tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 57

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 57


"Psst, Susan!" Elunara whispered.

Susan popped her head up and looked at Elunara on the other side of Grogek. "Yes?"

"Did you know...? Grogek is ticklish." She grinned.

Susan looked down at the sleeping orc. "He is?"

"Yeah... riiiiight here..." She pointed to Grogek's side. "Just wiggle your fingers like this."

"Like this?"

"1...2...3..." Elunara grinned.

Together, they wiggled their fingers on either side of Grogek's belly. He jolted up. "HEY!"

The two women giggled.

"Well, now you're just going to pay for that." Grogek grabbed the both of them around the waist and covered both of their faces with kisses while they shrieked.

Elunara licked his chin. "I couldn't help myself, you're too fun."

"I knew it was your idea." He bit her shoulder. He pushed them back against the pile of blankets and pillows. As he hovered above them, his hands on the side of the both of their heads, he grinned. "What should I do with my troublemakers?"

"I have a few suggestions." Elunara winked.

"Good, then I'll start with you." He shifted over and slipped himself into her waiting wetness. He captured her mouth, pumping his hips in and out with a groan.

Having no idea what she was doing, Susan slipped her arm around Grogek's neck.

He blinked and looked over at her.

"I... I want..." She swallowed the rock in her throat.

Grogek shifted his face and went for Susan's mouth. His free hand, he slipped a finger into her. "My little angel is quite wet." He purred. Sliding out of Elunara, he shifted over and buried himself into Susan with a groan. "So, fucking, wet." He groaned, rocking himself in and out. After a moment, he pulled free, and slipped back into Elunara. "Suddenly, I wish I had two dicks."

"Give her to me." Elunara whispered.

He tugged Susan up, helping her to straddle Elunara's head. Elunara reached up and pulled Susan down, and buried her face into Susan's slick folds. Susan gasped and Grogek reclaimed her mouth. With one hand, he played with Elunara's breast, and in the other he cupped the back of Susan's head. When Susan began to shiver, Grogek grabbed her hips and tugged her forward. Elunara reached out and grabbed Susan around the middle, her hands cupping Susan's breasts. Grogek slipped into Susan's tight folds, and groaned as the woman clamped around him.

Elunara licked Susan's shoulder. "I like this one. She's delicious."

Grogek grinned and slid out, moving down to slip into Elunara. "I do believe I chose well."

"Well, only the best for what's mine."

Susan shivered. "That... was unexpected."

Grogek filled Elunara with a grunt. He wrapped his arms around both women and sat back. "Mine."

The pair of women cuddled against the massive orc. "What do you mean by "delicious"?" Susan blushed.

Elunara wiped her mouth. "I've learned that everyone has their own special "flavor". It's a combination of sweat, skin and other bodily fluids. Some are bleh, some are pretty good. I rather like your flavor."

"That's... curious." Susan fidgeted.

"Jordan's sweeter than most. Something I've been heavily investigating. I think it has to do with diet? Maybe it's just him." She shrugged. "Grogek is tangy." She winked.

"I think I agree with that one." Susan ducked her head.

"Mommy?" Tina was groggy. "I hafta pee."

Susan scrambled out of Grogek's lap. "Hold on, sweetheart, let me get dressed."

"I guess we should start the day." Elunara stretched.

"Can I ride with Daddy this time?" Tina bounced.

"Yeah, this is the easiest part of our run. I can handle anything that might consider annoying us."

Susan scooted over. "Elunara, can... I speak to you?"

"Of course, Sweetie." She put her hands on Susan's arms. "You can always come to me."

"It's just... I..." She flushed and whispered. "I don't want him to... put his "thing" in my... butt." She ducked her head and turned flame red.

"Oh, Sweetie, he never would." Elunara laid her forehead against Susan's. "He would never hurt you, and he wouldn't even try, unless you had me train you up. Don't even worry about it, because he'd be terrified of hurting you."


"I told you, I teach sex. I have also taught women how to expand their assholes to take in their husbands comfortably. You... are not physically capable of expanding that far. I only am because I've had YEARS of it, and I quite enjoy it. Quite frankly, Grogek would destroy your ass, and he won't even risk it."

"Oh." Susan let go of the breath she'd been holding. "It just seems like he enjoys it so much..."

"Because I do." She shrugged. "He wants us both happy, and for both of us to enjoy ourselves. When one doesn't, or someone gets hurt, he'll deflate in a heartbeat. There is something I wanted to speak with you about."


