tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 49

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 49


Grogek chuckled and stepped out of the building. He started to make his way down to the yard, but the woman from before jogged up, child on her hip.

"I was rude before, I'm sorry."

He shrugged. "Not really."

"I have... questions."

"That night elf back there is my wife, Elunara. I have my own children... around here somewhere. I train the men, down at the yard, with my brother Jordan."

"Oh!" She shifted the child on her hip. "Well, that's... May I come see?"

"Sure, why not?" He shrugged. "Everyone is free to watch." He plucked Tina out of the woman's grasp and sat her on his shoulder.

Tina giggled and wrapped her arms around his head. "You're funny.

Grogek blinked. "Uh, hold on one moment." He back tracked and stuck his head in the healer building. "Elunara! Where's Lulu?"

"Jordan has her."


He returned to his path.

"Who's Lulu?"

"My daughter."

"Can Lulu play?" Tina bent over to look in his face.

"Lulu is barely a year old. She might not be much to play with."

"Aw." Tina pouted.

"You have a large family." The woman blushed. "My name is Susan. I was in town, visiting my sister Misty, when Tina here, got away from me." She sighed. "Just disappeared into the crowd." Shaking her head, she looked up, and was still amazed by the gentleness in the massive orc. "Someone said they saw her being taken to the healer building. Thank you so much for helping her."

"Eh." He shrugged. "We're here. You can sit on the platform with my brother Jordan." He transferred the child from his shoulder, to the platform.

"Uh, where?"

"That human is my brother."

Jordan eyed Grogek. "Gee, changing your clothes sure took an awful long time."

Grogek snorted. "I was not doing THAT if you must know. This child had a sprained ankle. I had to help her."

Jordan snorted. "Yeah right."

"Is this Lulu?" Tina leaned over.

"Yeah, this is my little girl." Jordan grinned.

"Yeah, she's a baby. Babies aren't all that fun." Tina sighed.

"I am so incredibly confused." Susan blinked.

"Jordan is my brother; we both married the same woman. Lulu is Jordan's birth child, my birth child Darguni is around here somewhere, and our adopted son, Bradly is usually with him." Grogek put his hands on his hips and looked around. He shrugged. "They're usually along sometime. I have to get back to work." He turned and left.

"Now, I'm even MORE confused."

Jordan laughed. "Let me see if I can make it easier to understand."

Susan sat beside Jordan and marveled at the activity below. "And no one has any problems what so ever?"

"Only outsiders. We're all open and honest and work through everything with each other. We take it as it comes. Grogek is considered the head of our household, but it's Elunara who directs us all. It's how we worked it out to be."

"I'll admit that I was rather frightened to see an orc, but he's so kind and gentle, my mind boggles with it."

"You and everyone else in the world." Jordan grinned. "That's my brother though."

"I am also amazed that you call each other brother."

"We all are."

They both looked back. Susan shot to her feet and curtsied. "Your majesty."

Jordan grinned. "I'd stand up, but I have Lulu."

"Where IS Elunara?"

"Tippy went into labor."


"Is she a midwife?"

Both Jordan and Varian started to laugh. "No, no Elunara HATES doing it. But... it's just one of her many gifts." Jordan shrugged.

"Your family just sounds so fascina-" She put a hand to her mouth. "Oh, dear me, in all the excitement I forgot to actually meet up with Misty."

"Misty... her brother is a magistrate?" Varian asked.

"Why, yes. That's them. "

Jordan snirked.

Susan frowned. "What?"

"Yeah... they don't like us." Jordan shrugged.

"What?" She blinked.

Jordan shrugged again. "You'll have to get it from her."

Varian smiled. "She happens to be at the keep right now, perhaps I could escort you there?"

"Oh, that'd be delightful." Susan blushed as she took his arm.

"I'll tell Elunara you were by." Jordan grinned.

"Thank you." Varian grinned back.

Vicki snarled at the little exchange, but she watched her target with interest. She knew his little weakness, and now she just had to figure out how to capitalize on this. Step two, would be learning his habits.


Vicki looked back and smiled. "Ah, there you are."

"Yeah..." He looked around nervously. "Where...?"

She jerked her head. "I got a nice, quiet spot, this way."

The pair disappeared down an alley way.

"Just a quick one."

"I know how you like it." She purred. She tugged up her dress and ran her fingers through the soft hairs. "Nice and wet, just for you."

Licking his lips, he grabbed her waist and shoved himself in. He buried his face in her neck and licked it, as he pumped himself in and out with a grunt.

Afterwards, she shoved the small sum in her pocket with a grimace. "There's a reason your wife won't fuck you, asshole." She muttered at his retreating form. Using her dress, she wiped the inside of her thigh, and went back to watching her target.

