For Your Eyes Only


'I wouldn't mind it if she was sending me the letters.' Rebecca mused. Then she realized she was checking out another girl. 'I've never done that before, have I? I mean, not that there is anything wrong with it. Girls are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty. Like those letters.' Satisfied with her reasoning she turned her attention to whatever her friends were talking about.

Things would have been even more perfect if Rick hadn't been crowding her. His presence kept her from fully appreciating all the beauty around her.


Rebecca was examining the letters one last time before going to sleep. She had put the two letters next to each other on the bed and was alternately looking at one and then the other. The first letter was definitely evoking a different blend of feelings than the other. But both had that same indefinable quality that made it impossible for her to get her mind around whatever message they held.

With care she folded the pieces of paper and hid them well. She didn't want anybody else to see them. And then she went to sleep.

Some time during the night she began to dream. She was lying on something soft, a bed. And there was someone else with her too. A warm body with soft skin that was slick with sweat. That body was slipping and sliding against her own. The friction was delicious and the mouth sucking on her pulse point had her mewling like a pussycat.

But she wasn't just a passive participant. Her hands firmly gripped the other's butt, squeezing it and pressing their bodies more firmly against each other.

Because of the intensity and variety of sensations she only slowly began to realize that the body above her was feminine. But she couldn't care less as she felt the culmination of their actions approach. Their mouths found each other as they cried out in orgasm.

In the real world, Rebecca joined in with a groan as she came. It wasn't enough to wake her up so she simply turned around as her dream-self coaxed her unseen lover into a second round.


Today, Violet didn't stay to watch Rebecca open her letter. She didn't want to risk Rebecca noticing she was always there when she found them. Violet wondered what Rebecca would think of what she had written on the letter today. She was pretty certain Rebecca would put one and one together when she read 'May this' on today's letter.

That little puzzle was Violet's touch,

she knew how much Rebecca liked puzzles.

So far Jack had kept quiet during school hours, but he finally spoke up during gym class. "Did you know Daphne and Isis were a couple?" The bastard had timed the comment to happen just before she had to dodge a ball. It hit her instead so now she was out of the game. She actually liked dodgeball, there was just something about seeing all those girls jumping and bending in an effort not get hit that appealed to her.

Violet knew better than ask if he was talking about the only Daphne and Isis she knew. 'How do you figure that?' she asked instead.

"Hello, empath here. Influencing emotions without actually seeing them would be like cooking without taste buds. A recipe for disaster. That and I read their body language. It's a little more pronounced now because they are feeling frisky. No doubt about it, they are lovers," Jack concluded.

Violet observed the two surreptitiously. 'That does give me some new fantasy material. But why did you bring it up now?'

"Because now that you have me, you can make your fantasies reality." Jack said in a seductive voice. Violet froze, her mind blank. "Gym class is about to end and it is the last class of the day. It wouldn't be difficult to arrange some alone time for the three of you."

Violet swallowed, she was tempted. Both girls were gorgeous and the knowledge that Rebecca was responding had gotten her very worked up. 'But what about afterwards? If they love each other a stunt like that might ruin their relationship.'

"Oh, they are not in love. They are just friends who like to get physical. To them it would just be another experience and you don't need to worry about them talking about it with others. I get the impression they are keeping the exact nature of their relationship a secret from their friends, especially Daphne's boyfriend."

Now Violet was sorely tempted. But a new roadblock cropped up when her eyes found Rebecca talking to Cynthia. 'I couldn't', Violet concluded. 'I don't want to cheat on Rebecca.'

"You wouldn't be cheating on her," Jack pointed out. "Right now, she still has a boyfriend and you aren't in a relationship with her. You're busy changing that but right now you two aren't together. Cheating would be doing something like this when you two are together and then not inviting her to join in."

A smile tugged at Violet's mouth at that last statement. 'Why do I get the impression you aren't just looking to give me a good time.'