"Tulani." She raked her fingers through her hair. "Tulani was in the bedroom first. Tulani is my wife and love of my life. In the past, she joins when she's feeling frisky, she watches when she's not. She will not be removed from our room, and I never discourage her in anything she does. She will do her best to honor your desires, but I won't let her be pushed out."

"Oh! I... I'm sorry, I haven't even thought of her. This has all been kind of mind blowing."

"Tulani has her own bed, which is sacred. Only she and I are ever allowed in it. She is my wife, and as such, doesn't have feelings for you. I know we've all got to learn how to live with each other, and I know it's going to take a bit to work out our roles around each other, but Tulani... no offense, is more important to me than you are." Elunara sighed. "I don't want to hurt your feelings..."

"No." Susan put a hand on Elunara. "No, I understand. I can hear it in your voice. She is special to you, and I know of her history. I wouldn't want to hurt her. She intimidates me a little, but I've seen the sadness in the back of her eyes. It's something I cannot understand, but it's there. We'll figure it out... but I wouldn't run her out of her own bedroom."

Elunara let go of the tension in her body. "Alright, good." She grinned. "See? Honesty works."

"I guess it does."

They yelped in surprise as arms came around the both of them. "Hello, Sugarbear."

"What are my two ladies discussing?" He rubbed his cheeks against both of them.

"Your massive dick." Elunara licked his cheek.

"Hey now, you told me I can't do that in public."

"Perhaps we'll arrange a visit to The Grove later in the week."

"I approve of this plan."

"The Grove?"

"Grogek and I, go have sex in The Grove behind the amphitheater, my friend Gerald arranges for a bunch of people to watch us, and make bets on the crazy shit we do."

Susan went sheet white. "What?" She whispered in horror.

"Oh, honey, don't be like that." Elunara laughed. "You can hang out with Tulani while we do it. She's so frightened of the place, that she won't go anywhere near it. Jordan joins ever so often, but only when he has something to prove."

"But... WHY?"

"Because I feed on it." Elunara shrugged. "Come on, let's get the horses going, and I'll explain."

Grogek took the reins, but both women sat to one side. Elunara cuddled Lulu in her lap, and Tina sat in Grogek's.

After Elunara's explanation, Susan bit her lip and considered. "No wonder you have so much sex..."

Elunara shrugged. "Please read my books." She said quietly. "You'll learn all you need to know about me. In any event, why do I need so much energy? Because I burn through it so rapidly. When I heal myself, I burn it. When I heal someone else, I burn it. When I assist in a pregnancy, when I do any number of things... I have used up massive stores of energy in one go, and you never know when I might need them again."


"Looks like we're making good time through here." Grogek commented.

"Yeah, it's pretty smooth; we should be at Stormwind gates before long.

"I see more of those rat things."

"Yeah, ignore them. It means we're getting close."

"I see murlocs." Susan wrinkled her nose.

"Good, when you see a bunch of adventurers standing around like morons, you'll want to turn right on to that road, and we're home free."

"Is it a major hub?"

"Mostly, it's because Stormwind guards don't allow adventurers to spar in city. So, they all hang out here like doofuses, because it's a flight hub." She pointed. "There's the building, turn right, and then stick to the left fork out of town." She grabbed a stray arrow out of the air. "WE'RE ALLIES YOU MORON!" She yelled. "Gods! Idiots everywhere!"

Grogek chuckled and patted her on the head. "We're almost home, my love."

"There's the big, grey thing, now."

Grogek slowed the horses down. "Never thought I'd be so glad to see this place as home."

"I know, right?" She laughed. "That's how I felt on Draenor. Now this place is home again."

"I guess it's my home, now too..."

Elunara wrapped an arm around Susan. "We'll make it home."

Grogek tugged them both into his embrace. "That we will."

They approached the gates and nodded to the guards.

"These statues are always something else." Susan sighed.


The little group in the cart jolted at the screamed proclamation. Soon, it was being yelled everywhere. As they made their way inside, people popped out of the woodwork.

"Alright, alright, you goofballs, let us get home!" Elunara stated flailing her arms. "AWAY WITH YOU!"

"Momma!" Bradly and Darguni ran up to the cart. "You're BACK!"

"I wasn't gone a full week, BACKOFF YOU LUNATICS!"

"This is a little bit terrifying." Susan whimpered.

"Ah, Elunara's following." Grogek chucked, as he navigated the horses.

Jordan stood on the porch, his arms crossed. "Welcome home!"

"Alright you lunatics!" Elunara yelled out. "If you will ALL let us deal with being home, I will hold a show at the amphitheater! But you have to..." She blinked as people turned and went to get seats. "Well, shit. I should have said that first."

