tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 78

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 78


Elunara sauntered into the room.

"I almost didn't expect you back tonight." Grogek grinned.

"Spent the day with the kids. Varian can suffer a lonely night or two." She winked.

Tulani grinned. "Since you'll disappear for two week straight?"

"The man is driving me insane with his plans." Elunara yanked her shirt off.

"He keeps trying to sneak peeks at the dress design." Tulani grinned. "And a few others..."

"You're planning naughty clothes, aren't you?" Elunara tugged down her pants.

"Of course."

"Are you... still upset over your bed?"

Tulani sighed. "I was more upset that poor Bradly got so injured over it. You got me a nice clean bed with special sheets. The bed doesn't bother me."

"Good." She brushed her lips over Tulani's. "Besides..." She licked her lips. "I wanted a go at my first husband... also I left Jordan in the other room in recovery." She cackled.

"I didn't hear you." Tulani blinked at the port window.

"We had a bit of a quiet session, so we locked all the noise."


Grogek tugged himself out of his pants. "Well then."

"Oh no, those pants better come off completely." Elunara sauntered over. "I'm rather hungry." She licked his dick.

He groaned. "As you wish."

"What's going on?"

Elunara grinned back at Susan. "Ah, just the person I'm looking for. Strip down and get over here."

Susan blinked. "Should I be afraid?"

"Of course not." Elunara wiggled her naked butt. "I want to teach you some fun stuff." She held out a hand. "You know, to keep him occupied while I'm away." She winked.

Giggling, Susan tugged her dress over her head. "Oh, you."

Grogek leaned back in the bed. "How do you want me?"

"Spread em a little more. You need both of us in there." Elunara tugged Susan over and positioned the woman over Grogek's other leg. With both of them straddling his legs, she grinned up at him.

"This is a beautiful sight." He grinned down at the both of them, as he brushed his fingers over their cheeks.

"Oh, it's about to get fun." Elunara winked. Wrapping her hand around the base of Grogek's dick, she leaned forward and licked the length of him. When he groaned, she winked at Susan. "Follow me, my beauty." She helped Susan twine their fingers together, before returning their hands to his dick. Up and down they stroked him, as both began to lick.

He laid his head back and groaned, while his hands rested on their shoulders. Elunara sucked on the tip for a bit, before moving and letting Susan do so. They took turns with him; back and forth they sucked and licked, driving him wild.

"Watch how I massage the balls." She demonstrated.

"Like this?" Susan tried to mimic.

"Here." Elunara adjusted Susan's fingers. "These points right here."

"Ohh, this is fun."

"Now, watch this." Elunara licked the balls in her hand.

Susan giggled wildly. "He really liked that."

"Watch this." She winked. Taking one of his balls in her mouth, Elunara lightly sucked. Grogek gasped and clung wildly to Elunara. "You try."

"Oh, but they're so big." Susan timidly licked. Trying again, she gave his balls a lick. Encouraged by his reaction, she took one in her mouth and gently sucked.

"Now, together." Elunara winked.

Giggling, Susan took it in her mouth and, with Elunara, sucked on his balls. Grogek grabbed their heads as he exploded into the air.

"Ack!" Susan wiped her head. "It's in my hair!"

"DEAR GODS, WOMAN!" Grogek gasped.

"Wow!" Elunara laughed. "That was a massive explosion. I take it we should try that more often."

"You're evil!" He gasped.

Jordan popped open the door. "What was evil? I have to know."

Elunara cackled and wiped her hair. "Susan and I sucked on Grogek's balls at the same time." She winked. "Apparently, it was super effective."

Jordan pulled his sleeping pants open and stared down at his dick. "WHY? Why can you not get hard for TWO women??"

"Sorry, Sugar. Guess we'll have to keep that one in fantasy."

"I'll do it."

Everyone blinked at Tulani.

"What?" Jordan stared at her, dumbfounded.

"You've never gone soft when I've joined." Tulani shrugged. "And I've joined plenty of other times. It's not something I want to do on a regular basis, but I wouldn't mind helping Elunara fulfill a fantasy. If only for you."

Jordan walked over and wrapped his arms around Tulani. "You're the best, ever."

Tulani giggled. "Don't expect me for every little thing Grogek gets out of Susan, mind you."

"Of course not." He kissed the top of her head. "It's a miracle you join at all, and baffling that you're even willing to do this one thing."

"Mm, sorry, Sugar. It'll have to wait for another night; I'm not done playing with Grogek."

"That's fine." Jordan grinned. "It'll build suspense."