"Because I never said I wouldn't get anything out of this," Jack shot back equally amused. "I've always been honest about what I was. And since a certain somebody refuses to give herself some pleasure, I am looking for other opportunities."

Violet didn't respond right away. 'Okay, you can set it up but I am still not sure about it. How about I just watch. You can feed if I am close enough, right?'

Jack didn't hesitate. "Done. The girls will start to feel a need to hurry up and leave the building while our two lovelies will get an extra dose of the hornies." Jack explained.

'Is it that simple?' Violet wondered.

"Yes and no," Jack admitted. "The teacher is actually the most difficult. I have to make her apathetic enough that she won't bother to check if everybody has left before she leaves. But I also have to ensure she'll feel a little forgetful so she won't lock the door. But it's doable."


Violet watched with trepidation as everyone around her was hurrying up to get changed so they could leave. None of them bothered to hit the showers first. Jack seemed to have been right on the money on how easy this would be. Violet herself was still debating about whether to join in on the activities she was about to witness.

She had wanted her first time with a woman to be with Rebecca. Jack however had pointed out what a fiasco her first and only kiss had been. He had argued that her first time with Rebecca would be special regardless of what experiences she had before that. The only difference would be in how enjoyable their first time would be. Violet hadn't been able to find a good counter-argument after that.

It didn't mean that Jack had swayed her, just that she was still thinking it over. She heard the shower starting up as the last girl left the locker room. Violet stood up and moved to the showers as silently as she could. She had a towel wrapped around her torso in case anybody was still lingering around.

What she saw when she finally reached the showers stole her breath away. Isis and Daphne had already started, apparently not caring that they could be caught. Both of them were under the waterspray, busily devouring each other's mouths. Daphne's dark blond hair and pale complexion formed a sharp contrast with Isis her brown hair and bronzed skin.

Daphne's tits were markedly bigger as well as rounder than Isis's teardrop shaped ones. Their hands were stroking their counterparts' backs, sometimes wandering lower to squeeze a butt cheek. And both of them were totally oblivious to the fact that they now had a spectator.

Violet had thought that when this moment came she would have to make a hard choice. That she would be torn about what to do. But now she found that the decision was obvious. She stepped forward, dropping the towel. She walked almost dream-like, her blood pounding in her ears. She didn't know what their reaction would be but she wasn't concerned. She was in control after all.

The two girls were in arm's reach of Violet before they noticed they had company. Both of them parted reluctantly as they stared at Violet, realizing they had been caught. Then they both looked away, their flushed cheeks growing even redder. The symmetry of their actions made Violet smile.

Violet's left arm languidly moved forward to cup Isis's face and turned it towards her own. With an equally slow move she closed the last few inches separating them before kissing her on the lips. In the back of Violet's mind, Jack was giving her suggestions in a seductive whisper.

Isis didn't resist at all but shortly after their tongues had come into play Violet moved away to turn her attention to Daphne. She had been watching them kiss with an open mouth, her eyes shining with excitement. This time Violet pulled the girl to her, but the kiss itself was just as sweet as the one she had just shared with Isis.

Isis herself wasn't idle either and had begun attacking her neck, her left hand unerringly finding one of Violet's breasts. Nobody was speaking which suited Violet just fine. She was afraid that would shatter whatever had come over these two lovely ladies.

Violet now dragged them down till they were all kneeling, she did this so she could start exploring Daphne's magnificent tits in comfort. It was the first time Violet had a breast to play with that wasn't her own and she was loving it. She could taste the water from the shower on her skin as well as a hint of something uniquely Daphne's.

She slowly moved down from the top of the breast, gasping midway as Isis had switched from sucking her pulse point to tonguing a stiff nipple. Violet herself speeded up her journey downward in response, mimicking what Isis was doing to her on Daphne.

Daphne herself was cooing and caressing Violet's head while her other hand was tugging and squeezing the breast that wasn't receiving attention. Suddenly Violet moved her head up and away from Daphne's boob, silencing the disappointed whine Daphne gave in response with another kiss.

