tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 28

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 28


Lydia stretched out. The babies were asleep, the house was quiet, and she was just going to spend her time on the couch. She was rather thankful that Susan spent her time at the yard. Elunara was up at the Keep. She stared at the stroller Elunara had designed, and she desperately wished to bask in the sun, but... Tearing her eyes away, she stared down at the couch. She knew what was in those drawers and after much consideration; she decided she'd rather have her husband.

As if summoned, Darguni popped into the door. "Came by on break to see if you needed anything."

Grinning, she stood up. "Of course. I need you." Laying her hands on his chest, she brushed her lips against his. "I think I'm ready for you." She whispered.

His arms wrapped around her. "Ready for what?"

"I want you..." On her toes, she whispered into his ear.

His eyes went wide, and he scooped her up, practically running upstairs. He snuck past the babies, before heading up the staircase and carefully placing her on the bed. "You have to tell me if I hurt you."

"I know. Please, just do it." She whimpered. "I want it so badly."

Pressing his mouth to hers, he groaned. "You know how to make a man hard." He dropped his gear to the floor and carefully undressed her. As he took possession of her mouth, his hands roamed her body, down her shoulders, across her breasts, her belly, and to her hips. His fingers brushed through those soft hairs, slipped through the soft folds, and pressed into her dripping center. "Someone's been thinking about this." He murmured.

"All day." She breathed, as she arched against his hand.

Moving his hand, he slipped himself into her with a groan. "How do you want it?" He buried his face in her hair, as he pumped himself in and out.

"On my belly."

"Then you have to be vocal. It would kill me if I hurt you."

"Please, please just give me what I want." She whimpered.

"Always." He whispered. Sliding out, he helped her turn over. Rubbing his hands on her back, he slid her to the edge, before brushing himself against her ass. "Here I go." He pressed himself, carefully slow, into her ass.

Grabbing at the sheets, she gasped. "Yes!" She groaned. "Yes, oh, Gods, give it to me."

He almost lost it, as he made his way into her. Putting his hands on either side of her head, he groaned. "Gods, Baby." Staying slow and gentle, he moved in and out, struggling to maintain against her ridiculously tight space. When she clamped, he had no choice but to let go.

He cuddled her in his arms. "I won't lie. I've wanted to find someone to do that to since I was eighteen." He buried his face in her hair. "I'm thrilled you let me."

"I rather liked it." She blushed and curled up against him.

"Something you'd do again?" He licked her shoulder.

She began to giggle wildly.

"Should I be worried?" His eyebrow shot up.

"I wonder how long we should practice before I get Bradly to go for the front."

Choking, he laughed. "I'd take that as a yes."

"I've been reading the more interesting passages of your mother's work during my down time. I'm rather eager to try it."

"I wish you'd come out to the yard with Susan." He whispered.

Her blood went cold. "Maybe."

With a sigh, he cuddled her. "I wish you'd stop denying our son."

"I am not."

"I'm proud of my babies, and I want to show them off. I can't... because you won't let me."

"I... I can't." She whispered.

He sat up. "Lydia... you can't hide him forever. Eventually, he has to leave the house. I know it hurts, but you're killing me."

Turning on her other side, she curled up. "I just... I can't handle it."

"Then I'll take him out myself, and you can stay here." He climbed out of bed.

"NO!" She scrambled to crawl across the bed. "NO! PLEASE!"

"LYDIA!" He threw his hands up. "Did your parents hide YOU? Even if they did, it doesn't matter, because I will not hide my son like some abomination. He is my SON, and if anyone dares argue, or says something negative, they have to face MY wrath!"

"He's just a baby." She whimpered.

"I will not be denied my son, Lydia. He doesn't know that anything's going on; he just knows his momma is afraid. He doesn't even know what you're afraid of." He gestured. Stooping down, he tugged her into his embrace. "Baby, I know what you went through. I was there; I saw what they did to you. I heard what they said to you. How do you think my existence was, being a half breed with one fucking fang?"

"Yeah, but..."

"Yeah, my dad and mother are the biggest badasses to ever walk Azeroth, and for the most part, people were too fucking afraid to say anything because of them. But I heard, Lydia. I heard the shitty things people really thought when they didn't know I was nearby. I shouldn't have been born, I was an abomination, and my mother should have done a better job of not getting pregnant, or at least stopped spreading her legs for everything that moved. I've heard it all, Lydia.