Susan blinked. "After that amount, I'm surprised he can do more..."

"Sweetie, after we're done with him, we're all going to need a shower." Elunara ran her hand up Grogek's dick. "He's already ready for us again."

"Oh, in that case..." Susan licked the length of him.

"Now you're getting the hang of it, my girl." Elunara laughed.

The next day, Elunara made her way through town.

"Miss Elunara?"

"Yeah, Lydia?"

"I had a question..."

"Hold on." She knocked on the door. When the door opened, she held up the package. "All done."

"Oh..." Mr. Finister sighed. "Elunara, can you come with me?"

She gestured at Lydia. When Lydia sat on the stair, she made her way in. "What's wrong?"

"It's Gerta." He pushed open the door.

Elunara knelt by the bed. Taking Mrs. Finister's hand she smiled. "I brought the portrait of Tonas' family."

Mrs. Finister took a shuddering breath. "Thank you, dear." She patted Elunara's hand. "I'm sure... with your abilities..." She struggled to speak. "You know..."

"Let me heal you."

"No... no, I've made my peace."

"Then at least let me give you enough to get your family here."

"I'd rather not." She sighed. "I want my children to remember me as strong, not this weak thing I lay in bed as."

"Then I ease your pain."


"Allowing you to be peaceful in your final hours is my gift to you." Elunara kissed her temple.

"Thank you." She closed her eyes. "I do not believe I... have hours." She sighed. "I wanted... to see my picture."

Elunara stood and unwrapped the package. She sat it in a chair next to the bed.

"Beautiful as always." Mrs. Finister lightly touched the glass. "Thank you for helping my children... please... take care of them."

"I always will." Elunara took her hand.

"I have another... stranger... request."


"If you are truly a goddess, can you... escort me home, to the nether?"

"I..." Elunara bit her lip in an effort to maintain. "I have done it before, yes."

"I should like to go now, please."

"Give me a moment, for I'm not entirely certain how to do this."

Closing her eyes, she laid her hands on Gerta's chest. Concentrating, she mingled her energy with Gerta's spirit. Tugging it free of her body, she held on to the glowing gold orb, as Gerta's body went still and cold. Forcing herself into that dark space where she often met with Elune, she let the orb float. It circled her, and she could understand Gerta's thanks and pleasure. Still she moved through, taking the glowing orb and casting it into the trail of nether in which she had sent Isaac.

Back in her own body, Elunara laid her forehead on the bed and quietly wept.

Afterwards, she made her way out. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Mr. Finister nodded. "I knew what she wanted." He said quietly. "I need to tell the rest of the family."

She nodded and stepped outside.

"Miss Elunara... is something wrong?"

Elunara wiped her nose. "It's fine. What did you want to ask me, Sweetie?"

"If you're going to be queen, does that make Lulu a princess?"

Elunara blinked. "Well, I guess that makes Darguni and Bradly princes, and Lulu a princess." She laughed. "Oh, lord." She sighed. "I need to go see Zelinnia. Shouldn't you be at training?"

Lydia was glad Elunara couldn't see her wince. "Yes, ma'am."

After an emotional round of visits to various people, Elunara made her way up into the keep. "Geez Grogek is working his new team." She laughed.

Varian blinked at her for a moment. "Aw, shit."


"I forgot to promote them."

"Do what?"

"With the new reorganization of the training yard going so well, everyone involved is due for promotions. I hope people don't think the promotions have a damned thing to do with the wedding." He grumbled.

"Why should you care? If they're due it, they're due."

"Hm. Well, I just don't want it tainted; they DID deserve them after all." He started shifting through some papers. "Now I have to decide if I want to do that before or after..." He tapped his fingers. "Before. Definitely before."

"Sugarlove, we've got less than two weeks..."

"I can have a ceremony tossed together in four days." He turned. "Toppa, get on that, would you?"

"Yes, of course!" Toppa began to run around frantically.

"You know Tulani's going to strangle you..." Elunara laughed. "She'll have to update outfits."

"He's doing WHAT?"

"Sorry, Sweetness."

Tulani tossed her papers in the air. "I designed those outfits specifically around their status!"

"I've brought you the new uniform designs for the respective ranks; they don't look TOO far different. I've gone through and labeled which man will receive which honor."

Tulani flipped through the stack. "Ugh, fine. They won't be AS good, but they'll do."

Elunara gathered Tulani's papers from the floor. Blinking, she held up two of them. "Oh..." She put a hand to her mouth.

"What? What's wrong?" Tulani frowned.

