tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 48

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 48


Tulani giggled. "Well, that must have been a sight."

The males of the family had already left for the morning.

"It was kind of adorable." Elunara was trying to coax a spoon of food into Lulu's mouth. "Are you after Lulu?"

"No, I'm taking a day off. My hands are cramped to hell."

"After I feed the monster, I'll give you a massage."

"That would be lovely."

There was a knock on the door. "Can you get that?" Elunara wiped Lulu's mouth.

"Sure." Tulani blinked. "Oh, hello."

Elunara looked back. "Hello, Kaileen." She sighed.

"I'm sorry, is it a bad time?"

"No. I'm just curious as to why you come over so often."

Kaileen blushed. "I..."

"Look, let me finish feeding the baby and I'll get my books. We'll schedule you some time."

Kaileen fidgeted. "I guess so."

"You know, I understand your issues." Elunara sighed. "You know how to take a dick; you don't know how to be free of yourself."

Kaileen went deep red.

Tulani giggled. "Forgive me, but Elunara has a way of putting things."

"It's true though. Kaileen there, gave up on her own desires, and married a man, produced her children, and then just got stuck. She knows how to hide who she is. She has no clue what to do, now that she's out."

"No. I don't." Kaileen sighed. "I hoped that maybe if I spent time around you, that confidence would rub off on me. Or maybe you could teach it to me."

"I'll do what I can, sweetie. However, you've got to give me time to get around to it. In fact, I know a lady who's looking for a girlfriend." Elunara winked. "I think her bold attitudes would help you significantly."

"Really?" She clasped her hands together. "She wouldn't care that I'm... old?"

"You're barely forty five." Elunara snorted. "I'm freaking sixty two."

Kaileen blinked. "You..."

"Yeah, Jerry really COULD be my kid." Elunara stuffed another spoonful in Lulu's mouth. "I'll give you your session, but I think a hook up is a better idea."

Elunara strolled into the leather working shop. "Hey, Lucy. I need you for a few minutes."

"Uh, okay, hold on."

Coffee snorted. "Just go."

Lucy ran her fingers through her hair. "Ok, what do you need?"

"I found you a match."

"A what?"

"I have a lady, who recently ended her relationship with her husband, because she was never straight anyway. She's not comfortable with her sexuality, because she's spent so long repressing it. I think you can really bring her out."

Lucy tapped her fingers on her hip. "Maybe."

"I know you've been burned, Little Lily, but I wouldn't recommend anything that might hurt you." Elunara brushed her fingers through Lucy's short hair. "Just give her a shot."

Lucy sighed. "Only because it's you."

Elunara walked in the house and blinked at Tulani. "Where'd she go?"

"To prepare..." Tulani giggled.

Elunara raked her fingers through her hair. "I didn't even give her a guarantee."

"Well, she HAS heard all about you from her son."

"Ugh, I know where he gets his pain in the ass attitude from."

Tulani giggled again.

Elunara flopped on the couch and took Tulani's hand. "Alright, let's see about those cramps."

She sat on the small of Tulani's back, working the heels of her hands into Tulani's shoulders. "I'm going to start spanking you if you don't tell me about these sooner."

"I get so involved, that I don't think about it until I lose the use of my hands." Tulani sighed.

"I think you just like me sitting on you."

"A complete side benefit, I assure you."

"I'd sit on you more often, if you'd just ASK."

"There's a comment in there somewhere, about pots and kettles."

"Hah, hah." Elunara reached back and smacked Tulani's ass.

Tulani yelped. "Hey!"

"Act naughty, and I'll treat you naughty." Elunara bent down and kissed Tulani's shoulder.

Vicki crossed her arms and leaned against the building. Quietly, she watched and she fumed. Business was majorly down since Elunara showed back up. Hard to charge when they could get it somewhere else for free. She bit her fingernails. It seriously grated that Elunara pulled off the biggest coupe in whore history, by snagging the King. The bastard was completely smitten.

Watching the training yard, she grit her teeth. Most of these men had been her clients, and most of THEM refused to even LOOK at her now. Fuck, some of the morons had gotten married. She knew that didn't mean much, but for the moment, they were occupied. It grated even harder that Elunara was the one who got them married off. Meanwhile, she was stuck with leftovers, cast offs, and the occasional twit who couldn't wait long enough for his next appointment.

Appointments! The hell kind of whore takes appointments? What she needed... was to pull off the biggest catch she ever had. She eyed Elunara's pair... PAIR... of husbands. HUSBANDS! HAH! She snorted. Jordan was a wash, she already knew that. That man was so far in the closet, he was finding winter veil presents. When she had him in her bed, she couldn't get him hard to save her life. He WOULD have to hide behind Elunara, just to save face.