Again Violet led the two girls into a change in position. This time she was sitting against the tiled wall with a girl kneeling on either side of her. Isis was still laving her left tit while Violet guided Daphne's head to her right one. She closed her eyes as the double assault hit her, now it was her making approving sounds.

It seemed to take ages before she could force her eyes open again. She looked over at the entrance to the shower and saw something she hadn't expected. Rebecca was watching them.


Rebecca had felt uncharacteristically helpful at the end of gym class. So she had helped the teacher put everything back in order for tomorrow before she headed into the locker room to change. She had noticed that the teacher had left right away instead of waiting for everybody to leave so she could close off, but didn't think anything of it.

In the locker room she found that everybody seemed to be in a hurry, most of her friends were already gone and the few girls that remained were almost ready to go too. She thought about asking one of them to stay but decided she could use the solitude.

She had welcomed today's letter, but not her boyfriend who had come on the heels of reading it. She had looked at Rick and realized that she couldn't remember why they were together. She must have had her reasons for that at the time but now it seemed to her they were together simply because they were together.

And that just wasn't enough anymore for Rebecca. She didn't need a man to feel good about herself. It also didn't help that she had spent the night before having passionate dreams about a faceless woman. Even now the memory of those dreams got her excited. So Rebecca had come to the conclusion that she needed to break up with Rick.

But she didn't want to hurt his feelings too much so now she was contemplating how to go about that. On autopilot she wrapped a towel around herself and proceeded to shrug off her underwear. She was so in thought that she didn't notice the sound of the water hitting the tiles until she was almost at the showers. But a pleasure-filled sigh did wake her up from her internal reverie.

Cautiously she looked around the corner to see if she was right about what was going on in the showers. But what she saw was far more then her imagination had conjured up based on that single sigh. Instead of catching a single girl fingering herself she was witness to three girls pleasuring each other.

Two of the girls she recognized as they were friends of her, albeit not good friends. The third she only vaguely recalled as being called Violet, a shy loner with whom she shared several classes. Apparently Violet blossomed after school was out.

Rebecca couldn't tear her eyes away from the beautiful sight. Nor could she stop her own right hand as it drifted upward to caress her own breast in sympathy. With a mind of its own that hand discarded the towel so it could manipulate her stiff nipple more directly. Her other hand was stroking her stomach, dipping ever lower.

Rebecca watched as the girls changed position and Violet became the focus of attention. The gentle yet firm way Violet guided Daphne turned her on. As Violet closed her eyes, apparently overwhelmed by the pleasure, Rebecca finally let her left hand dip into her weeping pussy. She was afraid of making too much noise and interrupting the girls so she remained standing, the tiled wall supported her increasingly weak legs.

She didn't even stop when Violet opened her eyes and caught Rebecca watching them. But Violet didn't warn the others, only the flare of lust in her eyes gave away she had actually spotted Rebecca. That look in turn stoked Rebecca's own lust and she had to bite her lip to stay quiet.

Violet kept looking at her as she directed Isis and Daphne lower. She opened her legs to accommodate the two girls as they went to work on her shaven haven. Rebecca's excitement went up another notch or two as she realized the situation she was in. She was putting on a show for a girl while that girl was being pleasured by two other hot chicks. 'Fuck, that's hot,' Rebecca thought.

'Is she imagining I am one of those girls? Or maybe Violet's fantasizing about me joining in, taking one of those little nipples in my mouth. Letting my tongue play with it before softly biting it...' This torrent of thought, combined with what she was seeing as well as her own fingers were swiftly building up her pleasure to a crescendo.

Staying silent while the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced rampaged through her mind and body was the hardest thing Rebecca ever had to do. With the aftershocks coursing through her she witnessed Violet climax. She of course didn't have to keep quiet and the sound almost seduced Rebecca in to a second round.

But a more rational part of her prevailed and she stalked away. She would take a shower at home, a very long shower.


"I didn't see this coming," Cynthia confided to Rebecca. Beside her, Daphne and Jenny nodded their agreement.