"Oh, my boys are going to look SO handsome in these..."

Tulani stood up and grinned. "Aren't they?" Wrapping her arms around Elunara's waist, Tulani laid her head on her wife's shoulder. "Our baby Darguni, looking so regal." She whispered.

"And brave little Bradly..."

"I incorporated the medal in the overall design."

"Soon, they'll be princes." Elunara wrapped an arm around Tulani. "They're going to be total lady killers."

Tulani laughed. "Only you would think of such a thing."

"Father, you can't POSSIBLY be serious!"

Varian sighed and leaned against his desk. "Son, I know this bothers you, and I really wish it didn't. You and her were doing SO well together."

"That was BEFORE she convinced you to marry her!"

"I asked HER, or were you not there for that? Elunara had NO idea. She would have left everything the way it was and been completely happy with it. But I wouldn't."

Anduin paced back and forth. "I refuse to believe it."

"I'm not replacing your mother." He said quietly.

Anduin froze.

"I have learned from Elunara, that you CAN have more than one of a good thing." He fiddled with a pen. "Elunara has so many spouses, because she loves them all equally. If you love someone, you should be willing to spend your life with them; do anything it takes to make them happy, accomplish any goal... She loves with the very essence of her being."

"That's absurd." Anduin snorted.

Varian sighed and dropped the pen on the desk. "Then you still haven't learned a thing about her. She doesn't collect them as toys; she collects them as life mates. Yes, it's a little strange, and goes against all established norms, but that is Elunara. She has taught me that I CAN love another person, that holding on to pain and misery is pointless. She works her body into the floor in order to share herself, and her love, with those she has chosen to do so. That is what I'm lucky enough to enjoy. I wish I could make you see..." He ran his fingers through his hair. "Please... just give her a chance, I am begging you."

Elunara wrapped her arms around Jordan's neck, dancing her mouth with his. One eye popped open and she looked around. "Hold that thought." Sauntering down the stairs, she yanked open the door. She blinked. "Anduin!"

"I've decided, that since you're apparently going to be my stepmother, I should spend more time with you."

After a moment, she shrugged. "Suit yourself."

He stepped inside. "I intend to spend the next few days with you, so that I may understand how you... function."

"Well, just obey my signs and things. I don't really intend to rearrange my life for you, especially since the wedding is already biting into it. Since you're here so early this morning, you'll have to suffer through my morning routines."

"Is something the matter?"

Elunara turned back to Grogek, who was coming down the stairs. "No, Sugarbear. Anduin is just trying to understand me."

"Give up." Grogek snorted. "You'll just hurt yourself."

Elunara grabbed him by a fang and assaulted his mouth. "Give 'em hell, Sugarbear."

"I always do." He winked.

Darguni marched outside, hot on his father's heels. Elunara repeated the task with Jordan, before he and Bradly headed out.

"Bradly still trains?" Anduin frowned.

"He's been improving on his free hand, so he doesn't have to rely on his dominate hand."


Elunara headed up the stairs, Anduin on her heels. She tucked into the kids' room. "There's my Lulu baby!" She cried cheerfully. She lifted the giggling child out of her crib. "Come on, Sweetest, let's get you fed."

"You're Prince Anduin!" Tina pointed.

"That I am."

Tina did her best to curtsy.

"You do that fabulously." Elunara smiled. "Maybe you can teach Lulu later."

Tina preened under the praise. "Can we go down to the yard after breakfast?"

"If your Momma is fine with it." Elunara led the way down the stairs.

"Where IS..." Anduin hesitated.

"Susan." Elunara filled in. "She's in fitting with Tulani."

"And you're ok with her being married to your husband?"

"Have a seat." Elunara gestured. Once they were all seated, Elunara began setting the table.

"I've already eaten..." Anduin frowned at the plate.

"Have some eggs anyway. I'm told I'm fabulous with them."

As she worked, she talked. "So, yeah, I'm great with the idea. I've already got this shindig on a schedule, and I take my time where I can and will, but Susan is peaches for filling in when I just can't give Sugarbear his equal share. Plus, I totally get off on watching them together. They're completely adorable. We're working as we go, of course, but I think she's settling in quite nicely." Elunara tossed an omelet on Anduin's plate. She split an omelet between Tina and Lulu, before tossing one on her own plate. She doled out fruit and orange juice. "Dig in."

Anduin poked the omelet with his fork before taking a delicate bite. His eyes went wide and he stared at the plate. "Where...?"

