tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 08

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 08


Bryan opened the door and blinked. "Hey, Dad... and Dad. Come in." He stepped back. "I wasn't expecting you two."

"We just came by to see how you're doing." Jerry looked around.

"Pretty good." Bryan tucked paper into the board.

"Is that one of Elunara's boards?" Louis blinked.

"Yeah, Bradly gave it to me. Isn't it amazing?" Bryan hugged it to his chest.

"So, it's working out?" Louis clasped his hands together.

"VERY well." Bryan giggled.

"Son, what the hell happened to your eye?" Jerry frowned.

Bryan's hand shook as he touched the side of his face. "It's... It's fine." He swallowed. "Bradly..." He shook his head. "It's nothing. Elunara says it might take a day or so to fade properly."

"Bryan..." Jerry balled his fist.

Louis put a hand on Jerry's arm. "Are you certain...? You can talk to us."

"Yeah." He shook his head. "It's fine. Believe me." He licked his lips. "If you don't mind, I'm going to go to the training yard. Maybe I can get Elunara to give me some lessons."

Bradly sighed. Grogek was supposed to be the one people bled on. He wasn't particularly squeamish, but it was a bit out of his bounds to deal with. Once his shirt was dealt with, he went for the training yard.


He stopped and looked back. "General Jerry."

"Explain yourself." He had his fist balled to his sides.

"Ok, I need context and players..."

Jerry grabbed the front of Bradly's shirt. "WHY does my SON have a black EYE?"

"He didn't tell you?"

"No." Jerry growled.

"Thomas and his little band of thugs beat the shit out of him."

Jerry blinked. "What?"

"Yeah. They were calling him "faglet" and almost broke his jaw." Bradly growled. "I beat the shit out of the little fuckers and took him to be healed."

Jerry let go of Bradly. "Shit. I'm sorry. The way he..."

"Oh, Bryan." Bradly sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I can understand your anger, sir. I handled it. I intend to make sure they don't do it again. Bryan is mine damn it, and I will protect what is mine."

Jerry blinked for a moment, before laughing. "You sound just like your mother."

"I take that as high praise." Bradly gave a quick smile. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to ream a trainee for bleeding on me."

Jerry snorted. "Now you sound like Grogek."

"Also high praise." Bradly winked.

Susan sat on the platform, enjoying the sun. "It feels good to be freed from the prison of pregnancy." She laughed. "Though it'll take forever for my body to return to shape after that." She put her hand on the sleeping infant.

"With my treatments, you'll be back quicker than humanly possible." Elunara ran a hand down Susan's back.

Susan laid her head on Elunara's shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you too, Sweetie." She kissed the top of Susan's head.

"Can I join you?"

Elunara smiled. "Of course, Bryan."

Bryan looked around. "Where's Bradly?"

"Had to go change."

"I see Lydia is training today."

"Yeah, and she's training angry too." Elunara shook her head.

"Angry over what?"

Susan giggled.

"Angry at her body." Elunara grinned. "Shh, you didn't hear it from me."

"Ah." Bryan blushed. "Can... I watch you work?"

"Of course."

"Your work is always so amazing." He fiddled with his pencil. "I wish I could be as good as you."

"All you can do is practice. I've been doing this for almost sixty years. It's all I ever do. Of course I can draw like this." She reached over and brushed Bryan's hair back. "Just keep at it."

"I love your son!" Bryan blurted.

Elunara chuckled. "I know, sweetie. I know. I'm perfectly ok with that."

Bryan put his hands to his face. "Gods, I can't control my mouth some times."

"We call that, pulling a Zelinnia."

Elunara looked up. "Hello, sugarbutt."

"Came to see the baby."

"And not me? I'm sad."

"That was just my added bonus." She sat down and held out her hands. "May I?"

Susan smiled and passed the baby over.

"You know, occasionally I wish I hadn't been broken."

"Zel..." Elunara sighed.

"No! No, don't. I'm glad. I truly am. I like babies. I just wish I hadn't had mine so crammed."

"I should tell you... Lulu has been eyeing Nara."

"Oh, really?" Zelinnia grinned.

"I thought that'd cheer you." Elunara winked.

"I always hoped Darguni and Abigail would hit it off..." She sighed.

"Not at this age." Elunara snorted. "Though, I have caught Abigail sneaking peeks at Darguni." She shook her head. "The age gap is too wide, and Darguni is too... me."

"You mean a horndog." Zelinnia snorted.

"Stickin' it in any chick that gives him a wink." Elunara snorted.

"Yep, your son." Zelinnia giggled.