"I've actually been thinking about it for a while. I didn't mean to do it like that though. I honestly don't know where that came from," Rebecca confessed. But it was a lie, Rebecca did know.

Part of it was what had happened yesterday. What she had seen and done in the locker room had burned itself into her memory. And it set her on fire every time she let herself dwell on it. At home she had pleasured herself twice more, the last time she had even whispered Violet's name as she came.

Even her examination of the letter she had received that day had led her to reliving the event. And her dreams were not safe either. In one dream she replaced Daphne and Isis and was she the one sucking on Violet's clit. In another Violet had beckoned her to come over and she had. Crawling on all fours like a tiger until she reached the trio and dove into the orgy.

Luckily those dreams also seemed to have quenched some of the fire otherwise she might have had to forgo underwear today. 'Not that there would be anything wrong with that,' she mused. 'It would provide easy access for one.'

Today's letter had also helped, although in a different manner. Today's letter had 'Open' written on it, which confirmed to Rebecca that those words would form a message. She was curious about the next words, what exactly did she need to open? The piece she had gazed at today was again different, this time it had a more tribal feel to it.

As she looked at it, she felt the irregular throbbing the shower incident had provoked steady into a calm drum. She made peace with what happened yesterday and the guilt of seeing something so private receded from her mind. Which got rudely interrupted by her ex-boyfriend. She had exploded, figuratively anyway, something she almost never did.

Instead of breaking up in private and getting Rick to understand they had simply grown apart she had done it right there in the hallway. Without an explanation to boot, just told him they were through and then she had turned around and got her books out of her locker.

Which led her to being comforted by a couple of her friends during lunch hour. She still couldn't decide whether it was a positive thing that Daphne was among them. On the one hand, every time Rebecca looked at her she remembered the shower incident. On the other, every time she looked at Daphne she remembered the shower incident.

And speaking of the shower incident, she noticed Violet entering the room. Rebecca didn't dare to let her eyes linger on her. But even that quick look gave her the impression that Violet looked different today. Her posture seemed more confident and while yesterday she seemed to hide behind her hair like a mouse, today it just gave her an air of mystery.

Rebecca looked at Daphne and she knew when the other girl spotted Violet. She got this half-smile hinting at something deliciously wicked. It was only there for a moment but Rebecca had seen it. 'I wonder how long they were at it?' she thought. 'And for that matter, when this got started?' It was obvious they had done this before. It had all looked too natural to be the first time.

"You wouldn't happen to have your eye on someone else?" Cynthia asked her pulling her from her musings.

Rebecca smiled. "No, I just didn't see a point in being with him anymore. So if you have anybody in your sights, don't worry about competition from me." She squeezed Cynthia's knee for emphasis. Then she looked around. "And don't any of you get ideas about hooking me up either. I can find someone by myself." Or maybe a certain somebody would now step forward since she had become officially available.


Violet entered the cafeteria and quickly spotted the little group around Rebecca. Once she had gotten home, Violet had sat herself down for a good, long talk with Jack. The pleasure demon had admitted to setting things up so that Rebecca would catch them, but had vigorously denied having anything to do with Violet's decision to join in with Isis and Daphne.

"Speaking of Daphne, it seems she remembers yesterday's activities with fondness." Jack remarked with some smugness.

'I would think so,' Violet thought back as she navigated the room. 'I don't think she stopped moaning the entire time we went down on her.' Not that Violet found anything to complain about that, the sound had been undeniably sexy and so was her pussy.

There had been some awkwardness afterwards though. Neither Isis nor Daphne knew how to break the silence and Violet herself had been to busy basking while she dressed. But it had been her who had broken the silence, even if it was simply to say goodbye to them. It appeared to have been the right thing to do.

As she took a seat and started to dig into her food her thoughts turned to the events of this morning. 'Strange,' she thought. 'I've been fantasizing about sweeping Rebecca off her feet for years. And yet I never spared a thought for her boyfriend. Not that it matters anymore, he is definitely out of the picture now.'

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