"Here and there." She finished off another bite. "I figured out ages ago, that in order to survive on my own, I needed to know how to cook. Admittedly, some of the men I used to... spend my nights with, had this strange habit of trying to feed me. I learned two things in the process, the first being, men think it's romantic to cook for the woman they're after; the second is that I can tell a bad cook from a good one. I'm also eternally spoiled, so..." She shrugged.

"That's... vaguely disturbing." He frowned at his cleaned plate.

"Honey, you don't know the meaning of disturbing." She gathered the plates. "That's my good Lulu. Ate every bite." She kissed the child's head. Whistling to herself, she washed the dishes.

"Don't you have someone to do that?"

"Well, everyone takes their turn..."

"No. I mean... a maid or a servant or something."

"Ugh, no. That's just lame." She waved a hand. "I've done things for myself since I was ten. My family pitches in when their time is due, and we all pull equal share. Well, not Grogek, but that's different." She considered. "Maybe not Jordan, now that he's got so much to do." She shrugged.


Elunara stuck her head in Tulani's door. After a moment, she closed the door and went for the library. Working back and forth, she transferred a few wrapped packages into the base of the stroller. "Alright, I have several deliveries to make, but if you be good, I'll take you to the training yard."

"Yeay!" Tina bounced in her chair.

Elunara tucked her prepped board on top of the packages, before turning and tucking Lulu in. Anduin followed along, as Tina held a handle on the side of the stroller. Many people were completely shocked to see Anduin following behind Elunara. Rolling her eyes, she made her way through the day, answering Anduin's endless questions.

"You know, I've broken interrogations in fewer questions than you." She snorted.

"I'm just trying to understand you."

"Yeah, yeah, I get that Sweet stuff."

"Your nicknames are strange."

She shrugged at him and continued on.

Tina bounced her way to the edge of the platform. "HI, DADDY!" She yelled.

Grogek turned and grinned.

"And that doesn't bother you?" Anduin raised a brow.

"Why should it?" Elunara blinked at him in genuine confusion.

"She's not your child."

"She is Susan's and she is Grogek's, why is she not mine?"

"Uh..." He blinked at her and searched his thoughts. "You didn't give birth to her?"

"I didn't give birth to Lulu... or Bradly, or hell, Lydia for that matter. That doesn't make them NOT mine. Why adopt a child, if you can never claim them as your own? Why marry into a family with children, if you never intend to claim them as your own? Why love ANYONE, or ANYTHING if it's not formed of your body?" Elunara shook her head. "Your attitude is shitty, and I don't appreciate it."

"I..." His face went hot. "Forgive my ignorance."

Waving a hand, she turned her attention back to the yard. "You are so forgiven. Make the same mistake twice, and I won't be so kind."

"Yes... of course." Anduin sat down on the platform. Watching her work, he blushed. "I... hung the picture you gave me... in my room."

She grinned at him. "Let me do an official sitting, and I'll give you something special."

His eyes went wide. "I saw what you gave my father."

"For you, I would do tame. Full regalia, standing. I've done many of those, if you want an example."

"I..." He trailed off as he considered. "Well, I would like that very much. I trust you to do an excellent job."

Slowly, she reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. "Then we are getting somewhere."

"Why do you want to marry my father?" He asked quietly.

"Because I love him." She tapped her pencil on her board. "I know you don't believe it, or at least highly doubt it, but I do. I never bothered to bring up the topic, because I didn't believe we could. I freely admit that I've had the secret wish for awhile now." She fiddled with her bracelet. "It was always just out of reach. Hell, it was behind lock and key. The only way I would EVER have it, was for something rather drastic to change. Since life is what it is, it was something I stuck on a shelf and ignored.

I love him. With everything I have. This is not to say that I love the rest of my family any less than I do, or even any less than him. You see, love is a very difficult thing for me. You and the rest of Azeroth see me and my multiple spouses, and my lovers, and sexual business, and they think I don't understand love, that I am incapable of it... yet it is ALL of these things that prove that I CAN love.

When I thought my emotions were broken? I didn't have lovers, I had men I was willing to have sex with. I avoided returning to the same bed twice, or at least twice in a row. I didn't even have a place to live. I crashed with whoever took me to bed. I ate their food, used their stuff, and poof, away I would go, waiting for the next target. Becoming an agent was only a new way to get the men I needed to function. I didn't care one whit about myself. Shit, shower, and sex were my way of life. Now? Now, I'd go completely crazy without my family. I love them so goddamned much, that it would kill me to lose any of them. I HATE that I will live SO long that I will have to suffer through every single one of their ends. There are days that it drives me completely bonkers.

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