tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 39

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 39


Elunara sighed, as she changed another diaper. "Lulu, I'm doing my best, but I just don't know how to deal with this." She readjusted the little dress. "It was one thing when it was just a mistake. It's another thing altogether, when..."Picking up the child, she put her forehead to hers. "Why do you want me? Why can I do this? When I couldn't for my own child?" She sighed and cuddled Lulu. "You're not even a week old. You can't answer me."

"It is your capacity for love."

Elunara blinked. "What?"

Elune's laugh echoed through the house. "You are so willing to love the child, that you... as in everything else you have done... are capable of altering your body at will. You could not do this before, because you didn't understand love, you were still locked to your own power. I hate that this hurts you so much, little sister. However, you are what you are."

"I can nurse her though my will?" Elunara shook her head. "That doesn't make any sense. I didn't want to..."

"You didn't want an innocent child to suffer. You trust no one else to take care of that child. Listen to your heart, as you tell everyone else to do. Listen to your heart, and you will feel the truth."

Elunara sighed and laid the infant in the little bed. "Thank you, big sister." She closed the door and went for her board. With a groan, she headed to the front door instead. She blinked. "Uhh..."

"Cheryl." She pushed her way inside.

"Yeah." Elunara shook her head. "Sorry, I'm a little tired. Did you want a portrait?"

"Where is the baby?"

"I just got her asleep." Elunara raked her fingers through her hair. "What do you want?"

Cheryl turned on Elunara. "I want the truth!"


"That child can't possibly be General Jordan's."

"Excuse me?" Elunara dropped her hands.

"We ALL know General Jordan is gay. Your little lie about him being your husband is just to save his face. Gods, why can't people just be honest?" Cheryl tossed her hands in the air. "No, I know that little brat can't be his. I think you stole someone else's child. You just take and take; whatever you want. You've got this whole city locked up, because once again, you take and take. You have Varian all wrapped up, and its goddamned sick is what it is! Can't keep your hands off of anyone, can you? So what poor soul did you murder just to have another baby? We all know you can't have any more or you'd have an army, as much you spread your—"

Elunara had the woman by the neck, holding her above the floor. Her thumbs pressed into the fat woman's throat. "You miserable little BITCH! I should end you, here and now! You want to come into MY house and judge MY family; you've got another fucking thing coming."

Cheryl's eyes bulged out and she clawed at Elunara's hands, gasping for air.

"You have no idea how fucking much I want you dead right now, you miserable little shit, and if I hear even a HINT of rumor about ANYTHING you've said here today, I'll know EXACTLY WHO FUCKING SAID IT!"

Jordan walked in and gasped. "Elunara! Put her down!"

"WHY?" Elunara growled. "WHY?" She shook the woman. "This is the little bitch who keeps up that fucking rumor about you. I'm so fucking sick of the BULLSHIT that comes out of her fucking MOUTH!"

He grabbed Elunara's hands and tried to pry her fingers from the woman's neck. "Put her down, because I'm asking you to."

"Fine." Elunara released her hands and watched the woman drop to the ground. "But if I find out she's been running her mouth again, no one will find the PIECES!"

Cheryl gasped for air, holding her throat.

Jordan bent down and hauled the woman up. He dragged her to the door and shoved the woman out, closing the door behind her. "Elunara..."

She flopped down on the couch and held her head. "Gods, I can't take much more."

"Are you ok?" He knelt down and put his hands on her arms. "I've never seen you lose it like that."

"She was claiming that I stole the baby."

"You... HUH?"

"That I murdered someone, and took her baby, because I can't have my own."

"Ok, now I want to strangle her." He sighed and sat on the couch. "We face a lot of opposition... just being us."

She curled up against him. "That we do."

"Good thing I decided to come by and see if you needed anything."

"I dunno, a good, violent act might be something I need."

"Lulu asleep?"

"Yeah... I also had a little chat with Elune."

Jordan ran his fingers through her hair. "What did she have to say about the mess?"

"That I'm able to nurse, because I willed myself to do it."

"Again I ask... huh?"

"Yeah, that was my reaction. However, she said it was because I didn't trust anyone else to take care of Lulu... which is kind of true."

Jordan shrugged. "I guess it's more of a side effect of being you."


"I know something else that makes you feel better." He tugged up her shirt.

"Mm, maybe you know me too well."

"You know, I kind of want you from behind."

"I'm ok with that." She straightened up and went forward, her elbows on the couch.

