tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 41

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 41


"Have fun last night?" Darguni poked Bradly in the ribs.

"We spent a fair amount just talking. Turns out, she's an "after marriage" kind of girl. I think I like it."

"I didn't see her leave."

"I walked her back to the inn around midnight."

"Ah." Darguni snorted. "No more cockmunching for you?"

"Ha, ha. I prefer being the munched, rather than the muncher."

"Well, if you still like a dick up your ass, you can borrow mom's toolkit."

"I'm pretty sure... having giant marble dick shattered up my ass has broken me of the notion."

Both turned around at a heavy sigh. "That's what I get for walking within earshot of Elunara's kids." Gerald rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Now I need brain bleach."

"Um, may I sit?"

Lydia blinked up. "Of course, you're always free to sit here." She scooted over. "Your... condition changes nothing."

"In Duskwood," Evelyn sat on the edge of the platform. "people are still afraid of us. Momma helped me hide because of it. Forgive me if I'm a little frightened of people knowing. I'll... try not to touch your children."

"Don't be ridiculous." Lydia scoffed. "I'm not worried about you hurting my children. Besides, all five babies here are only half human. Susan's are half orc, and mine... Well, Darguni is half orc, half night elf."

"What... does that have to do with anything?"

"Only humans can be converted to Worgen." Elunara stood over them. "Have you seen Gerald?"

"Last saw him speaking with Darguni and Bradly."


Lydia watched Elunara walk off. "She hasn't been herself lately..."

"It's going around." Susan sighed. "Grogek has been working his recruits near to death."

"Yo, Gerald."

"What's up 'Nara?"

"Were you blackmailed by a dwarf named Jameson?"

He blinked. "Ok, first, who? Second, I haven't done anything blackmail worthy."

Elunara searched his face. "I need your help."


Grabbing his arm, she dragged him off of the training yard. "My house, now."

"Alright." He tugged his arm out of her grasp. "Sis, you don't have to force me."

"Sorry." She raked her fingers through her hair. "I know you, I trust you."

"I would hope you do."

Closing the front door, she leaned against it. "One hundred and thirty seven."

"Uhh, ok?"

"That's how many agents I now have in custody; many of which are facing charges for treason."

"What the shit?"

"It seems that this shitty little dwarf named Jameson had blackmail on a number of people, many of which are in our agency and many of which paid him off with favors within the agency."

Gerald flopped down in a chair. "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"Mathias and I have been tearing the information to pieces and it just gets more disastrous by the page. I need your help, because nobody can scent blood like you can. I need to divide up the work, but I have essentially no one. You can help me figure out who I can trust and who I can't."

"Just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

"Thank the Gods." She sighed.

"So much for early retirement." Gerald chuckled.

"I know... poor Mathias is in pieces over this."

"Oh, I meant me."

She raked her fingers through her hair. "What?"

"Yeah... I was going to ask you for a solid, and let me retire. I want the full package. Guess I have to wait."

"After this mess, we can discuss it." She rubbed her hands over her growing belly.

"It's still weird seeing you pregnant."

"A kick in the ass is what it is." She laughed. "I check on her every few minutes, just to feel the sensations."

That night, Elunara climbed in bed and curled up beside Grogek.

"Are you ok, my love?"

"I'm so tired." She groaned. "I've been indoors, locked away for days, and haven't had a chance to recharge."

"And you've helped me instead?" Tulani blinked.

"I just want to see you happy."

At the pounding on the door, Elunara groaned. "WHAT?" She yelled

Bradly pushed the door open. "I just spotted Tina and Lulu leaving the house."

"I'll kill the both of them." She climbed out of bed and headed for the door.

Picking up their trail, she followed the pair to the base of the Keep. Hiding behind a wall, she blinked at the crowd of children. Nearly every child in Stormwind, and some adults, stood around as if waiting for something.

From the center of a crowd, a man, no a boy; rose above the rest in a purple orb of power. In his hand, he held what looked like a bracelet. A bag was attached to the front of his chest. "THAT'S RIGHT!" He called. "OBEY ME!"

"The hell is THAT?"

A whisper startled her, but she hid it well. "It looks like he's controlling our children with some sort of enchantment."

"I followed William and Chrissy out here." Gerald scrubbed his hands across his face. "He wasn't kidding, that kid looks just like him."

"I'd say this one is a couple of years older than him."

"What do we do?"

"We've got to get that bag away from him. I wish we had more... is that ZELINNIA?" Elunara pointed.

"GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE AND CHILDREN!!!" Renwa had his sword out and pointed it at the boy.

