tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 22

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 22


Zelinnia turned over and curled up under Renwa's arm. "I should get Elunara to do that more often." She ran her tongue over her teeth. "I need to make sure my teeth are in order after you got through rattling them out of me."

He grinned. "Care to–" He sighed at the baby's cry. "Ah well. We got the most out of it."

She snorted. "You're the one who wanted a pair." She rolled out of bed and fed Nara while Renwa got his uniform on. Once Nara was sated and returned to his crib, she turned her attention to Abigail.

Renwa bent down and kissed her, running a hand over Abigail's head. "She's getting so big..." They both froze as they heard it. "Shit, the alarm. Horde raid."

Zelinnia struggled to stand.

Renwa pushed her back into the seat. "No! No, you stay here. Keep our babies safe."


"I've fought Horde before, this is no different. Stay here, keep our babies safe. Don't let anyone take them from us." He put a hand to her cheek. "I know you're a powerful mage, my love, but I need to defend the city, you need to defend our children."

"Stay safe." She whispered.

He kissed her and left. Quickly, she got Abigail back into her crib and tossed in a handful of toys. Opening the door, she peeked outside and saw Renwa take a hit. Without pausing to think, she slammed the door and ran for him. He went down on one knee and she screamed. "ELUNARA!"

Elunara heard it, and ran.

Zelinnia dove in front of the next shot, taking an arcane blast to the shoulder. She growled and readied a fireball. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

The Blood Elf dropped his cast and stared. "Zelinnia?" He stared. "Holy shit, it IS you! I didn't see you in the raid. Quick, help me bring down this guard."


"Hus..." He was body slammed by Elunara.

Elunara stared down at him. "Haven't I fucked you?"

He looked up. "Elunara? Zelinnia? The fuck is going on here?"

Zelinnia dropped her cast. "Zarenia?"

"Uh, I go by Zar now..."

Elunara snorted. "I would. That name is terrible."

"You called that man your husband?" Zar blinked.

"Yes. And I won't let you kill him. He's mine, dammit."

"Listen... how about instead of killing me... you capture me? Please? I want to talk to my sister."

"You have a brother?" Renwa coughed.

"We don't have time for this." Elunara sighed. She knocked Zar out. "Here, take him, Renwa." She dumped healing energy into Renwa's body. "Put him in the brig. Zelinnia, get back to your babies. I need to head to the keep."

Renwa stood and nodded. "Protect Varian."

After a short battle, Elunara sighed and shoved the last one down. "Either these guys suck, or we're going to hear some adventurers whining about Alliance preference again."

"That statement made no sense."

Elunara snorted. "Don't ask."


"Don't ask." She repeated. "I have to deal with Zelinnia's brother."

"Zelinnia has a BROTHER?" Varian blinked.

"Yeah, I know, right?"

Zar woke up and held his head with a groan.

"Oh, good, you're up."

He looked over and just stared. "Is that a BABY?"

"Sorry, it's feeding time." Zelinnia sighed and shifted Nara over. "I actually have two."

Renwa stepped in holding Abigail.

"And they're his?" He pointed to Renwa.

"Yes." Renwa put his hand on Zelinnia's shoulder.

"Dude." He raked a hand through his hair. "So, I'm an uncle now?"

"If you want to be?"

"That is so awesome." Zar strained his neck. "Can... can I see?"

Zelinnia shrugged and readjusted her top. She walked over to the bars, and Zar laid his hand on the infant's head.

Elunara wandered down. "How is it?"

"He's pretty cool. Oh, my Gods, mom and dad are going to FLIP!"He yanked his own hair. "You disappear for years, only to show up in..." His eyes went wide, and he stared at Renwa and Elunara. "Oh my GODS, mom and dad are going to FLIP! YOU MARRIED A HUMAN? You live in STORMWIND? You have BABIES?"

"Little slow on the uptake, isn't he?"


Both Elunara and Renwa were over at once, shoving him back and protecting Zelinnia.

Zar held up his hands. "Sorry, sorry! No offense!" He rubbed his neck. "Oh gods... you defected?"

"I defected to Thrall's face."

Zar's eyes went wide. "Holy Shit."

"Elunara saved my life. Not just by accident either. She gave her body to a madman, to keep me safe for weeks. I can't even hope to repay that. Then, she brought me into her life, her home, her family. I will never go back to Horde. This is my family, my home, my life."

"Wow... here, I just thought you were prostitute without standards." Zar stared at Elunara.

Elunara choked on her laugh. "Sweetheart, at the time I fucked you, I was an SI:7 agent milking you for everything you were dumb enough to cough up."

"Oh. Shit." He winced.

"Don't worry, you were next to useless. Not bad though."

Pacing back and forth in his cell, he considered. "So, what are their names?"

"Johnathan holds Abigail, and I'm holding Nara."

Zar laughed. "Nara, sounds like Elunara."

Zelinnia rolled her eyes. "Nara is named after Elunara."