That's why I thought you were my sister. You were just like me. Bradly only became my brother because my mother saved his life, and then he realized how awful his mother was and how worthless her opinions were. But you... you were just like me. Bullied and picked on, just because you were born different. I was strong and you were not. I was going to be there for you and be your strength. When you showed us your legs that day, it was this sign, that I wasn't the only one. I had someone like me.

It actually got easier for me to be me, because I had someone weaker I needed to defend. I was almost sad in a way, when momma fixed your legs... but it didn't matter, because you were my sister, and you'd always be my sister." He laughed and rubbed his hand on her cheek. "Now look at us. You are my wife and we have children. Children that I am proud of and I want to show off to my friends."

"I'm just so desperately afraid." She whimpered.

"Baby, I'm the next big badass, I will protect our children. Let me be your strength." Tugging her out of the bed, he cuddled her into his lap. "Come on, let's get dressed and put the babies in the stroller. It will do you a world of good."


"For me?"

She closed her eyes tightly and let out a shuddering breath. "Yes."

Before she had time to argue, they were walking down the street, hand in hand, Darguni pushing the stroller with his free hand. "You need sun, my love."

She sighed. "I guess."

"You should go sing. Well, not at the moment... but you should take the babies to sing. They'd probably benefit from it."

"I sing..."

"Not like you used to." He sighed. "Your heart is broken, so you lost the joy."

She stopped and stared up at him.

"It's true, Baby." He ran his hand on her cheek.

"It..." She curled up against him. "It hurts."

"I know, Baby. I know." He hugged her tightly.

Elunara looked over. "Oh, good. Darguni got her out."

Susan watched the pair. "The sadness is so heavy in that poor girl. She should be celebrating her children, and instead..."

"All she can think about... is what she did wrong." She tucked her board away and slid off the platform. "Hey, Girlie."

"Hello, Momma." Lydia scooted the stroller to the side of the platform.

Darguni kissed her temple. "I'll be over that way, Baby."

"I know." Lydia gave him a sad smile.

"Come on, Girlie, let's get your babies on the platform." Elunara reached out.

"No!" Lydia jumped in

the way. "No. They're fine here."

"Lydia... you can't do this." Elunara shook her head.

"They're fine." Lydia clung to the edge of the stroller.

"It's not your babies I'm worried about, girlie." Elunara sighed. "Are you going to stand there and shield him all day? All year? The rest of his life?"

"I don't even want to be out here." Lydia shuddered. "Gods, just let me go home."

"No." She wrapped her arms around the girl. "Sweetheart, you need this. Your children need this. You can't hide forever."

"Come on, Sweetie." Susan held her hand out. "Put your children in the baby puddle. It's fun."


"Do it." Elunara put her hands on both sides of Lydia's face. "You'll never heal, if you always hide."

"Hey, man, I don't mean to pry... but what's up with your wife?" The guy jerked his thumb back.

Darguni sighed. "Lydia's just not doing so hot lately."

"She looks like she's having some kind of fight with Elunara."

Darguni considered. "Hey, dad?"

"Yeah?" Grogek wiped the sweat off of his face.

"Can we stop for break so I can show the guys?"

Grogek frowned at Lydia. "What about...?"

"I think I should."

Grogek held up his hands. "It's your wife."

Darguni let out a whistle.

Lydia's head jerked up and her eyes went wide, as she saw Darguni headed over with several soldiers behind him. She scrambled to stand in front of the stroller, but Elunara grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to the side.

"Let them see." Elunara whispered, as her fingers dug into Lydia's shoulders.

"See guys?" Darguni laughed. "I told you someone was crazy enough to have my children!" He scooped the first infant out. "This is my little girl, Lily." He grinned.

"Aw, she's so tiny and pretty." A soldier named Warren poked at the child. "Which means she can't possibly be yours."

Darguni moved Lily's lip. "HAH! Fang!"

"Poor kid." Warren sighed. "Stuck with you for a dad." He snorted.

Darguni whacked him upside the head. "She'll be a beauty just like her momma."

"Small salvation." Warren cackled.

Darguni pushed Lily into Lydia's arms. She gasped and struggled against Elunara's iron grasp. He scooped up the other infant. "And this one is my son! He's going to be a big, strong one, like me." He laughed.

"No denying who THAT one belongs to." Warren snorted. "Ugly as sin."

Lydia burst into tears.