"They're MINE now! The newest twilight recruits." He dug into his pack and pulled out a rolled up paper. "Destroy him!"

Zelinnia readied a fireball, but did not complete the cast. Every time the boy thrust the paper out she shifted, and began her cast, but dropped it at the end.

"Stupid adults." The boy dropped the page into his bag, before pulling out a gilded hairbrush. "But THIS one..." Abigail stepped forward and hit Renwa with an arcane shot. "THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!" He waved the brush. "I know you're stronger than THAT! KILL HIM!"

"We have to help him." Gerald winced.

"Give me back my family!" Mark appeared at a different point.

"Gerald, go join them. The more people distracting him, the more opportunity I have."

"Shit, if you say so." He bolted out. "GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE AND SON!"

Elunara went stealth and began shifting through the crowd.

Gerald flung his dagger at the kid in the orb. "NOW!"

The dagger was harmlessly deflected by the orb. The boy began to laugh. "You'll never break this barrier! I have the strongest of them all." He held up the bracelet. "Arcane and shadow, combined as one, amazing!"

Elunara shifted her attention to the crowd and found Lulu in the center, casting her magic upwards. "Lulu!" She whispered. "Snap out of it, Sweetest."

"It's no use!" The boy pointed at Elunara. "She's MINE now! How amazing for me, that the prettiest of them all, is also the most powerful. When I get my little crowd of slaves back to the master, he'll let me have her."

"Not on your life." Elunara growled. Without hesitation, she jammed her dagger into Lulu's hand. Lulu let out a howl of pain and dropped her cast. The boy fell to the ground, and before he could react, Elunara was on him, slamming his head into the concrete and knocking him out.

"That didn't work!" Gerald shoved through the crowd of mindless people. "They're still under."

"What's going on?" Mark pushed through. "Abigail is still shooting at Renwa. They're all low rank, stunner hits, but it's starting to wear on him."

"Dammit." Elunara yanked up the hairbrush. "Control runes." She dug through the bag. "Each item is covered in control runes. He stole the items they cared the most about."

"What can WE do?" Mark raked his hands through his hair and stared at his poor trapped wife.

"Yeah, you're the only one of us who even knows control runes." Gerald sighed.

"Well, I know how to draw them, but these are beyond me."

"Allow me."

Everyone looked up. "Janella?" Elunara blinked.

"Let me save my child."

"Your child?"

She pointed at a small girl.

"Do it." Elunara turned her attention to healing Lulu's bleeding hand.

Focusing on the hairbrush first, Janella began the lengthy process of going through the bag and freeing each person. When the bag was empty, Janella collapsed.

"Momma?" Lulu whimpered down at Elunara, who had turned her attention to the collapsed Worgen.

Gerald jogged up the stairs. "EVERYONE! You were all under a spell. Claim your items and go home!"

After much confusion and the distribution of items, Elunara carried Janella to her home. "Your mother might have to sleep for a day or so, just keep an eye on her. Come get me if anything goes wrong."

"Yes, miss Elunara."

The following day, Elunara napped in the warm sun on the platform while Lydia and Susan were off walking together. Varian came down and sat beside her, his hand rubbing on her side.

"Mm, didn't expect to see you."

"You've been so absent lately, and didn't bother to tell me you were exhausted."

"Sorry, my love. My brain has been shot." She cuddled up to him.

"When are you going to handle your newest prisoner?"

"After I've built my store up. I don't know if he's brainwashed, or magically suffering. I have to be fully charged."

"Does using up a store like that... hurt the baby?"

"Not really." She yawned and stretched. "Mostly, it turns me into a human for a little while." Winking, she rubbed her cheek on his leg. "What I don't use; goes straight to her."


"I still can't believe momma STABBED me." Lulu turned her hand over.

"In doing so, she saved us all." William took Lulu's hand and kissed the scar.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" Nara stormed over. "Don't you TOUCH her, you little freak!"

"Nara!" Lulu jumped up and put her body in between the two. "How dare you?!"

"He's just like that little bastard that had us all mind controlled. They told me why that maniac looks just like him, they were born from the same stock! They're brothers!"

"THEN HATE ME TOO!" She shoved at Nara. "I was born the same way!"

Nara blinked down at Lulu. "But...?"

"William is just as much my brother as that maniac!" Tears streamed down her face. "I was born the same way... the forced mating of a succubus. If you have to hate him, then you have to hate me!"

"But, Lulu... it's not the--"

"Don't you DARE tell me it's not the same!" She jabbed her finger in his chest. "I was born the same way, so we ARE the same. You hate my brother, and I'll hate you right back!"