"Oh." He blinked. "That's cool, I guess. Can I hold one?" He stepped back at everyone's change in stance. "Look, I love my sister, okay? I wouldn't do a thing to her, or her babies. I swear. I just want to hold my niece and nephew. Please?"

Zelinnia shrugged. "I trust him for a few minutes." Renwa opened the cell door and she held out Nara. Zar scooped him up. "Oh man, that's so freaky. He looks like that human."

"Renwa." Elunara supplied.

"Yeah, Renwa, whatever." He poked Nara's nose. "So cool." He handed the baby back to Zelinnia. "Oh man, I wish I could take you home."

At Zelinnia's nod, Renwa held out Abigail.

Zar took her. "Aw, she looks like you. Man, mom would be so thrilled... she never shuts up about wanting Grandchildren."

"Yeah, she never did." Zelinnia murmured, as she took Abigail back. "I can send you with pictures." Zelinnia shrugged.

"That would be... Oh, shit! The King of Stormwind himself." Zar scrambled back against the wall.

"How are things in here?" Varian turned to Elunara.

"He's harmless." Elunara shrugged.


"Give him a handful of family photos and ship him on his way."

"You think that's advisable?" Varian cocked his head.

"I repeat, harmless."

"If you say so." He put a hand on her shoulder, before turning and leaving.

"Ok, like... I'm not the brightest person on the planet... but was I the only one sensing the sexual vibe goin' there?"

Elunara's eyebrows shot up. "So he DOES have a brain."

"So, you're banging the King of Stormwind?"

"Yes." Elunara shrugged.

"Sweet deal."

Nara began to fuss. "I think it would be more comfortable to have this conversation at home." Zelinnia sighed.

"I think we can safely walk him to your house." Elunara shrugged.

"Sweet digs, sis." Zar looked around inside the house. "You only see this kind of place for the up and ups."

"Well, I married an Admiral, and my best friend is "banging" the King of Stormwind, I do get special treatment." She winked.

"Well, I guess if you're gonna do anything, ya gotta do it right." He wandered around. "Holy moly, is that you and a DRAENEI?"

"Yeah, that's my next best friend, if you'll believe it. That's Tulani."

"You've made a weird life."

"You have no idea."

"I wish your husband would stop looking at me like I'm plotting to steal you."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure if we were outside, there'd be a line of people giving you the same look. You DID come in with a raiding party."

"Pfft, I joined a trade chat raid; you know how worthless they are. I just figured I'd get kill credit by being in the raid." He scratched the back of his head. "Ok, that sounded terrible."

"Well, it's best you didn't... Elunara gets sadistic when the people she loves are threatened."

"Damned skippy I do." She tugged her board off.

Renwa relaxed. "I'm going to tend to my duties."

"Have at it, sugar butt." Elunara sat in a chair and popped out her board. Zelinnia sat down, with Abigail beside her, and Nara curled up in her lap. "I'll work as quickly as I can; I know how fast children can move."

Zelinnia laughed. "I know."

"Can I watch you work?"

"Doesn't bother me."

Zar leaned over the chair. "Holy damn, you're fast."

Zelinnia giggled. "You have no idea. She'd probably have you naked and sucked off before you realized you were hard."

Elunara silently counted before Zelinnia slapped her face.

"You're still doing that, sis?"

"Yes." Zelinnia groaned.

"Has she always done it?"

"She once told our leader, that he had a hot ass, but a probably small dick."

Elunara choked. "Oh, Gods."

Zelinnia flushed. "He told me I was probably a shitty mage."

"After you flirted with him and he knocked you down."

"Shut up." Zelinnia grumbled.

Elunara laughed. "That's one of our favorite things about our dear Zelinnia, you never know what's going to come out of her mouth."

"Or go in it, these days." Zelinnia snorted.

Elunara and Zar looked at each other.

"Gah!" Zelinnia smacked her forehead and Abigail began to giggle.

"How old is she?"

"Almost two."

"The baby?"

"Three months."

"Had em kind of close, didn't you?"

"Neither was particularly expected." She shrugged. "Which reminds me." Zelinnia sighed. "I want you to do that thing to me that you did to yourself."

Elunara froze in her work. "What?"

"Three pregnancies, so close together?" Zelinnia whispered. "No. Renwa and I agreed, we only want two. I brought the suggestion up to him, and he agreed with my decision. I don't want to be Mayby, with three of them crammed together. I don't want to be a breeder, I just want my two."


"I'm set on this, Elunara. Only you can do it. I need you to do it for me."

"Three pregnancies? You only have two kids."

Zelinnia did not remove her gaze from Elunara. "I lost the first one."

Elunara sighed and returned to her work. "Ultimately, it is your decision, and I agree that I am the safest one to do it. However, I refuse to do it without Renwa present to back either of us up."

Some of the tension released from Zelinnia's body. "Thank you."

"What did you do to yourself?" Zar cocked his head.

"I destroyed my reproductive system."

Zar jolted backwards. "You WHAT?"

"I cut myself apart, and removed my ability to get pregnant."

"And you want this done to yourself?" He stared at Zelinnia.


"And you want HER...."

