tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 27

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 27


Elunara opened the door and blinked at Lydia. "Something wrong?"

"Can I hang out with you today?" She sighed.

"Oh, Honey, are they bothering you again?"

"The exact opposite." Lydia walked in and flopped down on the couch. "Now EVERYBODY wants to be my friend." She sighed. "I don't know what to DO."

"Well, first you've got to sort the old from the new. Who was kind to you before, who was mean to you before, and then you have to figure it out from there."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Come on. How about, instead of you hanging out with me, I hang out with you, and give you some pointers on dealing with people as they come."


"Let me get my board."

"First and foremost, give me a list of people that were your friends before you went to Draenor. Then, your friends in Draenor, followed by those who were your friends when you came back."

"Ok." Lydia scribbled on the sheet of paper.

"Then, you will give me a list of those who were directly mean to you, followed by the incidentals."


"Include people who stood by, but didn't say anything; those who tried to get away, rather than participate. Anyone who looked coerced."

"I... didn't even think of that."

"These may not be your friend, but they're not your enemy. These people you can work with."


"If you can't think of their name, or didn't know it in the first place, write a description."

"Okay." She looked at the pages. "I can't think of any more."

Elunara took the pages and began to make marks. "First we cross reference. Who is where, who stayed, who left, etc. If they've never been nice to you, then they should be high on the list of "not going to happen". If they've always been nice, even if they were cowards when you were being attacked, they go on the list of potential friends. Of course, Bradly and Darguni top the list of "known friends"." Elunara winked.

Lydia giggled. "Yeah."

"Alright, let's walk."

"What you want to learn how to do; is to read people. There are three main points, the eyes, the face and the body. You can tell in the shifting of the eyes, where they look, how they look. There's a million tells in the face, the lips, muscle twitches, etc. The body itself is a pretty easy place to start, but there's a lot more moving parts. I'll do my best to explain as we go."


A little while later, with a crowd of girls following behind them, they were headed off by six girls. Elunara raised an eyebrow.

"Gingy, the center one, red hair, she said it."

"Her cohorts?"

"Her "inner circle". The elite of the elite, so to speak."

Elunara inwardly rolled her eyes. "Head up, my girl. You hold the power here. I want to watch you talk to them. Remember, Night Elf ears are very sensitive, I'll even tell you what they mutter under their breath."

Lydia nodded. Walking forward, she gave a bored sigh. "What is it Gingy?"

"I..." Gingy eyed the Night Elf. "I've... come to... apologize." She grit out.

"Apologize for what?" Lydia raised an eyebrow like she'd seen Elunara do.

Gingy took a deep cleansing breath, put on her best hostess smile, and opened her eyes. "For saying... that... to you. It was cruel of me. Please forgive me."

Lydia turned and walked back to Elunara.

"You know my policies on forced apologies."

"They're bullshit?"

"Exactly. That little bitch hates you, but she was told she better apologize, or else." Elunara tapped her board. "Now, how do I know this?"

Lydia considered. "Well, her eyes are mean, her face says hate, and she growled at me."

"She's not only crossing her arms, but she's doing it so tightly, she's losing blood circulation in her arms. She's gritting her teeth so hard; I can practically hear them cracking. When she went into "polite hostess" mode, her voice went to that sickly sweet annoyance." Elunara shook her head. "How do you intend to handle this?"

"I'm not accepting it."

"Good. Now, to refuse her, but still look like the better person, here is my suggestion."

Lydia watched Gingy glare at her, but when she turned to walk over, Gingy shifted, went back for polite hostess. "I refuse. I would rather you openly and honestly hate me, than falsely like me. While you offer your apologies, you are lying to my face. Stop it."

Gingy stared at her as if slapped. She glared at Elunara. "Did SHE tell you to say that?"

"Unlike some people, I do not need to be told what to say. Please, vacate my personal space, and stop wasting my time." Lydia pushed past her.

Gingy openly gawked.

Elunara grinned as she walked past the little snot, and fell into step with Lydia. "Nicely done, my girl."

"That felt, SO good."

"So, explain the little bitch to me."

