, Tulani?"

"Oh, quite." She giggled.

Elunara rubbed her face on Grogek's chest. "We're headed to the tram now."

"Alright, have fun." He kissed her again, before turning to the yard.

Elunara blinked at Jordan, leaning against the doorway to the tram.

"Didn't think you'd escape without a good bye from me, did you?"

"Well, I certainly hoped I wouldn't." She slid her hands over his shoulders and pressed her mouth to his.

"Some of us would like to get past." A sharp voice interrupted.

Elunara looked down. "Sorry." She stepped out of the way.

The gnome went on through and Tulani giggled. "You WERE taking up the whole entry."

"Bah." Elunara linked her fingers with Tulani's. She winked at Jordan. "We'll continue that discussion later."

He smacked her ass, before rubbing his hand over it. "Guarantee it."

"Mm, yes... someone's getting the hang of this..." She brushed her lips across his and walked off with Tulani.

"What was THAT?" Tulani blinked.

"Sometimes... I like it a little rougher than you or Grogek are willing to give me." She shrugged. "Jordan and I have been working on getting me what I want."

"Rougher than Grogek?" Tulani blinked.

"As hard and tough as he is, he is actually a very gentle and considerate lover. Even when we get wild... he...cherishes me in a way that prevents some of the rougher things. Hair pulling, spanking... that kind of thing. Oh, he's gotten rough, but then he feels bad afterwards. I want something a little more unapologetic."

"I..." Tulani shivered. "I won't be participating in THAT."

"Oh, sweetie, I'd never ask you to." She wrapped her arm around Tulani's waist. "You are my soft and sweet, I'd never get you involved in my stranger kinks. The fact you get involved at all is something of an amazement to me. I do thoroughly enjoy when you throw yourself in. It heightens everything for me." She rubbed her cheek against Tulani's as they climbed on the tram.

"Ugh, it's you." The gnome from before snorted. He eyed the both of them. "Can't keep your hands to yourself, can you?" He scooted to the edge of the tram car.

"That man was one of my husbands, and this is my wife." Elunara shot him a grin.

"Hus–" The tram shot off and the gnome was knocked off of his feet.

After helping to stabilize Tulani, Elunara reached her hand down to the man. He eyed her warily. "I only molest those who agree to it first."

He spotted her bracelet and his eyes went wide. He took her hand and stood up. "You're a diplomat?" His voice was almost a shriek.

"Yes, actually."

Both Tulani and the man were thrown forward when the tram stopped. Elunara's hand shot out and captured Tulani before she could go too far. They all stepped off of the tram car.

"Geez, those things give you no warning." Tulani brushed her hair out of her face.

"You get used to them after awhile." Elunara shrugged. "But, there's a reason most people take personal mounts or flight paths. I just wanted to travel with you." She brushed her lips across Tulani's. "That and I don't actually own a flying mount."

"Oh, where'd the little man go?"

"Never call a gnome "little", they get vindictive about it."


"And, there are a lot of them here, so if you hope to buy anything..."

She giggled. "Alright, I'll remember."

Elunara tugged out her contract and started reading again, while Tulani went nuts. Spotting the engineering shop, she tapped Tulani on the shoulder. "I'm going in here."


"Ugh, it's YOU again."

Elunara blinked. "Uh, yeah. I came in to see if there were any interesting schematics lately."

He sighed. "Fine, fine. I got a few." He tossed out a few scrolls on the table.

She flipped through them. "Nope, have that one; don't want that one... oo, that one looks fun... I wonder if I can incorporate this into my own design..." She considered.

He leaned against the table, cheek on his fist, watching her with boredom.

"I'll take these three."

He sighed. "I suppose you'll want the "diplomat's discount"."

"Lord no, if one more person offers me free shit, I might just start stabbing people on principle."

Tulani giggled. "She'll do it too. She hates that status."

The man's eyebrows shot up. "Well, maybe I could like you. Ten gold each. Tibble's the name."

She held out her hand. "Elunara."

"Elunara?" He scratched his head. "That name sounds familiar."

"Oh Gods, there's a million ways you could know me." Elunara sighed. "The SI:7, my mother, Draenor... the list is endless."

"She owns a business, Artist and Sexual healing expert." Tulani supplied.

His eyes went wide. "Buh?"

"It's a long story." Elunara laughed.

"You really CAN'T keep your hands to yourself." He managed.

"No, she can't." Tulani giggled.

"And she's your... wife?"

"Yes." Tulani nodded.

Tibble shook his head. "I'm not even going there."

"She does like to design furniture." Tulani smiled.

Tibble snapped his fingers. "That's it. I had this huge order for gears and things. Said it was going into a couch?"

"Ohhh! My fuck couch."

Tibble blinked. "Oh, Gods..." He rubbed his temples. "Well, whatever it was, I desperately wanted a look at those schematics, but no one could cough them up."

"Oh, if that's the case..." Elunara took out her board and pulled out a sheet of paper. Scribbling out her runes, she laid out a complicated design. On each side, she put her hands and concentrated. After a moment, a set of scrolls came through the small portal. "Here, take a look."