"I'm the safest one to do it." Elunara repeated. "I can do it precisely, permanently, and heal her body afterwards."

Zelinnia smiled. "Our Goddess can do any damned thing she wants."

"It's better I do it, because if Zelinnia flips out and kills herself..."

"Eh, you'll just rez me, like you do everyone else."

"I won't risk it." Elunara shook her head. "You're too important to me."

"I love you."

Elunara sat her board to the side and went to Zelinnia. Bending down, she put her mouth to Zelinnia's. "I love you, too." She kissed her, soft and sweet. Kneeling down, she took Zelinnia's hand. "I won't let anything happen to you, little sister."

"I trust you completely, big sister." Zelinnia grinned.

"What in the hell just happened?" Zar blinked.

Zelinnia looked up and laughed. "Don't ask, I couldn't explain it if I tried."

"Ok, why do you call each other "sister"?"

"Because we are." Zelinnia shrugged.

Elunara picked up her board and sat back down. "We are sisters in every way that counts. Just as my boys are brothers, even though I did not give birth to one, and my husbands are, even though they are different races."

"Wait, husbands? As in two?"

Elunara grinned up. "I have, to date, two husbands, a wife, two kids, a pair of cats, and a pair of declared lovers."

"Wait, who is the second?"


"LUCY?" Zelinnia jolted up.

"She's not a girlfriend. I don't know WHAT she is, but she uses me for sexual relief, and I'm inclined to just let her."

Zelinnia rolled her eyes and flopped back down. "Of course you are."


"Pfft, no." Zelinnia paused. "Maybe a little."

"Well, if you and Renwa were just a tad more open..."

"I don't have your damned stamina." Zelinnia smacked her own face. "Are you done drawing? I need to put the kids to nap."

"Yeah, let me help you." Elunara got up and picked up the sleeping Abigail. She pointed at Zar. "You, stay."

"I ain't going out there," He gestured. "just so an Alliance member can blow my damned head off and teabag my corpse."

Once the children were down, Elunara sat back in her chair and worked on the fine details.

Zelinnia sighed. "You always do such beautiful work. I want a copy."

"Of course, my little love."

"So, you have sex with men AND women?"



"Do you know a pair of twins by the names of Dalery and Relad?"

"Oh, yeah, I know em." Zar nodded.

"I do too."

"Yeah, so one day, I came across them, and they wanted a threesome with me. I love me some threesomes, so I agreed. Yeah, they spent less time trying to fuck me, and more time trying to figure out how to fuck each other."

Zar shuddered. "Ew."

Zelinnia just shook her head. "Why am I not surprised?" She sighed. "They walked around with mirrors in their pockets. I once caught one of them trying to make out with his mirror." She put a hand to her chin. "It's less likely that they were gay for each other, and more trying to have sex with themselves."

"I should have asked you about that sooner, that's a hilarious piece of information." She handed the sheet of paper to Zar.

"This is so cool. Mom will be thrilled. I so wish she could see your babies. Then she'd leave off about me getting some of my own... maybe."

"Perhaps one day, we can arrange a picnic in the neutral areas of Elwynn." Elunara grinned.

"You think?"

"Elunara can arrange any damned thing she wants." Zelinnia giggled.

Elunara took a fresh sheet of paper and began to scribe some runes and directions on it. When at last she was done with her work, she carefully folded it and sealed it. "When you get home, and after you speak to your parents... I want you to find out if your parents are willing to make the contact. After you've confirmed this... open this letter, wad it in a ball and throw it over your shoulder."


"Because it will return to me. I'll set up the meet and send you a new contact with the necessary information. Are we clear?"

"Yeah, sure, that sounds awesome!"

Elunara and Renwa escorted him to the edge of Elwynn forest.

"Sweet, I can mount out here." He whistled, and a Wyvern landed. Hopping on the back of the animal, he bowed. "Thanks, you're awesome!" Kicking his heels, the Wyvern jumped and was gone.

"Are you sure about this?"

Elunara grinned. "You doubt me?"

"Not you..."

"I'll make it ok." She put a hand on his shoulder. "Now, I need to talk to you about Zelinnia's decision..."

He rubbed the back of his neck. "I agree with her Lu. But, I'm scared. If anything, ANYTHING goes wrong..."

"That's why it has to be me. If she freaks and does herself, we might not be there to save her again." Elunara sighed. "It's her decision, but how do you feel about it? Be honest."

"I have my two children. Two was always the goal. Am I worried she might regret this later? Yes. Do I argue with her logic? No. I just don't want to lose her. You're the only one who can protect her."

"Then I'll do it."

"Thank you, Lu. You have no idea how much this means to me."

"I'm going to wait, and monitor her body. If I do it too soon, it may interrupt her ability to feed the baby. I know that she got pregnant before Abigail was even a year old, but I can detect way earlier than ANY other healer there is. I will protect her, but I have to think about the child."

Renwa closed his eyes and laid his head on her chest. "Thank the Gods for you, Elunara."

She wrapped her arms around him. "I will save her. Again."

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