tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 44

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 44


"I can't believe I've agreed to this." Sunwood muttered.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Elunara laughed. "Besides, this request came in years ago." She popped open the front door.

"Where's the pretty?" Kimmy smacked her bubblegum.

"Right through here. As promised, the final dick to complete the set."

Eyeing Sunwood, Kimmy licked her lips. "Damn you CAN arrange anything you want."

Sunwood sighed. "Let's get this over with."

"Now, don't be like that." Elunara scratched his furry chin. "I'll make it fun for all of us."

"Have you had tauren before?" Kimmy started stripping off her clothes.

"Many times. My first tauren ever, was no less than Cairne Bloodhoof. Long before I had trained my body to take what it can take, I snuck my way into Thunder Bluff. I got stuck and had to wait HOURS before he dislodged." Elunara giggled. "He was such a sweetheart... a pity that I never got to see him again."

"You..." Sunwood swallowed the lump in his throat.

"I could have loved him... if only I'd had the capacity." She sighed. "But this is not about sad things; this is about fulfilling a wish."

"The way you speak of him..." Sunwood murmured. "My respect for you has increased."

"Mm, honey, I make my own respect." She ran her fingers under his soft chin again. "Now, let's get you hard so that my gnomey friend here can ride you like a Dark Moon Faire attraction."

"I'm already naked!" Kimmy climbed up on to the couch.

In a few swift movements, Elunara had Sunwood completely undressed.

He blinked down. "I keep forgetting how adept you are at that."

"That's not all I'm adept at." She stooped down and ran her hands over his dick. Before he could blink, she slipped her mouth over the tip.

"Spirits save me!" He gasped, grabbing at her hair.

Up and down she moved her mouth until she was satisfied by how hard he was. Swiftly, she stood up and shoved him back onto the couch. When he landed, she adjusted his legs to her satisfaction. Even as Kimmy climbed up, Elunara knelt between Sunwood's legs.

"Alright, my girl, let's get you situated."

"I'm already dripping down my leg over here."

Elunara giggled. "Alright, hold on, and I'll help get you spread enough."

Sunwood wrapped his hands around Kimmy's waist and lifted her up.

"Oh man, this is a big one."

Elunara slipped her fingers through Kimmy's dripping hairs and used her fingers to spread the gnome wide. Sunwood held on to Kimmy as he began to pump the tight space up and down the tip of his dick. The extreme tightness of the gnome girl had him exploding. Kimmy gasped and clung to his hands.

"Ancestors!" He groaned. "That's near awful." He dislodged the gnome and sat her on the couch. "Don't make me do that again."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Kimmy winced. "That was just too much."

"Crossing it off your list?" Elunara laughed.

"Oh, definitely. That was worse than the Draenei man." Kimmy rubbed her crotch. "But you completed my set, even if it did take you ten years to arrange all of it."

"Come back any time." Elunara winked.

It was several days later, with Elunara leaning over a table, eyeballing a set of contracts.

"So, what do you think?"

"I think I hate housing permits."

Varian chuckled. "Only like them when you're asking for them?"

"I hate them then. Geez, I remember why I never bothered with this stuff." She tossed her pen down. "This is giving me a headache. Who the hell draws up boundary lines through the center of someone else's house?"

"An asshole?" Varian snorted. He ran his hands over her growing belly. "How's our little girl?"

"Bored to napping." She giggled. "At least it's a break from the SI:7."

"How is that going?" He murmured.

"I'm tearing apart our best agency. The first thing I have ever believed in... We're almost done."

"Really?" He stroked a hand down her back. "How many?"

"Out of nearly ten thousand gents, we've arrested four hundred and seventy."

"That's a hefty amount."

"Well, it's not all corrupt." She shrugged. "Only half of them will be tried for treason, the other half only did minor favors, and even more paid him outright. Some of those that paid will go free, because at the very least, they would rather fork over hard earned money, than compromise their integrity. That counts for a lot. Some of those will still be tried for the REASON they were being blackmailed, but most won't."