No, she needed to bag the so called "Wolf of Stormwind". She licked her lips. The Orc was fucking HUGE, and she bet every last thing she owned, that he was hung like a horse. Oh, some people had spoken of The Grove, but she hadn't been able to bring herself to actually WATCH Elunara with her sick little games. The trick, was finding his dick's weakness. All men had them. Did he go for the sweet and innocent bit? The hardliner? The straight whore? Knowing Elunara, probably straight whore.

Still, she needed an inside track. If she blew it the first time, she wasn't going to get a second round. She needed someone close to the family. Again, Jordan was a wash... he knew her. Perhaps she just had to find someone else... her eyes tracked around the yard.

Elunara stretched out and made her way to the platform. She plopped down and popped her board.

"Hey, Nara..."

She groaned. "You know, you're the only person who can call me that and live."

Gerald grinned. "Means you love me."

"Maybe. What do you want?"

"Chrissy is really set on this puppet thing."

Elunara sighed. "It doesn't freaking work. I mean, it CAN, but you'd have to have a puppet master, and I just don't want to go there." She groaned.

"You know how she gets. I was just hoping you could... break her fixation? Like you did the LAST time."

"I'll try." She shook her head. "That is all I can offer you."

"Good enough." He sighed.

"I've seen your dick more than I truly care to." Elunara snorted.

Gerald's eyebrows went up. "That's... different."

"First and foremost, I know you're a devoted; which makes it uncomfortable for me. Second, you've become a pretty close friend, which would normally mean sex, but we go back to a devoted, so that just makes it even worse. It falls in line with my rule about unwilling partners. You're technically unwilling, and I LIKE you, gods save us all, which means I'll feel like I'm pressuring you in a bad way. I'm just not comfortable with that."

He just stared at her. "I... I'm honored, actually."

Elunara blushed. "There ya go."

He flashed a quick grin. "I think I know how to break her fixation, myself." He wandered off, whistling on his way home.

Vicki wrapped her arms around Gerald's neck. "Hi, sexy."

He grabbed her arms and yanked her free. "Hey, Vicki."

"I haven't seen you in awhile." She rubbed her body against his.

He shoved her back. "I have no reason to visit you."

"Not even to see an old friend?"

"You were never my friend. You were a chick I stuck my dick in a couple of times. Hell, you wouldn't even give my request a thought."

"I'm not that kind of girl." She fluttered her eyelashes.

Gerald rolled his eyes. "What do you want, Vicki? I'm trying to make my way home." He shoved her backwards again. "Seriously, stop that."

"You're not very nice." She pouted.

"I'm married, Goddammit, and if you don't get your fucking hands off of me, I'll break them."

"Oh, please." She snorted. "We all know that never lasts. When you get bored of her, you'll find me."

"You're lucky you're a chick, or at least not a soldier, or I'd break your fucking FACE. Talk to me again, and I'll have them dump your filthy ass in the Stockades!" He shoved her backwards, hard enough for her to land on her ass.

"Well, fuck." Vicki snarled.

He raked his fingers through his hair and snarled back.


Gerald blinked over at Chrissy, holding her shopping basket in one hand, William in the other. "Baby..."

"You did that for me?" She squeaked.

He felt his face go hot. "Well, yeah." He took the basket from her. "Nobody says something bad about my family."

She wrapped her free arm around his neck. "Oh, I love you SO MUCH!"

"How much?" He grinned, leading her back home.

Vicki couldn't believe it. Elunara had ruined Gerald for her too!

Jordan stretched and sighed. He eyed the scar on his face and ran his fingers across it.

"Don't tell me you still pout over that." Elunara leaned against the door.

"Just thinking how strange my life has gotten in the last five or six years."

"Is that a complaint?" She walked over and ran her fingers across his cheek.

"Not in the least." He ran his hands down her hips. "So, what'd you get me for my birthday?"

"Well, thirty five is a big one... so..." She took his hand and led him out the door. "I got you a big present." She motioned off the banister.

He looked down at the large box on the couch. Jogging down, he ran his hands over it. "It's not a suit is it?"

She snorted. "No." Pausing, she considered. "Maybe I'll have one made, just to see you in it."

He shuddered. "Only for you, Baby." He ripped open the box and stared. "It's... gorgeous."

"You like it?" She grinned. "It was specially designed, made, and weighted for your fighting style. The box will be delivered later today, and installed in your room. Let me put the tattoo on your hand, and we'll be ready to go."

"Just like Grogek's?"

"Just like." She nodded.

The boys ran out of their rooms. "Hey! Cool sword, dad!"

"It's his thirty fifth. I'm going to do the tattoo that will allow him to summon it, you guys want to watch?"

"Yeah!" They both yelled.

She rubbed her forehead with the back of her arm. "Alright, it won't work until we have the box hung and the weapon placed inside for the first time, but you're done."

"Can WE get those?" Darguni eyed Jordan's hand.

"When you're old enough. I sync you to a weapon you can't use, and it'll just be a pain in the ass. Train hard, and work your way up, and in a few years..."

"That would be SO cool!" Bradly bounced.