Darguni growled.

"Shit! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was just teasing!" He waved his hands. "Honest! He's a cute baby, I swear to all the gods I can swear to." He whacked himself in the face. "I didn't mean to make you cry."

"Lydia, please stop." Elunara sighed as she released her grip and wrapped her arms around the weeping girl.

"Yeah, he's totally awesome." Patrick patted the infant. "They both are. Soldiers are just assholes to each other, we swear."

Dargek began to cry. Darguni frowned. "No, don't. Momma's ok, she's just upset." He cuddled the infant.

Lydia passed Lily over to Elunara, before tugging at Dargek. As she pulled him into her arms, the blanket fell away. She tried to grab the blanket, but it was too late, everyone that was gathered around stared. Lydia tried to scramble back, but she was trapped. She used her body to shield him.

Warren smacked a hand to his face. "Fuck me. I might as well volunteer for one of Grogek's punishments."

"Now do you see?" Lydia cried. "This is why I wanted to stay home!" She managed to scramble out from under everyone and ran, child in her arms.

"Momma, give me Lily."

Elunara passed the infant over. "Darguni..."

He reached out and grabbed Warren by the front of his uniform. "You are in a world of shit."

"Believe me. I know." He groaned.

Darguni took off after his wife.

"Guys, we've got to do something for her..." Toby frowned.

He found her in their room, curled up in the floor, nursing Dargek. "Lydia, I know you're upset, but why the hell did you leave Lily behind?"

She jerked. "Your mother had her."

"I'm not sure you were actually aware of that. You've been so focused on Dargek's leg that you haven't been giving nearly enough time to Lily. We had two children. They're barely a month old, they can't fend for themselves and you certainly can't dump Lily on whoever happens to have her."

"SHUT UP!" She screamed. "JUST SHUT UP! I NEVER WANTED TO GO OUT THERE!" She clung to Dargek in desperation. "I HATE EVERYTHING! I HATE THIS! I HATE THEM! I HATE ALL OF IT!" Child in arm, she dove out of the window.

It was a moment before his brain could react to what just happened. He stared out of the window in complete shock. After a moment, he turned and ran.

"MOMMA!" He ran all the way down to the training yard, Lily still tucked in his arms. "MOMMA!"

"Darguni, what the hell?"

"She jumped out of the window, Momma! She just completely lost her shit and dove. She still has Dargek and I'm terrified she's going to do something stupid." Tears streamed down his face. "I don't know what to do!"

"Susan, can you take care of a fourth?"

"Give her to me."

Elunara plucked Lily from Darguni's arms and got her onto the platform. "EVERYONE! LISTEN UP! WE HAVE TO FIND LYDIA! NOW!" She began directing the yard. "She has one of her babies. No matter what, the child must be unharmed! Bring her back!" She turned to Darguni. "Tell me everything."

He searched the amphitheater, inside and out. He paced around the stage and wondered where else to look. He ran through the city, and found his way up on the hill. The sound of singing caught his attention. Carefully, he began to follow it. Finding his way to the destroyed portion of Stormwind, he gasped.

"LYDIA!" He screamed. She was on top of a ruined building, her arms out to her sides, singing, as she danced along the ruined brick. "LYDIA, COME DOWN!" Ignoring him, she continued to twirl and sing. He didn't recognize the tune, and he wasn't sure she was using actual words. Finding purchase in a crumbling wall, he scaled it to top.

"Lydia!" He wobbled, but managed to stand.

"Oh, Hello!" She called brightly.

"Lydia, where is Dargek?"


"Our SON, dammit!"

"I don't have a son." She giggled. "You're funny."


She twirled and giggled. "I've always wanted to dance... couldn't before. Don't know why I can now."


"Isn't it beautiful?"

"What?" He blinked.

"The sunset."

"Sun... set?" He looked around. "Lydia, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"No more pain."


She jumped.

"LYDIA!" He watched helplessly as she fell. A large creature flung past him and swoop down, catching Lydia in its claws. "Thank the gods for you, SaTa!" He cried. SaTa carefully deposited Lydia to the ground and hopped out of the way. Scrambling down, he ran over.

"Pretty BIRD!" She gasped.

"Lydia! What the hell?" He shook her. "Where is Dargek?!"

"What a funny name!" She giggled. Cocking her head to the side, she blinked. "Did you know you're an orc?"

Elunara dropped down beside him.