"How's Renwa?" Elunara rubbed her hand on Zelinnia's hip.

"Having heart attacks about having a pair of teenagers."

"That's normal." She giggled. "Want a schedule?"

"I might. You relax him."

"I relax the both of you." Elunara snorted.

Zelinnia licked her lips. "What about next Thursday?"

"I've got a seven."

"I'll take it." Zelinnia finally noticed Bryan. "Did you find you a new protégé?"

"This is Bradly's boyfriend."

Zelinnia choked. "WHAT? What happened to Lydia?"

"Um, he's dating both of us." Bryan blushed.

"Wait, I thought Darguni was the blood child, when did you give birth to Bradly?"

Elunara cackled. "Well, he IS my child."

Zelinnia passed Tilly back to Susan. "I need... my husband."

"I'm sorry." Bryan blushed.

"Oh... it's not you." Zelinnia laughed. "Bradly has broken my brain... also like his MOTHER." She glared.

"Oh, I'll break you alright." Elunara winked.

Zelinnia flushed. "I'm going to go fuck my husband now."

Elunara counted.

"GAH!" She took off running.

Elunara giggled. "Twenty years she's been doing that."

"You and Zelinnia seem odd together." Bryan whispered.

"I love her. That's all that matters." Elunara smiled.

Bryan grinned back. "I agree with that."


Bryan jumped back. "Don't scare me like that!"

Bradly shook his head. "Why did you lead your dad to believe that I'm the one who did that to your freaking eye?"

"I...!" Bryan winced. "He did?"

"Uh, yeah. He almost killed me over it."

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea he'd take it like that."

"Sugar, you've got to be careful about that." Bradly sighed and laid his arms on the platform. "I'd never hurt you." He snorted. "At least not on purpose."

Bryan grinned. "I know."

"I've got to get back to practice." Bradly smacked his hand on the platform.

Elunara watched him walk away. "Gods, he called you Sugar. He IS my son." She cackled.

Susan shook her head. "Now THAT is creepy."

"Hey, Dad!"

Jordan looked back. "Yeah, what?"

"Want to duel?" Bradly grinned.

"You mean you want me to beat your ass."

"Pfft, as if."

The ring cleared out and both stood on either end. "GO!" Elunara yelled.

Bryan put a hand to his mouth. "Oh, Gods. I may faint."

Elunara snorted. "Fainting is not the task on your mind."

Bryan turned brilliant red and ducked his head.

Lydia flopped down. "Gods! That's a sight."

"He looking more attractive now that you see him as a mate, and not a brother?" Elunara grinned.

Lydia flushed. "Yeah. Why did I not notice it before?" She licked her lips.

"Watching you two lust after my son is something else." Elunara shook her head and returned to her work.

"Can I have a copy of that?" Bryan eyed Elunara's board.

"Give it up, Bradly! You need more work!" Jordan called.

"At this point, I'm just working off some angry." He wiped his mouth.

"Angry? Over what?"

"I'll explain later." Bradly launched again.

Jordan cracked Bradly down, pinning him under his blade. "Call it, son."

"BAH! You win."

Jordan laughed and held out his hand. "Good job, though."

Bradly took the hand. "Thanks, Dad."

Jordan pat Bradly on the shoulder. "Tell me what's bugging you."

"Did you know your son was a big fucking faggot?"

The entire yard turned to see Thomas standing at one end. "Then again, the way I hear it, it's just another like father like son." He spat on the ground.

"THAT would be what's bugging me." Bradly growled. "I'm goddamned sick of your mouth, Thomas."

"I don't even WANT to know what YOUR mouth has been doing lately." He sneered.

"YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Lydia jumped down off of the platform and went to Bradly's side. "You stay out of things you know nothing about!"

"Lydia..." Bradly sighed. "While I love that you're trying to defend me right now, it's not exactly helping."

"Does your SISTER know you're fucking Bryan?"

"I'm not his sister; I'm his girlfriend, you asshole!"

Elunara smacked her face. "Gods, Lydia, you're just making an idiot of yourself." She muttered.

"Should we help them?" Susan frowned.

"This is their fight, but I'm about to..."

Thomas snorted. "Bull fucking shit. The whole goddamned city knows that he's been chasing that tail his whole worthless life. No one is about to buy that bullshit now. You can't cover your brother's ass. It's already been filled."

"ENOUGH!" Bradly waved his hands. "Listen you asshole," Bradly jabbed his finger at Thomas. "Lydia IS my girlfriend, AND Bryan is my boyfriend. Guess I'm just like my mother."