"Well, her father is a decorated Admiral, since retired, and her mother is a noblewoman from a long line of them. Her uncle is a magistrate in the Keep, and her aunt is..."

"Wait, I think I know that guy. Short, fat, bushy, black mustache, tends to wear lots of green? Mother named Misty?"

"Yes, that's them."

"I know that whole family..." Elunara considered. "Well, that just explains every damned thing."

"What do you mean?"

"What you're dealing with, is a family that grew up in prestige and class, and probably didn't learn a damned thing about it. Gingy's mother is the type of woman, whose sole existence is to be pretty. If she lost everything, she'd probably starve to death. Some of the privileged upper class women are literally raised on how to snag an eligible and acceptable husband and keep his home. That is IT. It's really kind of sad. I, for one, have had dealings with her and her brother the magistrate." Elunara shrugged. "They do NOT like my dallying with the king, but they're not about to say it to my face."


"Ages before, Gingy's mother had the hots for Varian. Oh, man, you have NO idea how hard she tried. However, Varian has better taste. When we first... had dallyings, I learned real quick what kind of person she was. She tried to use "beauty" against me. As if it was a weapon, how she was the most beautiful among the women of Stormwind, how she had the better title, the better upbringing. She said all of this to me as if I gave a rat's ass. Varian and I used to giggle about her behind her back." Elunara sighed. "It's no wonder Gingy picks on you, because, even though you're stuck in her range, you will never be "her" kind of pretty." She stopped and brushed a hand over Lydia's cheek. "You are a very pretty girl, but you weren't "born" pretty. To someone like Gingy, this is a crime in and of itself."

Lydia bit her lip. "But, you fixed me."

"But, you can never BE perfect, because you WEREN'T. That is the mindset that these people have. I think you're just perfect." She put a hand on Lydia's head. "In fact, that reminds me." Elunara jerked her head, and Lydia fell in step beside her. "I never held much in the word perfect. There's no such thing. In fact, look at me... I dress in pants, I act manish, I talk manish, and that's how I like myself. Yet, I am the most desired woman in this whole damned city. You can put a pig in a dress, but it's still a pig. However, the pig LIKES being a pig, and can't figure out why the hell you just put a dress on him."

Lydia giggled.

"Then again, maybe the pig just wants to feel pretty, and who are we to judge his lifestyle?"

Lydia laughed. "You say funny things."

"My family tells me this regularly." Elunara grinned. They reached the training yard, and stood on the training platform. She nodded to Jordan. He walked over and tossed up a staff. Elunara caught it and held it out to Lydia.


"I had it specially crafted for you." Elunara grinned. "This is your weapon. You will take it home and you will care for it like I show you."

"Oh, wow."

Several days later, Elunara blinked at Renwa on her porch. "Something wrong?"

"Are you alone?"

"Come in."

Renwa stepped inside and sighed. "Zelinnia is becoming increasingly more paranoid."

"Oh, geez."

"She won't speak of it to you, because when you come over, you relax her. She won't speak of it to Tulani, because of what Tulani went through. However, every morning, I spend a good thirty minutes to an hour talking her down. Every headache, every wave of nausea, ANYTHING seemingly not right, sets her off. I believe she's gone so far as to imagine most of her symptoms."

"Damn that girl." Elunara sighed and raked her fingers through her hair.

"I understand why you want to wait as long as possible, but..."

"She's going to hurt herself."


"Fine. Let's go."

Some of the tension went out of his body. "Thank you."

Zelinnia blinked at Elunara. "You're a couple of days early."

Elunara pushed her way in with Renwa. "He told me what you've been doing."

Zelinnia bit her lip and fiddled with her skirt. "I..."

"Girl... start talking."

"Look! I lost the first one, and not even a full three months later, I was pregnant again. I finally HAVE a baby, and not even eight months pass. I can't keep doing this! It could happen at ANY time, and I'm NOT giving up having sex with my husband just to avoid it!" Zelinnia gestured to Renwa. "I can NOT deal with three freaking kids! I'm not Mayby, I don't WANT an army of children. Hell, I wanted TIME between my two, and now I feel like I can't give them fair enough attention. It's just so WRONG!" Zelinnia yanked at her hair.

