For You


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Well hey there... guess who.

If you're listening to this then I can only imagine that you are fresh from the shower and now face down on the massage table. Very soon my slick, oiled hands will be kneading your flesh and pressing hard against your body in an attempt to relax you with this gesture of my true love.

The idea came to me as I tossed and turned in bed last night. As you slept peacefully my mind raced through all of the memories I keep as a reminder of our passion and lust for one another.

I thought, "What better way to turn her onto me than to share with her my explicit memories of our sex and experiments? And what better way than to say it to her as I rub her body down with oil and firm hands?"

And so here I am in front of the computer reading from prompts that remind me of just some of our most treasured memories. Yes, my hand is already squeezing at my penis as I tell you this, and be sure that I will be edging toward climax as I share. But before I do I would like to warn you that there will be what some would call "inappropriate language" within these stories.

For example, words such as come, cock and cunt will most likely appear several times throughout this recording. I certainly hope that these words do not distract you from the moment as my intention is to turn you on... not to offend or upset you.

As you listen to me tell you these wonderful stories I want you to relax and enjoy the feeling of my hands running up and down your body as I sit elsewhere running those same hands up and down the shaft of my penis.

You see what I'm trying to do here is excite you, I want to make that sweet pussy of yours wanton and wet so when it comes time for us to fuck, I will enter you with my very first gentle stroke.

So where should I start I wonder? I guess I should start with foreplay and oral adventures.

For what I remember, foreplay made up the first three months of our relationship. Sure there was never any penetration, but I do distinctly remember the two of us happily using our hands to bring one another to climax.

I learned a lot from those first three months. I learned that you my sweet girl have incredibly sensitive nipples and only when you are at your most vulnerable (which is just moments before you come) are they accessible to my every desire. You should know that kissing your breasts and sucking on your nipples as you shiver and come in my arms has no equivalent.

The only thing that comes close to fulfilling this need I have to suck and nibble at your flesh is the taste of your pussy as you suck and pull at my love for you. When it comes to giving you head I love nothing more than the smothering of your cunt as you sit on my face. This isn't the best position for giving head but it is by far the most pleasurable. Not often have you placed yourself forward as to look into my eyes as I suck at you. More often you straddle me backwards and the advantages gained make me want to stroke faster just thinking about it.

One advantage of this positioning is the point blank view of your arsehole rocking back and forward before my eyes as I push and slide my tongue deep into your cunt. You already know how much I love the site and feel of your arse, but did you know that tight little hole of yours is just as sexy as the package it sits with?

I often think of the countless times I have shot my come onto the small of your back only to see it quickly run down the part of your arse and over that tight and always clean hole of yours.

The second advantage to this position is the ease at which you can either take me in your hands or mouth. As you know, I am always firm and at attention whenever I am kissing at your clit, and what an overwhelming feeling to have you stroking my hard member as I snatch for breath between mouthfuls of your dripping pleasure.

This position more than any other has produced some of the strongest orgasms for me. I can remember several times the two of us have come at the same moment in this position. The whole experience of you shuttering in ecstasy as you suck and swallow the warm come from my pulsing cock is a high second to none... I want to come hard now while I think about it.

But I wont... I want to wait for you. I want to wait until I am deep inside of you, fucking you and clutching at your hair, filling you with my lust.

While we are on the subject of oral sex I would love you to know how amazingly surreal receiving head from you is. I have always found the sight of girls sucking and stroking an incredible turn on, but the sight of you dedicated to the stimulation of my own cock always appears to me as something almost unreal. Your attentions are mesmerizing, and as you rise gently up and down my shaft, and dance your tongue over the head, I dream of kissing your soft mouth and tasting my own pre-cum on your tongue and lips.

Ejaculating in your mouth is a gift you give to me, it is a gift I will never take for granted and I am reminded of coming into my own mouth for you. Pulling and clutching at myself as I double over and hang my penis only inches from my own mouth.

And what of all the times that I have pleased you with little more than my mouth and tongue? I remember waking you from your sleep one night by taking down your panties and proceeding to lick desperately at your pink skin and juices. It turns me on just thinking of going down and licking at your cunt. I love how you tug at my hair and pull my face hard into your pussy as flick my tongue relentlessly at your clit. My trick is that as you grow nearer and nearer to climax I suck at your clit harder and harder until you come hard on my face. The sight of you twisting and turning in ecstasy always pushes me that one step further as I clutch at your thighs and drive my tongue deep into your hole as you slowly come to from your orgasm and push me away, unable to withstand anymore pleasure as your clit gently throbs from my sucking.

So how am I doing? I hope you are enjoying this. Are you relaxed? Is that pussy of yours hungry yet baby?

Mmm... The many places we have fucked and fingered one another, like the time the two of us furiously wanked one another at the cinema, we both came before the opening credits had finished... what a rush. Sitting there as the usher checked on us, come wetting my underwear and my penis straining against my pants.

Did you like that? Did you like sitting in an empty cinema quivering as my fingers ran up and down your wet lips, stopping at the top to rub your clitoris into and around your soft, pink flesh. I wonder what runs through your mind as I stroke at your warmth. Do you think about kissing me?

Then there are the multiple times that you have stroked me as you drive. I'm still yet to come while you are behind the wheel... I hope that you plan on finishing me off one of these days, stroking me to orgasm only to return your hand to the wheel with strings of semen still clinging to your fingers and palm. I often fantasize about sitting in the backseat and masturbating as you drive and watch me from your rearview mirror.

Or what of the time you so kindly lead me to the bathroom where you quite happily dropped your pants and sat comfortably on the toilet... leaving your mouth at the perfect height for me to slide my penis onto your tongue and into your mouth. I love how you gently suck at me as I grow bigger inside of you. You started to splash water into the bowl as you engulfed my cock and sucked me through an experience I am longing to reinvent. I never knew such naughty things could be so arousing. I definitely think that we should experiment more with wet games in the future.

Actually, now I come to think of it, this wasn't the last time you lead me to a bathroom for extra-curricular activities. An incident comes to mind that happened only last year. Do you remember the day in class when we realized we were alone? I think we dared each other to go ahead and run down that stairwell towards the teachers' only toilet. I remember being so anxious and excited about the idea of getting caught in such an act. Can you imagine what it would have been like to be caught in a school toilet with my penis in your mouth?

Ohh... the amazing scenarios we have created together, each as wild and inspired as the next. What of you kneeling before me with blindfold and mouth willfully open waiting for me to shoot my come onto you. I will never forget these amazing moments we have shared and I so dearly hope that the thought of these past scenarios are just as much a turn on for you as they are for me.

I am struggling not to come... and I have barely scratched the surface of the memories I wish to share with you. But that's ok I guess, that just leaves me more to talk about next time I make you an audio love letter.

Maybe next time I will tell you more about our fucking instead, maybe I will tell you about how fucking cute you looked only the other day laying on the lounge room floor with your legs and cunt in the air waiting for me to fuck you quick so we could make it to the cinema in time... but that's for next time. Now it's time to forget the fantasy and start living it. I want you to fuck me.

I love you.

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