"You fucking shame this city."

"No he does not." Jordan crossed his arms. "YOU shame this city."

"Like I give a damn what YOU think."

"I happen to agree with them." Everyone looked up in shock.

Varian frowned. "I heard Lydia's screaming from the Keep and I came to investigate. I find it rather impressive that Bradly would declare such an interesting choice in relationships. Yes, he IS just like his mother." He grinned down at her. "Why would it be the accepted norm for her family to be as it is, and have none of her family held to the same standards?" He shook his head. "I am appalled by your behavior, and if you are in the guard, I want you removed immediately."


Elunara stood up. "Many years ago, your mother came to me, calling my husband gay, and claiming I stole my baby Lulu from someone I murdered. I strangled her for her foul words, and yet it was Jordan who saved her from my wrath. Would you care to take bets on who might save YOUR ass from my wrath?" She flexed her hand and held her dagger. "Five gold says it won't be Bradly."

Thomas turned and ran.

Elunara dismissed her dagger. "I want that family removed from Stormwind." She snorted.

"Your wish is my command." Varian tilted his head and smiled at her. "My queen."

"Oh, I need to meet with you later."


She shook her head. "I'll explain then."

"Hell with it." Bradly grabbed Lydia and crushed his mouth to hers. She blinked a moment before dancing her mouth to his with a little growl. She clung to him like the desperate.

At the whistling in the crowd, she turned red and shoved at him. "Bradly!" She put her hands to her face.

"Mine." He grinned. She scrambled over to the platform, and he followed her. Reaching up, he tugged Bryan down and repeated the process. "Also mine."

Jordan shook his head and ran his fingers though his hair. "My son! Everybody." He gestured. "Who is apparently a carbon copy of his mother!"

There were a few whistles and cheers, but mostly laughter.

Bradly sat on the edge of the platform. "Coming up, Lydia?"

Lydia scooted up on to the platform.

"Getting crowded up here." Elunara laughed.

Varian brushed his lips against hers. "I have to head back to my work."

"Of course, Sugarlove." She ran her fingers under his chin. "I'll be by later."

Bradly slipped his arms behind both Lydia and Bryan. "I love how open you two are now." He looked up at his mother and Varian.

"Honesty is the best policy." Elunara grinned.

"Besides, I get to do this..." Varian slipped his hands across Elunara's hips and captured her mouth for his own.

"I leave you alone for five minutes." Grogek snorted.

"Hey, Sugarbear." Elunara grinned.

"Ah, well." Varian laughed. "She's mine tonight." He winked, before turning and walking away.

"I see Bradly is working on his harem." Grogek snorted.

"You know it." Bradly grinned.

"Where's my little girl?"

"Looking for her daddy." Susan passed the baby over.

He cuddled Tilly. "There's my baby girl."

"Gods, you're so damned cute." Jordan snorted.

"How long have you been waiting on that gem?" Grogek snorted.

"Forever." He looked over at Darguni. "Where the hell have you been?"

Darguni flushed. "Uh, busy?"

"Get over here."

"Momma!" Darguni went darker.

"I don't have to smell him; I know what he's been doing. How many?"


"At once?"


"Pfft, boring." Elunara waved her hand and went back to work.

Grogek snorted. "Your mother never let her habit get in the way of work."

"I made it work." She snorted.

"Well, I've been trying to get this one for awhile, and then her sister got involved... and I'm not helping my case at all." He sighed.

Grogek gently returned the infant to Susan. He whacked Darguni on the back of the head. "I think we need to work some of that energy out of you."

"Ah, maaaan."


"Fuuuuck." Darguni summoned his axe. "This is not my day."

Bradly snorted. "His dick gets him in so much trouble."

Lydia turned scarlet and fidgeted. "I... I don't feel well." She jumped and ran.

Elunara sighed. "That girl..."

"What was that?" Bradly frowned.

"She's still stuck on that little orgy you lunatics had the other night."

Bradly blushed. "Oh. I guess she told you."

Bryan had frozen solid.

"Gods, why don't you idiots actually TALK to each other? Stop being awkward about it. Did I not raise you to have complete honesty?"

"Yes, Momma."

"We don't filter in our house. I don't expect you to start doing it in your relationships."

"Yes, Momma."

"Go talk to the girl."

Bradly kissed Bryan's temple. "Sorry, sweets, I have to deal with this."

"T-that's ok." Bryan blushed. "I was watching your momma work."

"Good idea." He jumped off the platform and ran.

Elunara laughed. "He's still trying to find your nickname; a common practice in our household."

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