Jordan cackled. "They've all been pretty disparate that you've been gone."

She wrapped her arms around his waist. "How about you?"

He buried his face into her shoulder. "I've been going crazy without you."

"He has." Bradly snorted. "He paces your bedroom."

"Hush you." Jordan pointed at Bradly.

Tulani came out of the door and threw herself on Elunara. "Oh, Gods, I've been so worried."

"Aw, my Sweetness, I was just fine. Don't worry."

Jordan wrapped his arms around the both of them. "How was Burning Steepes?"

"Keeshan helped." Elunara grinned.

"How many times did he try to kill Grogek?"

"None. I convinced him I had him as a slave/quest escort."

"Nice." Jordan laughed. "Now, where's my little girl?"

Susan passed Lulu over.

"There's my little girl!" He cuddled the child. "I can't believe how much I missed you." with loud, smacking kisses, he kissed the baby's cheeks.

"Oh, Grogek has his own announcement." Elunara scooted back.

Grogek grinned, Tina sat on his shoulders, and Susan stood beside him, fidgeting and blushing. "Meet my new wife, Susan." He put his hand on her shoulder.

Everyone turned and stared at Elunara. Jordan almost dropped Lulu. "Do WHAT?"

"Oh, you know us and our little proclamations." Elunara winked. "Grogek decided he wanted Susan to be his second wife, and she's agreed."

Susan's color deepened, she placed a hand on his chest. "Yes. I have agreed to... this madness." She laughed. "I was promised that I don't have to stand through another ceremony."

Jordan snorted. "I don't blame you."

"Uhhh, do I have to call her Momma?" Darguni blinked.

Susan's face fell. "Well, no..."

"Darguni?" Elunara frowned.

"Sorry Momma, it's just confusing as it is." He scratched the back of his head. "You're my Momma, and then there's Momma Tuly, and she..." He held out a hand. "What do I call her?"

Bradly shrugged. "I guess, Momma Susan? I mean, she DID marry your dad."

"Just feels weird." Darguni sighed.

"Because you haven't had time to get used to the idea." Elunara shrugged. "Unlike everything else, you've always had me and Tulani. Tulani nursed you as a baby, and I gave birth to you. Grogek is, of course, your father, and Jordan came into our family while you were still young. Susan you've only known for a couple of months." She wrapped her arms around him. "You'll figure it out. You just need time."

"Yeah, I guess."

"I haven't been your brother that long either." Bradly shrugged. "It'll work. We'll make it work, because our family does." Bradly hugged Darguni.

"You can call me whatever you decide to." Susan smiled. "I'm still rather uncomfortable with this situation myself..."

"Come on; let's get that cart unloaded, so I can deal with my "fans" over at the amphitheater." Elunara snorted.

Between the three of them, Elunara, Grogek, and Jordan, managed to get the entire cartload into the living room.

"Alright, let's get the kitchen table moved out of the way, and Susan's table and chairs can go here instead."

"Didn't you say you built it?" Susan frowned.

"I designed it and had it built, yes. But your Grandmother's table is more important. Besides, I'm going to give this one to Gerald and Chrissy, they'll get proper use of it. I don't. Not really." She pointed to Darguni and Bradly. "However, you two better treat this one with respect, or I'll have both of your asses."

"Yes, Momma." They said in unison.

"I've got the dresser." Grogek went up the stairs.

"Just set it down, and I'll figure out the best place to put it." She grabbed a wooden box. "What did you call this thing?"

"Hope chest."

"I'll see where we can put it."

Susan scrambled up after Elunara. "Will quilts be useful here?"

"Tend to be."

"How have you never heard of a Hope chest?"

Elunara sat it down and eyed the room. "Put the dresser over there." She pointed. After he complied, she moved the box to the wall next to it. "What's the point of them?"

"Well, they're crafted by your father, and your mother fills them with cherished memories and objects that were either passed down through the family, or are generally useful."

"That sounds adorable." Elunara eyed the box. "Unfortunately, I'm not aware of whom my father could be, and my mother and I have only been on decent terms for probably six years now."

"Oh. Oh, how sad. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean..."

Elunara waved a hand. "No harm done, I assure you." She raked a hand through her hair. "As for your other knick knacks, feel free to put them wherever. My most cherished things are my pictures. Tulani collects little treasures, try not to disturb those, but she won't mind if you stick things with hers."

"No, I won't." Tulani smiled. "Feel free." She put her hand on Susan's arm. "I want you to feel at home."

Susan blushed and stepped back.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." Tulani frowned.

"Tulani is only interested in me, Sweetie. I told you that."

