tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: The Future: Ch. 48

For The Whored: The Future: Ch. 48


"Alright, class. Today we move you up to a higher level of magic. Today we will be summoning and controlling a succubus." Janella looked around the room. "Lulu, how about we start with you?"

"No!" Lulu gasped. "I won't!"

"Come now, with your nature it will be easy for you to do."

"No! I can't! I won't!"


"NEVER!" Lulu turned ran out of the room.

"Oh, dear..."

Lulu ran all the way home, ignoring all else. She broke through the front door without seeing, and headed directly to her bedroom.

Elunara followed shortly after. "Lulu, Sweetest, are you ok?"

"I can't do it, momma." She sniffled. "I just couldn't do it."

"Do what?"

"I couldn't betray daddy like that."

"Like what?" He stuck his head in the bedroom door. He was half dressed, but concern for his daughter was more important.

"Madam Janella wanted me to summon a succubus. I can't do it, Daddy. I can't hurt you like that."

"Sweetheart..." He sat on the bed.

"I hate being a warlock. I just don't want to do it anymore." She wiped her tear streaked cheeks.

"So quit." Elunara shrugged.

"You mean it?" Lulu sniffled.

"You were only put in warlock training in order to control your magical out bursts. I think you have those well in hand at this point. I'd say it's time to quit and focus on your mage training. That's going well, yes?"

"Oh, yes." She breathed. "Ever since you got Mr. Masters to stop calling me princess, the whole class is so much easier."

"Then do that."

Making her way downstairs, Elunara snagged the door.

Janella stood there, wringing her hands. "Forgive me, I may have over stepped."

"May?" She raised her brow.

"You see, I called on Lulu in front of the class, and she took it poorly."

"That's an understatement." Elunara stepped out on to the porch and closed the door. "My daughter is quitting your classes."

"Oh dear, this is all my fault."

"On the contrary. This has always been the direction that Lulu wanted. I made her take your classes so that she could learn how to control the shadow part of her. Now that I feel she's moved beyond the basics, I will no longer make her participate in your program."

"Forgive me." Janella sighed. "I know you put your trust in me..."

Elunara held up a hand. "You have not broken that trust. This was an eventuality, not an accident."

Bradly stood under the shady tree and rubbed his neck. "You know what sounds good about now?"

Darguni chugged water. "What?"

"I swim in lower lake."

"Gods don't it?"

"Bet it's nice and cool..."

"Gather the men...

"We're going swimming."

"I don't know." Warren eyed Bradly. "Swimming with a cockmuncher and all."

"Ex-cockmuncher, thank you." Bradly snorted. "What does THAT matter anyway?"

"You might see mine and get all hungry."

"First, ew. Second, we're both married, to WOMEN. Third, you ain't that well built."

Darguni laughed. "None of you are built like I am."

"Rub it in why don't you." Bradly snorted. "Besides, we'll all be in swim clothes. I want my wife there, and she won't go if she knows you'll all be flapping around."

"What if I WANT to flap around?" Warren crossed his arms.

"Alright, chicken." Bradly flapped his arms. "Bwak!"

"What are you twits doing over here?"

"Hey dad, we were discussing going swimming in lower lake."

"Damn if that doesn't sound awesome." Jordan tapped his chin. "Am I invited?"

"Sure, why the hell not?" Bradly snorted.

The next thing anyone knew, there was a beach party at the lake. Even Elunara sat on the shore and nursed Emaline. Varian sat next to them, the first anyone had seen him in casual clothes, and he was in swim trunks.

"I haven't done this since I was a child myself." He chuckled.

"Well, you're certainly adorable." Elunara winked.

"Feels nice to peel off that heavy armor." He stretched. "Mm, though I rather enjoy when you peel off the armor for me." He chuckled. "I like how everyone was shocked to see me, and how long it took them to just enjoy themselves."

"Armor or no, you're still king."

"And you queen, but people are always relaxed around you."

"They know me. Regardless of title, they know me. Most knew me before the titles, and some even saw my titles given to me. It makes me more personable."

"This is true." He considered her "Going for a swim?"

"Eventually. Right now, I'm basking in the sun and feeding our daughter."

"I'm going for a quick swim and when you're done, we can trade out."


Everyone blinked up at the form at the top of the waterfall. "Is that Anduin?" She blinked.

"I'll be damned, it is."

Anduin launched off of the rocks and dove into the water. The crowd erupted into cheers.

"Now me!" Varian climbed up the incline, before repeating his son's jump.

Elunara cackled. When he returned, she tucked Emaline into her blankets before standing up. Like a lazy cat, she stretched, showing off her body in a bikini. There were numerous wolf whistles, and she could feel the shots of energy from all of the men present. Some of the wives got a little irritated, but most gave her warmth. Following the path of her husband, she made it to the top.

"My dear subjects!" She held her hand in the air. "I feel you, and it is delicious!" To their cheers, she dove.

Days later, Elunara made her way into Tulani's studio. "I'm here to check on my beautiful ladies."

