tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 32

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 32


Elunara burst into Mathias' office. "WHERE IS HE?"

"The prisoner has been moved to a safe house that even you are not aware of."


"You were ridiculously calm at the interrogation. I knew that, once your initial shock wore off..." He sighed. "That lunatic had at your son, in almost the same way your husband endured. I knew that once you returned to your emotional side--"

Elunara yanked a sheet of paper off his desk and began to scribble on it. After a moment, she handed to him.

He stared at the paper. "No."

"That's what he just told me."

Mathias sat heavily in his chair. "I... I don't blame your rage. But, we don't do things like that here." With a sigh, he tapped his fingers on the desk. "We've known each other a long time..."

"That we have."

"At the time in which these same things happened to you..." He tapped the paper. "You terrified me." He shook his head. "I've been through a lot of agents, and I've been at this a long damned time. When I read these things in your reports, I considered retiring you after each one. Any other agent, I would have... any other agent would have died or killed themselves. But not you. You terrified me, because you shrugged, and asked for the next assignment. I had you tested repeatedly. None of it EVER affected you. You were our best because your brain was goddamned broken. You didn't see things the way a normal person would. You have been tortured in ways that shake me to my very core, and you couldn't figure out what the problem was.

To finally see you stand before me, heavily bothered... not by what happened to you, but what happened to your son... is a strange relief. Because the first half of your career, I was terrified of you. Of what you were or could be. Should you get it in your head to betray us, there would be nothing to stop you. Even when I sent you into Iron Horde territory, I was almost hopeful you wouldn't come back. I felt like I was living with a time bomb, and the Gods themselves would have NO damned clue when you'd finally break."

She blinked at him. "Really?"

"But you know, I don't think you came back. I've read your reports so many times, that I have them memorized by rote. You came out of that compound a new person. Someone completely unrecognizable, and I will be damned if I wasn't completely relieved. The human part of my heart, sees these things happening to your son, and sees the pain in your heart right now, and I WANT to let you have at the crazy fucker. But I can't. Elunara, I just can't. It's not how we do things in this city." He sighed. "If, in the course of interrogating him, you had to use excessive force, then I'd let you at him. But he sung like a canary."

Her whole body shook. "He should pay..."

"Then take it up with Varian, though I doubt he'll order the torture of a prisoner." Mathias sighed. "Regardless of your status."

Elunara marched down to the training yard and dropped off of the platform. Yanking up her staff, she went to the center of the ring. "SOMEONE FUCKING FIGHT ME!"

Susan blinked. "Someone's frustrated."

Chrissy nodded. "Badly."

Meanwhile, Bradly sat in bed. "I'm so damned jealous of you, brother." He sighed.

Darguni was cuddling Dargek. "Hm?"

"You and your damned babies." He sighed.

"You can hold them when you want." Lydia smiled.

"Yeah, but I want my own, damn it."

"You're waiting a couple of years, at least." Lydia snorted. "Unless you find another woman in the mean time. I am SO taking my time."

"You mean it?" He whispered.

"Well, yeah. I mean, Susan didn't get her space between her three, and Zelinnia went insane over the space between hers..."

He wrapped his arms around her waist. "Just the fact you'd even consider it!" He whispered.

Darguni grinned. "Actually, I'm rather pleased you'd consider another one, given..."

Lydia sighed and looked down at little Lily. "Your friends helped."

Darguni scooted closer and cuddled up to her. "I'm glad."

"Hey! No threesomes, he's not healed yet!" Elunara pointed.

The three of them giggled.

Elunara sat on the bed and wrapped her arms around Bradly. "My poor son..."

"Eh, it's ok, Momma." Bradly sighed. "I'm free now, and that's all I need."

"You're stronger than I was."

Bradly grinned at Jordan. "I learned from you, dad. It's not my fault."

Jordan sat on the bed and put his hand on Bradly's leg. "Good. You know I'm here if you need to talk."

"I might." Bradly shrugged. "Right now, I'm just so damned relieved." He wiggled. "Speaking of relieved... Uh, am I cleared to go to the...?"

"I think you should, actually." Elunara sighed. "Might hurt, but..."