"Sounds complicated."

"Part of why I don't want to stare at these stupid housing contracts." She rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"Put them aside for now."

"I'm trying to make the time." She shrugged. "This needs done, people need places to live. As you said, I have my own housing bids, and if I want THOSE handled, I need to handle everyone else's."

"Too true." He winced. "I worry about how exhausted you've been lately."

"Because she's draining me. She's eating my energy almost as fast as I absorb it. It was slow at first, but now that she's almost seven months in the baking, she's gotten greedy."

"So, she'll be an energy creature, like you."

"At least very similar."


Lydia yawned and stretched out. Curling up, she debated on if she should enjoy the extra sleep, or if she should... A cry had her out of bed in an instant. Making her way downstairs, she sighed at the twins. Lily's crying had Dargek crying.

"Darn you both. I thought you were going to give me the morning."

Plucking Lily out first, she made quick work of the disgusting diaper, before sitting the girl down in the floor and getting Dargek. Both children clean, she scooped them both up and made her way downstairs. She tucked the children into their chairs and went through the process of feeding them both.

Elunara walked in and blinked. "You're here late."

"Eighteen months of this, and I finally get a morning to sleep in. Which is good, cause I'm a little dizzy."

"Sorry, my little kitten." Elunara kissed her temple. "If you waaaannn-- shit."

"What? What shit?" Lydia's hand flew to Elunara's belly. "You're too early!"

"Calm down. Calm down, kitten."

"Then what?"

"You're pregnant again."

"I'm..." Lydia dropped the spoon. "I'M WHAT?"

"Gods, why didn't I detect it sooner?"


"Probably because of my own pregnancy. Shit, I've been too drained lately." Elunara flopped down in a chair. "You're about three or four months... and it gets worse."

"Worse? Lydia shrank back. "How could it be WORSE?"

"Twins... AGAIN!"

Darguni dropped his axe at the scream. He shoved the door open and dropped down in front of Lydia. "What happened?"

"Tell him." Elunara sighed and rubbed her hands on her own belly.

"I'm pregnant." Lydia managed between gasps. "Twins again."

"Holy shit!"

"You!" Lydia pointed at Elunara. "After this, I want fucking BROKEN do you understand me?"

"I'll do it without a qualm." Elunara nodded.

"But... I was taking the stuff." Darguni frowned.

"We all were. Hell, I was!" Lydia threw her hands up.

Considering, Elunara dug out the jar. "This stuff?"

"Yeah, that stuff."

"Why did none of you tell me it had separated?"

"I thought that's just what it did." Lydia shrugged.

"Yeah, we just mixed it and used it."

Elunara smacked her forehead. "You twits."

Later, Bradly sighed. "So, they could be mine."

"If they are, then they are." Lydia shrugged.

"I'd be fine with it." Evelyn picked at her skirt. "I mean... it was just before you decided on me, right?"

"Honestly, if the timing fits, there's only one time that would be me."

"Doesn't matter, as they'll always be mine." Darguni grinned. "If our family can work how it does, then our children will just have to work the same way. It is hers, so it is mine."

Bradly rubbed his neck. "Funny how, originally I wanted Lydia to have my children, at all costs... now that I have Evelyn, I hope with all my heart that they're not mine."

"It just means you found true love." Lydia kissed Bradly's cheek. "However, Momma will be able to tell us. If their bodies aren't obvious, like Lily and Dargek's fangs."

"Give your belly another month or so and I'll be able to tell you in the womb." Elunara interrupted. "Speaking of Lily and Dargek, they're down for their naps."

"Thank you so much, Momma." Lydia kissed Elunara's cheek. "I hate dumping them on you."

"Nah, it's just more practice." She winked. "Susan came by and put her twins and Tilly down for their naps too, so she's watching them all while she reads."

"Alright. I won't leave her too long."

"Good girl."

"In fact, I'll head home now." She yanked Darguni by the fang and assaulted his mouth. "To keep you til tonight." She winked.

"Since when did I give birth to Lydia?" Elunara laughed.