He tugged her pants off and tossed them in the floor. She got on her knees, as he yanked his own pants off. He slid his fingers into her. "Yeah, that's what I was looking for."

Once she was certain she could breathe again, Cheryl grabbed the door handle and popped the door open. Seeing the pair on the couch, she almost closed it, but decided to peek out of curiosity.

Jordan pumped his fingers in and out a few times before adjusting himself on the couch. Making sure he was aimed right, he shoved himself into her. "Gods, you're freaking tight. It kills me some days." Grabbing her hips, he began to pound himself in and out.

"Yes, you knew exactly what I need." Elunara groaned. "But, while we're at it..." She shifted and turned, tossing her leg against his shoulder. She slipped the other one between his.

"Ah!" He laughed. "Oh, yeah, I like this one too." He bent forward and tugged on her nipple. "Let's see how deep I can get." He ground his crotch against hers. When she clamped around him, he couldn't take it anymore and let himself go. He slid his dick out and lay down beside her. "Don't worry about the rumors. We deal with them all the time."

She sighed. "Oh, I know. I know what I tell all of you... I can't believe I let that pissant get under my skin. Wiggling her way around, she climbed on top of Jordan. "I know you've got more in you... I want it in me." With a wink, she worked him a little, before sliding down on to his dick. "Lovely."

He tugged her down and grabbed her breasts. "While we're discussing things we want in us, I want these in my mouth."

"Feel free to indulge." She purred.

Cheryl quietly closed the door and ran for her life.

Elunara tucked the baby in the sling and headed out for her errands. After several stops to order more supplies, she hit Jenny's.

"How's it going?"

"Please tell me you're here to give me another nap."

"Sorry sweetie, I have too much to do today. However, I can do this." Elunara tapped two fingers to Jenny's forehead.

Jenny jolted. "The hell?"

"Energy boost. It'll wear off by bed, but it's the next best thing to a nap."

"Holy cow, can you bottle that?"

Elunara snorted. "Wish I could, I'd be the richest person on Azeroth."

"Do come over more often. I freely admit it's for selfish reasons."

"I do what I can, sweetie."

Her next stop was Zelinnia.

"Why did I let you talk me into this damned cat? I've had to add meat cutting to my list of tasks, and I find it icky."

"Ask them to pre-cut it you doof." She shrugged. "Besides, when she gets big, she'll be a great mount." Lulu began to cry, so Elunara sat down on the couch and started the nursing process.

"I can't get over that." Zelinnia sighed.

"Yeah, well. Shit happens. Apparently I willed myself to be able to do this."


"Yeah. Ask Elune, cause fuck if I know." She rubbed a finger on the baby's cheek. "I need to stop feeling so angry every time I speak of it. Anger just festers until it pops at the worst time, in the worst way."

"You and your sage sayings."

"I've been around the block a time or two." She transferred Lulu over to the other side. "Elune's theory is that I was so determined to protect the child, that I willed myself to produce."


"And weird." Elunara shrugged. "It is what it is. At least the boys have taken to her nicely."

She made her way down to the training yard, and just stood on the platform, watching.

Varian appeared. "Can I speak to you?"

"Is this about the bitch I strangled for accusing me of killing someone and taking their child because I couldn't have my own?"

He put a hand over his face. "Never mind then." Sighing, he put a hand on her shoulder. "Other than that, how are things?"

"Still awkward, but we'll figure it out."

"Your kindness knows no bounds."

"Apparently, it doesn't. As I'm the one actually doing the nursing."

He blinked. "That's... fascinating."

"Like I said, awkward."


They both turned and blinked. Tia ran up. "I've... been... everywhere. Ina needs you."

"Damn." Elunara clung to her bundle as she made her way to the healer's building.

"Thank the light." Ina wiped her hands. "We're losing her and none of us can keep up."

"The baby or the mother?"

"Both at this point. She doesn't have the energy to push."

Elunara put her hands on the woman in the bed. "Damn."


"I can't help her." She took the sling off and passed Lulu to Tia. "The baby is stuck, and her body has given up. I can't even put energy into her." Elunara focused all of her will. "No. Not mine to save." She flexed her hand and called her dagger.

"What are you doing?"

"If I don't cut it out, they both die. Feel it, Ina. The mother is gone." Using her energy to guide her, she cut open the belly of the dead woman.

"Gods, I hate when this happens." Ina sighed and aided Elunara in delivering the baby. "Tia, let Matron Nightingale know-"

"Wait, I might know someone." Elunara sighed and washed her hands. "Let me have him."

Ina frowned. "You're not seriously..."