"But SIS!"

"No! It's FINAL! I am SO sick of hearing about this stupid city's favorite family." Misty snorted. "I can't even get a decent dress made these days."

"But, he was so nice..." Susan sighed. "And gentle as a lamb... Tina now wants everyone to call her "Tiny Tina". It's so adorable." She picked at her own plain dress. "He has a beautiful smile." She said quietly.

"Dear GODS! Are you in LOVE with the ORC?"

"No!" Susan went red. "I just wasn't expecting that. He's... like this monstrosity, but he's not..." Sighing, she flopped in a chair. "Misty, I think you've been judging them all wrong."

"Ugh, just shut up. You don't know what it's like in this stupid city any more. You've been living in wetlands entirely too long. Perhaps its good Isaac is gone. You can move in with me, and I can TEACH you about things."

Susan recoiled as if slapped. "HOW DARE YOU!" She ran out of the house in tears. Blindly, she ran into the street, and just continued to run until she realized that she was completely lost. She had to get back to that small rental room, but she couldn't remember which section she had to be in first. Hand over her mouth; she turned in circles, until she ran into what she felt to be a wall. She bounced backwards, and was saved from falling, by a massive hand.

"Are you alright?"

She stared up into Grogek's concerned face and blushed. "Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry. I got turned around, and then I got lost, and now I have no idea how to get back to the inn..."

He cocked his head to the side. "You've been crying." He wiped a tear off of her cheek with his thumb. "Is something the matter?"

Her blush deepened. "My sister... she just said the cruelest thing to me..." Susan sighed and raked her fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't bother you with my problems."

He shrugged. "You have a lot on your mind, and that's fine with me. If you wish to speak of it, then do. If you don't wish to speak of it, then don't. It matters not to me. Where is Tiny Tina?"

"Oh." She was trying desperately to fight the tears and embarrassment. "She's..." Susan closed her eyes. "Back at my sister's..." She scrubbed her fingers through her hair. "Ugh, I don't want to go back there, but I don't want to leave my baby in the hands of that... that... vulture." She snarled.

Grogek laughed. "How about this... I go with you to retrieve your child. I know that little witch hides behind walls when I am nearby."

Susan grinned. "Really? Now I just want to watch."

Susan knocked on the door.

Misty opened the door and rolled her eyes. "Did you come to your senses?"

"I have come for my child." Susan crossed her arms.

Misty looked up, and saw Grogek over Susan's shoulder, and shrieked. She ran into a back room and slammed the door.

"See?" Grogek gestured. "Find your child."

Giggling, Susan made her way to Gingy's room. "Come on Tina."


"General Grogek is outside."

"Yeay!" Tina dropped the dolls. Running out the door, she flung herself at Grogek, clinging to one massive leg.

"Hello there." Grogek picked up the child and sat her on his shoulder.

Vicki watched with avid interest from the shadows. Licking her lips, she grinned. Oh, yes, the mighty were capable of falling.

"Where are you staying?"

"I... don't even remember." She sighed.

"What is the name of the innkeeper?"

"A... a Pandaren named Tippy?"

"Ah! She's the woman who went into labor. I know where she is."

"Yeah, I check in, and then get completely lost." She sighed. "I haven't been back to Stormwind in six or seven years."

"That long?"

"Well, my husband died recently... Dark Iron attack in Wetlands." She sighed.

"I am truly sorry for your loss." He put a hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you." She smiled up at him.

"It is better when you smile." He nodded.

Her face went bright red and she stared at her hands.

"Ah! There you are!"

"Did you adopt a family while I wasn't looking?" The Night Elf grinned at them, her hand on her hip.

Grogek looked around. "Looks like it, doesn't it?"

She walked over and stood on her toes, brushing her lips against his. "So, who are they?"

"This is Tiny Tina. She was the girl I told you sprained her ankle yesterday."

"Ahh! Hi, you're cute."

"And this is Susan. She's Misty's sister."

Elunara blinked. "How... unfortunate."

"Ex-sister at this point." Susan grumbled.

"Where is Lulu?"


"Ah. That again?"

"Gerald is infinitely relieved that it usually breaks her of the notion pretty quickly."

"Susan, this is my wife, Elunara."

"Your husband is very nice!" Susan blurted.

"Yeah, he's my Sugarbear. So, where you headed?"

"Tippy's. Susan has lost her way."

"I'm sorry." She mumbled.

"I like her, she's cute." Elunara winked.

Grogek laughed. "Of course you would."

"H-how is Tippy?" Susan smiled nervously.

"Already back to bossing John around. That's her husband."