Humming happily to herself, she ran her hands over her still mostly flat belly. "Here we go again." She laughed.

With a groan, she lifted her head and stared into the darkness. She began to fight wildly against the bonds holding her on the chair.

"Oh, chill out." A familiar voice called. "We're not going to hurt you."

"Yet." Another one joined.

"Tara? The HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Quietly, Lydia scratched at the chair and the ropes. "Why am I tied up like this?"

"We want to know what you did to him." Tara lit a lantern. "You were his sister one day, his fuck buddy the next."

"I LOVE him, you moron!"

"Yeah right." She scoffed. "You love what he gave to you. No one wanted you, except maybe that bitch Elunara."

"It's not fair!" The other voice whined. "I was SO CLOSE to what I want, and YOU had to step in the way." Minuette stepped into the light. "He told me... ten, almost eleven, years ago, that you were his SISTER. He was disgusted with the suggestion that you two would ever be together."

"I saw him throw you out of the house, and lament that his mother would be angry that he made you CRY." Tara tapped a finger on a table. "Is THAT it? Did Elunara command him?"

"Oo, that makes sense." Minuette snapped her fingers.

"You two are completely insane!" Lydia laughed. "Oh my god, did a dose of Darguni's dick turn you loony? Did the lack of dick snap your mind? I am his WIFE. The past means nothing unless it applies to the future."

"I don't NEED Darguni's dick, he gave me one." Tara pulled the metal dick out of her pocket. "Don't believe me?" She shoved the object in Lydia's face. "I can tell by your expression that you don't. I'd tell you to feel it and see if it f--"

Lydia began to laugh. "He TOLD ME that he gave you that damned thing. By the goddess you're pathetic."

"He..." Tara blinked. "No matter, every girl in this stupid city now has a copy of this thing."

"Man, that must have cost you an awful lot of gold to have all those made." Lydia blinked.

Tara pulled a knife from her belt. "DON'T MOCK ME!" She screamed.

"Hey, chill." Minuette reached out. "We don't want to hurt her or..."

"You shut up!" Tara pointed at Minuette. "This dumb bitch took my place. TOOK IT! I was in line to have Darguni all to myself, and then SHE did whatever it is she did, and now NO ONE can have him. I am so SICK of her!"

Lydia tugged on the ropes, testing them, before continuing her assault on the ropes with her nails.

"She took him from me too damn it! But we have to stick to the plan. He won't fuck us if she's hurt! I don't even WANT to know what Elunara would do..."

"FUCK ELUNARA!" Tara panted with rage.

"NO! I want to fuck DARGUNI! Gods! You are the worst partner I've ever had!" Minuette crossed her arms.

Lydia froze. "Wait, you're using me as a hostage?" She blinked.

"Now she gets it." Minuette snorted.

"I'd rather just kill her." Tara growled. "Once she's out of the way, we can toss the brats and Darguni will be all ours."

"I am NOT killing a baby. Especially Elunara's grandchildren."

"You have no spine, that's why..."

Lydia had freed herself from the ropes and had Tara by the throat. "YOU WILL LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE!" Her fingernails sunk into Tara's throat, and Tara began to gag, as blood poured from the wounds.

Minuette's eyes went wide and she bolted from the house.

Lydia released the body and stared down at her bloody fingers. She screamed.

Elunara heard the familiar scream and took off running through town, desperate to find it before it was too late. She saw Minuette run in fear and followed her back trail. She found Lydia sitting in the floor, hands in her lap, a body and a blood pool.

"What happened?"

"I killed her, Momma." Lydia looked up. "She wanted to kill my children, and I killed her first. I forgot about my nails." She held up her hands. "Am I going to prison, momma?"

"Start from the beginning."

After everything had been cleaned up, Varian sighed. "I'd say it was self defense, given the circumstances."

"She feels so bad." Elunara sighed. "Bradly took a life at fourteen. But he's more emotionally stable. Lydia was enraged, and now she feels the guilt. It's a difficult thing."

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