"No, I'm not taking on another, I'm still figuring out the first one. But, I know someone who might help."

She knocked on the door and waited.

Chrissy blinked. "Why do you have two babies?"

Gerald looked over Chrissy's shoulder. "What's going on?"

"Can I come in?"

They both backed up and eyed her with curiosity.

"Today, Ina called me down to the healer building. A woman was brought in, in labor, and struggling. They tried to save her, but something ruptured in her body. Even I tried to save the woman, but she was already gone. Strangely, no one knows a single thing about her. I had to cut this child out of her belly. The standard procedure is to hand him over to the orphanage, but I had another idea. Chrissy, I know how much you've wanted a baby, and I thought perhaps you'd be willing to give him a shot." Elunara handed the bundle to Chrissy.


"You don't have to take him if you don't want him." Lulu began to cry, and it caused the other baby to start crying. Elunara pulled Lulu out of the sling, and sat down, nursing the child.

Chrissy began to cuddle and comfort the little boy. "But... I don't know if I can do that."

"Well, you can simply try. I recently came to understand that I just willed myself to do it. Perhaps, if you're willing, I can somehow jump start your ability to do it. However, you and Gerald should discuss if you really wish to do it."

"I..." Chrissy turned to Gerald.

He rubbed his neck. "If you're still set on it. You know I'd give you anything you wanted."

"You can always try, and if you discover you can't... no one will have to know."

Chrissy hugged the child. "I want to try."

"Then sit, and follow me."

After a bit, Chrissy sighed. "Damn my body."

Elunara put a hand on Chrissy shoulder. "Hmm, your body is broken in the produce department; however, you're just lacking hormones for the other thing. I think... If I do this..." Elunara concentrated her energy.

"Eep!" Chrissy jolted.

"Did I just seriously see your boobs get bigger?" Gerald stared.

Chrissy winced. "Yes."

"Sorry, this is a new ability; I have no idea how to control it. Now try, like I showed you."

"Oh! Oh, that's kind of weird."

"Yeah, yeah it is." Elunara put Lulu over her shoulder. "We'll just have to work together." Elunara grinned.

"Geez, you just keep giving us stuff." Gerald laughed.

"Yeah, I'm a giver. We could kind of set up a thing, for all of us who have babies. Hell, why didn't I think of this sooner?" She sighed. "Cause I didn't have one. Well, whatever."

"How do you know how to make it so I can nurse?"

"Because apparently, it turns out that, I was so intent on protecting Lulu, that I forced myself to do it without realizing it."

"That's kind of crazy." Gerald laughed.

"You're such a kind person, Elunara." Chrissy put a hand on Elunara's leg. "I couldn't imagine being in your place."

"Have you told Gerald?"

"Told me what?"

"No. You told me not to tell anyone."

"Good girl. But I think he should know."

Gerald put a hand over his mouth. "That's just sick. And you took the kid anyway?"

"I couldn't bear the thought of the life she would have if we didn't. I mean, it was Jordan's decision ultimately, but I would have done everything I could..." Elunara sighed and cuddled the sleeping child. "It is what it is."

"Damn, 'Nara, you put up with some heinous shit."

"Don't tell anyone. Even if you think they've already been told, you are not to repeat it to anyone. It's Jordan's secret to tell, and if he won't then you better not."

"Of course not. Jordan is my friend."

"Has anyone seen Jordan?" Grogek asked, several days later.

Elunara looked up from her work. "Not today, I thought he was with you."

Grogek frowned. "I went down to the training yard this morning with him. Around noon he said he had something to do. I haven't seen him since." He started up the stairs.

"That's weird."

Tulani came in from her studio, rubbing her hand. "Damn, I have a cramp."

Grogek stepped back down and took Tulani's hand. She groaned as she massaged her wrist and hand. "Have you seen Jordan?"

"No, I've been working on this really delicate pattern for a high paying client. I've had my head stuck up a dress all day. Why, is he missing?"

"Maybe." Grogek sighed. "I might go looking for him."

At the knock on the door, Grogek pulled it open. "The hell?"

Mark and Gerald dragged an unconscious Jordan in.

Elunara tossed her board down and ran over. "What happened?"

"What happened; is Jordan can't hold his liquor." Gerald sighed.

She blinked up at him. "What?"

"Jordan doesn't drink for a reason." Gerald sighed. "Today, he decided to get sloshed. I think it has to do with what you told me the other day."

Mark sighed. "He was saying some really weird things... about succubus' and mind control... I don't know. He got weird there at the end."