"Oh, You." Tulani giggled. "Where's Emaline?"

"Varian wanted some time with her, and I needed to check up on you." Elunara laid her hands on Tualni. "Let's see what we..." She hesitated, before pumping all of her energy into Tulani's body.

"Mm, that feels weird, what are you doing?"

"No..." Elunara whispered. "NO YOU CAN'T!" She cried.

Tulani began to panic. "What's wrong?"

Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani. "You... you've lost it."

"It...? I lost..." Tulani fought the tears. "I lost my baby?"

"It's gone. Just gone. There's nothing I can do..." Elunara whimpered.

"I thought you blessed me. Why have I not bled?"

"I don't know why the blessing didn't work. And she's just not viable; your body hasn't figured it out yet."

"She?" Tulani whimpered. "My baby girl?"

Elunara winced. "Yes."

Tulani buried her face into Elunara's chest. "No..." She whispered in horror. "NO!"

"I'm so sorry my love. I didn't try hard enough for you."

Tulani wept.

After helping Tulani into bed, Elunara sat outside the door and buried her face into her hands.

"Momma?" Lydia frowned down at Elunara. "What's the matter?"

"Tulani lost her baby."

"But... how?"

"When I healed her. I don't think I did it right... Perhaps..." Elunara sighed. "I have to heal her further. I have to help her."

Days later, Lydia sat down and sighed. "It's so awful. Why do I have four, when poor Tulani can't have one?"

"I'm working on it." Elunara sighed as well. "The fact she was able to get pregnant in the first place shows that I'm on the right track for her, it'll just take more time."

"Speaking of which," Bradly leaned on the platform. "Can you check on Evelyn? We've been trying to get pregnant since we got married. Nothing is happening."

"Send her to me."

At the end of the day, Elunara tested Evelyn's body. "You're fine sweetie, there's nothing I could do. In fact... you're pretty fertile now. Give it a shot." She winked.

"Um, I have another question..."


"I've... clawed Bradly a couple of times by accident and he hasn't transformed yet."

"Oh, that. He's protected by my ability."


"Yeah, he can't be affected by the curse."

"Can you..."

"Fix you? No. Once affected... I'm sorry sweetie."

"It's alright." Evelyn sighed. "Can you... test Bradly?"

"Hm, I've never done that, but I guess I could try." She put her hand on his shoulder and concentrated. "That's... odd."

"What's odd?"

"I need a comparison." Looking around she spotted her target. "Jordan, get over here."

He jogged up. "What's up?"

She put her hands on both men and frowned. "Bradly, you're broken."

"I'm... what?"

"Yeah... you lack the ability to impregnate your wife..."

"Aw, shit." Bradly sighed. "Really?"

"Really. I could test a few more men, but you lack the parts."

"Can you grow them?"

"Growing parts is beyond my ability. I can only heal what has been broken. I'll do my best, but I can't give you the parts."

"Damn it!" Tears stung his eyes. "This is awful."

Evelyn wrapped her arms around him. "It's not so bad. We still have each other..."

"Yes, of course." He cuddled her. "Thank you."

Jordan waited until the pair were out of range. "Sad tidings all around." He murmured.

"I'll fix this." She turned and left.

A few weeks later, Tulani came out of her room and eyed Jordan. "I want to try again."

"Well, alright." He smiled at her. "We'll get Elunara and..."

Yanking Jordan's shirt, Tulani assaulted his mouth. "We don't need her. I only need you."

He held up his hands. "Listen," She went for his mouth again. "You don't understand..." Again. "I don't want to" Again. "Do it like this."

"Give me what I need!"

"TULANI, NO!" He shoved her backwards. "I know you're upset about your baby, but we can't do this. I'll give you your chance, but I NEED Elunara to do it! I can't get hard without her. In fact, I may have actually shrank over this."

Tulani covered her face with her hands. "Gods, please forgive me." She whispered. "I don't know what came over me."

He gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "Tuly, you're sad and angry for the loss of your baby. I know how much it means to you, but you can't force the issue."

"Jordan, I'm SO sorry."

"Not as sorry as I am that you lost your baby... especially so late." He brushed her hair back. We'll try again, but not like this. He kissed her nose. "You're my dear sister and I want to help you, but this isn't the way to do it."

"Please forgive me."

"I already have. Now, let's go get Elunara."

On a different day, Varian made his way down to the yard.

"What's up, my Sugarlove?" Elunara grinned up at him.

"I need your sons."

"Whatever for?"

"Something long overdue."

Elunara signaled the pair.

"Yeah, mom?" Bradly cocked his head to the side.

"Varian has summoned you, not me."

"Sir?" Darguni nodded.

"I'm arranging for a little ceremony. Next week, you two will be promoted to Commanders. You have earned it."

Elunara giggled at the stunned expressions on the boy's faces.

"We'll do you proud." Bradly bowed.

"For the good of the Alliance, and Stormwind." Darguni also bowed.

"You already do." Varian winked.

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