"Momma, she's completely cracked." Tears streamed down his face. "She won't tell me where my son is!"

"Lydia... Lydia, can you hear me?" Elunara ran her hands on Lydia's head.

"Oooo, pretty. I like purple." Lydia bat at Elunara's hair.

"Her mind has snapped." Elunara frowned. Her head jerked up. Running over to the ruin, she pulled some of the wreckage aside. "Thank you for finding him, SaTa."

"Is he...?"

"Just a standard healer sleep." Elunara frowned. "If her mind was snapped... why did she take the time to make sure he was safe?" She passed the child to Darguni. Concentrating, she frowned. "She was hit."


"Someone MADE her crazy. This is cultist magic."

"What?" His voice was a horrified whisper. "FIX HER!"

Elunara frowned. "This... isn't something I can handle. I need Mathias."

Laying Lydia down on the table, Elunara sighed. "I need someone who can break this."

Mathias called a runner up. "Find me EVERY expert we have on cultist magic."


"I don't care if they're on a mission, call them in."

"But that..."

"CALL THEM, GODDAMMIT!" He shoved the man out of the door.

"I like to dance by moonlight, moonlight. I like to dance by moonlight." Lydia chimed. "Get to call my prince in the moonlight, moonlight. Get to kiss my prince in the moonlight."

Darguni clung to the sleeping Dargek. "Who would do this to her?"

"I don't know." Elunara sighed.

"Where is my prince?" Lydia smiled.

"I'm right here, baby." He took her hand.

"No!" She giggled. "You're not my prince! He said I could have my prince if I flew."

Everyone's attention sharpened. "What?" Elunara asked.

"Mhm, he TOLD me, that I had to climb to the highest peak of the highest mountain, and that when I flew, I could meet my prince and he would kiss my spell away!"

"Is it really that absurdly simple?" Elunara whispered.

Darguni leaned forward.

"Not you!" She put her hand on his mouth. "My prince is handsome and strong, my prince is wisdom and wise. I sit under my prince's window, watching and waiting. Sometimes he has to slay his dragon before he leaves the castle, but sometimes he does not." She giggled.

"Bradly." Darguni whispered. "I need Bradly." He handed Elunara the baby and took off running. Outside, Bradly was leaning against the building, his face buried in his hands. Darguni grabbed him by the wrist and started back inside.

"What's going on?"

"You have to kiss Lydia."


"Just do it!" Darguni shoved Bradly into the room.

Bradly leaned over.

"MY PRINCE!" She grabbed him around the neck and pulled him in, near attacking his mouth. After a moment, she stopped and blinked at him. "Bradly?"

Darguni shoved Bradly out of the way. "Lydia?"

"Darguni?" She looked around the room. "Where... DARGEK!" She shot straight up. "Where's... oh." She shook herself.

Elunara knelt. "What happened?"

"I..." Tears streamed down her face. "I was just SO angry at everything. My baby, myself, and especially you." She put her hand on Darguni's chest. "You forced me to go down there; you forced me into that stupid pile of soldiers. I just wanted to get away. To keep my baby safe from all of you meddling assholes." She glared. "I found myself at the amphitheater. I was going to hide there like I did before. I heard my name, and I turned... and I woke up here."

"Who called you?"

"Give me back my baby."

Elunara passed the child over. "Who called you? This is important, Lydia."

She cuddled the sleeping child. "I don't know." She shook her head. "I honestly have no idea." Frowning, she looked around. "Where's Lily?"

"Susan has her."

"Oh." Lydia sighed. "She shouldn't have to take care of four."

"You called for me, sir?"

Mathias looked back. "Lydia here was hit with cultist magic, what can you tell me?"

The woman walked over and began to channel. "This... this is pretty bad." She frowned. "I can't tell you who did it, without first detecting the magic on the caster. However, I can tell you, she was supposed to die."

Lydia scrambled back against Darguni.

"It's a suggestion spell that was supposed to terminate upon the subject's death, and if she HAD died, would be difficult to discern from there. Where was she found?"

"The ruins."

She nodded. "It fits. If she'd died like she was supposed to, you'd think she stumbled into something in the ruin by accident."

"So why did Bradly kissing her break it?" Elunara crossed her arms.

"I..." The woman went back to her spell and considered. "It might actually be an accident. Part of the suggestion. Whoever did this, did NOT expect her to survive long enough to get that kiss."

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