tagLoving WivesFor Whom the Bell Trolls

For Whom the Bell Trolls


This may or may not be a work of fiction. Who knows? Who's to say?

Note to Authors:This story is written in your honor. Please laugh.

Note to Respectful Literotica Readers (most of you other there): You probably wonder who those people are that populate the comment section with disrespectful and inappropriate comments. They of course never offer their literary offerings for our praise or scorn. Because they never reveal who they are I give you one scenario. I hope you are amused by this story. Apologies in advance if you feel I've wasted your time.

Note to Trolls: To answer that question so you don't have to read John Donne's poem (heaven forbid you would read REAL literature) - The bells toll for thee. Don't read this story. Please skip to the end to the comments section. Here are a number of suggested comments you can copy and paste so you can save time and proceed to trash the next story that you don't read:

Worst story ever -- please don't ever write again. Minus one million stars.

You are worse than the bubonic plague. Go infect someone else.

You can't rite worth krap. Go dye.

Illiterate cuck shit 1*


Chapter One

I'm the king of the world. Women bow at my feet. Even ones I don't know and don't want to know.

I take my helicopter every day to work and today, April 1, like many others, I arrived home after another grueling day making millions trading options. I know my loving Swedish model trophy wife will don her monogrammed knee pads and prepare to suck my cock when I arrive home.

I walk in the door and my naked Annika (but for the knee pads) drops to her knees looking up at my 6'8" bulked up frame prepared to receive the holy sacrament of my cock. She dutifully opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and gazes up at me with her cobalt blue eyes, sweeping her wispy long blond hair away from her face.

"My Adonis (yes, that's really my name), I pray this time I'll be able to stuff your ten inches of magical man meat down my unworthy Swedish model throat." She looks at me with her tearful puppy eyes obviously praying to the fellatio Gods that just this once she can swallow my magnificent cock whole.

"Annika my love. I am pleased that you are able to get three inches of my cock in your mouth. I can feel the love. The women at my office that service me can get the other seven inches down their throats so don't despair." I pet her head in mock sympathy.

"Let's go to my office and you can worship me there." I walk to my office with Annika following me like a lost little lamb. I sit at my massive mahogany desk and open my gold plated laptop. I hit "favorites" and go to Literotica to peruse today's new offerings in the "Loving Wives" section.

"Suck my cock Annika while I catch up on Literotica," I command.

Annika crawls under my desk, adjusts her knee pads, and dutifully licks and sucks my cock as every loving wife should do.

Ahah! LeoFuckingTolstoy has just released Chapter 47 of "War and a Piece of My Slutwife's Ass?" Fuck, it's 18 pages! Fuck that shit. I'm going straight to the comments section. Should I write an anonymous comment or use my handle "richasfuckingshit"? Anonymous it is. Here's my latest poetic comment -- "Leo -- suck my cock!!"

Brilliant!! I'm on a roll. "Annika, suck harder!!"

Silkstockingfancier. 4.99 for "Daddy Cum Dumpster Eats Black Cum from Grandmother's Pussy"? 1*!! "Worthless cuckold trash. "

Ahhh, I'm getting closer!!! "Annika, faster!!

Sappy_McTirelesswriter. 4.85 for "Slut Sammi, Chapter 23"?? 1*. "Same old boring crap. My illiterate blind grandmother can write better than you."

Ah, ah, ah, this is making me cum!!!

Annika works the first three inches of my cock with her mouth while using her delicate hands to pump the shaft while carefully avoiding scraping her 8 carat flawless diamond against my rock hard dick.

I watch her 38FF natural tits bouncing with the rhythm of her bobbing head and the sight of her beautiful blond hair gently skimming her white mountains of titty flesh causes me to cum.

"I'm cumming my love!" I pull out of her dainty mouth and cum on her angelic face, painting her hair, face and tits with my spewing cock, with the ropes of cum creating a work of art on her body . After a fifteen second hosing Annika uses her hands to scoop up as much of my cum as she can and licks it off her fingers as if it were the most delicious honey ever.

"Oh Adonis. I'm not worthy of your fifteen second hose job. I wish I could service you properly like your office sluts."

"I know you're not worthy but you're trying to be my perfect loving wife and I'll always have a soft spot for you. I know that your doctorate in particle physics makes you ill equipped to understand what it takes to be a truly loving wife to me. Now go upstairs and take a nap in your doggy bed while I talk to the servants about our 15 course dinner."

"Yes my love," says Annika as she shakes her ample booty walking out of my office and up one of the two grand staircases in our 23,000 square foot mansion.

As I'm watching Annika's spectacular ass swaying like a palm tree in a gentle tropical breeze I suddenly feel a rough slap on the back of my head.


It's my supervisor Lucille! "Stop the daydreaming needle dick. Time to go back in the storeroom for cleaning duty." She walks away expecting me to follow.

Oh shit, I must have daydreamed away my ten minute lunch break! I follow her, admiring her greasy long curly red hair. Sure her ass is huge; but it's a wonderful smorgasbord of a smelly pussy, a rank asshole, and rolls of cottage cheese fat. I love her.

We go into our usual place in the food pantry. I hear the zip of her keychain as she selects a key and locks the door from the inside and turns on the light. Bathed in bright fluorescent light and amid the institutional cans of catsup, mustard and relish, I pull off my paper hat and put it carefully aside and get on my knees, ready to worship her blubbery ass. Facing away from me Lucille lewdly hikes up her skirt to show me her pantyless ass, with copious amounts of cum dripping from her distended brown crinkly asshole.

"Clean it up sissy boy. My bun delivery guy Andre fucked my ass in the back of his delivery truck and left a big load of black dick cum deep in my ass. Dig it out."

I admire Andre's handiwork. I see his cum has already matted Lucille's sweaty red pussy hairs and is clinging to the thin circle of hair surrounding her asshole.

I can't help it. I pull my 2.78 inch dick out of my pants and furiously stroke my cock with my tiny hands as I dip my tongue into Lucille's fragrant asshole. I'm in heaven. Lucille bends over more, using her chubby hands to grab a roll of flesh on each side of her ample ass to allow easier access to her creamy treat. I stick my tongue deep into her ass, feeling the slimy goodness of Andre's sperm coating my tongue. I swirl the cum in my mouth, savoring it as I would a glass of cheap wine, and then swallow it. The ecstasy of this forbidden act causes my man clit to dribble cum onto the cold institutional tile of the storeroom floor. I don't deserve to be this happy.

"Lick up your disgusting cum off the floor and then go out and change the oil in the deep fryer," barks my Mistress Lucille.

"Yes ma'am," I say to my Goddess as I lick my cum off the dirty, sticky floor and then skip on my one good leg to the restaurant's deep fryer.

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by Anonymous

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by LizInTrouble06/19/19


I loled, as they say.

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by Anonymous03/01/19

Of course all Trolls are illiterate!

That's why they're trolls! They live anonymously under bridges and eat garbage. They don't know anything and couldn't write a sentence if their lives depended on it. And, of course, trolls have small dicks.more...

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by AmazonBeauty196609/29/18


This is funny, plain and simple! Definitely achieved the desired effect, that's even funnier ... Thank You

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