"I'm still in disbelief she didn't tell you." Grogek snorted.

"I know, right? The hell, I'm losing my touch."

"Ah, love, you'll never lose that."

"At least you hope I won't." She winked.


Elunara groaned. "What NOW?"

Susan blinked at the two boys grabbing Elunara's hands.

"Can we please stay with Grand momma?"

She blinked. "Why?"

"Because we haven't in awhile."

"Plus, it's fun!"

"And she shows us all this cool stuff,"

"And she let us in the library last time."

"Says if you've already read it, then we can too."

"And then Malfurion shows us his cool powers."

"And sometimes we get to ride the sabers."

"Jerico has been letting us play with the cubs."

"And Vivi lets us play with Linal."




Grogek frowned. "You didn't ask me or Jordan."

The orc boy froze. Turning around, the guilt was plastered across his face. "Sir, may we have a couple of days off?"

Grogek snorted. "You may, but Bradly didn't ask."

Bradly saluted. "I'll go ask."

Bradly ran off, but the orc boy stopped and stared. "Did we get new family members?"

Grogek grinned. "Not... exactly? This is Tiny Tina, and her mother, Susan." He put his hand on the woman's shoulder. "Susan, this is my son, Darguni."

"Hello?" Susan laughed nervously.

"Well, if they do become family members, just let us know, ok?" Darguni ran off without waiting for the answer.

Susan blinked. "Do what?"

"Can I be part of your family?" Tina hugged Grogek's head.

"TINA!" Susan turned several shades of red.

"Sure, kiddo." Elunara laughed. "The more the merrier."


"Here we are." Grogek laughed.

"Aw, I wanted to stay with you some more." Tina pouted.

"I wouldn't mind a bite to eat."

Elunara rolled her eyes. "I'm just here to aid in Tippy's healing."

"How do you do that?"

"Follow me."

"Thank the Gods, Elunara." John sighed. "Tippy is unbearable while bored."

"Don't worry, tough stuff, I'll get her on her feet sooner than normal." Elunara waved and kept on going, Susan at her heels. "Hey, pain in my ass, I brought a friend, that ok?"

"Yeah, yeah... just get over here."

"Baby's looking fine." Elunara ran her hand over the baby's head. "Cute and fuzzy."

"Of course, Enalla is mine after all."

"I still can't believe you named that poor child that." She put her hands on Tippy and sighed.

"Told you I would."

"I swear; half the children born in the past two years were named after me."

"Only half? I'm ashamed for everyone else."

Elunara snorted.

Tippy eyed Susan. "You're staying in my inn."

"Well, until Grogek adopts them."

Tippy choked. "GROGEK? Since when does he even...?"

"He's a big softy and you know it. Her girl, Tina, had a sprained ankle, and like the over sized angel he is..." She shrugged.

"Yeah, but still. His devotion to you is legendary."

"Who says it still isn't?" Elunara shrugged. "Alright, hand me the baby and stand up."

Tippy did as instructed. "Oh, that's so much better."

Elunara rocked the child. "Move around, make sure all the parts are ok."

Tippy made her way around the room, shifting this way and that. "Oh, yeah. That's the ticket. When can I have sex again?"

"I need to give you one more treatment. You sort of ripped the shit out of yourself. Have to heal parts in fragments."

"You're a healer?"

"Elunara is any damned thing she wants to be." Tippy snorted. "I can't wait to be back in business."

"You should see Tulani for an assortment of slings and things. She'll set you up right."

"Good deal." Tippy stretched. "I love my man, but he just can't handle the dinner rush without me."

"I'll hold the baby for a little while, and you go attack your kitchen."

"You're the best."

"You know me."

Elunara sat down at the massive table beside Grogek. "Damn Tippy, this table is huge."

"It's for when you're all in. That table is yours."


Susan marveled at Tina woofing down a plate of food.

Grogek rubbed the back of his head. "Uh, I kind of told her she could have ice cream if she finished her plate. Sorry."

Elunara giggled. "Softy."

"That doesn't even work for me." Susan murmured.

Tulani came in and blinked. Sitting beside Elunara, she leaned over for a kiss. "Who's baby?"



"Why'd you kiss her?" Tina managed to ask between forkfuls.

"Because she's my wife."

"And he's your husband?"


"You can have BOTH?"

"In fact, there's my second husband, Jordan."

"Aw, all the Elunara chairs are taken." He leaned over and kissed her.

"YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE?" Tina stood up in her chair.

Elunara laughed. "I can have more than one. Everyone else..." She shrugged.

"Maybe if WE had more than one, then it wouldn'ta hurt so much when daddy died."

Everyone froze.