"I... it's not that." Susan blushed.

"Then what?" Elunara cocked her head to the side.

"I was thinking about what you said... about her... joining."

Tulani giggled. "I only join with Elunara. Who she happens to be with at the time doesn't mean much to me. Granted, I've only ever joined with Grogek and Jordan, or whichever combination she is with."

"Or Zelinnia."

"Yes, but we both know Zelinnia is a special case." Tulani giggled.

"I thought Zelinnia was your sister."

Elunara grinned. "It's complicated, and for the most part, Zelinnia is straight, but... together, we trigger a few confusing feelings in the silly girl."


Tulani sighed. "You are Grogek's wife, you are not my wife. I won't be joining you, because I don't join for Grogek, I join for Elunara. Everyone else is either in my way, or useful." She shrugged.

"Don't worry about it, Sweetie. We'll figure out how we all work together as we do it." Elunara walked over and kissed Susan's temple. "Don't worry so much. Now, I have to go entertain a crowd."

"Hello, everybody!" Elunara stood on the stage and laughed. "I can't believe you were all waiting on me, I wasn't gone a freaking week."

"We missed you!" Someone yelled.

"You're all nuts!" She shook her head. "Alright, before we go ANY further, I need to make an announcement. You should all be pretty familiar with Susan by now..." She gestured. "Well, on our little trip, we made another change to the lineup. I would like you all be give a warm welcome, to Grogek's second wife, Susan!"

Everyone froze and stared.

"The HELL?" Someone shrieked.

"That is NOT what I requested of you at all!" Elunara put her hands on her hips.


"Ok, so I can have two husbands and a wife, but Grogek can't have two wives? What is wrong with you people?"

"I think we're all in shock." Jenny blinked.

"Well, get over it. I've accepted it, and you should too."

"Does this mean we get more time?" Jordan snorted again.

"It just means I'll be COMPLETELY guilt free when I leave him all alone at night." She winked.

"You feel guilt?" Gerald marveled.

"Well, I know I'm supposed to." She shrugged.

"Ok, you ARE the Elunara we know!" He wiped his brow.

"Oh, stuff it." She rolled her eyes. "By the way, you can have my table you keep eyeing."

"We can?!" Chrissy bounced.

"Girl after my own heart." Elunara sighed. "Alright, I know what you're all here for."

When Elunara launched into lengthy explanation, Susan scooted closer under Grogek's arm. "Everyone seems very upset by this."

"It is a curious reaction, but I'm fine with it." He kissed the top of her head. "Do not worry, like everything else she does, Elunara will having them accepting it as normal in no time."

"I hope so." She bit her lip. "Jordan is rather adorable with Lulu."

"Yes, I'm glad he's acting like he is. There was a time when I worried he might not."

Susan yawned. "It's so late." She murmured.

"Well, we have no need to stay, and Tina is out."

"Mm." She laid her head against his chest. "I guess."

Elunara didn't miss a beat when Grogek scooped up Susan and Tina and wandered off.

Once in the house, he laid Susan on their bed, before turning and taking Tina to Lulu's room. He tucked the small child into the other bed and smiled. With a sigh, he brushed her hair back. "My little girl." He whispered.

Closing the door, he went to his room, to find Susan curled up, clinging to his pillow. Putting his hands on his hips, he considered the fact that he wasn't sure how she was most comfortable. Elunara tended to stay naked as often as possible, and Tulani stayed as clothed as possible. He was aware that Jordan preferred his sleeping pants, and Grogek himself, thanks to Elunara's whims, tended to fall asleep how he was at the time. Susan was still a mystery in some areas.

He knelt down and ran his fingers through her hair. She shifted and mumbled. It also occurred to him that he didn't have a separate pillow for her. With a sigh, he carefully climbed in behind her. She curled up against him and shivered. Smiling, he tugged the blankets over them and wrapped his arms around the tiny woman.

Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani and Jordan's waists. "So, who wants to go first?" She winked.

Tulani yawned. "Blah. I guess Jordan wins." She sniffled. "I was so frantic; I've sewed so much..."

"Tuly was getting in bed past midnight all week."

"Oh, Sweetness." Elunara brushed her lips against Tulani's. "We were in no danger. Well, Susan and the children might have been, but we were there."

"I'm going to put Lulu to bed." Jordan headed up.

"My poor, sweet girl." Elunara sighed. "Why ever would you worry?"

"I don't even know." Tulani sighed. "You know I don't like when you're gone."

"Oh, Tulani..."

"It was even worse that Grogek was gone too. The room was so empty..."

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