"Hmm." He took them and began to unroll and peer at each one. "Oh. Oh, wow. Look at that. Talk about a marvel of engineering... and you get it to do what? Oh, yes. I see, I see. Oh, you included user diagrams." He flushed. "Vividly detailed..."

"Of course, I'm no amateur."

He continued to mutter to himself. "And you use this to..." He sighed and rolled up the papers. "Well, it's not the first time someone has used their skills for such a purpose. In fact, this chick I know, Kimmy, claims to own a steam powered dick. Says she never needs another man."

Elunara grinned. "Where can I find this, "Kimmy"?"

Tibble sighed. "Figures. I warn ya, she's a little odd. Of course, so are you..."

Tulani giggled. "You really can't help yourself."

Elunara grinned. "You know me. I've been trying to figure out how to animate my little creations; maybe this chick has something I can build off of." Elunara knocked on the door.

The door was yanked open and a gnome eyed them up and down. "Yeah, whaddya want?" She blew a bubble as pink as her hair.

"Tibble said you had a steam powered dick."

The little gnome's eyebrows shot up. "Don't beat around the bush, do ya?"

"I tend to be pretty kind to bushes, actually." Elunara grinned.

Kimmy snorted. "Aight, come in." She stepped back and jerked her head. "Since when does Tibble tell people about my baby?"

"Since I showed him this." Elunara held out the scrolls.

Kimmy started flipping through them. "Holy damn, what a thing of beauty." She paged through. "Oh, what I wouldn't give to see such a thing in action."

"I'm always up for demonstrations."

"You built this thing? No shit?"

"No shit." Elunara licked her teeth. "In fact, I use it all the time. This baby works like a dream."

"Oh man, can I PLEASE see it?"

"You show me yours, I'll show you mine."

Kimmy licked her lips. "You know how to bargain, lady."


"Elunara?" Kimmy tapped a finger to her chin. "That name sounds familiar."

"I'm a sex expert."

"Probably that." Kimmy shrugged. "This way to my room." They passed an assortment of half finished inventions. "Most people think I'm out of my mind because I want to improve on the process of sex, but... if that couch is any indication, you're a woman after my own heart."

"I have two husbands, a wife, and a business where I teach people how to fuck more enjoyably."

Kimmy blinked. "No shit?"

"Not shit."

"I like you." She yanked a lever and a board popped open, revealing a machine inside.

Elunara knelt down and examined the machine. "Fascinating."

"Isn't it just?" Kimmy beamed. "I've been working on making it smaller. Riding this puppy is amazing, but I want to lay in bed some time."

"I hear that." Elunara dug in her pack and pulled out a pair of metal objects. "I've been trying to bring life to my own little creations."

Kimmy took one and nodded. "Yeah, I hear ya." She turned it over and over in her palm. "Can I borrow this?"

"Eh, keep it. I have more. I brought more."

"Good, cause this one's bigger than what I've been using."

"I used real dimensions. That's a human male dick. Had them cast molded and everything. I've got bigger, and smaller. My wife tends to prefer the smaller ones, since she's not into men."

"I hear that." Kimmy considered. "She the Draenei?"



"Don't suppose I could get a peek at the schematic?"

"Yeah, sure." Kimmy pulled down another lever and a drawer popped open. She held out the papers.

"Nicely done..."

An hour later, Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani's waist. "I'm so sorry. I got caught up."

Tulani giggled. "It's fine. We can go shopping now though, right?"

"Of course."

Kimmy blinked and tapped Elunara's bracelet. "You're a diplomat?"

"I am a diplomat, but I'm on vacation with my wife. If I wasn't here on said vacation, I might show you the other side of my work." Elunara grinned. "Perhaps when you visit to get a look at the couch." She shrugged. "Otherwise, I only wear this bracelet, because I was asked to."

Kimmy scratched her head. "If you say so." She sighed. "Always wanted to get my hands on a night elf... and a Draenei for that matter. Maybe next time, sweetie." She winked and closed the door.

Tulani blinked. "I think we just met a miniature you..."

"Isn't that the damnedest thing?" Elunara laughed.

They hauled most of Tulani's purchases on the tram. "Oh, I have SO many designs in mind... I'm going to need way more paper."

Elunara kissed Tulani's temple. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh, very much. Though the heat in Ironforge is awful. I could barely sleep for the sweating."

"Sure, the heat..."

"Well, it certainly made everything a great deal stickier..."

"Again she blames the heat, I'm losing my touch."

Tulani blushed. "Oh, you."

Elunara caught Tulani before she could fall.

"I hate those stupid things."

"Next time, hang on to the rail, or me." Elunara winked.

"Should we stop by the training yard and let them know we're back?"

"Nah, let's get your junk home."


"Excuse me, all the pretty shit you bought."

Tulani sighed. "I swear..."

Savage met them at the Tram entrance. "Hello, you. Am I only going to see you when Yoona rejects your affections?"

Savage pressed up against her and purred.

"I take that as a yes." She scratched his massive head.

"I still find it bizarre that he went from sitting on her to... that."

Elunara snorted. "It's just sitting in a different position... with his dick out."

Tulani giggled. "You and your visuals."

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