Elunara wrapped her arms around Zelinnia. "Calm down, sweetheart, you're going to get the babies upset."

"They're asleep." She grumbled.

"And your volume alone is going to wake them."

"I can't take this anymore." Zelinnia wrapped her arms around Elunara and shuddered.

"Alright, alright, sweetheart. But, first we have to get set up. I'll need space to work..."

Zelinnia lay in bed, holding Renwa's hand. "Can I watch?"

"You don't want to watch this, sweetheart." Elunara tapped a finger to Zelinnia's head and knocked her out with her energy. "Learned that one from Ina. Sorry, you'll have to help me, but I have to honor her request that no one else know."

Renwa sighed. "You and I both know we've seen enough horrible images to last a lifetime."

Elunara summoned her dagger and began to channel energy into it.

"I thought you said that thing doesn't really work."

"I lied to Duchie. Plus, I've spent a lot of time with this thing, I'm much better at it. It will cauterize the wound as we go, minimizing damage and bleeding. This will allow for a more controlled cut. I've also spent time in Ina's library, studying her books on the body. While I channel my energy into her body, I can guide my cuts and do the least amount of damage. I've practiced and practiced, before coming over."

"Practiced on what?"

"I'll explain another time. I don't want her under any longer than I have to."

Renwa put a hand on Elunara. "I trust you."

Later, Elunara rubbed her forehead and sighed. "I'm done. Even with my energy, she's going to hurt for a few days. After I destroyed myself, I was out for near a week. I'll be over every day to give her some of my healing energy. Her emotions are going to be complete shit for awhile, be prepared to drop everything."

"Good thing my office is attached to the house."

"Paperwork might be a good thing for her to focus on. On top of that, I recommend the babies. It helped me in times of crisis to just hug my child."

He nodded and ran his thumb across Zelinnia's forehead. "Thank you."

"I have to bring her around."

Renwa moved his hand off of Zelinnia's head and took her hand.

Elunara put a hand on Zelinnia's forehead and focused.

"Ugh, my head." Zelinnia groaned.

"How are you feeling, my girl?"


"Yeah, you will for awhile."

"Did it work?"

"Not only did I destroy them, I removed it. You can't get pregnant again."

"Oh, thank the Gods." Zelinnia sighed.

"Hey, I did all the work." Elunara bonked Zelinnia on the head. "Now, you're going to be ridiculously hormonal for awhile, so just ride it out, and ask for help when things get too heavy. You know we're all here for you."

Afterwards, Elunara made her way to the training yard.


She stopped and looked back. "Yeah, Lucy?"

"Um, are you busy?"

"I just used a massive store of energy and I'm kind of tired; was headed to the training yard to absorb some admiration."

"Well, you get a fresh shot from sex right?"

"Ah, yeah."

"Well, maybe I can help?"

"Doll, you're not pumping lust at me. Sex is not what's on your mind."

"Well... not really."

"We'll deal with what's bugging you after I spend some time at the yard. You're free to join me."


"Head up to the platform, I have to maul my husband."

Elunara walked out into the center of the training yard, headed for Grogek.

He blinked at people scattering around him. He turned in time for Elunara to grab him by the fang and yank him down. She assaulted his mouth with her own and growled.

Pulling back, he laughed as he ran his hands down her hips. "Come for a fight?"

"Gods, no. I just burned a shit load of energy. Don't ask, I won't tell you." She sighed. "Care for some South Orchard style antics?"

"But, where?"

"The grove behind the amphitheater was put in for the sheer purpose of replacing South Orchard."

"Ah. Then gladly."

"Good boy." She winked. Pushing away from him she held up her hands. "I'm not here for a bout! Gerald! The Grove behind the Amphitheater is the new South Orchard, just to let you know. Hitting it up tonight!"

"About damned time!"

She sauntered over to the platform and sat down. "Ahhhh, that's much better."

"I think I should move out."

Elunara blinked at Lucy. "What?"