Grogek put a finger on the girl's nose and gently pushed her back to sitting. "Even if you did, it still would hurt. If anything happened to one of us, we would all be devastated. You cannot replace the ones you love; you can only use the help of others to lessen the pain."

Tina leaned her head against his arm. "I guess that's true."

"Come on, little cub, you haven't eaten enough."

Elunara stood up and passed the baby back to Tippy. Going around the table, she wrapped her arms around Susan. "Come here, Momma."

Susan buried her face in Elunara's shirt and cried.

John quietly served the table.

Zelinnia walked in and stared. "Uh, did you add people again?"

Susan looked up and yelped. Elunara prevented her from falling over backwards. "That's a blood elf!" She whispered.

"That's my sister." Elunara grinned.


"Hey, in my family, race means jack squadoodle. Zel, come over and say hi to Susan and her kid, Tina."

"Tiny Tina!" The little girl corrected.

Elunara chuckled. "Of course." She propped her hand on the back of the chair.

Zelinnia sighed. "Do you ever get tired?"

"Hey, Sugarbear adopted these, not me."

Zelinnia froze. "GROGEK?" She shrieked. "I don't buy it."

Grogek blushed. "It's not... like that."

Susan went scarlet and tried to make herself small.

"Aren't you two just adorable?" Elunara laughed. She kissed the top of Susan's head. "You're okay, little doll. Relax." She brushed her lips over Grogek's. "You're hilariously adorable, Sugarbear."

"Welcome to the family, I guess." Jordan laughed.

"We'll figure that one out." Elunara winked.

"I don't know why Misty hates you all so much." Susan blurted. She clamped her hands over her mouth.

"Hey, saying embarrassing shit is my shtick." Zelinnia snorted.

Elunara cackled. "Misty hates me because I'm not pedigree. Simple as that. She's also pissed she lost out on the Varian competition, though that never existed. He never had an interest in her."

Taking her sandwich, Zelinnia kissed Elunara, and then Tulani. She skipped on out.

"You're all so affectionate." Susan blushed. "Wait, Varian competition?"

"I'm Varian's Mistress." Elunara grinned and held up her wrist.


"Years ago, before she settled for her husband, she desperately tried to flirt with Varian, but he just found her obnoxious. I should know... I was banging him then too."

Susan gasped and looked at Tina.

"Sorry, I'm incapable of filtering my mouth." Elunara shrugged.

"She really is." Tulani smiled.


Elunara sighed. "Give her here..."

Chrissy plopped Lulu in Elunara's lap. "I can't TAKE more than one!"

"You told me that last time, too."

"But, I thought since they were a little older..."

"Try a pair of twelve year olds. Shipped em to their grandma just so I could get a break."

"Yeah, but Tyrande has more than enough energy to deal with those kids."

"She still has important shit to get done."

"You... your mother is Tyrande Whisperwind?!"

"Yeah." Elunara shrugged and cuddled Lulu.

"Who's this?" Chrissy blinked.

"Grogek's girlfriend."

"Aduhbuhwah?" Chrissy's brain short circuited.

Grogek blushed again. "Love..."

Susan went scarlet.

"Aren't they fuckin adorable?"

"BAD WORD!" Tina declared.

"Yeah, yeah. Spank me." Elunara snorted.

"I'll spank you." Jordan winked.

Susan stood up. "Perhaps I should be going..."

"Nuh uh! Unca Grogek said I could have ice cream. I ate all my food!"

"Uncle?" Susan said, completely bewildered.

"You're not married, so he's not my daddy. But we're family, so he must be my unca."

Elunara choked. "She told you."

"I don't know what to say." Susan croaked, as she flopped down in the chair.

"I will gladly be your uncle, little cub." Grogek laughed. He scooped her up and put her on his shoulder. "I know the best place for ice cream." He looked over. "If it's fine with your mother."


"Yes... Of course." Susan heard herself say.

"Yeay!" Tina clung to Grogek's head.

"What just happened?" Susan whimpered.

"You just became one of the family." Elunara shrugged.

"Happens a lot around here." Jordan said, around a mouthful of food.

"Hold on, I'm still stuck on her being Grogek's girlfriend." Chrissy pointed at Susan.

"I was teasing them." Elunara laughed. "But they are adorable together, I have to say."

"You're a very strange woman." Susan croaked.

"That's the understatement of the century." Chrissy snorted.

"I second that." Jordan laughed.

"My head just can't wrap around all of this."

"Not an uncommon reaction." Elunara shrugged. "Look, I'll tease you all day long, because it's my nature. I know my husband is fully devoted to me, because that's HIS nature, but the end run is... I don't care. Well, I care, just not in the way you'd assume women should care. I'm not normal."

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