"Ok, let me up, damn it." He wiggled out of bed and shot out of the room.

"I'm going to stay by him." Elunara followed.

Jordan looked over. "Can I hold my grand kids?" He grinned.

"Sure, Papa Jordan." Darguni winked, as he transferred over Dargek.

"With any luck, it'll be a bit before Lulu gives me grandchildren." He cuddled the infant. "I always did like babies."

"I told Bradly I'd be willing to let him have a try in a couple of years." Lydia grinned.

Jordan's eyebrows shot up. "Then you're ok with..."

"I'm getting used to it." She sighed.

"That's all you can do." He smiled. He flipped her hair out of her face. "I remember the shy little girl who used to get embarrassed every time I looked in her general direction."

"Then I had you for a boss and I learned how damned obnoxious you are." She snorted.

"I don't like my time wasted, girly." He handed the boy back to Darguni and took Lily. "She's still so tiny."

"I imagine she will always be a tiny one." Lydia smiled. "That's fine though. Maybe she'll be a delicate dancer." She sighed. "I remember how desperately I wanted to be a fighter like Elunara... but now..." She shuddered. "I'll stick to singing, thank you."

"Probably for the best... I don't want ripped apart like Grogek." He snorted.

"Ugh, much better." Bradly climbed back in bed. "Felt like passing rocks."

"It probably was." Elunara snorted. She sat back down. "You're nearly healed, but I think a flushing of the area was needed, as gross as that is."

"Just get me back in working shape."

"You're taking a couple of weeks off."

"Aw, dad..."

"No. I saw how much you were bleeding. Healed or not, you're taking two weeks off because it'd make ME feel better."

"Fine." Bradly snorted.

"Besides," Lydia grinned. "You can keep me company." She kissed his cheek.


Later that night, Jordan cuddled Elunara in his bed. "I want to cry for my son."

"You and me both." She sighed.

"I wonder how much of his cheeriness is false bravado, and how much of it is true."

"Time will tell. I've already told Lydia to monitor his emotional state. Unlike me, she can actually actively feel other people's emotions."


"It's completely fascinating. I can only experience the positive emotions sent in my general direction. She feels all of it, no matter where it goes. She has a heightened awareness of negative emotions and they feed hard into her body. But, she can detect the minute changes in personalities. She accurately described to me the shifts in emotion in Bryan when she went in his house. When those soldiers came over, she read each one of them and even knew the direct moment they tried to pity her. It's... amazing."

"That's... curious. Well, then we need to make sure she sticks with Bradly."

"She intends to." Elunara licked Jordan's chest. "In fact, she told me an interesting little tidbit..." Elunara got up and straddled Jordan. "Would you like to know, just how like me she is?"

Reaching up, he began to fondle her nipples. "I'm dying to know."

"She asked me... when Bradly would be healed enough..." Elunara groaned. "To have a threesome with her and Darguni." Bucking her hips, she slipped down on his erection.

"Is that so?" He groaned. One hand clung to Elunara's hip.

"Oh yes, apparently, she's gotten trained well enough to take Darguni up her ass, and desperately wants to know when she can get Bradly up her front."

Jordan's eyes went wide. "Holy shit."

Elunara bucked her hips. "They're both built like the both of you, so you know how that goes..."

"Gods, now I'm thinking about it. I'm a horrible person."

"Pfft, then I'm the worst person in existence for making you think of it. But, little Lydia, can't wait to be ridden hard by the pair of them."

Lydia sighed. "Poor Bradly."

Darguni matched her sigh. "He's taking it well, but we'll see."

"He kept trying to tell us something was wrong..." She tugged off her shirt.

"Yeah, but Bryan's been our friend since we were kids. He's also been quiet and shy, and people picked on him unmercifully. I swear I expected that to be half of his story..."

"What WAS his story?" She pushed down the skirt.

"He developed an obsession with Bradly and was pissed you broke his spell." Darguni tossed his clothes in the basket in the corner.

"I... broke it?"

"Sort of? You were breaking it, so he wanted rid of you."


"He tried to make you kill our baby." Darguni murmured.

"What?" She gasped.