Jordan grinned. "Ok, ok. I have an idea..."

Elunara snorted. "You're a dork, and I love you."

"Don't you think it would be funny?"

"You're a dork, and I love you." She repeated, with a laugh.

Elunara sat down on the platform, board in hand.

"Yo! Brother! How about a fight?" Jordan called out.

"Sure." Grogek eyed Jordan. "Brother, you're getting lax, you forgot your sword."

"No, I didn't." He flexed a hand and summoned his sword. "It's right here."

Grogek blinked, and then barked out a laugh. "So, she finally got you one, huh? Well, that just makes things more interesting."

Later, Elunara pushed the stroller over to Tippy's.

"Where have YOU been?" Tippy snorted.

"Sorry, I've been so damned busy lately."

"Lately?" Tippy's eyebrow shot up. She stepped around the counter.

"Dear, GODS, you're huge."

"Ya think?" Tippy snorted. "Due any day."

"I guess it has been a few months..." Elunara scratched the back of her head. "But, John hasn't said shit. I'm surprised you didn't go bang down my door."

Tippy shrugged. "I've been busy too, and I know it's not your thing."

"So... what's with the fox?"

"That's Mimi. She was brought to me looking terrible. I nursed her back, and she's quite faithful."

"The turkey?"

"Someone brought me a chick. I was going to raise him and eat it... but I kind of fell for the poor thing."


"Why ya here?" She ran a hand down her belly.

"I was hoping to talk you into making Jordan's favorite cake."

"For you, anything."

"Just don't give birth and burn the thing." Elunara winked.

Grogek sighed. Being bled on all the time was a pain in the ass, but when they barfed on you, it was a different story. He yanked off his shirt and tossed it in the garbage pile. Now cleaned up, he headed back out, unaware of his slinking stalker. A sound caught his attention, and he followed it to a little girl sitting in the middle of the pathway. She was bawling her eyes out.

"Hello." He called softly.

The little girl sniffled and looked up. Seeing his face, she began to shriek.

"No." He knelt down. "No, I'm not scary. Come now, let's be quiet." He put his large finger under her chin, and gently closed her mouth. "Where is your mother, little one?"

"I... I don't know." She whimpered.

"Well, I can help you find her. Where'd you last see her?"

"I don't know." She sniffled.

"Come on, stand up and we'll walk together."

"I can't."

"You can't?"

She pointed to her leg. "It hurts."

Running a finger over the bruised leg, he nodded. "You busted up your ankle pretty badly. Let me take you to the healer." He held out a hand.

Timidly, she put her hand in his.

"I will carry you." He scooped her up and tucked her on to his shoulder. "Ina will fix you right up."


"What's your name, little one?"

"Tina." She wrapped her arms around his head.

Vicki watched the exchange with some interest. She licked her teeth. So the big guy had a soft spot for children. She'd have to figure out how to make that one work.


Ina stuck her head out and blinked. "Well, you're not convincing me that that's a soldier."

Grogek grinned. "I found her." He transferred the girl to the bed. "She busted up her ankle pretty badly."

Ina eyed the leg. "Yeah she did. How'd you do it, honey?"

"I fell."

"She seems to not know how to find home." He held the little girl's hand as Ina inspected the damage.

"I want my mommy." Tina sniffled.

"We'll find her, Tiny Tina." He smiled and wiped her tears with his finger.

"I'm not familiar with the girl, but maybe one of the other healers is." She ran her hands over the injury, healing the damage. "Thankfully this is a simple fix. Just a sprained ankle."

A woman ran into the building. Grogek blinked and moved out of her way.

"OH, TINA!" She flung herself at the little girl. "I couldn't find you anywhere! You had me so worried!"

"It's ok, Mommy. General Grogek found me and brought me here."

The woman blinked up and jolted backwards. "You're an orc!"

"But... he's a nice orc, Mommy." Tina reached out. Grogek held out his hand and Tina grabbed his fingers. "He helped me."

Grogek frowned. "You'd figure everyone knew this already..."

Ina shrugged. "It's a big city, and you've got people coming through all over, all of the time. You're bound to run into new people from time to time." She examined the ankle. "Alright, you're all done." Patting the leg, she turned to Grogek. "You can head back down to training now."

"Stay safe, Tiny Tina." Grogek bowed to the giggling girl.

Elunara blinked at Grogek. "What are you doing here?"

"Can you figure it out LATER?!" Tippy shrieked. "Having a baby here!"

"Sorry, sorry." Elunara sighed and helped Tippy into the building.

Ina put her hands on her hips. "You stayin' for this one?"

"Yeah, I won't even count it against my total."

"Good." Ina led Tippy to a room.

Grogek blinked. "I didn't know Tippy was pregnant."

"Me either." She stood on her toes and kissed him. "I have to help. I'll see you after."


She sighed. "Apparently Tippy's a screamer."

"You didn't already know this?" He snorted.

"I'm coming, ya loony." Elunara snorted.

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