Lucy sighed. "I feel like a third... uhh, fifth wheel. I mean, I like that we've... ya know, but we're not in a relationship. It just feels weird. My father and I are starting to get along, and I've been making a fair amount of money... I'd like to still come over, but I just don't feel comfortable living there anymore."

Elunara rubbed her leg. "You do what you need to, little lily."

"You're not mad?"

"Why should I be?" Elunara shrugged. "I let you stay with us because you needed to. All I've wanted, all this time, was for you to improve yourself. If this is the direction you're going, then so be it. Do you need my help finding a new place?"

"Ah, no. I kind of want to do it on my own."

"Good girl."

Lucy looked out at the training yard. "To think... how much useless time I spent out there."

"Nothing is useless, if it brought you to the place you want to be."

"That's... pretty true." Lucy cocked her head to the side and noticed how many of the men continued to either openly stare at Elunara, or give her frequent glances. After knowing what she knew about Elunara, she was certain the woman knew about the stares. "Men are the same, the world over, aren't they?"

Elunara grinned. "I've fucked thousands of them. They all think they're unique little snowflakes, but Elune knows they're not."

"So, how many of them are radiating at you?"

"About seventy, seventy five percent." Elunara stretched. "It's a slow burn, but still tasty."

"Yeah... ok." Lucy grinned. "I think I can help this along."

Elunara looked at her. "Huh?"

Lucy pressed her mouth to Elunara's before she could react, causing Elunara to fall backwards, just barely catching herself with her hands. They danced their mouths together, tongues running along each other's lips. Slowly, Lucy worked her tongue into Elunara's mouth, licking her teeth and mating their tongues together. Lucy's hand came up and slipped under Elunara's shirt, tugging it up so the breast closest to the yard was barely hanging out. As she cupped and caressed the breast, she tugged at the nipple with her fingers. Elunara's hand went down the back of Lucy's pants, gripping her ass.

They parted mouths, gasping at each other. "How was that?" Lucy whispered.

"Shit, I think you just gave every man here a hard on, including my husbands."

"Does that count as a repayment?"

Elunara laughed. "I don't know, I think I might have to charge you monthly installments."

Lucy tugged Elunara's shirt up and licked the exposed nipple.

"Ah, Gods, woman."

"Fuck with it." Lucy growled. She slipped her hand down into Elunara's pants and her fingers through the soft curls, into to the slick folds below. Burying a pair of fingers into Elunara, Lucy continued to suck on the hardened nipple.

Elunara gasped and dug her fingers into Lucy's hair. Lucy adjusted her hand so that she could pinch at Elunara's clit with her thumb and forefinger. Elunara arched her back and grabbed at Lucy's back and hair. When she began to shudder, Lucy looked up and grinned. "Sure, I don't mind monthly payments." She tugged her hand free and licked her fingers. "I don't mind at all."

"I... knew... I liked you..." Elunara gasped, with a laugh.

"Well, later." Lucy stood up and walked away whistling.

Elunara sat up and tugged her shirt down.

"The hell was THAT?" Grogek pointed.

"I think that was break up sex."

"Break up?"

"Lucy's moving out."

"I hardly believe that."

"Hey, she said it. Not me." Elunara shrugged.

"Did I seriously just see a woman more sexually aggressive than Elunara?" Gerald blinked.

"Technically, she's not. However, she does prefer to be the aggressive one. It's fascinating, believe me. However, that's probably why she wants to move on." Elunara shrugged.

"Gods, sometimes I wish I lived with you."

"No you don't, you'd just get pulled into orgies with Grogek."

Gerald scooted back from Grogek. "I ain't getting NEAR that."

"I quite like the taste of it myself." Elunara grinned.

"GAH!" Gerald shook his head. "I like my distance from the orchard, thank you."

"Set us up some games, Gerald, I'm hungry."

"After that display? I figure you'd be stuffed."

"I'm not stuffed yet." She winked.

"Innuendos take on five hundred extra meanings when you're involved, Nara."

"Ugh, stop calling me that." She sighed. "Be a dear, and go set me up an audience." She waved him away.

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