"I..." Nara looked back and forth between Lulu's angry face and William's astonished. "Brother?" He finally managed.

She yanked off her bracelet and threw it on the ground. "I'm through with you!" Without another word, she fled.

Nara carefully picked the bracelet up.

William jumped up and ran off.

Chrissy jolted when the front door slammed. Peering around, she spotted William on his bed, face down, arms at his sides. "Something wrong, sweetheart?"

"Lulu called me her brother." He muttered.

"Oh, dear." Chrissy buried her chuckle.

"I don't want to be her BROTHER!" He lamented.

"Well, Lydia thought Bradly was her brother... and Darguni thought Lydia was his sister. Things change. You're not blood related... so..." Chrissy gestured vaguely.

"I guess." William rolled over on his side. "You think it won't last?"

"Probably not." She shrugged. "In this crazy city, and that crazy family... anything is possible."

Nara straightened his gear and fiddled with his hair. Finally, he knocked on the door.

Lydia blinked at him. "Hello?"

"Is... Lulu here?"

She eyed the bundle of roses. "Are you the one who made her cry?"

Nara winced. "Yeeees?"

"Get in here, your guilt is making me sick."

"That obvious, huh?" He yanked at his collar. "I didn't mean to make her mad. I just... I misunderstood..."

Lydia rolled her eyes. "Come on, explain it to her."

At the knock on the bedroom door, they heard a watery "enter". Nara winced and pushed open the door.

"Go away!"

"I'll be downstairs." Lydia shook her head.

"Lulu, please don't hate me because I was stupid."

"How could you be so MEAN to William?"

"Because I acted without thinking." He thrust out the hand with the roses. "In your favorite shade of pink."

Sniffling, she took the roses. "Thank you." She buried her face in the roses and breathed deeply. "They're lovely, but I'm still angry with you."

"I wasn't convinced the roses would fix everything, but I knew you'd like them."

"Why DID you act like that?" She put the roses in a vase on her desk.

"After last night, and how much that kid looks like William, I started thinking... how much DO we know of William and his birth parents?"

"Plenty." Lulu sighed. "One of the major rules that our family has, Nara, is that we NEVER judge a person by their birth. My birth mother raped my dad. I've heard all about it from the time I was small. Do you KNOW why they told a small child of her horrible birth? So that no one else would be able to use it against me. I know that your parents know the whole story, but did they ever tell you?"


"A sick and depraved woman used a succubus to lure my father out of the house. For months on end, she did as she wanted to him, because it was the only way she could have him. How awful is that? I was told that William's birth mother was kidnapped and forced to have as many babies as her body would let her. She escaped somehow and wound up in Stormwind. Being forced to have so many babies in horrible conditions... her body gave up. No one knows how many she had, or how long she'd been tortured in such a way. But William? Was her very last. If not for my mother, he would have died in her belly. If not for Chrissy...?" Lulu shrugged vaguely.

"Ok, I'm going to be sick."

"It IS sick. So, you see, I have to protect William. He may be only a week younger than I am, but I'm still his big sister. If only in name."

"And here I thought I was protecting you." Nara sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. "I am SO, SO sorry. I feel like a complete jackass."

She stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. "Rule number one in our family, no one acts in anger or haste."

He wrapped his arm around her waist. "Your family, huh?"

"Well, since Zelinnia is mother's sister, she IS my aunt, is she not?"

Nara closed his eyes and dropped his arm. "Yes."

"Oh, what is that?" She blinked at his other hand.

He held it up. "If you're not angry with me anymore... I brought your bracelet back."

"Oh!" She bit her lip. "I guess I broke my own family rule. I was just so angry with you for being cruel to poor William." She put the bracelet back on her wrist. "I'm sorry."

"No, I am." He made to kiss her.

"The HELL is going on in HERE?"


Jordan grabbed Nara by his uniform. "Hands off, buster."

"Sorry, sir! I was just leaving, sir!" Nara bolted out of the room.

Jordan turned on Lulu. "No kissing boys until you're eighteen!"

"Oh, Daddy! Stop fussing. I only gave him a tiny peck on the cheek."


Nara ran all the way home as if hell itself was on his heels.

"Don't slam the door!" Zelinnia jerked a finger at Nara.

"Sorry, Momma... Hey, I have a question..."

"Have at it."

"Are you really Elunara's sister?"

"That's kind of a dumb question."

"Ugh, Lulu called me family, and then pointed out that you're her aunt."

"You're cousins by declaration only. If you're after dating her, then you're going to have to go for elaborate, I mean, look at Darguni and Lydia. He thought she was his sister, and now look at them."

"Maybe." He mumbled.

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