Elunara sighed and stood up. Walking to the sink, she got a pitcher of water and dumped it on Jordan's head. "Don't make me toss your ass in the canal."

Jordan sputtered and coughed. "Gods, why'd you do that?"

"Sit your ass on the couch."

"Uh, maybe we should go?" Mark backed away.

"Nope. You are going to stand right there while I explain the truth."

"But, Baby..."

"NO! I will NOT have you repeating this performance. You are going to SIT THERE and face whatever "judgment" you are afraid of." She jerked her head. "Grogek, you're going to make sure he doesn't fucking run."

Grogek raised an eyebrow at the use of his name, but walked behind the couch and leaned against the back.

"Sorry Mark, and Gerald, you're going to stand there and listen to me."

Mark stood there, eyes wide open, staring.

Gerald put a hand over his own mouth. "What a sick bitch."

"WHY do you think this is YOUR fault?" Mark blurted. "That sick bitch fucked with your head. If you were thinking clearly, you'd realize how stupid it is to take blame!" He raked his fingers through his hair. "I might be sick."

"Do you see?" Elunara gestured. "No one blames you!"

Jordan held his head in his hands. "I've messed up."

"The only way you messed up, was taking the blame and getting DRUNK over it, you fucking twit!"

"And you!" Mark pointed at Elunara. "If you aren't a goddess, then you're a freaking saint." He continued on as she blinked at him. "You could have beat her ass, you didn't. You could have killed her outright, you didn't. You could have tossed the baby away, you didn't. You could have made someone else nurse her, you didn't. Dear GODS woman, how do you maintain your fucking SANITY around here?"

She laughed. "Because I was already crazy?"

Mark pointed back at Jordan. "YOU are the luckiest damned man alive..." He blinked. "Aside from Grogek. And you want to SQUANDER it away by trying to get shitfaced? Are you STUPID?"

"And people bitch about getting ME started." Elunara snorted.

"Some sick little bitch mind controls you, rapes you, and you think it's somehow your own fault? Like, I don't even GET that one."


"No, like... the whole world knows that Jordan has eyes only for his wife. There is not a single way a woman could even HAVE that, without extreme force. How is that his fault? Hell, even I can't claim that level of devotion. But, ours is an odd relationship." He shook his head. "You know, I can't even imagine what you're going through, but "fault" is not one of them."

"Yeah, man." Gerald shook his head. "It's fucking shitty–"

Elunara went upstairs.

"It's shitty what happened to you, and even worse that you're having to live with it." He watched Elunara come downstairs with the baby. "But you're a good man for even trying to deal with it and you have a hell of a wife who just steps in and takes over. At great personal cost, I'm sure."

"I don't want her to suffer because of me." Jordan wailed.

"Oh, stop." Elunara snorted. "I can make anything work for me and you damned well know it.

"But you shouldn't have to." Jordan sniffled.

"Ugh, you're whiney when you're drunk." She cuddled the nursing child. "Lulu and I have already come to an understanding. I like her, and she needs me. Yeah, her origins suck ass, but she's not her origins, or her womb. She's gonna look like her daddy, and be sweet as pie." She shifted the baby to the other side. "Yes you are." She rubbed a finger on the baby's cheek. Elunara laughed. "Damn it all, I'm making cutesy noises again." She shook her head. "The point is, three weeks in and I think I'm ok with it all. People don't think ill of you Jordan. The gossips do their shit, but it's all they have to look forward to in life."

"Dude, we're all here for you." Mark nodded.

"We wouldn't let the gossips get very far anyway." Gerald snorted. "We'll continue to repeat your version of the events, for as long as you want us to. We're your friends."

Elunara sat down next to Jordan. "She's mine now; regardless of what happens from here on out." She held the baby out to Jordan. "She is yours, she is ours. Cindy is gone now, she doesn't even exist. All that's left is Lulu, and she just wants you to love her."

With a sigh, Jordan took the baby into his arms. "I'm so sorry."

"I wish you'd stop apologizing." Elunara sighed.

"No. I'm sorry I went drinking to solve my issues, instead of coming here first."

"Now, that's a valid apology." Elunara kissed his cheek.

Gerald snorted. "Yeah, you damned well know you're a light weight."

"Listen... Jenny's going to start worrying."

"Go on home." Elunara sighed. "You did your job."

"Yeah, Chrissy's going to have my hide." Gerald laughed. "Oh, we named him William." He grinned. "Because you asked us if we were "will"ing, and it was funny." He waved a hand. "Ah, whatever."

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