"He... ordered you to throw Dargek. It was your sheer will alone that protected him."

"Nobody hurts my baby." She whispered.

Putting his forehead to hers, he wrapped his hands around her waist. "You ARE stronger than the rest of us." He murmured. "You love him enough to fight, and fight hard. I wonder... if the illusion appealed to you enough to take your own life."

"I wish I knew what he did to me." She sighed. "Or maybe I don't."

"Let's not think about it." He pressed his lips to hers, dancing and tasting as they moved together. His hands brushed down her breasts, before cupping them. Bending his head down, he gently licked her nipple. Groaning, she wrapped her hands around the back of his head. Slow and deliberate, he teased her nipples hard. He brushed his thumbs over them and grinned at her shiver.

He kissed between her breasts, before he knelt down and worked his mouth down her belly. Slipping his fingers through her soft hairs, he was pleased to find how wet she was. He pressed his finger in with a groan. Laying her head back, she grabbed his ponytail. When he tugged her leg over his shoulder, he buried his tongue into her dripping center, working both finger and tongue in and out of her as she groaned. Gently, he raked his fang across the inside of her thigh and sent shockwaves of sensation in her body, causing her to clamp and shake.

Before she could fall, he scooped her up and laid her across the bed. "Since when do I quit that early?" He grinned. Holding on to her hips, he slipped himself inside that wet heat with a groan. As he watched her writhe and cling to the sheets, he pumped himself in and out of her. His thumb went for that soft, pink nub that drove her crazy. She arched her back and tightened her thighs against his hips. They released together with a gasp.

He dropped forward, his hands on either side of her head, as his sweat dripped down. "Mmm, I'm going to play with your tiny body all night."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she tugged his face to hers. "Good." She went for his mouth.

Down below, Bradly lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. In the room directly above him, lay five tiny babies. Well, tiny was relative, but three of them were his newest brother and sisters. The other two... he rather wished were his. Oh, he was a proud uncle and he loved the kids to death, but he wished he'd put them in Lydia's belly instead. He was happy for his brother, he really was.

Sighing, he brushed his hair out of his face. In the room above that, his brother was probably fucking the woman that Bradly had fancied himself in love with for years. It was Darguni that made Bradly realize he didn't understand the concept of love yet. And it was Darguni that got the girl over it. Even when Bradly had her first, he stupidly had no concept of how to keep her.

Where had everything gone so damned wrong? He sighed. He wanted to turn over on his side, but that kind of hurt at the moment. Hell, every damned thing hurt at the moment. His body, his mind, his heart... It was all shot to hell. Burying his face in his hands, he wept.

Lydia was curled up under Darguni's arm, comfortably had, and very sleepy. She jolted up and blinked. Shoving her hair out of her face, she looked around in confusion.

"What's the matter?" Darguni ran his hand down her back. "One of the babies?"

"No... it's..." She stared at the floor. "It's Bradly."

"If he needs you, go to him."

With a nod, she pressed a kiss to his mouth, before snagging her robe and running down the stairs.

Bradly blinked and tried to sit up. "Lydia?"

She knelt by the bed and ran her fingers in his hair. "Are you alright?" She brushed his tears off of his cheek.

"Shouldn't you be...?"

"Tell me the truth."

"I... No." He sighed.

"Okay." She yanked the cover up and climbed in.


"I'll stay with you." She wrapped her arms around his waist, and put her head on his shoulder.

"Lydia... how did you know?"

"Because I felt you." She rubbed her hand on his chest. "I... You know how I can feel emotions like your mother? I can feel everyone's emotions, all the time. I felt you upstairs; because you and I are connected, and your emotion is so strong... it called to me." She kissed his cheek. "You shouldn't be alone when you feel so sad."

"I want to make love to you so badly right now." He whispered.

"Not happening." She tapped his nose. "Your mother would kill me if I injured you further. And I would hate myself for it."

"I know." Nuzzling her hair, he sighed. "It's enough that you're in my bed."

"If you want to talk, we can."

"Not really."

"Alright. Forgive me, I'm sleepy." After kissing his cheek, she curled up, and promptly dropped off to sleep.

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